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Bob Tewksbury Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 91%

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Address success percentage: 87%    
Total number of submission on this address: 93
# of Success: 67  # of Failed: 10  # of Pending: 16
Added by:David Hall   Added on: 01-05-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Cubsfan2626 6-8-20 Pending -2/0  
Marty Dee 08-06-2020 Pending -5/0  
marty77 08-05-2020 Pending -2/0  
ddisbrow29 08-03-2020 Pending -4/0Sent 4 cards 
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 08-01-2020 Pending -2/01987 Topps, 1988 Topps 
Newbomb Turk 08-01-2020 Pending -1/088 Topps. 
rich summa 07-28-202008-08-2020Failure 112/088 Topps 92 Topps RTS resent to Wells ME address below 
BIGSHOT 07-06-202008-01-2020Success 261/087 DONRUSS 
Oklahomabo 06-03-202006-20-2020Success 172/2Signed both cards. Left a note on the envelope. Cool guy! 
Bisons87 05-26-202007-02-2020Success 374/4signed all 4 in Black
IAK683 04-16-202004-27-2020Failure 114/0RTS- trying other address 
THRIFTY211 04-11-202004-25-2020Failure 143/3RTS will try other address on list 
Schmidty548 04-09-202004-18-2020Failure 93/0RTS i will post forwarding address if not done so already 
Mr Goody 01-21-202003-23-2020Success 613/395 stadium club, 95 fleer, 96 topps, all in blue sharpie thank you Mr Tewksbury 
RIFF RAFF 77 10-23-201905-04-2020Success 1941/1  
NASKAT48 10-04-201903-24-2020Success 1721/11995 Flair Texas Rangers. Answered my questionnaire. Thank you Mr Tewksbury!
GoStLCards 10-03-201905-22-2020Success 2326/6  
Gyro 10-01-2019 Pending -3/0LOR / SASE 
Patgrealish 09-30-201903-27-2020Success 1791/1SASE. 90 Topps Traded 
rich summa 09-14-201905-04-2020Success 2333/387 Fleer 92 Stadium Club 91 Fleer 
kaw316 09-04-201903-28-2020Success 2064/4  
gabe44baseball 08-22-2019 Pending -6/0Sent 6 Cards 
mrtrhl13 08-21-201903-26-2020Success 2185/5HWLOR, SASE, 5 cards, no $. All returned signed.
ericsagara 08-19-201903-24-2020Success 2183/388 Topps
brooks13307 08-17-201904-06-2020Success 2334/486, 88, 90 Topps, 87 Fleer 
Undraftedplayer 08-05-2019 Pending -2/0  
DJBallpark 07-30-201909-06-2019Success 382/21990 Topps Traded #122T, 1991 Stadium Club #417
ahuggins81 07-27-201908-15-2019Success 191/1Sent a card, LOR and a it back signed
Calebssportscards 07-07-201908-16-2019Success 403/33 cards signed
bigbenjobu 06-28-201907-22-2019Success 243/3Signed all 3, added requested inscription, and answered questions
rich summa 06-25-201907-24-2019Success 292/290 Topps Traded 91 Topps 
BraveStarr 06-14-201907-02-2019Success 185/5'87 Topps, '90 Donruss, '92 Topps, '92 Upper Deck, '93 Upper Deck - 
jdresbach 06-05-201908-16-2019Success 722/21993 Topps, 1993 Upper Deck 
kandiclipper 06-01-201909-06-2019Success 971/1  
white_rabbit 05-30-2019 Pending -2/087t & 87f 
chelseanykole92 05-08-201906-01-2019Success 241/1Success 1/1 on a 1992 Upper Deck base card 
zonino 05-01-201905-31-2019Success 304/4Nice return 
rich summa 04-29-201905-28-2019Success 291/187 Topps 
Craiggb 04-29-201905-28-2019Success 291/1  
702tpr777 04-11-201905-30-2019Success 492/21990 Donruss, 1996 Topps... Thanks Mr. Tewksbury! 
Patgrealish 03-11-201904-29-2019Success 493/3SASE. 87,88 Topps, and 90 Donruss 
Craiggb 03-01-201905-28-2019Success 874/4  
bdmorr 02-23-201904-27-2019Success 622/2  
Sdlynch 02-18-201904-26-2019Success 661/1Got the card back signed in blue marker. Thanks Mr. Tewsbury 
tglg 02-08-201904-25-2019Success 754/4Got back all 4 signed in a nice blue sharpie. 
Tombrady123 02-07-201905-06-2019Success 872/2  
Vick1jj 02-02-201902-23-2019Success 214/4Sent LOR, SASE, a 1993 Topps, two 1992 Topps, and a 1991 Topps Stadium Club, received all four back in blue sharpie 
CRM302 01-28-201902-08-2019Success 111/1Sent 1991 Fleer #648. Signed in black sharpie. Thanks Mr. Tewksbury! 
pbtank67 01-28-201902-23-2019Success 261/187T. Nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
Jamesalford23 01-25-201905-09-2019Success 1032/2  
39special 01-25-201902-08-2019Success 141/4Signed my '92 Donruss,also sent 2 '87 Topps and '87 Fleer and answered my questions 
PinstripePride 01-05-2019 Pending -1/01986 Topps w/letter & SASE 
TTMmatt1142 01-02-201902-23-2019Success 522/2SIGNED 2X 1990 DONRUSS 
bigbenjobu 12-19-201801-10-2019Success 228/8Signed all 8 and personalized the 2 requested
druce26 12-03-201801-26-2019Success 542/2  
zooiiks 10-17-201812-17-2018Success 614/4Signed 4 cards!
BraveStarr 08-24-201805-13-2019Success 2623/3'88 Topps, '90 Topps, '94 Upper Deck - 
biggsy2323 07-31-2018 Pending -6/0  
MLBGEEK02 07-11-2018 Pending -4/0  
bootzilla 06-28-201809-08-2018Success 724/4signed 4/4 baseball cards 
levi 06-25-201806-25-2019Failure 3652/01987 Fleer, 1992 Topps---write off 
Danmay55 06-25-201811-29-2018Success 1573/4Signed all 3 cards and signed ad for his book! 
jsorah10 06-25-201810-05-2018Success 1022/391 Donruss, 92 Topps. He included pamphlet from his book 
crbaughn62 06-23-201806-23-2019Failure 3654/0Gma 
xtra-innings 04-12-201806-16-2018Success 654/4x4 cards
jketcham530 02-20-201806-15-2018Success 1141/1Signed 1991 Topps Card. Nice signature! Thanks Mr. Tewksbury!! 
rayrehder 01-16-201806-22-2018Success 1561/2He also added a 1994 Donruss 
andrewgrafe 12-15-201706-14-2018Success 1801/091 UD for complete set. PM from North VA 
GoStLCards 11-09-201706-11-2018Success 2132/3included signed book promo postcard. Thanks, Mr. Tewksbury! 
sreader3 11-02-201706-25-2018Success 2352/287T, 87F. Nice blue Sharpie autos.
Kylebahnick 08-07-2017 Pending -1/0  
mnbigfoot 04-13-201707-28-2018Success 4715/6(2) 1992 Topps, (2) 1993 Leaf, and 1993 Upper Deck. Plus a signed postcard. Thanks Mr. Tewksbury!
nickk96 04-13-201707-26-2018Success 4694/487T for the set 
Munson15 03-22-201701-05-2019Success 6544/51986 and 1987 Topps, 1987 Donruss and 1991 Leaf...he included a signed promo for his book 
Smittzerland 03-13-201707-26-2018Success 5005/61991 Topps x3, 1992 Fleer, 1992 Topps, signed postcard - postmarked from Oakland 
j5isnotforsale 03-10-201701-05-2019Success 6661/195 flair for the set 
tglg 02-04-201702-23-2017Success 194/4Got all 4 back signed nicely in blue sharpie....very pleased and a great Cardinals success. 
magic79 01-28-201702-09-2017Success 123/3Three cards signed in blue Sharpie 
levi 01-26-201704-12-2019Success 8054/41987 Fleer, 1992 Leaf, 1994 Score/UDCC
Calebssportscards 01-20-201601-27-2017Success 3734/486 Topps Traded, 92 Stadium Club, 94 SP, and 94 Flair 
docgallie 10-05-2015 Pending -8/0  
WhiteZack87 08-20-2015 Pending -1/0  
tburton 05-17-201501-06-2017Success 6005/4Card, Letter and SASE, offered one 
marty77 03-16-201504-06-2015Success 211/11992 Topps
cbtvideos 02-19-201503-12-2015Success 201/2Sent one 1986 Fleer Update trading card, letter, and SASE. Got back trading card I sent and a hand written letter, signed with a blue Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent.
levi 01-03-201401-01-2015Failure 3634/0write off 
marty77 01-01-201407-12-2014Failure 1911/0  
sml8bp 09-09-201302-09-2016Failure 8835/0sent 5 cards, write off 
David Hall 07-25-201112-30-2016Success 19853/3About 5 and a half year wait... glad these came back! 
smrbraves 03-29-201112-31-2016Success 21041/12,104 Days. Never Give Up! 
momopredator 01-15-201112-19-2016Success 21653/3Sent a LOR, SASE, and 3 trading cards. Had written it off a long time ago, but after 2,165 days(just 3 weeks shy of 6 years) I received all 3 cards back signed! Thank you so much
momopredator 01-15-201112-19-2016Success 21653/3  
CollectYes3x 07-19-2009 Failure -1/0  
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 3
# of Success: 3  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:thefridge   Added on: 03-09-2016
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
heffyscards 09-28-201612-27-2016Success 903/1Signed1 card ,Kept 2 Thanks Johnny 
thefridge 03-09-201603-30-2016Success 203/3Sent 91 ud, 93 ud, 92 Fleer. Signed all in blue sharpie. 
marty77 06-06-201401-28-2017Success 9672/21987 & 1991 Topps; sent to Fenway Park 
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Instruction:Five... different year cards
Added by:PackerGREEN   Added on: 12-29-2016
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
PackerGREEN 12-28-201601-09-2017Success 125/55 out of 5 signed...great response..bold signature 
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 6
# of Success: 6  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:crbaughn62   Added on: 04-26-2018
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
NYYJMM 08-30-201812-19-2018Success 1111/11988 Topps signed in blue
Danmay55 08-27-201812-19-2018Success 1142/2Signed both! 
brooks13307 07-16-201808-25-2018Success 404/51987 Topps, 1997, 97 U, 96 Fleer 
Ky1603 07-12-201809-08-2018Success 582/21987 Topps & 1995 Topps 
Tay1038 05-12-201806-22-2018Success 412/287T, SASE, LOR
crbaughn62 05-09-201806-23-2018Success 454/4No inscription. Postmarked NH 
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and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 3
# of Success: 3  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Instruction:c/o Chicago Cubs
Added by:bootzilla   Added on: 05-13-2019
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
refinitivtime 05-21-201905-30-2019Success 91/11 1987 Topps w/SASE signed in blue Sharpie 
Mike McK 03-30-201905-13-2019Success 442/2  
bootzilla 03-26-201905-11-2019Success 464/4signed 4/4 baseball cards 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 30
# of Success: 27  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 3
Added by:Schmidty548   Added on: 04-19-2020
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
rich summa 08-08-2020 Pending -2/088 Topps 92 Topps 
dilfer 07-31-2020 Pending -2/091UD 
Wildpitch86 07-27-2020 Pending -2/0  
Jbutch20 07-22-2020 Success -1/192 Upper Deck 
Abneric 07-17-202007-31-2020Success 141/11 card 
Snapper06 07-09-202008-08-2020Success 301/1  
WhiteSoxFan13 06-29-202007-23-2020Success 242/2LOR, SASE, 1992 & 1993 Topps, both signed in black. 
Dean28 06-29-202007-23-2020Success 243/388T, 92D, & 92Pinn in black Sharpie
timmyc82 06-26-202007-06-2020Success 104/4  
Stzelalis 06-26-202007-23-2020Success 274/4signed all 4
Centre 06-25-202007-16-2020Success 213/3Thank You Mr. Tewsbury... 93F Ultra, 91TSC and 93TSC signed in black 
TripleOption67 06-24-202007-03-2020Success 92/287D & 87T, Black Sharpie LOR SASE 
squeaky08 06-24-202007-01-2020Success 75/5  
*censored* 06-22-202006-30-2020Success 85/5  
FlyingDutchmen 06-11-202006-22-2020Success 114/490 Topps Traded, 91 Upper Deck, 92 Upper Deck, 92 Score
Joeroc28 06-08-202006-19-2020Success 112/2Blue sharpie great signature 
TangoDelta 05-30-202006-08-2020Success 91/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 1991 Topps
cgfl 05-27-202006-06-2020Success 101/187 Fleer 
Orlando15M 05-26-202006-15-2020Success 201/1One baseball. Check out my instagram for pictures. TTM_Orlando15M 
Piester 05-19-202007-21-2020Success 633/3  
dgo71 05-19-202006-23-2020Success 354/492D DK, 90D, 92D, 88T
guido18 05-18-202005-29-2020Success 113/3Signed in blue sharpie no fee and answered questions 
BleedBlue15 05-18-202006-29-2020Success 422/2'91 Upper Deck, '92 Fleer, Black Sharpie. 
BraveStarr 05-13-202007-14-2020Success 625/5'87 Donruss, '88 Topps, '91 Stadium Club, '93 Triple Play, '93 Upper Deck - 
Orlando15M 05-07-202005-19-2020Success 124/4Check out my instagram for pictures. TTM_Orlando15M 
IAK683 05-06-202005-16-2020Success 104/41990TT, 1991D, 1992 Leaf, 1993T-all signed great return Thanks Mr. Tewksbury 
baseballgeek 05-06-202005-16-2020Success 102/2signed 1987 &88 topps for set 
thegonz 05-04-202005-22-2020Success 183/387D, 88T, 93S 
THRIFTY211 04-28-202005-21-2020Success 233/33/3 TC 
Schmidty548 04-20-202005-02-2020Success 123/3Signed 3 baseball cards
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
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Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 0
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:IAK683   Added on: 07-14-2020
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage


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