People Who Get Lowballed

  1. mikez1031
    new member to site here. already happened to me. traders sig indicated that he only trades by bv. doesn't listen to arguements concerning sv, ebay sales & the like. proceeds to offer me an 05 verlaner bc auto 331. then asks for a ripken auto(bv-120) or a jeter auto/gu(bv-300) in trade. the rant in his sig led me to believe that it would happen that way. but i try not to prejudge, so i tried to be as cordial as i could to facilitate the trade. gave me some lame excuse that i don't know what bv means. thanks for listening, now to the point of this message. i'd love to get a link to your verlander pc. he is the center of my collection also. here is my link:
    thanks and good luck w/your collection
  2. klavalla
    I soooo hear ya. Ive had to sell cards out of my collection to make ends meet. I am laid off right now and with 4 boys and a wife to feed and bills to pay I have got A LOT of offers, The only problem is they want me to sell a 80.00 or 100.00 dollar card for 10.00 bucks. even when cards are selling on Ebay for 40.00 or 50.00. OVER AND OVER this happens. When you ask them to sell one of there cards for same price they have a cow. Tradeing is the same. They want to give you 10 5.00 cards for your 100.00 dollar card and get mad when you decline. crazy crazy. I have had some great deals from a small precent in which I am greatfull but the rest is such a waist of my time. I think the thing that pisses me off the most is I even put it in my header, DO not expect me to sell a 100.00 dollar card for 10.00 and yet still get stupid questions. Thanks for hearing me
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