Card Cash Uses & Information

Sports Card Forum Card Cash (CC) is a reward point system for SCF members. Generally, Card Cash has bee used in a 100 Card Card equals $1 ratio value system to purchase items on SCF.

How do members get Card Cash?

  1. Adding Images to the OPG/Inventory - 0.5 Card Cash per image!
  2. Tagging your inventory images with a team - 0.1 Card Cash per image!
  3. Superior Posts – If SCF notice a very good posts or a member assisting another member they may be awarded CC
  4. Guess the Score (GTS) contests – You will notice GTS threads in the Games, Contests and Tounys forum. It costs nothing to play and you can win CC
  5. Birthday Reward – 200 CC for VIP members.
  6. Other Contests – Again look out for CC contests n the Games, Contests and Tounys forum
  7. You can buy CC in the CardCash Exchange forum.
  8. You can sell cards for CC in the Card Cash for Cards forum.
  9. For posting box breaks in official SCF threads.

Where do I spend the Card Cash?

  1. Card Cash Store
  2. Card Cash Auctions (Coming Soon)
  3. You can buy cards for CC in the Card Cash for Cards forum.
  4. Graphics - Buy some banners/avatars
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