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Johnny Bower Addresses Report   Sport: Hockey

Player overall success: 98%

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Address success percentage: 98%    
Total number of submission on this address: 121
# of Success: 114  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 5
Added by:TysonX504   Added on: 05-19-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Qturbtchn 12-11-201712-22-2017Success 112/2  
Wyattket88 11-12-201711-25-2017Success 132/3He signed my 2 cards in black and included one card signed in black 
mika22 11-07-201711-21-2017Success 143/33 4x6 Signed, 2 inscription HOF 76 Thank You Mr.Bower!!!! 
peteyland 10-15-201711-01-2017Success 171/1SASE, LOR included $20.00 donation. 8.5x11 photo singed in fine black sharpie and included HOF inscription and 'S Cups 4' and a personalized thank you letter.
Rafeiro24 09-11-201709-25-2017Success 141/11 12-13 Certified Immortals Signed in Silver! Thanks Mr. Bower!!!! 
Qturbtchn 09-08-201709-15-2017Success 72/2  
Darth Menace 08-26-201709-12-2017Success 171/1Sent a SASE, and 8x10. Photo came back signed with a smaller signed picture which he included.
peteyland 08-04-201708-22-2017Success 184/5SASE, LOR, $10 Donation. Sent 4 cards and 1 4x6 photo. He autographed all with HOF and his jersey #. Also included one of his own from ITG. 
capyprice31 07-21-201708-03-2017Success 133/3he added a book mark 
jameswrjobe53 07-20-201708-05-2017Success 162/2sent 5 CAD 
Qturbtchn 06-19-201706-29-2017Success 101/1  
fuelledbypassion 06-12-201706-27-2017Success 153/4Signed all 3 and added his own, with inscriptions. Great return. // Check out my Instagram @fbpgraphs for pictures! 
Vallee 04-11-201704-25-2017Success 143/3  
Mohan8771 01-09-201701-19-2017Success 104/4I am very happy with this Autograph Success. Mr Bower signed all my pics in silver sharpie! Very fast return. Check out my YouTube. I upload all my TTM success. 
johnrichard95 01-02-201701-24-2017Success 223/3Thanks alot Mr. Bower 
totalnv 12-12-201612-24-2016Success 121/4SAE, LOR, 4x6 photo, some cash for postage - personalized and signed my photo, sent a handwritten note apologizing for getting my name wrong (he really didn't), and threw in TWO more signed photos! WOW!
Donhutson 11-26-201612-17-2016Success 212/2sent 2 cards and questions. signed cards and answered questions 
Baumans916 10-25-201611-15-2016Success 212/2Sent 08-09 UD masterpiece and 14-15 itg w SASE and international stamp. Mr Bower signed both in silver! Thank you 
galvamega 09-22-201610-03-2016Success 115/5 
goldenballer 08-19-2016 Pending -1/01 8x10 
Spoonercards 04-27-201605-11-2016Success 142/2Sent 1 card and 1 photo, signed beautifully. Thanks Mr. Bower! 
jacktempleton 03-10-201604-02-2016Success 224/4  
sportsnut16ca 02-26-201603-17-2016Success 194/4Outstanding as always. Sent $10 donation with 2 pics, 1 card and mcfarlane base 
Barbashev 02-18-201602-29-2016Success 116/6thanks so much Mr. Bower 
nysportsxtra 01-01-2016 Pending -2/0  
RyanJones28 10-16-201511-01-2015Success 162/3sent two customs// he signed both customs and added a 4x6 signed photo 
Auto Collector 10-15-201510-26-2015Success 112/3signed card and index card i sent him with $2 donation included a 4x6 photo of him signed and personalized to me 
mazefan72 09-19-201510-05-2015Success 164/4Signed a 8.5x11, and three 4x6 photos, all with HOF Insc.. With $2 donation..TY! 
kactusjakk 09-05-201510-19-2015Failure 442/0Sent LOR, 11x14 and 8x10 with return envelope and $20 to cover shipping. - write off 
casinojunkie13 08-15-201508-25-2015Success 103/3included $5.00 with my letter 
BSRice 08-10-201508-28-2015Success 181/1Included $2 donation
TaylorStades 07-23-201508-04-2015Success 122/2Sent two 8x10's, along with $4 donation to his charity. He signed both, and kept my blue sharpie. Thank-you once again Mr. Bower! A true living legend. 
MisterWoolley 07-17-201507-24-2015Success 73/3I sent a $2 charity donation and asked for an inscription and he added HOF 76 and also included a personal letter to me saying thank you. :) 
MisterWoolley 07-17-201507-24-2015Success 73/3Sent 3 cards and a $2 donation. Received HOF 76 inscription and personal letter 
blaker1 05-12-201505-19-2015Success 74/4Not only is this the 3rd time Mr. Bower has signed for me but I think this is the fastest auto Ive evr gotten ball turn around. Thanks Johnny!
TaylorStades 05-11-201505-21-2015Success 103/3Sent 3 cards, along with a $6 donation to his charity. I got all of my cards signed with HHOF insciption. Thank-you Mr. Bower! 
goblackhawks123 01-26-201502-10-2015Success 151/1Sent 1 card along with a $2 donation. Signed 1/1 in blue sharpie. 
forge38 01-04-201501-12-2015Success 81/2$2 donation sent 
gunners 12-21-2014 Pending -2/0  
johnnybowerfan 11-06-201411-16-2014Success 102/3he even signed ''the china wall'' great return 
garyjr33 10-14-201410-25-2014Success 112/22 of 2 with 4 dollar check sent and Canadian stamp included on return envelope. 
leaffan 09-11-201409-22-2014Success 113/3signed card and two photos without donation 
iloveautographs 08-22-201409-03-2014Success 125/5$2 donation per card 
jasonj 08-07-201408-26-2014Success 191/3Sent 1 photo, received the photo signed [bent by the mailman], 1 piece of brown cardboard with a note saying thank you for the kind letter and it is signed, 1 4x6 signed by Johnny Bower -- I sent a $2 donation. It's too bad the mailman bent the envelope!! 
TheBoxBreaker 08-07-201408-25-2014Success 184/4Included $10 CAD to cover shipping costs and a small donation ($2 per autograph). Received 4/4 back. 
RheaumeForever 07-29-201408-18-2014Success 202/4Received my 2 cards back signed, he added an extra signed card and answered my questions! Thank you so much Mr. Bower!!! 
Narster 07-25-201408-05-2014Success 113/4Received items very fast, I sent 2 8x10's and 1 Mcfarlane base, he signed both and gave a signed custom card. 
DnJcards 06-23-201407-16-2014Success 232/3Signed both customs and an 8x10! 
cool-vintage 06-10-2014 Pending -1/0  
fan4alumnus 06-04-201406-17-2014Success 135/5Mr. Bower signed nicely in blue sharpie. $2 per/auto as per Mr. Bower's charity. 
blaker1 05-28-201406-05-2014Success 82/2Thanks Johnny!
comfortably9numb 05-08-201405-22-2014Success 142/2Signed both cards, included note that says he will require $2 donation in the future for autos 
Coltron57 03-19-201404-05-2014Success 174/42 cards 2 4x6. Signed all 4 in blue w/ jersey number. 
Boinks 02-28-201403-22-2014Success 211/1Included $5 donation/return postage - Card arrived in perfect shape despite the envelope being mangled!
NotLou 12-16-201301-09-2014Success 244/3Awesome pictures all signed in blue and added uniform #! 
Oak 11-15-201312-06-2013Success 211/11st McFarlane Base TTM!! 
DnJcards 10-22-201311-06-2013Success 152/2 
galvamega 10-21-201310-31-2013Success 106/6  
coolbly16 10-16-201310-28-2013Success 122/2  
DnJcards 09-25-201310-15-2013Success 202/2Signed the back of the custom card, lol and signed the index card. Also thanked me for the extra custom card.
cheeversfan 09-17-201310-02-2013Success 153/3Signed 2 4x6 customs and a card very fast turn around and a great signature. Thanks Mr. Bower!! 
CubsPackersOilers 08-13-201308-27-2013Success 141/1Mr. Bower signed my 4x6, and added #1. A true legend and TTM great. Thanks. 
Team106 08-11-201308-11-2013Success 01/1signed a hockey card that famously mis-spelled his name, and put an x under the mis-spelled word 
Canadian-Grapher 05-30-201306-06-2013Success 75/5Signed all 5 in ultra fine blue and even wrote photos on the envelope. 
blewch 05-23-201306-04-2013Success 123/33/3 signed in blue. Thanks Mr. Bower! 
antoine38 05-10-201305-25-2013Success 154/4Signed Cards and IC's, Very Very Nice 
tonyt1957 05-08-201305-20-2013Success 121/1PARKHUST TALL BOY/singed to tony in blue thanks john nice sign 
Irbe3201 03-16-201304-10-2013Success 251/1Signed Fleer Greats of the Game in Blue Sharpie! Thanks Mr. Bower!!! 
bigsportsfan1 03-15-201304-13-2013Success 292/2Signed 2 pictures for a fee, thanks Johnny! 
Sportfreund 03-15-201304-05-2013Success 212/2Signed both my customs. This was the first TTM return I sent and got back (along with a Laprade return the same day) so I was really excited.
typierre75 03-12-201303-19-2013Success 73/4very quick return, and to add one picture , nice signature ! 
mthokie83 01-30-201302-08-2013Success 91/1Super fast return from Canada. Thanks Mr. Bower 
goaliegod33 01-29-201302-09-2013Success 113/33/3 a HUGE FAST return from a guy who is still kicking at 88
edmoiler13 12-20-201201-11-2013Success 222/2signed both 8x10's 
Flyersfanadam 11-22-201212-06-2012Success 142/3Sent one Card,and one 4x6,,,,Sent back Cards signed and also the letter signed 
galvamega 11-01-201211-22-2012Success 216/6  
Leines 10-05-201210-17-2012Success 123/3Signed 8x10 HHOF 1976 as requested, also signed 12' UD Hereos and 11' OPC Legends Cards. Thank you again Mr.Bower 
Oak 09-24-201210-19-2012Success 252/2Signed 2 8x10s 
Leines 08-12-201208-23-2012Success 112/2Sent 2 UD heroes cards, both returned blue fine point sharpie. Thanks mr.bower! 
antoine38 08-01-201208-13-2012Success 124/4Signed 3 Cards + Index Card, Very Nice
Bidchka 07-30-201208-13-2012Success 142/3Thank you Mr. Bower He even added a signed 4 x 6 ( not sure who Antoine is, maybe the guy above me )
Jaysfan11 07-19-201207-28-2012Success 91/3Mr. Bower even added 2 signed photos ! 
Marcus26 07-11-201207-18-2012Success 72/2First TTM return - Quick return - Thanks Mr Bower
Gateway 07-09-201207-19-2012Success 101/2Mr. Bower signed the hockey puck with the hall of fame class and sent an extra picture. Very fast return! 
redrocker98ta 05-07-201206-12-2013Failure 4012/0  
joebroaol 04-03-201204-11-2012Success 81/1w00t very first ttm like his number #1! 
mart2111 03-15-201203-23-2012Success 82/2VERRY FAST He add HOF !!!!! THANK M.BOWER 
jetsfan19 02-19-201203-08-2012Success 181/1personalized in blue sharpie 
Marshall658 01-18-201202-03-2012Success 161/2Signed my 2011 Parkhurst Champions card and added an extra photo 
wingsfan95 11-29-2011 Pending -1/0sent 5x7 
pviens1979 11-07-201111-21-2011Success 141/1add a personal message on the picture 
galvamega 10-15-201110-27-2011Success 125/5  
grahamgill31450 10-05-201110-25-2011Success 204/53/3 photos, card plus nice note from him 
Blargh 09-26-201110-19-2011Success 232/4Sent 2 customs with an extra of each and told him he could keep them. He signed all and returned
Riggs 09-24-201110-04-2011Success 102/2very happy with this return. Sent along a note, with $3.00 in cash & asked him to cover postage back. Cant thank him enough. 
goesonclear 09-01-201109-19-2011Success 181/1Very fast return from Mr Bower
Canadian49erFan 08-15-201108-24-2011Success 92/24x6 & player card signed. 
NHLPlayers Ink. 07-26-201108-09-2011Success 141/11st TTM, and by nobody better than Johnny Bower! He personalized my 8x10 and added a HOF inscription. Johnny is a true class act. 
Canadian49erFan 07-14-201107-22-2011Success 82/12nd TTM, singned a player card, left index blank, thats understandable I guess he doesn't sign index cards. Awesome HOFer 8 day turnaround. 
folignofan71 04-15-201104-25-2011Success 104/4forget the exact days but it took 10 days signed all in blue sharpie 2 with HOF in scription 2 To. Keith also took the time to answer my questions greatest TTMer ever! 
Oak 04-05-201104-16-2011Success 112/3Threw in a little autographed picture card too! 
gijoe_9 03-02-201103-11-2011Success 93/3Signed all three of my cards 
goleafsgo7 02-25-201103-09-2011Success 121/1Signed an All Ultimate Team card. Great Signature!
cool-vintage 01-20-201103-18-2011Success 562/1  
jerseyman1992 01-18-201101-28-2011Success 103/310 days
soccer1072 07-15-201007-25-2010Success 101/1Signed and personalized my custom! 
JBobak 07-08-201007-22-2010Success 142/2  
grandmastablank 05-31-201006-18-2010Success 181/1Customized my 8x10, and added HOF. Classiest of class! 
MNsportznut 04-21-201005-03-2010Success 122/2Archives & Parkhurst 
satellitejack 03-10-201003-17-2010Success 62/2He signed my 2 custom cards and added his HOF year and number. I also sent him a copy of each custom for him to keep which he did. JB is awesome!!! 
satellitejack 01-23-201001-29-2010Success 62/2Unbelievable! My first TTM request ever. Only 6 days to received 2 great cards signed by The China Wall 
MasonRaymond0320 01-15-201003-12-2010Success 565/5Super nice autographs. He signed 5 index cards. 
tonyt1957 12-15-200912-28-2009Success 132/2singed 2 cards in blue sharpee to tony 
Atom Ryder 12-07-200912-17-2009Success 102/1Sign 1 of my 2 cards 
Latko32 09-25-200910-06-2009Success 111/18x10 signed 
blkdodge 08-23-200910-10-2009Success 482/22 Signed 8X10's 
galvamega 07-21-200908-04-2009Success 142/2  
GregArchibald 05-18-200905-27-2009Success 94/4Great sign & quick turn around
DaveS 05-11-200905-29-2009Success 183/3 
quiet-things 05-05-200905-11-2009Success 62/2Received cards personalized
MovieStar 01-02-200903-02-2009Success 591/1 


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