Ryan Mallett Collectors

  1. DJ Sportscards
    DJ Sportscards
    I will scan everything better and then add them on Wednesday or so.
  2. ReggieBushcollect
    I cant waite to see them i know you probably have one of the best collections out there
  3. leopards40
    I also have more, but the no scans haha. I guess I will have to try to scan them.
  4. Mallett15
    Thanks for the invite, guys! I currantly have 151 Ryan Mallett's. I collect everything lol.
  5. ReggieBushcollect
    151 wow how many autos
  6. Mallett15
    30 autographs as of today. Just got the Contenders Rookie Ink in the mail today. Panini said there is only 25 of em. But, we all know Panini is full of it, sometimes! Lol.
  7. Mallett15
    Actually... I may have more than 30. Let me count them really fast and I'll give you an exact number.
  8. Mallett15
    I have exactly 30. Had to recount them to be sure lol. I have one or two incoming too, though.
  9. leopards40
    Mallett15: That letter and the crown royale is sick, never seen one of those before!
  10. Mallett15
    The Letter is a 1/1. The Crown Royale is the Emerald autograph, Serial numbered 1/5. I also have the Blue one numbered of /25. I also have a Letterman autograph out of Certified serial numbered of /7. I could only upload 3 pictures... I would show some of my others if I could upload more lol.
  11. Mallett15
    I added a few more cards to the photos. There is ALOT more I can add, but I have to hit the bed soon lol.
  12. ReggieBushcollect
    Mallett15 I had 32 autos but i traded 4 of them to a certain member on here leopards40 for 2 other mallett autos. thanks again leopards but mallett15 your autos are way more highend
  13. Mallett15
    I have alot more to post. But I work 12-14 hours a day. Hard to make time to scan/take pics of them lol.
  14. Mallett15
    Any of you fellas know where I can find a 2011 Topps Red Border Ryan Mallett? Serial numbered of /77. Only released in Topps Factory Sets, in 5 card packs. One pack per box. Last one I need to have the "Rainbow" of the Topps cards. I don't have the Superfractor either, but, I'm not a stickler for 1/1 cards, at all.
  15. leopards40
    Good luck finding the red, Im looking for the threads letterman to finest the nameplate. Also, I have a full sized autographed jersey I will have to post a picture of!
  16. Mallett15
    I have a full size jersey as well. I never wear it, though lol.
  17. ReggieBushcollect
    Good luck finding that red ive never seen one
  18. ReggieBushcollect
    Any of you guys wouldnt happen to have doubles you want to trade would you
  19. Mallett15
    @Reggie... I don't deal with duplicates, at all. Doyou collect just game used & autographs? Or do you collect it all, like me? If I run across any dupes, I'll let you know. And, if they are base card dupes or lower end autographs or game used, I'll just send em to you. If you get any, you can do the same for me, if you like. I don't put a "value" on my PC, simply because I'm not collecting for value, I'm collecting Mallett because I have met him and I love the hobby.
  20. ReggieBushcollect
    that sounds great Mallett15 and i collect mallett because im from Arkansas and I believe hes the best weve ever had and cant believe he didnt go first round but he will be great
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