Pennsylvania collectors

  1. wedosignings
    had David Akers at my store last thurs and will have him appear at the camden Riversharks this fri night. You get a ticket to the game (diamond cafe) and an autograph ticket for $25.

    I also have John Mayberry JR signing this SAT - Autograph tickets are on sale

    Also who saw this crazy suspension on Giroux? I cant believe it. Its going to be tough!
  2. Rj_PSU
    Hey guys. Just discovered groups.
  3. Craiggers08
    Does anyone in here know of a card shop east of Pittsburgh around the Monroeville area?
  4. bobrogers42
    hi guys. just joined. i live in pa. but grew up in cincinnati so i collect the reds and bengals. ive only lived in pa. a few years
  5. stlsteelers275
    Hey guys, I just joined. I was born in Pittsburgh and its great to be in a group with a bunch of other Pennsylvanians. I don't currently live in Pennsylvania, I live in STL.
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