New Jersey Collectors

  1. Captngeetch
    Middletown here...or Exit 114 ! Hockey collector..Rangers and HOF auto's
  2. Chezmo
    Runnemede New Jersey Buying Collections
  3. Lesracing
    Jersey boy born & raised! I'm from Cinnaminson (close to the Tacony-Palmyra bridge into Northeast Philly area). Looks like the only racing collector listed so far, lol.
  4. hazeofgreen
    Hey all, Central Jersey here, near Freehold. Originally from Middletown.
  5. mattdile3
    Hazeofgreen. I'm from Middletown.... When did you leave Middletown, and where'd you go to HS. South, North, Cba or MD?
  6. hazeofgreen
    Hey man. North graduate 98, left around the same time. Went to Brookdale, then Kean University.
  7. nba0203
    hi everybody, im from manchester nj but used to live in lakewood
  8. gpobulldog
    from randolph collect jets and need all sweetspot 08 autos and any lettermans
  9. mattdile3
    oh very nice.... i currently reside in middletown, and go to mater dei. Originally Red Bank Catholic where Ryan Kalish goes, and was considering going to south at the time that Knowshon Moreno was there! Now I'm at mater dei and I love it....

    South > North :)
  10. taarboy
    delanco,nj here
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