Western New York and Southern Ontario Collectors

  1. GunnarStahl9
    hey everyone...Im Dave. Rich, aka "walter sobchak"'s brother. Just wanted to say that I too will be at the show on the 14th. Its amazing how many people are in this group and could potentially be at the next show.
  2. scottkoz20
    actually, i might be there on the 14th. My daughter was suppose to have a minor procedure the next morning, but it appears that it will be the next week. As for arranging something, can someone contact the show promoter about costs for a table and see if they have internet access?
  3. Fisk-Factor75
    I have set up there the last few months. He charges $25/table and $5 or $10 each additional table. I have been attending this show for going on 3 yrs so please keep in mind a few things about this show:
    Low turnout
    Prob be only 10-15 dealers tops
    Most of my sales were to other dealers

    But I do pickup alot of nice stuff and usually spend what I make and cover my table. This is not a big show, but it is a nice get together for Wednesday evening as I know everybody there. I hope you all come to the show because it will be nice to see some new faces and of course I look forward to meeting all of you - Adam
  4. scottkoz20
    The big thing from perspective is if we can grow the SCF base locally, then great. I'd love to see some of the members from Southern Ontario come down, but being a Wednesday night, it's probably not the best night for it.
  5. scottkoz20
    and Happy New Year!
  6. Fisk-Factor75
    scottkoz20...I totally agree with you...maybe if we get enough members we can get something bi-monthly or something going like the suggested trade night to get together as a group on a better day for all.
  7. senrab
    Can I join even though I don't live in WNY anymore? Pleeeease?
  8. geschrocks33
    for the trade show - i will hopefully be there, look for a teenager in a green and yellow varsity jacket.
  9. scottkoz20
    senrab - you did with your post

    geschrocks - you stole my varsity jacket that is .... forget it, i'd be showing my age...

    As for the show, if you are planning on attending... please post. If you know someone on SCF, that is attending and not a member of this group, please get them in here.
  10. scottkoz20
    Also, if you have any ITG Heroes and Prospect points, I want them as the hockey team is trying to obtain some HSHS redemptions to use towards contest prizes.
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