Toronto Blue Jays fans

  1. quiet-things
    Love that SPx patch... Jays patches are awesome.. can't wait til the season starts
  2. quiet-things
    Hey Jordan, do our SPx cards match?? I don't even know what year it is lol
    and woot McGowan... hopefully he's back this year and recovers nicely from surgery
  3. oilfan10
    Very nice additions Houng! I actually remember trying to get the Halladay auto from squitr when he had it over the summer lol. Great to see it go to a collection that deserves it.
  4. quiet-things
    My hunt is finally over lol
    What is yours numbered to? (Our matching ones)
  5. oilfan10
    71/99 Wayne Gretzky

    I want a Dirk Hayhurst "Garfoose" auto LOL that is my next project haha
  6. oilfan10
    I'm sorry, but Dirk Hayhurst has got to be the biggest nerd on twitter lol
  7. quiet-things
    Yayyyyyyy grapefruit league starts today
  8. quiet-things
    20 days
  9. oilfan10
    Opening day! Go Jays Go!
  10. oilfan10
    Fack....Frasor really blew that game. At least Marcum, Wells, and Lind looked good. The thing that really hurt them was not being able to score with the bases loaded in the 8th. Oh well, 161 more games to go!
  11. oilfan10
    Very nice resilience shown by the team so far. Wells is playing fantastic, and the pitching has been solid! Keep it up boys!
  12. quiet-things
    WOOOOOOOOOOO going to the home opener!
  13. oilfan10
    Now that's cool! I've been to 2 Jays games, got a glove signed by Accardo, and a program signed by Rick Nash haha. Have fun Houng!

    Now I'm itching to buy some baseball product...
  14. oilfan10
    Well, that...sucked lol
  15. quiet-things
    yeah that really did suck lol
  16. oilfan10
    What does everyone think of AA so far? I think he has done a great job selling high in order to get undervalued high potential players. He should have a busy day tomorrow with a ton of guys on the trade block.

    Now, do we keep Bautista or not?
  17. jbudny
    Looks like Bautista is staying. Regardless I think we should hold onto him. He's got a great arm and can play OF and 3rd base. Not to mention he takes walks and can hit for power. He probably is having a career year this season but I still see him hitting 20-30 homeruns annually.
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