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Jackie Collins (R.I.P.) Addresses Report   Sport: Non sport

Player overall success: 96%

   When we know a player has passed away (R.I.P),
we don't display the address anymore!

Address success percentage: 96%    
Total number of submission on this address: 25
# of Success: 23  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 1
Added by:wongcastle   Added on: 12-24-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
biggsy2323 07-18-201508-17-2015Success 300/14x6 personalized 
wongcastle 05-18-201506-18-2015Success 310/1received personalized signed color 4x6
primetime27 01-12-201502-05-2015Success 240/1Received a signed color 4 x 6 personalized picture. 
sorenscollection 09-19-201410-01-2014Success 120/1Signed and personalized photo 
wongcastle 04-10-201405-10-2014Success 300/1received personalized signed color 4x6
jkflemm 02-12-201402-21-2014Success 90/1received letter from assistant and autographed 4x6 picture 
freezeover98 01-18-201401-27-2014Success 90/1  
Robextend 01-16-201401-27-2014Success 110/1Email request sent./Great success, thank you Mrs. Collins. 
primetime27 10-15-201311-04-2013Success 200/1Received a signed 4 x 6 personalized picture. 
biggsy2323 09-06-201307-19-2015Failure 6810/0  
gojacks 09-01-201309-06-2013Success 50/1  
ChosenOne719 05-30-201307-10-2013Success 410/1filled out the request form on her site and today got an auto'd picture in the mail 
jimmyf21 05-06-201305-18-2013Success 120/1Sent e-mail - received autographed photo thank you Mrs. Collins 
abdiz 01-10-201301-16-2014Success 3710/1sent a request for an autograph photo and received a 4x6 personally inscribed photo signed. Thanks Ms Collins!! 
primetime27 12-31-201201-30-2013Success 300/1Received signed color 4 x 6 picture and letter from assistant. 
underwoodcr3 09-10-201209-24-2012Success 140/1Personalized 4x6 photo 
biggsy2323 07-24-201208-13-2012Success 200/1Signed & personalized 5x7 
CliffAnderson92 07-11-201208-11-2012Success 310/1  
bigmoneyrich 09-01-201109-16-2011Pending 150/1personalized 4x6 
bebecerveza 07-29-201108-13-2011Success 150/1signed 4X6 
Oak 04-27-201105-09-2011Success 120/1  
indyreds 03-09-201104-04-2011Success 260/1personalized photo 
Brewcrew246 12-27-201001-03-2011Success 70/1  
PONCHO 12-26-201001-06-2011Success 110/1personalized 4x6 
wongcastle 12-14-201012-24-2010Success 100/1received personalized signed color 4x6