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Mike Gartner Addresses Report   Sport: Hockey

Player overall success: 100%

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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 93
# of Success: 80  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 13
Added by:galvamega   Added on: 07-21-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Villenemo 11-11-2020 Pending -3/0  
  Edit your submission Guest 10-24-2020 Pending -2/0  
jedistiles 10-24-2020 Pending -2/0  
Bday1973 10-09-202011-02-2020Success 242/1  
thorgy213 09-23-2020 Pending -1/0note-sase- 
crbaughn62 09-12-2020 Pending -3/0N 3 eb 
frozenpond58 08-21-202011-02-2020Success 734/284-85T, 86-87T, 91-92Ultra and 92-93D - signed 2 of the 4 in Blue Sharpie returned all 4, Thanks Mr. Gartner 
achan929 08-20-202010-30-2020Success 714/2  
Lou44 08-13-202011-02-2020Success 814/22 of 4. 1 badly smudged 
Marcus26 08-04-202010-30-2020Success 875/2Signed 2/5 and returned other three unsigned
ranks58 06-19-202008-10-2020Success 522/2  
mrdavidjb 06-15-202008-08-2020Success 541/1Sent 01-02 Fleer GOTG
Daniel17 06-02-202008-10-2020Success 692/2 
Craiggb 05-20-2020 Pending -3/0  
graeme45 05-19-202008-05-2020Success 785/2signed 2, returned the other 3 unsigned. 
jerseyman1992 05-19-202007-31-2020Success 734/2Signed 2, returned 2 unsigned. See photos @autographcollect on IG. 
dwillms 05-08-202008-11-2020Success 953/3Signed all 3 in blue
Say10man 05-05-202008-14-2020Success 1013/3sent 3 cards with return envelop with stamp and a written note ---- AWESOME GOT ALL BACK SIGNED 
mrd316 05-04-202008-14-2020Success 1023/3 
chicagobullsjoe 02-19-202004-27-2020Success 673/3Sent 3 cards and SASE
Canadianphil 02-17-2020 Pending -1/0Sent 1 card, LOR, SASE, and sharpie 
PhilZee93 02-07-202004-24-2020Success 762/22 cards (1 Rangers, 1 Coyotes) - SASE, handwritten note - both signed in blue
  Edit your submission Guest 02-07-2020 Pending -2/02 cards, SASE, handwritten note 
Flisaren 02-06-202011-11-2020Success 2793/2Sent 3 cards, note and SASE from Sweden. Received two cards back signed and one unsigned. Thank you! 
Craiggb 02-03-2020 Pending -2/0  
Rafeiro24 01-22-202002-11-2020Success 202/22 Cards signed in blue awesome return thanks Mr. Gartner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
PPCLI1988 12-09-201901-17-2020Success 392/2Signed 2 8x10 photos and added HOF 2001. 
Craiggb 10-23-201901-22-2020Success 912/2  
Leeburtt 10-09-201901-21-2020Success 1042/2  
Nursecards25 07-02-201910-08-2019Success 982/2Signed in blue thanks mike 
Coltron57 06-29-201910-22-2019Success 1152/2Signed in blue. 
IceTigersFan 06-26-201910-17-2019Success 1132/2sent LOR, SAE, IRC and two cards; received my cards back signed (one of it personalized with HOF inscription as requested) 
chicagobullsjoe 04-04-201906-08-2019Success 652/2Sent 2 cards and SASE
Craiggb 03-27-201910-22-2019Success 2094/2  
maryeeve102 03-13-201904-30-2019Success 481/1  
Fritz 02-21-201903-08-2019Success 153/3  
RobHarrington 11-19-2018 Pending -3/0  
Over 50 11-13-201802-19-2019Success 981/1signed '89-'90 OPC//blue sharpie//very nice signature//sent to Canada, came back from Fl//DH:) 
Larry Lunchbucket 08-03-201810-29-2018Success 871/11 card for autograph request, 1 hand written note, & SASE 
Dave65 07-10-201810-29-2018Success 1114/4returned the four cards I sent , he signed two of them. Thanks Mike 
jonnyk 05-23-201807-09-2018Success 475/5looks great ty 
Calebssportscards 05-03-201811-01-2018Success 1821/1card signed
chicagobullsjoe 04-18-201807-11-2018Success 841/1Sent 1 Card and SASE
greenlion 03-10-201804-30-2018Success 505/5signed puck and 2/5 cards. great return. sent to canada returned from the usa 
zooiiks 03-09-201804-30-2018Success 511/1Signed my 8x10! Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10
bdmorr 02-05-201803-23-2018Success 452/2postmarked Fort Myers, FL 
geneseo1532 12-13-201703-23-2018Success 992/2signed two including bible verse inscription. postmarked from ft myers. worth the wait for sure! 
totalnv 11-21-201703-07-2018Success 1061/1SASE, LOR, 1 trading card - personalized and signed card with HOF inscription in blue sharpie
DaveLefebvre 11-06-201703-06-2018Success 1201/1  
MPrzzy 09-29-201710-27-2017Success 285/2Signed 2 out of 5. Great success anyway. Signed in blue 
peteyland 02-06-201703-30-2017Success 516/3SASE, LOR sent 6 cards, 3 were signed, 3 were not. 
toddannis 02-03-2017 Pending -2/0Sent puck and card, asked for HOF inscription. 
galvamega 11-09-201611-24-2016Success 154/4 
delones24 10-12-201612-01-2016Success 501/113 Artifacts
goblackhawks123 04-13-201610-21-2016Success 1911/1Sent 1 card. Signed 1/1 in blue sharpie. 
BSRice 03-20-201605-20-2016Success 613/3  
cheeversfan 03-15-201604-08-2016Success 244/4Great return! Nice Auto 
delones24 02-15-201603-10-2016Success 244/4 
HockeyCards30 02-09-201604-16-2016Success 664/44 cards 
cdnrockstar 01-27-201606-15-2016Success 1392/2gave up on it but arrived today with an inscription on each card 
crbaughn62 01-04-201603-09-2016Success 653/3.49 stamp to canada kept $ i sent for postage 
RyanJones28 12-28-201501-18-2016Success 213/3Signed all 3 cards in blue sharpie. Looks great. Also answered all my question!! 
mazefan72 12-19-201501-19-2016Success 313/3Signed an 8x10 inscr/ HOF 2001, a 4x6, and a 90 topps TY!! 
galvamega 11-02-201511-16-2015Success 144/4  
tburton 05-30-201512-02-2015Success 1865/3Card, Letter and SASE 
viper45 03-23-201505-23-2015Success 613/3signed all 3 cards I sent 
kactusjakk 02-06-201502-27-2015Success 212/2Sent LOR, 2 IC, and $5 for return shipping. - received both signed 
galvamega 12-02-201402-25-2015Success 854/4  
blaker1 06-09-201411-13-2014Success 1574/4  
coolbly16 12-02-201302-24-2014Success 843/3Signed all three with requested inscription. Great Addition to my HOF Collection 
sensfan2010 11-18-201312-10-2013Success 225/3  
lizardking 10-29-201312-02-2013Success 344/3  
galvamega 07-17-201311-29-2013Success 1356/3  
blewch 05-23-201307-18-2013Success 562/2Signed 2/2 cards including a rookie card. Huge success! 
typierre75 03-12-201304-09-2013Success 285/5thk Mr Gartner ! 
23seancox 02-13-2013 Pending -1/0  
mthokie83 02-12-201304-22-2013Success 681/1Came back postmarked from Florida 
Marcus26 12-11-201204-08-2013Success 1175/5118 Day Return!!! Thank you Mr Gartner!!! 
goaliegod33 12-06-201204-20-2013Success 1341/1Finally happy to recieve this
pviens1979 11-08-201212-04-2012Success 262/2  
galvamega 11-08-201212-05-2012Success 275/5  
antoine38 08-27-201212-09-2012Success 1044/4Signed all my Cards, Very Nice!
Oak 04-03-201208-14-2012Success 1332/2  
mart2111 04-02-201208-13-2012Success 1332/2  
ovechkin8 03-23-2012 Pending -1/0  
Csarge8 03-16-201208-15-2012Success 1521/1  
Blargh 02-07-201203-15-2012Success 363/33 of 3
grahamgill31450 01-06-201203-08-2012Success 623/3Signed 3 cards in 62 days. 
Marshall658 10-11-201111-18-2011Success 381/1Signed my 90 Score 
mneiberg 11-01-201010-11-2011Success 3446/3signed 3 of 6 in blue. Smeared one. MN 
mattingly4232 11-01-201012-06-2010Success 351/1personalized my photo with best regards and HOF inscription. Thanks Mike! 
tonyt1957 12-14-200903-30-2010Success 1051/11990 PRO SET SINGED BLACK SHARPEE 
galvamega 07-21-200909-08-2009Success 495/5  
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:billyu   Added on: 10-04-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
billyu 10-04-201012-04-2010Success 612/2Both cards in blue sharpie 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 0
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:IAK683   Added on: 07-29-2020
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage


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