The Gagner Gang

  1. quiet-things
    Ouch - they got a win but it wasn't pretty!
  2. OilersRule
    Just added a new upgrade for my Hot Prospects set. I'm very satisfied in aqcuiring this new piece!
  3. quiet-things
    Very nice - I love any pieces with the oil drop
  4. quiet-things
    Do any of you need these?? 07/08 Black Foursomes Kane/Toews/Price/Gagner, 08/09 UM8 Gloves are Off, 07/08 H&P Gloves are Off, 07/08 OPC Premier RC, 08/09 Ultimate dual jersey auto /50, 08/09 BD Ruby /100... all the doubles i have off the top of my head
  5. Ozzy9999
    Hey added a couple of pics of my limited logos. and speaking of limited logos..........
  6. oilfan10
    That's a real shame, such a nice patch, but such a bad mess up...

    Anyways, I'm going to be bidding on that Cup quad patch, so...dibs! =)
    (I don't want a bidding war, gangs shouldn't fight with each other)
  7. quiet-things
    Whoops, I didn't see your post Jordan... lol I did bid on it but didn't win. Did you win it?
  8. oilfan10
    LOL that's fine, I managed to get it for a decent price. Only reason I took a shot at it was because he accepted money orders. It's so hard to raise paypal right now, everyone wants to sell, but there are few buyers.
  9. quiet-things
    It's a really nice one, great patches on it. Congrats on the win! :)
  10. oilfan10
    This has been pretty dead the last little while. Well, both Gagner and Brule are going to be getting lots of playing time now with Hemsky out. Maybe they will start showing their abilities that people expected them to do as 6th overall picks.
  11. OilersRule
    Wow...has it really been a month since a Gagner update?
    Just added my new addition, and it's a sweet one: :)
    The card is totally gradeable, but it looks so much nicer in a magnetic!

    07-08 The Cup
    Dual Scripted Swatches
    Sam Gagner / Johnathan Toews #/5
  12. quiet-things
    that is a VERY nice card!! Congrats on that amazing pickup!

    Happy New Years, Gagner Gang :)
  13. quiet-things
    My latest adds are in the pictures now.. (although they are about a month old... I finally got around to scanning them)
  14. holt49
    Hi Gagner Gang..Added a few of My top Cards from my Sam Gagner Collection..Enjoy :)
  15. oilfan10
    Sam Gagner re-signs for 2 years $4.55, woohoo!
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