Atlanta Braves Collectors & Fans

  1. Aharvey
    If Your A Braves Fan Or Collector, Join Our Group!

    Welcome To Everyone Who Has Joined, And Invite Anyone You Know Who Would Be Interested.
  2. Aharvey
    Braves swept the Reds in ther series finale today at Turner Field, 14-7. Chipper Jones homered, in a seven run second inning.
  3. SevensGotAGun
    Hello all, Glad to be a part of the group. I collect mainly Francoeur & Mccann but also have a lot of Chuck James including several 1/1's. Been a fan for 29 years and hate the fact that TBS dropped them and I cant get Turner South or Sports South so my viewing is limited to ESPN..hehe. If thier pitching would come through maybe they could put it all together this year. Ahhh but how many years have I said maybe they can put it together ;) Glad to be part of the club.
  4. johan29lhp
    im a huge fan, been in ATL for going on 22 years now (born here)

    also, i played high school ball against Francoeur and McCann, also Tim Gustafson (in minors)

    so i like to follow them around!
  5. Aharvey
    Glad to have you guys!
  6. TomahawkChopper
    Whats up guys?
  7. TomahawkChopper
    Appears to be a highly active Club yous guys got here.
  8. Redman5006
    Hello, I am still pretty new to the site, I love it so far. I collect braves rookies.
  9. rom812
    For sale or trade: Bruce Chen, Derek Lilliquiest, Kent Mercker and many more. Check out my inventory. Adding cards almost daily. I would love to trade with you.
  10. supersonic3
    You guys see McCann use his super human powers on the Astros! He is the man!
  11. bangsportscards
    Redman5006- Welcome. Do you like the newer, past 4 years, as I have quite a few. Got any football to trade?
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