TTM or email auto collectors

  1. bulldogboy07
    I have gotten Nolan Smith, Jimmer Fredette, Kemba Walker for College B-ball and Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley, Colin Kaepernick, Ricky Stanzi, and Andy Dalton in College football. EXCITED FOR ANOTHER YEAR!! Lets talk it up in here guys!
  2. 53Topps
    Hi all, blessed to be able to post this. Shortly after I became a member, I began having trouble breathing. In May 09 I learned, that is was Pulmanary Fibrois. On March 3,10 I recieved two new lungs. So far all is going well, an I can get back to what I enjoy doing. Trade, Sell or discuss how I got them. Hope we can help each other out.
  3. WilyWestbrook0
    Glad to hear of your recovery, 53Topps! Any new TTMs for you?
  4. scoot51015
    Has anyone tried sending mini helmets ttm before? If you have what envelop/box did you use, and did you give the player a SASE or money to mail back to you?
    I have sent three cards out and have not gotten any back!
  6. brosenjill
    Hi guys, just joined the group. Looking for any help on what to write in a letter asking for an autograph through the mail.
  7. WilyWestbrook0
    I am always brief and complimentary toward the player, and I add a polite autograph request toward the end of the letter.
  8. RG3NFL
    Just joined, keep track on my you tube account: RG3NFL
  9. baseballjjackson
    Looking to see if anybody might have or know who might have a index card or signed cut from deceased Hall of Famer Leon Day....?
  10. coachk28
    Just got back on this site after a couple of years!

    Any of you guys collect Chicago Sports autographs? Especially TTM?
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