Graded Collectors

  1. kr0n
    So I need to get some people in here, chop chop!
  2. kr0n
    If you know frequent graded-card collectors feel free to drop the word about this group.
  3. DenJ91
    i think this is a good idea and i've added my graded cards. have more coming by friday, as does skyride
  4. kr0n
    Ooh, Hall Ice 9.5, I kinda hate you a little bit now :P Did you pull it or buy it?
  5. kr0n
    Here's a little "horror story" for whoever may join this group. A life lesson in why you shouldn't try to get Graded Card storage boxes from BGS. The story.
  6. skyride39
    geez louise, all that trouble for boxes. i just put them in soft sleeves and then put them in a regular card shoebox. i'm just glad this was over boxes and not about missing cards.

    yeah this friday i can't wait. but at same time really wish there was a cheaper and easier way for canadians to get their cards bgs graded.
  7. kr0n
    Hey that Kane FW looks familiar :o
  8. skyride39
    I love it! Hey if you ever see a Duchene fw auto bgs 9.5 available, you let me know right away. there was one on auction a month ago and I regret not bidding for it. I don't know what i was thinking!
  9. kr0n
    Im sending in a Duchense FW with my next order, not sure when that's going to be though.
  10. skyride39
    i'm just hoping one shows up on the bay again.
  11. skyride39
    heh i just saw a kadri spa fw 9.5 show up. I'm going all in! :)
  12. kr0n
    Good luck, I'm curious to see it's final price.
  13. kr0n
    Also, how bout we keep the pics/gallery to gold labels only? :D Make it shine :P Unless it's Vintage of course.
  14. skyride39
    yeah i have np with that.
    kr0n, you have a good sense of what cards you think bgs would grade as gem mint? or are you still surprised at what comes back sometimes?
  15. kr0n
    I'm not sure, I'm no seasoned veteran or anything. But I do look over the stuff I want to submit myself. I'm actually going to be sending out a couple that I already know have some very minor flaws, but I don't know how much they will throw off the grade, like I'm not sure what constitutes losing 0.5 of a grade on an edge or whatever. So I'm hoping the ones I pick out like that will still come out gold with the grades being averaged. I think it'll give me a somewhat of a better feel of what i can expect from future things I grade. Assuming the consistency is there on Beckett's behalf.
  16. kr0n
    My "track record" for stuff that I eyeballled myself as "probably good" and then submitted for grading is: x4 10, x14 9.5 x8 9.0, x1 8.5. For my upcoming submission I was a lot tougher on what I would accept my own self, and even had my wife checking out my potentional submissions with me. Having a second set of eyes on it certainly helps.
  17. skyride39
    it's tough, we all hope for a 9.5, we accept 9, but something to come back 8.5, it doesn't seem worth it unless it's vintage of course. It costs alot to ship and grade so obviously one only wants to send what will get a 9.5.

    yeah too bad no card show is near you where beckett would come. I think you would enjoy having it raw graded first and then deciding whether to slab it or not. Denj91 has another show upcoming on Dec 1st. I'm thinking what else I have that may have 9.5 potential.
  18. skyride39
    hey, do you find that 9 graded cards sell the same as an ungraded card and that only 9.5 grades are the only cards that draw a premium of 1.5 times the price of an ungraded card?
  19. skyride39
    btw i gotta retake pics of my cards (i don't have a good quiet scanner with kids I haven't tried at all to use at night). I've been loading pics to SCF inventory but finding they're rejecting my images for their database. I still have the pics in my own inventory that everyone can see but thinking yeah my pics are 'ugly' :)
  20. kr0n
    I take mine with my phone haha. And in my experience, I haven't sold anything below a 9.5. I've traded a couple 9s at slightly above BV, but no actual sales. I have a 09-10 FWA Patch of Tyler Myers, 3 colors and BGS 9.0. I'd really love to get rid of it since it should pay for piece of another small round of stuff to go to BGS, most of which would have some resale potential to fund further grading I think.
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