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Don Aase Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 86%

   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 67%    
Total number of submission on this address: 32
# of Success: 18  # of Failed: 9  # of Pending: 5
Added by:gmoney168   Added on: 05-18-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Raleigh5 06-20-201806-29-2018Failure 93/0RTS, unable to forward 
GoStLCards 10-16-201703-01-2019Failure 5011/0  
cbtvideos 11-02-2015 Pending -1/0Sent one 1989 Topps Traded trading card, letter, and SASE. 
NorCalCards 11-26-2014 Pending -2/0Sent 2 Card, hope it don't come back RTS!!! 
marty77 09-25-201412-30-2015Failure 4613/0  
Baseball Guru 44 03-02-201307-17-2014Failure 5022/0Sent 2 cards WRITE OFF 
TideFanDan 02-21-201302-21-2018Failure 18261/0Five years, no response 
1117drewbay 01-23-2013 Pending -1/0  
FL Oriole 01-18-2013 Pending -2/0  
CO Rockies Fan 01-14-201308-06-2013Failure 2043/0Im Calling it a failure. 
maxzemke24 01-02-201312-07-2014Failure 7045/0WRITE OFF 
tglg 11-26-2012 Pending -4/0  
Biggiofn7 08-27-201211-01-2015Failure 11611/0Never received 
Chris819 08-18-201210-26-2012Success 693/359 Days 
KCBaz 06-18-201208-02-2012Success 453/3signed 1980 topps, 1981 topps, and 1989 topps in black sharpie 
abravesfan86 04-11-201205-12-2012Success 311/185 topps
Chris819 03-07-201205-15-2012Success 693/3Dead Marker. 59 Days 
jcb314 02-09-201202-25-2012Success 161/1  
detfan1222 12-27-201102-24-2012Success 593/3Signed all of 'em 
Spiegel83 12-19-201102-22-2012Success 653/3Sigs came out great. 
bounty331 11-19-201112-15-2011Success 262/2signed in ball point pen....REALLY BALL POINT PEN!!! 
mmalpedo01 09-06-201110-14-2011Success 383/3Signed 82 Fleer, Donruss, and 81 Donruss with black sharpie. 
negatetime 08-29-201110-11-2011Success 431/11978 Topps #12 and no fee. Thank you Mr. Aase.
39special 08-13-201108-29-2011Success 161/1Signed 1 keep 1 
arfmax 08-09-201110-11-2011Success 633/383 Topps/87 Topps/89 UD 
gcrl 08-08-201110-12-2011Success 652/21991 score and 1978 topps, awesome! 
Chris819 07-18-201108-06-2011Success 194/317 Days 
levi 07-11-201108-05-2011Success 253/31987, Topps, 1988 Score, 1990 Fleer 
O'sRavensDevils 04-30-201105-24-2011Success 243/33/3 in blue sharpie! 
saluki2002 12-15-201012-30-2013Failure 11112/088 Topps Card and IC 
dtwohig 07-26-201008-24-2010Success 292/2  
tonyt1957 09-24-200902-10-2010Success 1391/189/topps trade/singed in blue 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 44
# of Success: 39  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 5
Added by:Calebssportscards   Added on: 11-30-2018
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
brooks13307 07-22-2019 Pending -6/083, 89 Topps, 89 UD, 88 Score, 87, 88 Fleer 
Robicheaux 07-15-2019 Pending -6/0  
refinitivtime 07-10-2019 Pending -1/01 1987 Topps w/SASE 
NYYJMM 07-10-2019 Pending -5/0  
WPH5150 07-08-201907-18-2019Success 101/190 Topps
Superdiz26 07-05-201907-15-2019Success 106/7Signed 1 Score 1991, 4 baseball cards, and a giant baseball shaped playing card and a baseball related inser in blue 
crbaughn62 07-01-201907-11-2019Success 104/4No inscription 
rich summa 07-01-201907-11-2019Success 103/379 Topps 80 Topps 81 Fleer 
baseballgeek 06-26-201907-11-2019Success 151/11987 topps for set 
flutie13 06-01-201907-11-2019Success 401/1  
baseballgeek 05-29-201906-27-2019Success 296/6  
chelseanykole92 05-25-201907-01-2019Success 372/2Sent a 1988 Topps and 1987 Classic. Both came back signed in blue. Thank you Mr. Aase! 
dgrooms72 04-29-201907-11-2019Success 733/3Sent LOR, SASE, 85 Topps, 89 Score, and 89 UD cards.
Jawheels73 04-18-201907-11-2019Success 845/5Signed 5 cards
MostMirror 04-15-201907-11-2019Success 871/1Sent LOR, SASE, '90 Fleer 
levi 03-22-201907-11-2019Success 1113/31982-1983 Topps, 1990 UD
white_rabbit 03-15-201907-11-2019Success 1184/478t, 81f, 81t & 82f, thanks a lot Don 
Jamman1978 03-14-201906-29-2019Success 1073/3  
Noah54 03-12-2019 Pending -1/0'88 Topps, no donation 
Munson15 03-06-201906-29-2019Success 1156/61976 Topps RC, 1977 Topps RC, 1980 and 1985 Topps, 1989 Score and 1990 UD...thank you. 
dgo71 03-02-201903-12-2019Success 104/487T, 89T Tr, 90S Tr, 90T
Doer03 02-26-201903-11-2019Success 134/479T, 86D HIGHLIGHT, 87T, 88T 
Patgrealish 02-20-201903-11-2019Success 195/582,87,88, and 90 Topps, and 90 Fleer. SASE. All signed beautifully 
cwbreaks 02-15-201902-25-2019Success 101/186T + SASE - signed in blue sharpie
Superdiz26 02-13-201902-22-2019Success 93/3Signed 1 Topps 1990, 1 Fleer 1991, and Score 1991 in blue 
tglg 02-13-201902-25-2019Success 126/6Got back all 6 signed in a nice blue sharpie. 
spikeowen 02-12-201902-25-2019Success 133/387D, 88S, & 89 UD - signed all 3 in blue sharpie, thanks! 
xtra-innings 02-05-201902-25-2019Success 204/4x4 cards
Aw112911 02-05-201902-25-2019Success 202/2signed both 1990 fleer cards 
GoStLCards 01-26-201902-11-2019Success 165/5  
TideFanDan 01-25-201902-12-2019Success 181/01979 Topps, thank you Mr. Aase. 
Ky1603 01-22-201901-31-2019Success 91/11986 Topps 
levi 01-18-201901-31-2019Success 133/31981-1983 Topps
39special 01-07-201901-18-2019Success 112/2'90 Fleer and '90 Upper Deck 
Over 50 01-03-201901-18-2019Success 154/4signed 4 of 4//didnt keep any extras offered//blue sharpie on all except '79T (ink pen)//nice signature//FAST reply//DH:) 
mnbigfoot 01-03-201901-18-2019Success 156/61982 Topps, (2) 1987 Topps, 1988 Topps, and (2) 1988 Score. Thanks Mr. Aase!
Danmay55 12-31-201801-18-2019Success 181/1Signed it! 
BlueSkinnyFan 12-27-201801-17-2019Success 212/21981 Topps. 1988 Topps.
brooks13307 12-26-201801-23-2019Success 285/585, 85 TR, 86, 86, 88 Topps 
sreader3 12-26-201801-18-2019Success 235/5Beautiful blue Sharpie autos on 79T, 83T, 85D, 87T, 88S. Fantastic return!
BraveStarr 12-08-201812-21-2018Success 134/4'78 Topps, '87 Topps (2), '91 Score - http://bravestarrcards.com 
Craiggb 12-06-201812-21-2018Success 155/5  
pbtank67 12-03-201812-24-2018Success 213/387T, 88F, & 89UD. All nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
Calebssportscards 10-30-201811-30-2018Success 312/2TTM's for Garrett