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  1. gladdyontherise
    I'd ask if he has more..and sell them to me for a small profit...

    looks like deepthroat got dumped, since he's trying to buy cards again..
  2. Enigma
    Guess he over-inflated the doll...
  3. Enigma
    Check out patriotsguy's tag line under his username. I changed it a week ago.
  4. gladdyontherise
    See my avatar for my thoughts on that...
  5. Enigma
    Ever have those times when you just honestly can't believe your luck. I got an e-mail about two weeks ago from a guy who had heard I had a surplus of cards, which I had considering I was sitting on well over a million here at the house after moving some things around back and forth from my parents. Anyhow, the guy was interested in anything (sport didn't matter) from 2006 and back. After going through my 5,000 ct. boxes, I had 142 that fell in that category. Guy was willing to pay $20 a box, total came out to $2840. Fast forward to last night. I met the guy at a local mall parking lot. He loaded up his van and handed me a wad of cash. Gave me $3000.
  6. gladdyontherise
    Holy cow...see my avatar for your feelings on the matter...

    That guy is nuts, because i'm sure you probably would've taken like $5-$10 per box lol
  7. Enigma
    Considering a lot of them were 1988-1993 baseball, a $5 offer would have been perfect...
  8. gladdyontherise
    You sold me boxes of quality (4 rows though) for $8..I think you run into some clueless buyers/sellers..lucky you
  9. Enigma
    Card show in two weeks...should be fun...
  10. gladdyontherise
    No card show in 2 weeks :( Next one is May, don't know if i'll set up or not, It depends how well the Tigers are doing I suppose, specifically Porcello/Jackson, got tons of there stuff...
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