New Jersey Collectors

  1. hazeofgreen
    LOL South did have quite a few that went pro, the Peter brothers and Stephen Pitts was on San Fran, prob practice squad though...
  2. DEE72765
    I am trading for NY GIANTS cert autos I have many rare NY GIANTS GU, ser#d cards
  3. grb333x
    hey sewell here looking for 2008 leaf certified base gold patches
  4. hmmdecloth
    Marlton, Voorhees, Cherry Hill area, collecting all things phillies & sixers all ages
  5. Lee8Evans3Collctr
    Hey how has everyone been? Picked up some really nice Lee Evans lately...but the big pick up is my new car! I just bought a '97 Wrangler...can't wait for summer to take it on the beach...Island Beach State Park
  6. SuperLarrio
    hey guys, just seeing all the features the site has to offer and decided why not join a group. i live in north brunswick and collect lundqvist
  7. smuggs
    live in woolwich...collecting phillies (team sets, howard, rollins & utley) & eagles (mcnabb, westboork) for my son
  8. mattlaportacollet
    Hey guys looking for jets yankees kevin smith nate davis pat white rutgers and andre caldwell also nets
  9. 203gunner
    Morris County checking in, just outside of Morristown. I collect Yankees, Giants, Rangers, Knicks and Nets.
  10. Greengoblin782
    Hey guys, I am from West Orange. I collect Baseball, Wrestling, Football and Basketball.
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