TTM or email auto collectors

  1. indyreds
    The new SCF TTM Database has been released. Click on link in my sig to get there!
  2. sportsjp2
    Just got back most of the fan packs I sent out for through email. Also got a few sigs....Callipari and Paul Johnson from Georgia Tech.
  3. WilyWestbrook0
    Today, I sent out letters and autograph requests to Josh Smith, Randy Foye, and Carl Landry. Now is a good time to write to NBA players since it is the off-season.
  4. WilyWestbrook0
    Sending a request to Roger Mason tomorrow.
  5. Ray Rice Collector
    Ray Rice Collector
    Whats good guys my name is Elton and I am new to the site and I thought this would be a good group to join. Ihave been collecting TTM autos for about 3 years and have about 150 to 200 returns and 100 that I count lost or are still waiting on.
  6. WilyWestbrook0
    Welcome! That's an amazing TTM collection. Do you have any pictures?
  7. WilyWestbrook0
    It's been awhile since I received a TTM. : /
  8. Philliesman18
    got two email ttms back today
    Phil Martelli email 3 days
    Coach K email 4 days
  9. WilyWestbrook0
    Anyone have some good basketball TTM signers to recommend to me for requests?
  10. 24redsfan
    scott skiles, got him back in july after a month
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