Autograph Collectors

  1. Max
    Sup, guys. I'm starting to get into TTM autos so I decided I would join. :]

    Also, br.ett, I wouldn't push so hard to invite new members...but that's just me. x)
  2. br.ett
    Wasp: why? i can win cc :D
  3. Max
    Then go all for it, br.ett. :)
  4. tmac
    Hey Br.ett, is that Jesus auto real
  5. flyerhawk19
    hey i just pulled another toews/kane auto from the 07/08 BAP set!!!
  6. br.ett
    tmac -
  7. tmac
    then why did you post it br.ett
  8. br.ett
    it was a joke
  9. Jdwizzle
    hay guy whats up i am new and i hope to do tons of trades and stuff so hit me up i collect eagles and 76ers
  10. br.ett
    hey welcome! i collect baseball so nothing from me for you, feel free to ask anyone else!
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