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  1. TMacfreak91
    Justification not needed on that bad boy and if you mom or dad questions it, you have them call me, I'll vouch lol

    I just think we've got enough guys for the 4th line...Nieds, Grier, Goose, McCormick and THEN we've got guys like Adam or maybe Mancari that we can call up if need be. The odds of 2 4th-liners being down and Ellis actually being needed just seem slim to me with already having McCormick as a reserve is all.
  2. TMacfreak91
    Just completed my SICKEST Kassian rainbow yet! Here's a link to my latest update :)
  3. bonnev659
    congrats on the Rainbow
  4. TMacfreak91
    Thanks! Took me awhile to get that last one :)
  5. Fisk-Factor75
    Card Show this Wednesday at Leonard Post (next to Walden Flea Market) 2450 Walden Ave., Cheektowaga, NY. This is going to be alot different than the Sanborn shows from last year. There should be 20-25 dealers there so its def worth checking out. Hope to see you all there~~!!
  6. TMacfreak91
    Ah dang! That sounds a lot better...definitely wish I didn't have night class :(
    is this going to be a monthly thing now, replacing the Sanborn show ?
  8. TMacfreak91
    I believe it is Glenn, and nice to see you posting! It's been awhile it seems
  9. geschrocks33
    Yes I believe that replaces the Sanborn shows.

    Wish I could go, but I'm going to the game on Wednesday :)
  10. Walter Sobchak
    Walter Sobchak
    I think me and Joe should be there. Ill know for sure by tomorrow
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