Western New York and Southern Ontario Collectors

  1. jmdorsey
    I should be there right around 6...Rich, is your brother going?
  2. Walter Sobchak
    Walter Sobchak
    I dont think so. Hes startin at Sanborn Pizza tonight..Ill be there at 6 as well
  3. geschrocks33
    lol thanks Rich, I'll be bringing Scott's card he's expecting
  4. scottkoz20
    Pizza??? does he get a discount?
  5. Walter Sobchak
    Walter Sobchak
    perhaps in the future lol..probably not on hs first night but my brother is known to surprise lol
  6. geschrocks33
    Joe - I think I somehow ended up with your 7 series 2 packs. They aren't Steve's and I didn't buy any so I'm assuming they are yours
  7. TMacfreak91
    I was just about to post that Derrick haha
  8. DanielSweeney
    Hey guys! I just found this group. Hoping to keep up on the local shows. Anyone know if there is anything upcoming?

    Anyone planning on thking the trip to Cleveland for the National this August?
  9. geschrocks33
    The next local show I know of would be the Sanborn show second Wednesday in March. We usually have about 5-6 people from this site there
  10. scottkoz20
    hey Dan, I'm going the Cleveland for the 1st part of the Nationals. Will be working in the SCF booth.

    I'm not sure about Sanborn in March, was this confirmed? Also, I know on 4/5 @ Hearthstone Manor in Cheektowaga for a show.
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