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Juan Berenguer Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 88%

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Address success percentage: 88%    
Total number of submission on this address: 143
# of Success: 120  # of Failed: 17  # of Pending: 6
Added by:johan29lhp   Added on: 05-18-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
thorgy213 10-22-2020 Pending -2/0sase-note- 
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 10-13-2020 Pending -4/01986 Topps, 1987 Topps, 1988 Topps, 1989 Topps w/ $5 
Benbabs 09-29-2020 Pending -2/0  
Mikesrade 09-18-202009-25-2020Success 74/4  
JamesBearsFan 09-16-202009-24-2020Success 83/3Signed in blue!
dodgers10 09-08-202009-18-2020Success 102/279T prev signed by Norman 86TTr +$5 
jschmidt22 09-04-202009-26-2020Success 227/7@jacks_ttm instagram 
rggedglory 08-24-202008-31-2020Success 73/385T, 89B, 90T, no donation, letter signed by kids; sent back in plastic sleeve as well 
Doogs1972 08-16-202008-25-2020Failure 94/0Wrote on envelope past pros 
rich summa 08-07-202008-15-2020Success 84/486 Fleer 87 Fleer 87 Topps 92 Fleer $5 
ddisbrow29 08-02-202008-11-2020Success 93/33 cards, small donation; signed all beautifully in blue sharpie 
metsfish 07-28-202008-07-2020Success 101/1$7- Thru Past Pros
Poormans Stack 07-27-202008-06-2020Success 102/2Signed 2 with donation sent IC saying use PastPros. 
Jamesalford23 07-27-202008-08-2020Success 122/2Thank you sir!!!! 
sabro9 07-25-202008-05-2020Success 113/2sent 3 cards plus donation asked him to sign 1 card and keep the other two. signed two cards ty Mr. Bernguer 
Newbomb Turk 07-18-202008-05-2020Success 181/188 Topps. Returned an autographed 91 F Ultra. Thank you, Mr. Berenguer. 
BleedBlue15 07-07-202007-17-2020Success 102/2'87 Topps, '91 Upper Deck. Black Sharpie. $2 donation. 
dgo71 07-03-202007-11-2020Success 85/585T, 86T, 87T, 87TTr, 89T + $5
jschmidt22 07-02-202007-21-2020Success 193/3Sent 3 cards. Signed all 3 
druce26 06-30-202008-01-2020Success 323/3with 5$ 
ADeLia5519 06-23-202007-02-2020Success 91/1$2 donation 
Tomahawks 06-22-202006-29-2020Success 71/0Signed my card. No fee. No mention of Past Pros. Thanks! 
jimrice1978 06-19-202006-27-2020Success 82/289 Score 
Joeroc28 06-15-202007-02-2020Success 174/4Signed all cards 
squeaky08 06-12-202006-19-2020Success 74/4Asked for past pros 
JermOfDoom 06-09-202006-16-2020Success 73/388D, 90B, 91S. Blue Sharpie. No fee. 
white_rabbit 06-09-202006-18-2020Success 92/289t and 88 topps big card, thanks a lot Juan 
IAK683 06-03-202006-15-2020Success 122/21989T, 1987TT- signed Thanks Mr. Berenguer 
cangle64 05-29-202006-06-2020Failure 81/082 Topps. Sent back unsigned w/ email for Past Pros 
Seniorbonbon 05-29-202006-05-2020Success 72/2Signed both cards in thin blue sharpie No donation 
cgfl 05-28-202006-12-2020Failure 151/087 Fleer - asks for PastPros 
dgo71 05-25-202006-06-2020Success 125/590 Leaf, 84T, 86TTr, 88T, 90T + $5
Schmidty548 05-19-202006-06-2020Success 182/2Signed 2 baseball cards
Iowa1961 05-11-202005-18-2020Success 73/3Sent $3
Tombrady123 05-06-202005-18-2020Success 122/2with 5 donation
Oriolesrise 05-02-202005-15-2020Success 135/582 Donruss 84 Topps 86 Topps Traded 91 UD 91 Leaf w/ donation 
kandiclipper 05-01-202005-11-2020Success 102/2Signed both, no fee. 
FlyinWV 04-25-202005-07-2020Success 121/1LOR, SASE '92 Ultra and $2 - Signed in thin blue sharpie
pbtank67 04-18-202004-24-2020Success 62/287Tu, 89UD, & $5. Both nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
Danmay55 04-05-202004-16-2020Success 112/2Included $1 and offered 1 card signed both! 
Stebbins25 03-19-202004-04-2020Success 165/5(5) Baseball Cards & $5 Donation 
Martucci41 03-11-202004-02-2020Success 222/1Asked for money but still signed one of them 
B-Rines0719 03-12-201903-25-2019Failure 134/4wrote on envelope to visit 
Aw112911 02-05-201902-15-2019Failure 103/3wrote note on return envelope saying to use pastpros. 
polarbear 02-05-201902-13-2019Failure 83/0Returned everything unsigned, with directions to go to "" 
pbtank67 01-14-201901-23-2019Success 92/287T, 88F, & $5. Signed in blue sharpie. 
GoStLCards 09-08-201809-14-2018Success 61/1via pastpros 
Raleigh5 07-25-201808-06-2018Failure 123/0Sent SASE, 3 cards and letter 
Tay1038 05-25-201805-31-2018Success 64/4Sent 4 and received all 4 back signed, SASE, LOR
benwalk1 03-20-201804-05-2018Success 166/6Used Past Pros 
benwalk1 02-17-201803-06-2018Failure 171/0Wrote on the envelope to go to pastpros. 
Smittzerland 06-17-201707-17-2017Failure 302/0Guess he only signs through PastPros now... :( 
Mitchell2314 05-19-201707-17-2017Failure 595/5Sent 5 cards. Got back today with letter saying use 
DTownDrew 05-09-201705-18-2017Success 91/1My 1984 Topps World Champs Collection could never be complete without Mr B! Thank you!! 
NatHon995 04-22-201705-12-2017Success 202/2Signed 78T rookie card and 87T 
eafick 03-25-201704-03-2017Success 96/51991 score, 1991 donruss, 1992 donruss, 1992 score, 1992 topps, 1991 fleer update. Thanks Mr Berenguer.He sent back and signed the 1991 Score, 1992 Donruss, 1992 score, 1992 Topps, 1991 Fleer. 
Stebbins25 03-18-201703-27-2017Failure 93/0He sent my card back and on my index card wrote I guess he wants you to pay for his signature. 
jimmyf21 02-27-201703-10-2017Success 111/1mailed 1 card and sase - received card signed in blue 
mnnatural 02-01-201702-09-2017Success 82/2recieved ball and card both signed in pen. 
cwatrous17 12-31-201603-10-2017Success 697/4'91 Topps, '87 Topps, '91 upper Deck, '91 Fleer in blue sharpie 
cwatrous17 12-05-201603-07-2017Success 928/3'90 Topps, '91 Donruss, '88 Donruss in blue sharpie 
blwinborn36 07-17-201611-20-2017Failure 4917/0Returned unsigned 
TwinsFan#1 02-28-2016 Pending -4/0  
levi 01-13-201604-07-2018Failure 8143/0returned unsigned 
thefridge 01-04-201604-04-2018Failure 8204/0Sent '91 UD, '92 Ultra, '82 Donruss, '82 Topps. Sent back in my SASE unsigned 2 years later. 
imcoop 09-09-201503-30-2018Failure 9331/0He sent back my card unsigned-what a jerk! 
niknak0 07-29-2015 Pending -1/0Sent one 1988 Topps 
tburton 06-04-201503-14-2018Failure 10144/0Card, Letter and SASE 
haynmay 05-05-201505-23-2015Success 183/390 fleer 91 donruss 89 fleer 
Musclebeech 04-27-201505-25-2015Success 285/4kept 1 
dareyl 04-15-201505-02-2015Success 175/5 
blwinborn36 04-05-201504-27-2015Success 227/4  
mas 03-27-201504-28-2015Success 323/3  
mnbigfoot 03-26-201504-25-2015Success 305/41982 Topps, 1988 Topps, 1989 Topps, and 1991 Topps. 1 unsigned. Thanks Mr. Berenguer!
NitroNate 03-14-201503-31-2015Success 175/5Ball & 4 cards sent. Thank you Mr. Berenguer! 
delones24 02-19-201505-22-2015Success 911/189 Topps
autographs2010 02-13-201504-27-2015Success 728/573 Days 
dareyl 02-01-201502-14-2015Success 135/5 
39special 12-29-201402-06-2015Success 391/2Sent a '88 Topps got back an '88 and '90 Topps signed 
McKimens13 12-26-201402-05-2015Success 414/42007 Upperdeck 20th Anniversary , 1990 Upper Deck, 1991 Score, 1988 Fleer. Long wait for a great player! 
marty77 12-18-201402-06-2015Success 503/31989 and 1992 Topps; 1990 Fleer
mnbigfoot 12-05-201402-05-2015Success 624/41985 Topps, 1987 Topps, 1989 Fleer, 1990 Fleer. Thanks Juan! 
sanfrangiants55 11-13-201402-06-2015Success 851/1signed 89 Topps 
magic79 11-13-201402-06-2015Success 853/3Three cards signed in blue Sharpie 
PAYE2005 11-08-201402-07-2015Success 911/1nice signature 
djkufo 11-07-201411-15-2014Success 81/1Sent a 1988 topps and it came back in black sharpie. 
dareyl 11-01-201411-15-2014Success 149/9Accidentally sent 2 request (one with 4 cards and the other 5 cards) signed them all and got back same day.
xtra-innings 11-01-201412-05-2014Success 344/4x4 cards
23jumpman 10-30-201411-17-2014Success 182/2signed 2 cards nicely in black 
xtra-innings 10-15-201411-03-2014Success 194/4x4 cards
Coltron57 08-18-2014 Pending -3/01 4x6, 2 cards. 
Hwood65 08-11-201411-14-2014Success 952/2Great addition to my Twins collection! Thanks Mr. Berenguer. 
blwinborn36 08-09-201411-15-2014Success 981/1  
smrbraves 06-23-201407-26-2014Success 333/3my blog 
xtra-innings 06-01-201407-28-2014Success 574/4x4 cards
collector41 05-27-201407-28-2014Success 625/3  
marty77 04-30-201407-26-2014Success 875/3Signed my 1985, 1987, 1987T and kept my 1992 Topps, 1990 Upper Deck
blwinborn36 04-28-201407-26-2014Success 897/5  
justinw182 04-24-201407-28-2014Success 952/1  
trancenental 03-15-201407-24-2014Success 1312/21989 Donruss and 1992 Fleer 
DHealy26 03-03-201403-17-2014Success 131/1Donruss '91 
Robextend 02-22-201408-02-2014Success 1608/61981 Topps, 1982 Donruss, 1987 Topps (2), 1990 Leaf, 1990 UD (2), 1991 Bowman/Great success, thank you Mr. Berenguer. 
padsdsu 12-13-201307-26-2014Success 2243/2x2 signed in card returned unsigned 
acarter13 12-07-201312-16-2013Success 97/5Signed 5, kept other 2 (offered to keep as many as he wanted), pics in my success thread 
DownGoesFrazier 12-02-201312-14-2013Success 121/1Signed a 90 Upper Deck..Thanks, "Senor Smoke"!! 
yankeesfan1324 09-25-201310-05-2013Success 104/4  
gratiotknight 08-12-201308-23-2013Success 111/1'84 Topps signed in blue Sharpie 
mazefan72 08-09-201308-14-2013Success 55/6x5 cards, and signed the letter I sent 
xtra-innings 07-15-201308-17-2013Success 338/8x8 cards (offered to keep some/signed all and returned)
cbtvideos 06-11-201306-28-2013Success 171/1Sent one trading card, letter and SASE. Got back trading card I sent, signed with a blue Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent.
Baseball Guru 44 05-25-201308-17-2013Success 841/1Sent card, received signed 
xtra-innings 05-01-201305-23-2013Success 223/3x3 cards
delones24 04-22-201305-06-2013Success 142/292 Score x2, offered 1
cbtvideos 04-11-201304-20-2013Success 91/1Sent one trading card and one SASE. Got back trading card I sent, signed with a blue Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent.
Baseball Guru 44 03-02-201308-17-2013Success 1672/2168 days later, signed both cards. 
1117drewbay 02-15-201302-25-2013Success 101/1Signed card in sharp blue ink. Very nice! 
xtra-innings 02-01-201302-23-2013Success 224/4x4 cards
white_rabbit 01-24-201302-02-2013Success 93/384F, 87T & 88D. Thanks a lot Juan!
levi 01-19-201302-02-2013Success 144/31988, 1989(2) Donruss
Riggs 01-14-201301-22-2013Success 83/3great FAST SUCCESS 
tigsfan 01-12-201302-02-2013Success 213/3  
baseball19 11-25-201202-22-2013Success 891/1  
BigStew40 09-14-201202-22-2013Success 1611/1'92 Topps (project) 
sobersoul 07-12-201207-18-2012Success 66/6Sent Official league ball and 5 cards/ Got all back! Thanks Mr. Berenguer! 
xtra-innings 07-07-201207-27-2012Success 204/4x4 cards
delones24 06-04-201206-16-2012Success 122/2 
ryand911 04-30-201211-27-2012Failure 2113/086 & 90 Topps, 88 Donruss 
bigsportsfan1 02-16-201203-10-2012Success 236/6Signed 6 cards, thanks Juan! 
detfan1222 12-29-201102-04-2012Success 376/6  
snoah 12-11-201102-14-2012Success 653/3signed 3/3. Thanks Mr. Berenguer ! 
lilstovie34 06-01-201109-17-2011Success 1082/2  
levi 12-14-201003-30-2012Success 4712/21989 UD, 1990 Fleer 
arfmax 11-03-201012-09-2011Success 4012/287 Topps/88 Fleer 
levi 09-11-201010-30-2010Success 494/4sent 6, offered 2 as keepers 
xtra-innings 09-10-201010-29-2010Success 493/3 
cbethun1 07-24-201010-29-2010Success 971/1signed 1 of 1! 
xtra-innings 06-02-201006-19-2010Success 174/4 
rimpila3 06-01-201006-19-2010Success 181/1Signed a custom 4x6 
coltsfan 02-14-201003-20-2010Success 331/1signed 88 topps card in blue sharpie 
docgallie 01-23-201003-22-2010Success 576/6  
gcrl 10-22-200912-02-2009Success 413/3nice sig in blue sharpie - 84 donruss, 91 ud, 92 ud 
CollectYes3x 07-22-200909-18-2009Success 583/3Topps '91, Donruss '91, Fleer '91 signed in black Sharpie. Sent $5. 
Incident57 12-22-200801-23-2009Success 323/3 


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