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Dave Keon Addresses Report   Sport: Hockey

Player overall success: 96%

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Address success percentage: 96%    
Total number of submission on this address: 118
# of Success: 110  # of Failed: 5  # of Pending: 3
Added by:DaveS   Added on: 05-28-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
pmarkou1 01-26-202102-16-2021Failure 211/1Refused request to sign a Toronto Maple Leafs puck; his prerogative.
Torbizzle 01-11-202101-26-2021Success 151/1Sent 1 Parkhurst Card. Thank You Mr. Keon
Qturbtchn 12-17-202001-11-2021Success 252/2  
cangle64 11-27-202012-26-2020Success 291/073-74 Topps. Blue pen. Thank you! 
twal1390 11-19-202012-01-2020Success 122/22/2
Chooch08 10-21-202010-31-2020Success 102/2  
achan929 10-17-202011-13-2020Success 272/2  
TideFanDan 10-01-202010-10-2020Success 91/174-75 Topps, thank you Mr. Keon 
bjens 09-30-202010-27-2020Success 273/3Thank you very much Mr. Keon!!! 
tonyt1957 09-23-202010-03-2020Success 101/172/topps/sinnged in blue nice sign 
leafs0 08-29-202009-04-2020Success 61/1  
jerseyman1992 08-15-202009-15-2020Success 311/1  
Alsoknownasrick 08-06-202008-15-2020Success 92/2Sent two cards, note, and SASE. Signed a 71 Topps & 81 Topps. Beautiful signature in Blue sharpie. Thank you, Mr. Keon.
pjfish16 07-31-202008-13-2020Success 132/2Sent 2- 8x10's with SASE and he signed both with jersey number. Very Happy to get this back! Thanks Mr. Keon! 
Zoofly23 07-29-202009-15-2020Success 481/1Signed my jersey number to be stitched on! Great response from greatest Leaf EVER!!! 
Calebssportscards 07-27-202008-05-2020Success 91/14 x 6 photo signed
Restau21 07-24-202008-03-2020Success 101/281-82 Topps signed in blue. Also signed my index card. Awesome return. Thank You Mr. Keon. 
Oriolesrise 07-18-202007-28-2020Success 101/181-82 Topps 
TimHefty 07-15-202007-27-2020Success 124/4  
Killersports 07-07-202008-12-2020Success 362/0Class Act Even Added HOF signed two pre signed 1967 posters 
sydbarrett3177 06-19-202006-30-2020Success 111/12009 in the game 1972 style 
frozenpond58 06-18-202006-30-2020Success 122/2Signed in Blue Sharpie, Thanks Mr Keon 
Qturbtchn 06-08-202006-30-2020Success 223/3  
IAK683 04-28-202005-08-2020Success 101/0One card- signed Thanks Mr. Keon 
Marcus26 04-28-202005-13-2020Success 153/3Signed all three! Fairly quickly too!! 
PhilZee93 04-03-202005-19-2020Success 462/22 8x10s (Leafs) - handwritten note, SASE - both personalized and signed beautifully in blue. Wrote a note back in response to my letter, and even paid extra for postage to make sure it got back to me. The absolute BEST of the BEST! Thank you, Mr. Keon.
maryeeve102 03-09-202004-14-2020Success 361/1  
JMac25 03-05-202003-14-2020Success 83/3Signed 3/3 nicely in blue. 
Say10man 03-03-202003-17-2020Success 132/2Awesome! Sent 2 cards with extra stamp and envelop with my address with note and got back both SIGNED! 
chicagobullsjoe 01-31-202002-10-2020Success 102/2Sent 2 cards and SASE
Jgwoods 01-26-202002-13-2020Success 181/1Sent 1 card and some questions, got both back, great return. 
PPCLI1988 12-05-201901-17-2020Success 432/2Signed 2 8x10 photos. 
brooks13307 11-27-201912-23-2019Failure 261/0HOF puck...RTS Refused 
StarrsCards 10-12-201910-25-2019Success 132/21972-73 and 1973-74 Topps. Added “#14” inscription on both.
Piester 09-29-201910-12-2019Success 131/1  
Flisaren 09-17-201910-18-2019Success 314/4Sent 4 cards, note and SASE from Sweden. Received cards back signed. Thank you! 
IceTigersFan 09-05-201909-24-2019Success 193/4sent LOR, SAE, IRC and three IC; received my IC signed along with a signed, postcard-sized card; also sent back my IRC 
Nursecards25 07-22-201908-28-2019Success 371/1  
Coltron57 06-29-201907-15-2019Success 161/1Signed in blue. Added HOF inscription. 
Wolverine 06-28-201907-16-2019Success 181/1Sent LOR, SASE and one card. Returned card signed in thin blue. 
Nicolas99 06-04-201907-08-2019Success 343/3  
Hockeydaddy1 05-03-201905-13-2019Success 103/33/3 
Craiggb 03-20-201903-30-2019Success 103/4  
Tromboneifone 02-08-201902-16-2019Success 81/1sent him a trading card & got it back signed 
Carney 01-23-201902-05-2019Success 131/1  
chicagobullsjoe 01-07-201901-14-2019Success 72/2Sent 2 cards and SASE
stew 12-15-201802-07-2019Success 541/1SASE and Letter; Seems Mr Keon will entertain cards ttm but not packages (ie pucks). Appreciate his response
Craiggb 11-08-201811-17-2018Success 95/5  
Wolverine 08-31-201809-10-2018Failure 101/0Mail rejected, returned unopened. Sent LOR, SASE, one puck and a paint pen 
Dave65 07-06-201807-31-2018Success 253/3sent out three cards he signed them all ! awesome! Thank you Mr Keon 
Hockeycardalex 05-03-201805-17-2018Success 141/1Sending again because I found a card of him. Sent a note, SASE, and Heroes and Prospects card. Signed in blue with HOF year as requested. Thanks! 
Fritz 04-02-201804-26-2018Success 243/3  
theflash 03-15-201803-26-2018Success 111/171-72T 
Hockeycardalex 03-01-201803-17-2018Success 152/2Sent LOR, SASE, and two index cards. Received both signed in blue pen, but not inscribed as I requested. Thanks! 
RobHarrington 02-22-201804-21-2018Success 572/2Signed two cards in blue Sharpie. 
mscott713 02-21-201803-03-2018Success 101/1Sent card, note, and SASE. Received card signed and with his jersey number.
Johnlightning 02-19-201803-03-2018Success 123/3signed in blue ball point, look good 
Darth Menace 01-10-201803-07-2018Success 561/1Sent a 8x10 with SASE. Received back signed
Wyattket88 01-04-201801-13-2018Success 94/4He signed 4 cards in blue 
goblackhawks123 01-02-201801-16-2018Success 141/1Sent 1 card. Signed 1/1 in black sharpie. 
bdmorr 12-23-201701-06-2018Success 142/2  
neilfrancis 10-09-201710-21-2017Success 124/3signed a '72 opc, 3 inex cards and returned my ten dollar donation, thanks Dave 
Qturbtchn 10-01-201710-17-2017Success 162/2Signed two 5 X 7's in blue nicely 
Darth Menace 09-27-201710-24-2017Success 271/1Sent SASE and 8x10. Received back signed. 
zooiiks 07-10-201707-22-2017Success 122/2Signed both 8x10s! Now to send it off to Red Kelly! Sent LOR, SASE and 2 8x10s
jameswrjobe53 07-08-201707-21-2017Success 132/2added HOF inscriptions as requested 
goaliegod33 06-30-201707-15-2017Success 151/1Signed with the Silver Sharpie I sent
Vallee 06-28-201708-02-2017Success 352/3  
peteyland 06-05-201706-22-2017Success 178/8SASE, LOR, sent 4 pictures (4x6) and 4 reproduced cards from 90s. Asked to sign what he could, he did them all and added specific jersey number to each card. 
AG1181 04-18-201704-27-2017Success 91/1Sent letter, SASE and 72-73 Topps card. Great auto.
cdnrockstar 02-28-201703-13-2017Success 122/2  
tomassandy12 02-12-201702-28-2017Success 161/1Sent a LOR, SASE, and an 8x10// Recieved the photo back signed and inscribed HOF 
Jkorr42084 01-23-201702-06-2017Success 142/2signed both cards 
totalnv 01-03-201701-12-2017Success 91/1SASE, LOR, Maple Leafs puck - signed puck with HOF inscription. Fast return!
sorklora 12-27-201601-10-2017Success 141/1Sent a Hockey HOF puck and it came back signed with multiple inscriptions! 
nascargaryts 12-01-201612-09-2016Success 81/1Great auto with HOF inscription 
Calebssportscards 09-16-201609-24-2016Success 81/1Hockey signature card 
rudeboy 03-03-201603-11-2016Success 82/0LOR, SASE, 2 Cards! Thank You Mr. Keon!!! 
HockeyCards30 02-09-201602-17-2016Success 84/43 4x6 1 card 
CubsPackersOilers 01-06-201606-24-2016Success 1691/1signed 8x10. 
nysportsxtra 01-01-2016 Pending -2/0  
druce26 12-04-201512-11-2015Success 71/1  
docgallie 12-02-201512-15-2015Success 132/2  
Lapo0013 08-18-201508-27-2015Success 91/1Very quick turnaround, another index card for my project. Thanks Dave! 
BlueJaysRock 07-08-201508-06-2015Success 291/1Received puck back signed. He took the time to wrap it nicely in paper towel and pay extra for shipping and tracking. Thank you Mr. Keon you are simply the best, my mom loves it! 
Fortune500 06-30-201507-11-2015Success 111/1Signed puck 
mazefan72 06-18-201506-29-2015Success 114/4Signed an 8x10 photo, and three 4x6 photos, all inscribed w/ #14, and H.O.F. 86.. TY! 
Ebys23 05-29-201506-06-2015Success 82/3signed 2 index cards and sent extra signed 4x6 photo!!!!! 
brsatmary 05-20-201506-01-2015Success 121/1Signed my Whalers puck 
kcharlie 05-13-201507-22-2015Failure 705/0RTS - insufficient adress 
Schmenge 05-01-201505-17-2015Success 161/1HOF puck signed in a quick turnaround, a big thank you to Mr. Keon 
casinojunkie13 04-24-201505-05-2015Success 114/4Quick return Thanks Dave 
redrocker98ta 04-14-201505-02-2015Success 181/1Signed my Maple Leafs puck with HOF 86, thanks Mr Keon 
louiepalouie 04-06-201504-20-2015Success 140/1Asked if he would provide and sign a card for me in exchange for a dollar. Received a small picture signed with HOF inscription and also sent me back my dollar. 
denvotz 03-20-201503-30-2015Success 101/1Wait for it. Legendary. Thanks Mr. Keon. 
TaylorStades 03-12-201503-31-2015Success 192/2Sent two 8x10's. Clean signature with H.H.O.F inscription. Thanks Mr. Keon 
jonny07 01-15-201502-20-2015Success 361/1returned signed, inscribed HOF, kept paint pen sent used to sign, awesome return!!! 
BLawson87 01-08-201501-28-2015Success 201/1Sent 1 puck; returned signed with HOF inscription 
kcharlie 11-15-201401-23-2015Success 695/5  
robbob1984 10-23-201411-20-2014Success 281/1Sent Puck sliver Sharpie Signed in Sliver added HOF year and even paid for tracking. Thank you So much Dave.
Canadian-Grapher 08-20-201409-04-2014Success 154/4blue sharpie, 2 8x10, 2 4x6 
DnJcards 08-18-201409-02-2014Success 153/3  
fan4alumnus 07-02-201408-06-2014Success 354/4nice autographs from this Leafs legend, thank you Mr. Keon :-) 
DnJcards 06-24-201407-03-2014Success 91/2Returned both customs signed, didnt keep the 1 I offered. 
Marcus26 04-28-201306-11-2013Success 442/2Really excited to get this back! Back in 44 Days! Took a shot! Thanks Mr Keon! 
snartly 04-13-201205-01-2012Pending 182/0RTS 
RJB029 11-26-201112-19-2011Success 231/1Sent 1 trading card and got it backsigned with a fresh black sharpie! Thanks Mr. Keon! 
ProWolf 05-12-201105-25-2011Failure 132/0Wrote REFUSED on evelope and the post officesent it RTS. 
goleafsgo7 04-16-201105-26-2011Success 401/1Mr. Keon signed a Heroes And Prospects card. Great looking signature!
gijoe_9 04-08-201104-26-2011Success 182/2signed both cards 
Riggs 03-15-201103-28-2011Success 132/2Great signer, FAST turnaround for a HOFer.. 
credd86 03-14-201104-07-2011Success 241/1 
RockiesFan33 08-19-201009-11-2010Success 231/1Signed my custom.
blkdodge 12-21-200901-11-2010Success 212/22 Signed 8x10's 
tonyt1957 12-13-200912-22-2009Success 91/1SINGED IN BLUE SHARPEE 
Nascarfan12 11-24-200912-05-2009Success 111/1Nice turnaround from on of the greatest Leafs ever 
Latko32 09-25-2009 Pending -1/0  
jerseyman1992 02-02-200902-13-2009Success 113/611 days - Also signed 3 IC's. Thanks Dave!! 


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