Ryan Mallett Collectors

  1. DJ Sportscards
    DJ Sportscards
    I will be adding them on tonight! I'll do my 6 favorite first!
  2. DJ Sportscards
    DJ Sportscards
    Added my favorite six. The certified is my favorite with a "fly" patch like that! Then it is fivestar,dual supreme, triple threads, book, and raw graded plates and patches! thanks for letting me share will post up the rest of the 40 autos (I believe) if I get the time tomorrow
  3. leopards40
    Those are pretty sweet!!
  4. DJ Sportscards
    DJ Sportscards
    @leopards thanks!!
  5. Mallett15
    Got a few more lower numbered autographs coming in, early next week. Also have a Reebok Logo patch, numbered of /5, on the way as well. Pics to come when they show up!
  6. leopards40
  7. Mallett15
    Added three more auto's that I got today.
  8. leopards40
    Nice stuff.
  9. leopards40
    Lmk about buying the sp authentic mallett15, needing the money to send in my contenders and treasures to be graded.
  10. Mallett15
    Absolute earliest I could get it will be Friday, Leo. Going to be out of town until then. But, I do want it, but if you can't wait that long, I TOTALLY understand.
  11. leopards40
    So you'd buy if for 75 on Friday is what tour saying?
  12. leopards40
    Hey mallett15, so man I ended up trading it to Reggie.
  13. Mallett15
    Alright, Leo. No hard feelings on my behalf. I have to get myself one for the PC lol. Sorry about not replying faster, but working 7 days a week, 12-16 hours a day is hard lol.
  14. DJ Sportscards
    DJ Sportscards
    Ahh I need to catch back up with you guys! I have been focusing on my triple threads pc lately, and kind of stopped on Mallett for awhile...
  15. Mallett15
    As much as I hate to do it... I may have to stop collecting. My job has been eliminated at my place of work. I might have to sell my PC. If you guys know of anyone that buys collections, please let me know. I'm not sure if I am going to have to yet. Just depends on if I can't find another job pretty fast. Not sure what I'll ask for it all, but I can assure you, it's not going to be cheap.
  16. DJ Sportscards
    DJ Sportscards
    How have you guys been doing lately? I forget to check over here sometimes. Right now I'm at around 40 or so autos, 8 jerseys, and about 30 different rookies/inserts. Also have.2 1/1's so far..
  17. leopards40
    I haven't gotten anything major lately, just another contenders auto haha
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