Feet On The Wall Posse

  1. gladdyontherise
    I'd like to thank the academy for being invited to join this exclusive group. As my idol Charlie Sheen says, I feel like a WINNER right now
  2. accordionjacob
    im in it to win it!!! just saying
  3. gladdyontherise
    gladdy's feet > enigma's feet
  4. Enigma
    My feet have brought me great fortune as seen in this 5,000 count box...

    And we need to have a poker night each week...
  5. doniceage
    Thanks for the invite. Tony, have you booked your room yet?
  6. troygoesdeep
    Feet on the wall!
  7. gladdyontherise
    If we do poker in Chicago, someone needs to bring actual poker chips this time..
  8. Enigma
    Not yet Don. Doug may have a bed for me at his house depending if Feldman comes with Russ or not. Otherwise, may just crash in your room and pay for a rollaway bed. :)
  9. Enigma
    Dan...I've got a nice set of poker chips that I will bring. Just be sure to bring me your money. :)
  10. troygoesdeep
    i will take the floor or if there is a spot next to jacoby we could go that route ;)
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