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  1. SingleDaddyof2
    Topps Baseball cards--been trying to complete sets of these since I was a kid. If you're also a setbuilder of Topps baseball cards--welcome to the group! Make yourself at home and enjoy the time-honored tradition of collecting Topps baseball cards!
  2. schwood
    I have all the Topps sets from 1983 (when I became a serious collector, with some breaks between then and now) until this year, with the exception of 2 years...just can't remember off the top of my head. And of my 2007 set, I need one card (#406) anyone have it?
  3. MRDcardcollector
    I started in 1967 and am trying to complete my 69, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 sets to have every Topps card in at least NRMT or better condition from 1967 through 1993. Really don't care to collect any of the newer stuff. I am very proud of the legacy that I will be handing down one day. That is the reason for the quality control. Thanks for reading.
  4. tapintomac
    Have a small list of sets complete or near complete, starting with 1977. The oldest cards in my collection are 1975 topps (I have about one-third of the set and am pursuing its completion). Have most of every year from 1977 through early 90s. Got back in 2002 (need less than 10) to have a full set from the year my son was born to pass it down, and we are working on this year's set as we speak.
  5. SingleDaddyof2
    If you haven't already, check out SCF's official review of 2008 Topps Series 2 baseball.
  6. Boinks
    I've been building Topps sets since 1987 off and on. I had put together baseball from 1987-1992, then picked it up again in 2002, 2007 and im currently working on 2008. I've put basketball together in 01-02,02-03,06-07,07-08 and football in 2005,2006,2007. I'm trying to keep up with all 3 sports sets a year, there's nothing like the nostalgic rush of putting together a Topps set!
  7. battingseventh
    Wow thats great Boinks- which one do you like the best ? and which one was the hardest to do ?
  8. plymouth rock
    plymouth rock
    Hello, I just got started on collecting Topps and am currently trying to build the 08 Topps baseball base set.
  9. battingseventh
    Hey Plymouth-always glad to see ya. I'm holding off --I what to see this years Allen and Ginter set that or Turkey Red--till then I will fill in some blanks in my older sets.
  10. jscards71
    Hello, Just got in to putting sets together again. I started with the topps 07,and 08 series 1. Could use some help to complete sets.
  11. battingseventh
    Just let me know which cards you need in the 07 Topps I have a few duplicates
  12. tapintomac
    08 series 1 down, less than 100 to go on series 2 - have my boy into it now, as the recent stuff is his not mine, but getting him into cards has given me the push to go through my old far I have one full and one near full (four cards) set of 1978, less than fifty to go on 1981, and just pulled out the box of 77s last night...anyone who needs or has from Topps baseball from 1977-1990 or so, let me know.
  13. battingseventh
    Thanks Tapintomac--My "77 Topps are far and few--But I could Use any Mets That you have.
  14. schwood
    Have a mess of 08 Topps both series. Have 07 and 06, but they are in teams now. LMK the guys and teams yo uneed and I am sure i can pull some for ya. Would not need much for them. Send me a PM.
  15. tmac
    My dad gave me, my sister and brother tons of sets of 1970-1986
  16. battingseventh
    Wow tmac would like to hear more-when you can give us a quick update
  17. battingseventh
    Home sick as a dog today--(Never eat Taco Bell after Midnite) Only good thing to come of it is (no not that--no more bathroom jokes) that i got a chance to do a little work on my collection.
  18. battingseventh
    Well I have been busy- not always on fun things---Hope everyone is doing good--Anyone have any news to share ?
  19. grumpy
    I have completed or nearly completed all sets from 1971 to present and have some sets from the late 1950s and 1960s. My goal is to complete all sets from 1957 on.
  20. battingseventh
    Wow adub47 thats great--I really like the 60's sets ('67 #1 set) '61 then '63 and '65 in that order(if you can) scann a few and post them for everyone to enjoy.!!!!
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