Vancouver Canucks Fan Group

  1. MasonRaymond0320
    Welcome all Canucks fans. This is a group where you can talk anything Canucks hockey.
  2. MatsSundin13Rocks
    We need to get more members for this group!
  3. MasonRaymond0320
    Thanks 4 joining! I didnt think anyone would join. Anyone else that would like to join this group?
  4. MasonRaymond0320
    Anyone goin to any games next season?
  5. StanChad
    :) Ballard and Hamuis in Canucks unis next season. Was really contemplating getting the Ballard Shield off ebay. But the ebayer with 92% sort of turned me off.
  6. MatsSundin13Rocks
    This group section idea is great but it is very hard for people to find and most people on this site don't seem to know about it.
  7. sedinfan
    Even though it was the shortest summer in recent memory for Canucks fans, it also feels like the longest. As always, I have a feeling this will be "the year" for the Canucks!
  8. Bronson13
    Thought there would be more than 10 members here? Nice beating we put down last night on Montreal! Great game eh!
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