TTM or email auto collectors

  1. WilyWestbrook0
    mets, here is a page with the team address: Not sure if they forward mail to retired players, but it's worth a try. You could also search Google to see if any retired players have their home addresses listed. ... Tonight I am writing the basketball players Kelenna Azubuike and Troy Murphy for TTM autographs. Mail goes out tomorrow.
  2. metsbaseball09
    who are some of the best ttm signers?
  3. WilyWestbrook0
    I am not familiar with baseball, although I could get you a list of good basketball signers if interested.
  4. WilyWestbrook0
    I didn't get Murphy, but the Pacers organization was nice enough to send me the card back along with a fan pack including a schedule, banner, program, pencil, and picture!
  5. Reggie_Miller
    yeah the pacers don't give the players their mail but include your stuff back and a letter, sometimes include the fan pack...the letter always says there's a fan pack included, but my last 2 times i've sent i've never got anything (i did get the fan pack the first time). so idk, i do know that the pacers are pretty harsh on getting IP autos lol (cutting down the time to get autos from an hour and a half to just an hour now, the shortest time in the entire NBA).
  6. wmhc28413
    hi im new to the site but i been into ttm for about 6 months now. but do any of you trade ttm cards for ttm cards sometimes? i have only like 20 signed cards but i would like to make it bigger.. but i just wanted to say hi to to the group......
  7. wmhc28413
    does anyone know if mark grace uses a auto pen because the one i got back looks way to clean...????
  8. WilyWestbrook0
    I have traded two TTMs before, although I traded them for regular cards and not other TTMs.
  9. indyreds
    wmhc28413 - We have multiple members of our autograph community who trade TTMs just look in autograph central forum here on SCF!
  10. indyreds
    indyreds metsbaseball09 follow that link and player addresses start at the bottom of the thread and the successes section is awesome to see who other are getting back!
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