SCF Memberships

Sports Card Forum Membership Levels!

SCF members can choose to help support SCF while enjoying outstanding additional benefits.  Money generated through VIP or Donor Memberships will go towards what is needed to run the site first and foremost, server costs etc..  From there money will go towards but not limited to:

  • Packs for Card Cash Sales
  • Towards setup for shows.  (Past shows such as the National Sports Card Convention.  NSCC)
  • Towards any new projects that need funding. (In the past and still current storefront/opg)



Basic Membership- FREE (standard membership when you sign up)

  • PM Space: 150
  • Signature: 300 x 100 (45k Size)
  • 650 characters in signature
  • Gallery images: 20
  • Avatar: 150 x 150
  • Can Create Slide Shows in gallery: No
  • Can Create Albums in gallery: No
  • Can Upload Signature banner to SCF Server: no
  • Receives 50 Card Cash for referrals (member referred must reaches 30 days on the site and 100 posts.)


SCF Donor Membership $10 per year.   (Sign me up!)

  • PM Space: 300 (double a basic membership)
  • Signature: 400 x 100 (75k Size)
  • 800 characters in signature
  • Gallery images: 50
  • Avatar: 250 x 250
  • Can Create Albums in gallery: Yes
  • Receives SCF Donor Badge
  • Receives 100 Card Cash for referrals (member referred must reaches 30 days on the site and 100 posts.)


VIP Membership – $25 a Year or $15 for 6 months.  (Sign me up!)

  • Access to our VIP Member Forum
  • PM Space: 500
  • Gallery images: 100
  • Avatar: 400 x 400
  • 1,000 characters in signature (vice 650 for regular members)
  • Most ads removed (ads after first post, in PM, side column and footer)
  • Can set self “invisible” and not be seen by other members
  • Receives 200 Card Cash for referrals (member referred must reach 30 days on the site and 100 posts.)
  • Receives 200 Card Cash on birthday
  • VIP Member badge
  • Name change once a year
  • Given priority when SCF offers packs for Card Cash! (48 hours or more)
  • Given priority when cards from sponsored breaks are placed into the CC store.
  • Can post your eBay Store or link to your auctions in your signature
  • 10% discount on all Card Cash Store purchases
  • Card Cash Raffles for cards!
  • Priority for the first 48 hours to request cards from Sponsored breaks.
  • VIP only group breaks
  • Live CC Auctions (you may not accept CC donations during the auction timeframe).
  • VIP members may post auctions in the Buy/Sell areas.

PAYMENT OPTIONS You can sign up for the VIP Membership HERE using PayPal.  Signing up for a membership with PayPal will create a subscription in PayPal. This ensures your VIP membership will continue each year uninterrupted.  If you don’t want to renew each year log into your PayPal account and cancel the recurring subscription.

As always, thank you for your support!  If you are looking to purchase a VIP membership for another member please Click here to send the GM a PM.

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  1. wpt02790 says:

    HI..did you stop the $2.50 per month VIP plan I was on???

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