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Billy Beane Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 95%

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Address success percentage: 50%    
Total number of submission on this address: 2
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 0
Added by:johan29lhp   Added on: 05-18-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Gforcebaseball 06-03-201906-15-2019Success 121/1Sent a 2019 Oakland A’s stadium card returned signed in blue sharpie thank you Mr. Beane 
Wmdeitrick 02-19-2018 Failure -2/0RTS DO NOT SEND HERE 
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Address success percentage: 96%    
Total number of submission on this address: 127
# of Success: 119  # of Failed: 5  # of Pending: 3
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-26-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
benwalk1 8/16/1808-23-2018Success 71/1Jacked my top loader. But a quick BB return. 
ericsagara 08-10-201908-14-2019Success 41/1Signed in black sharpie, Kinda scratchy in the first B
Calebssportscards 08-04-201908-12-2019Success 83/2TTM's for Kim// Accidentally sent him the wrong billy beane baseball card whoops
midnightoyl 07-09-201907-30-2019Success 212/2  
bobby1134 07-08-201907-16-2019Success 81/1Signed Funko Pop box 
Jamman1978 06-17-201907-01-2019Success 142/2  
cardsbaseball245 06-15-201907-01-2019Success 162/22/2. Also signed the index card. SASE and LOR. Thanks Mr. Beane! 
baseballgeek 06-14-201907-01-2019Success 171/1signed 1987 for my set 
Leeburtt 06-11-201907-01-2019Success 201/0  
zbullsmoke 06-04-2019 Pending -1/0  
theflash 05-06-201905-14-2019Success 82/286 Fleer Update, 86 Donruss 
Patgrealish 03-16-201904-01-2019Success 162/2SASE. 87 & 88 Topps. Signed the 87 one, but the 88 Topps card was Billy BEAN, not BEANE..... my fault 
refinitivtime 03-05-201903-28-2019Success 221/11 1987 Topps w/SASE signed in blue Sharpie 
pbtank67 02-04-201902-19-2019Success 151/187T. Nicely signed in black sharpie. 
pmc14 02-01-201902-22-2019Success 211/1Signed the card I sent 
polarbear 01-31-201902-23-2019Success 232/31987 Fleer, 1987 Topps. Also signed the protective IC. 
Oriolesrise 01-02-201901-11-2019Success 92/486 Fleer Update 87 Topps plus index cards 
dodgers10 12-10-201812-18-2018Success 83/3  
GoStLCards 07-16-201807-27-2018Success 112/2  
PPCLI1988 06-12-201806-27-2018Success 153/3  
Tay1038 05-25-201806-07-2018Success 132/287T, SASE, LOR
mrrosado 05-16-201805-29-2018Success 133/3he signed my topps card, a custom card and an index card! 
druce26 04-30-201805-15-2018Success 151/1  
bigbenjobu 03-28-201804-13-2018Success 163/3Signed all 3
RobHarrington 01-17-201801-27-2018Pending 102/2Signed two cards. 
geneseo1532 12-26-201701-11-2018Success 161/1signed in black sharpie 
JoeyDonuts 12-11-201712-26-2017Success 151/1Topps card. Very nice. Thanks, Mr. Billy Beane 
Appraiserjake 10-23-201711-02-2017Success 101/1Thanks for the quick turnaround Mr. Beane 
Cliftobr 09-27-201710-18-2017Success 211/1Thanks Mr. Beane! 
Roaddawg58 09-13-201709-25-2017Success 123/3'85 TMCA, '86 Fleer Update & '87 Fleer signed in blue sharpie 
twinsfan83 08-17-201708-26-2017Success 91/11987 Topps 
csearcy31 06-26-201707-07-2017Success 111/1sent 8x10, LOR, and SASE... very nice return. Thanks Mr. Beane! 
Relay 06-07-201706-19-2017Success 121/1Sent a photo of 1986 donruss card. Big fan of what he did for the A's. It was signed nicely in blue. Ninth TTM success. Thanks Mr. Beans. 
nickk96 04-07-201704-20-2017Success 133/3  
BoSoxFan4235 04-05-201704-18-2017Success 133/3Signed 2 cards and 1 photo in blue 
cthom13 03-18-201704-06-2017Success 191/3Signed card, also signed index cards. 
Batting gloves88 03-11-201703-27-2017Success 151/1Sent 1 card SASE, Letter... Thanks Mr. Beane 
wumbof14 02-02-201702-10-2017Success 81/1  
Foul Bunt 01-26-201702-03-2017Success 81/1Signed my 1987 Topps 
mnnatural 01-12-201701-23-2017Success 111/1recieved ball back signed 
bigbird2000 01-02-201701-13-2017Success 112/2'87 Topps & '91 UD Oakland A's Hologram in Blue Sharpie 
nysportsxtra 12-14-201601-08-2017Success 252/2  
Redsoxsaholic3 11-21-201612-02-2016Success 111/11 card 
rzsanzone1981 11-19-201612-02-2016Success 131/1Got my baseball back with signed! 
bigbenjobu 10-28-201611-05-2016Success 82/2Signed 15T and 16T team cards
zooiiks 10-17-201610-25-2016Success 81/11 week! Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10
CubsPackersOilers 09-07-201609-30-2016Success 231/1signed 8x10. 
marty77 09-03-201609-16-2016Success 131/12015 Topps 
tulonto 06-06-201606-20-2016Success 141/1Signed in blue sharpie. Thank you Mr. Beane 
elite-alexander 05-24-201606-01-2016Success 81/1Signed my 1987 topps! Super fast 
Chance97 05-16-201605-23-2016Success 71/1  
NatHon995 05-14-201605-23-2016Success 91/1Got my 1987 Twins Billy Beane card. Money Ball himself. Great signature in blue. 
levi 04-20-201604-30-2016Success 101/12006 Topps team card-for set
cardboardempire 01-25-201602-11-2016Success 171/11987 Topps 
Sryankee99 01-12-201601-19-2016Success 71/1quick turn around great success! 
MikeP 11-16-201512-10-2015Success 241/11986 Donruss 
cal91697 09-24-201510-01-2015Success 71/1  
yankees2427 08-24-201508-31-2015Success 71/1sent card and SASE. requested in blue sharpie 
rb123 08-13-201508-20-2015Success 71/1Signed in black sharpie 
thejcc 08-04-201508-10-2015Pending 61/1  
MWMP 07-28-201508-04-2015Success 71/11/1 
moleskyb 07-01-201507-19-2015Success 181/1picture 
viper45 06-17-201506-26-2015Success 92/22 signed index cards 
lankyrighty34 06-09-201506-19-2015Success 102/22 IC's 
cls13smith 05-26-201506-04-2015Success 91/1Signed 8x10 
bravesfanfromny 05-09-201505-18-2015Success 91/1  
Musclebeech 04-27-201505-04-2015Success 72/2  
Ebys23 03-26-201504-07-2015Success 123/215 As Team card and 2 index cards- signed A's Team card and one index card! 
grifnutz 02-24-201503-06-2015Success 101/11986 Donruss RC 
mrREALiTi 02-16-201507-15-2015Failure 1481/0figure since many people have received theirs back, this is a failure for some reason 
czyankeefan 02-08-201502-24-2015Success 161/1Signed 87 Topps 
levi 02-06-201502-20-2016Failure 3791/02006 Topps team card-for set-write off 
McKimens13 01-10-201501-17-2015Success 71/11987 Topps 
Pedroia15TheBest 12-23-201401-12-2015Success 203/3  
mnbigfoot 10-27-201411-12-2014Success 162/22 1987 Topps Cards Signed! Thank you! 
moleskyb 10-20-201410-30-2014Success 101/1  
soxmatt 08-20-201409-02-2014Success 131/1Signed a 87 fleer in blue sharpie. 
Raiderprty 08-07-201408-11-2014Success 42/2Local but amazingly fast! Those dates are correct. Thx Mr. Beane! 
Metsfan69 07-15-201407-24-2009Success -18170/1Very fast send a 50th mlb mets ball! Used him for inscription but at least I got the autograph 
sml8bp 07-09-201407-31-2014Success 221/1Sent 1 card with SASE from Korea, signed in black sharpie...
ChrisD 06-30-201407-10-2014Success 101/1  
eagles5 06-20-201407-07-2014Success 171/1  
Coltron57 06-12-201406-20-2014Success 82/42 4x6 photos. Signed both (both smeared however) and 2 IC in black. Used his own envelope? 
BoSoxFan4235 05-27-201406-03-2014Success 72/21987 Topps, and 1986 Fleer Update Card. Very quick success 
Redsox1253 05-07-201405-18-2014Success 111/1Signed BB lol. I guess that's his auto 
acratertocoffin 05-02-201405-16-2014Success 141/11987 Topps signed in black 
Robextend 01-11-201401-21-2014Success 102/21987 Topps (2)/Great success, thank you so much Mr. Beane. 
bicemusic 01-03-201401-10-2014Success 72/2Sent 2 cards: 87 Fleer, 87 Topps & LOR. Great success of the best GM. Thank you Billy!
DownGoesFrazier 12-02-201312-19-2013Success 171/187 Topps. Thanks, Billy! 
alexgallagher10 10-27-201311-02-2013Success 62/2awesome 6 day turnaround! 
dukemiller 08-11-201309-27-2013Success 471/1nice effort and quick! thank you Mr. Beane...signed baseball card 
cbtvideos 06-25-201307-05-2013Success 101/1Sent one trading card, letter and SASE. Got back trading card I sent, signed with a black Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent.
Brooks1010 06-19-201306-27-2013Success 82/2signed '87 topps and A's ticket. very fast return, thank you Mr. Beane! 
treywilson757 05-29-201306-17-2013Success 190/1  
LegitTC25 05-02-201305-16-2013Success 141/1'87 Topps
tigerfan84 04-23-201304-30-2013Success 71/1Sent Moneyball BluRay 
Cards1985 04-12-201304-18-2013Success 61/1  
Foul Bunt 04-04-201304-10-2013Success 61/1Signed my ball (OLB). Fast turnaround. 
gdfitch 04-02-201304-11-2013Success 92/2Sent 2 '87 Topps cards and letter. I really hope these come back. Signed 1 but sent back both. Great success! TY Mr. Beane! 
dravensdad10 03-16-201303-29-2013Success 131/113 days... came while I was watching Moneyball... go figure. 
1117drewbay 02-26-201303-11-2013Success 121/1Signed and personalized card as requested. Awesome! 
dsolzman 02-16-201302-25-2013Success 91/1signed printout 
white_rabbit 02-14-201302-26-2013Success 122/287F & 07TH. Thanks a lot Billy!
David Hall 01-30-201302-19-2013Success 203/31987 Topps, 1986 Fleer, 2012 Goodwin Champions 
collector41 01-08-201301-14-2013Success 61/1super quick success signed card thanks Mr. Beane! 
garpike 09-06-201201-15-2014Failure 4961/0sent Goodwin card WRITE OFF 
phillies fan 07-25-201208-02-2012Success 81/1Sent photo. Received photo signed 
andys1127 07-18-201207-23-2012Success 51/1This came back so fast i was so happy it was my first TTM 
whitesnake 06-29-201207-07-2012Success 82/2  
sobersoul 06-25-201207-11-2012Success 163/2Sent Official League Ball, 1 card, and Moneyball blu ray cover. Got back ball and cover signed... card unsigned... 
CarlosBeltran3 06-25-201206-30-2012Success 51/1Signed my card, TY Mr. Beane 
bigsportsfan1 06-11-201206-18-2012Success 72/2Signed 2 cards, thanks Billy! 
Russhilyard 06-10-201206-25-2012Success 152/2Great blue sharpie sig. on 87 topps. fast turnaround Thanks Billy 
Philsfan8008 05-18-201205-23-2012Success 51/1Twins card. Basically initaled like others said. Very quick success, thanks Mr. Beane! 
WrigleyTerror37 05-17-201205-24-2012Success 71/1sent him a letter and his 87 topps. card signed in sharpie! 
milwaukeeinohnine 04-14-201204-23-2012Success 91/1Very fast return, but it doesn't quite look right in the light... a stamp maybe? I cannot see any pressure points. Hmmmm. 
alhill37 04-08-201204-14-2012Success 61/1signed my 2010 Topps Oakland As Team card 
David Hall 04-04-201204-11-2012Success 71/1  
RedSox0518 03-29-201204-06-2012Success 81/1Small but awesome signature, very cool to add to the collection. 
RichSlyFox14 02-15-201202-27-2012Success 121/1signed my 2002 topps A's season highlights: 20 game win streak card! sick! 
juflo331 08-08-201108-18-2011Success 102/21987 TOPPS REPRINT, 86 DONRUSS. TY SIR 
juflo331 07-20-201107-28-2011Failure 81/01988 Topps. I sent a Billy Bean card not Billy Beane. I'm an idiot I guess. RTS 
Waffle11 07-13-201107-22-2011Success 92/2Sent 1987 Topps and blank card/Ask for personalization but didn't get it...who cares!? Got both back! 
levi 04-13-201104-21-2011Success 83/31987 Topps x3 
lizard-jd 09-06-201009-16-2010Success 101/1Signed custom 8x10 - Mr. Money Ball!
MaydayMalone4MVP 05-24-201005-24-2011Failure 3652/0write-off, It's been a year 
arfmax 04-28-200905-04-2009Success 62/287 Topps/04 Topps Fan Favorites
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 3
# of Success: 3  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:ZombieTom   Added on: 02-15-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
justinw182 02-03-201402-22-2014Success 192/2Signed a 1987 Topps and index card in 19 Days. Sent to the CA address above, but is postmarked from AZ (spring training) 
J_A_S_Z 02-12-201302-22-2013Success 101/11987T-signed in black 
ZombieTom 02-20-201203-05-2012Success 141/1YEP! 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 3
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 2
Instruction:Spring Traing Address
Added by:cbtvideos   Added on: 02-18-2015
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Pedroia15TheBest 02-08-2016 Pending -1/0  
haynmay 03-11-201503-21-2015Success 101/12015 topps a's team card 
cbtvideos 02-19-2015 Pending -1/0Sent one 1986 Fleer Update trading card, letter, and SASE. 


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