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  1. dpono22
    I know there are a lot of Cowboys fans on SCF so this might help bring us all together and help each other with player needs!
  2. RenegadeLonghorn
    Well...I guess I will befriend the competition. lol
  3. etmill01
    This definitely looks like a great group to be part of...Thanks Ed
  4. bakemeister52
    Have been a Cowboys fan since day one and love the CowGirls!
  5. RenegadeLonghorn
    I really wish I didn't sell my Romo autos a year ago!
  6. OzCollecta
  7. jedijohnson
    I know there's more Cowboys fans than what's listed so far. Tip of the iceberg.
    Good to be here.
  8. DallasCowboysFanZ
    Hey everyone.... glad to see us Cowboys FanZ have a place to chat. If anybody is interested in some Auto RC's i'm trying to move out the cards. I have so many its not funny.. I'm going to focus on Memorabilia and move away from the cards.
    I'm taking offers on any of the cards in the bucket.. including the PC. Only trading for Memorabilia items if you have them of Cowboys Players... Let me know if you have any interest.
    Also... check out my CowboysFanZ club... its free to join, and we have a lot of fun. link is in the signature.
  9. OzCollecta
    So peeps what ya think of the Rookies.
    Ive been reading Danny Amendola (RFA) has been cutting it up. Also Orlando Scandrick the CB is doing well.
  10. dpono22
    lots of familiar faces in here!!! and I like the 2008 class, Felix will fit in well, Choice will be a nice little grinder back, and the cb and wr issues appear to be addressed well so maybe we can get a playoff win or two or three this year
  11. OzCollecta
    I still think there is a worry at WR. All but Owens are a worry. A good veteran WR would be good to get. Maybe let Glenn go. Just read that the Cowboys were after Javon Walker before the raiders got him.
  12. RenegadeLonghorn
    I'm still not sold on our round 2 and 4 picks...but we needed depth at TE and RB. Its been so long since we've had a playoff win...
  13. DallasCowboysFanZ
    Oz... I think Owens is our weak link as far as receivers go. He drops more than he catches, but he is so fast when he does manage to hold on he looks good. We have some guys with great hands, but they need to get some speed as well. Glenn can catch just about anything, and Owens gets the double coverage, so that works out. Stanback isn't bad, but Sam Hurd is the next Owens. I talked to Sam for a while last season, and he is T.O's project child. He will be as good if not better than T.O in my opinion.
    He said T.O. Is working with him on his moves, and he already has good hands, so I think we have some talent in the pool for the next few years.
    We should have kept Fasano, he actually has better hands than Witten, but didn't get the work since Witten is the primary. If something happens to Witten we could have issues. The Cowboys have built their Glory Years on a Good Tight End, and a Strong Blocking Back. Moose and Novachek are the standouts. Now that we have Jones to block and run with Barber we have that covered, but we need to have a strong back up TE. Just my thoughts...
  14. CowboysGuide
    What about the TE we drafted? Any speculation on him?
  15. DallasCowboysFanZ
    I'll have a better opinion after I see what he can do in Training Camp. I'll be there for the entire camp, so I'll have a better idea about the team then. I'm taking about 40 club members to the San Diego pre-season game on Aug 9th, so we can see some real action and not just scrimmage. I can't wait for the season to get going ... I feel like we just might have a good chance again this year.
  16. dpono22
    I think the Bennett the TE we drafted is gonna surprise a lot of people, he has great size and I think he will compliment Witten better than Fasano, and I dont think Fasano had better hands than Witten btw...also dont forget T.O. set the TD record for wr's last season so I wouldn't call that the weak link at wideout, he does have drops but think about how many balls come his way...Glenn has serious issues with his knees and as a speedster that would be the weakness at wr IMO...BUT we have T.O., Glenn(maybe), Crayton, Stanback, Hurd, Austin, & Amendola, plus Polk and a few other on the PracSquad...thats not a bad Marion and Felix and Choice out of the backfield and Witten and Bennett on the ends is gonna be quite the offense and I think we better get ready to make a playoff run
  17. CowboysGuide
    TO didn't set a TD record last year, that was the other 81 in NE. He did lead the NFC in TD catches, that's probably what you meant. I agree that TO is not the weakest link. Even when he doesn't get thrown to he draws attention. In my estimation, Witten is the most reliable, then TO, then maybe Crayton. I need to see more from Crayton this year and I'd like to see more RB's catch the ball too. Will Romo improve on his 36 TD season? I hope so!
  18. RenegadeLonghorn
    I hope Romeo dumped Juliet...
  19. DallasCowboysFanZ
    I've spent a lot of time at camps and watching the team.. Owens does drop A LOT OF PASSES, actually more than he catches if you want to be honest. You are correct in that he does draw double coverage, and thats good for us in the long run! I love that we have him, I'm just saying that he is getting older, and that won't improve his catching ability or speed. Watch Fasano this year, and see if he doesn't impress you in Miami. Bill wouldn't have wanted him if he didn't have golden hands, and he does. WItten is great, I just think Anthony was a winner as well. With receivers; Sam Hurd is TO's project player, so watch for Sam to be the superstar of the Cowboys in the years to come. I honestly believe that! He has heart and isn't afraid to give or get a hit. He is learning the moves from the master, and with some experience under the belt.. he will be amazing to watch. We have a great team .. and we have a chance at another great season. Here's hoping we can win the big one! Cheers....
  20. CowboysGuide
    Does anyone here collect pocket schedules of the Cowboys? As far as I'm concerned, these are very close relatives of the football card. Mainly because most of the time players were pictured. The 1960's schedules are very hard to find, but the 70's aren't too bad. And you've got all the greats on them like Staubach, Perkins, Hayes, Pearson. I'll post a few scans if anyone is interested.
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