Ladainian Tomlinson Collectors

  1. mikesilvia
    What only one other Tomlinson fan?
  2. hagansp
    best group in town!

  3. ross9013
    Love that Contenders! That next on my hit list! I recently picked these up:

    Leaf R&S Rookie Auto

    Donruss classics Rookie Auto SP /50 $600
  4. wfschrec
    Check out the two 1 of 1s in my incoming bucket ... just recently received the mirror black ... I have the SP on the way in the mail courtesy of SCF ... yeah baby! Mike love the idea of an LT group!
  5. mikesilvia
    Did you guys watch ESPN where LT "hinted" at retirement? Basically, he stated that he wanted to walk away from the game healthy and not injured. Could he pull a Barry Sanders a few years from now?
  6. mctomlinson21
    that espn thing, i was pretty disappointed, i dont want tomlinson to retire in like 4 years, who the chargers gonna get to replace that guy, he's the best
  7. wfschrec
    I missed it ... I hope he plays a few more years ... he is a phenom ... soon we will be asking who the next "LT" is ...
  8. mikesilvia
    It would be a shame for him to retire without breaking the all time rushing record!
  9. wfschrec
    I agree ... and he has a great shot at the TD record as well. However leaving early didn't hurt Sanders at all ... but LT is a beast ... he has 5 good seasons left in him at a minimum.
  10. mikesilvia
  11. hagansp
    what do ya do when you get an amazing offer for your LT Contenders...needless to say mines heading out on's a sad day, but couldn't pass it up.
  12. pigskin
    Hi LT fans! who has a good card for low $$
  13. 1padresfan1
    They better not trade or release LT!!!! I will not renew my season tickets I have had for 11 years. First Junior Seau and now the possiblity of LT, Unbelievable. He had one not so great season and they want to get rid of him. They should bring back Lorenzo Neal or a fullback that can block and a better O-line.
  14. xexus
    I got my first "true" LT RC today from my trade!
    2001 Topps
    Plus I have a 2001 Press Pass I got in a BIN $3 dlvd with 8 other base cards off Ebay!
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