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Frank Tanana Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 100%

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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 433
# of Success: 416  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 15
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-18-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
white_rabbit 09-20-2019 Pending -4/0  
pbtank67 09-18-2019 Pending -3/081F, 82T, & 83F. 
rich summa 09-14-2019 Pending -2/087 Donruss 92 Stadium Club 
TheJohnCena26 09-11-2019 Pending -3/0  
dgo71 09-07-2019 Pending -4/091 Leaf, 93T, 81T, 88S 
MR OOF 09-07-2019 Pending -1/088 topps 
kandiclipper 09-03-2019 Pending -3/0  
mrtrhl13 08-30-2019 Pending -4/0LOR, SASE, 4 cards, no $. Second send off. 
kaw316 08-27-201909-03-2019Success 75/4  
GbabySweetness 08-24-201909-03-2019Success 101/289 Topps plus a signed booklet! 
gabe44baseball 08-22-201909-09-2019Success 183/4Signed 3 Cards Thanks Mr Tanana added a card too 
dilfer 08-21-2019 Pending -1/087T 
Newbomb Turk 08-17-201908-29-2019Success 121/278 1977 ERA Leaders card. 5th of my 1978 set. Added an autographed testamonial. Thank you, Mr. Tanana. 
cincybigred 08-05-201908-21-2019Success 162/3  
mrtrhl13 08-04-201908-21-2019Success 174/5LOR, SASE and 4 cards, no $. Signed 3/4 and added a personal card. Success!!
brooks13307 07-27-201908-09-2019Success 134/579, 80, 81 Topps, 90 Fleer 
asburycards 07-24-201908-02-2019Success 92/3sent 1978 topps ERA leader card and 1989 upper deck ,signed both nicely and Mr. Tanana added his personal brochure signed as well , Thank you Mr. Tanana 
kandiclipper 07-11-201907-23-2019Success 124/44 more from one of the best ttm signers of all-time! 
kingsbury 07-02-201907-23-2019Success 212/3Sent '86 & '83 Donruss which he signed and included his own signed pamphlet 
footballautos 06-28-201907-15-2019Success 173/489 score, 90 score, 88 fleer, and one of his own 
JayFL 06-26-201907-15-2019Success 194/0Sent LOR, SASE, 87Opc, 78T, 83T, 89UD and sent 2 extra 89UD for him to keep and give to others. Signed all the cards with bible verse, kept the 2 I asked him too and also included a pamphlet about his life and signed that as well. 
rangersfan06 06-24-201907-15-2019Success 213/479T, 83T, 86T and his pamphlet signed in blue sharpie. 83T has John 3:16, 86T has John 3:36, and his pamphlet and 79T have John 14:6. 
white_rabbit 06-20-201906-28-2019Success 84/3  
refinitivtime 06-03-201906-13-2019Success 101/11 1987 Topps w/SASE signed in blue Sharpie 
Orlando15M 06-03-2019 Success -6/3  
baseballgeek 05-28-201906-13-2019Success 166/3  
Calebssportscards 05-24-201906-01-2019Success 83/3TTM's for a friend
brooks13307 05-23-201906-14-2019Success 224/590 Topps, 87, 89 Fleer, 89 UD 
kandiclipper 05-20-201906-01-2019Success 125/4Another great return from Mr. Tanana! Signed 4 of the 5 cards I sent! 
Gforcebaseball 05-13-201905-20-2019Success 71/1Signed one on one with scripture 
Superdiz26 05-11-201905-23-2019Success 124/5Signed 1 Topps 1983, 1 Leaf. 1998, 1 Leaf 1993, and a baseball shaped playing card in thin blue also sent back a signed religious baseball shaped looking pamphlet 
zonino 05-11-201905-28-2019Success 175/5Didn’t sign one of my cards (87T) but included his pamphlet thingy signed. 
kandiclipper 05-09-201905-17-2019Success 83/4Always a great return from mr. tanana! 
Justinscf 05-08-201905-28-2019Success 202/3Got both cards back and a pamphlet. Thanks Mr. Tanana! 
Sdlynch 05-06-201905-13-2019Success 71/1Got the card back signed in blue marker with a bible verse. Thanks Mr. Tanana 
baseballgeek 04-30-201905-10-2019Success 103/4signed my 3 cards and sent extra card booklet 
MostMirror 04-22-201904-29-2019Success 71/2Sent LOR, SASE, '89 Donruss. Received my card back signed and a small card from envelope signed with 
kandiclipper 04-22-201905-03-2019Success 113/4Signed all 3 cards plus included another of his own! Thanks Mr. Tanana!
Jamesalford23 04-18-201904-29-2019Success 112/3Great signature!! Each card a different bible verse!!! 
TheGunshow 04-16-201904-29-2019Success 132/3He added an extra one, thanks Mr. Tanana 
Jawheels73 04-05-201904-12-2019Success 76/5Signed 4 cards and included one of his
Myerhead 04-04-201904-12-2019Success 82/32 1989 Fleer cards in blue sharpie, including a Bible verse on each... plus an autographed Christian tract 
jacksonkdj 04-03-201904-13-2019Success 101/2Sent 1990 Topps, LOR, SASE - Also got back his own card signed
tglg 03-23-201904-01-2019Success 95/6Got back all 5 signed in a nice blue sharpie plus he added his own 
Craiggb 03-23-201904-03-2019Success 114/5Cj 
BraveStarr 03-19-201904-01-2019Success 134/5'77 Topps, '78 Topps (2), '93 Upper Deck, Custom - 
whawkins51 03-18-2019 Success -2/2Thanks so much Mr. Tanana! 
JMac25 03-18-201904-01-2019Success 146/4Signed 4/6 I sent nicely in blue and as always included his signed religious pamphlet. One of the best TTMers out there, thanks Frank! Returned 86 T and 92 Leaf unsigned. 
mnbigfoot 03-12-201904-01-2019Success 208/51990 Donruss, 1991 Leaf, and (2) 1993 Upper Deck. Included his own card. 4 unsigned. Thanks Mr. Tanana!
ahuggins81 03-12-201903-19-2019Success 71/2Sent LOR and a trading card...received card and small booklet signed nicely by him
mrdave17 03-10-2019 Pending -1/0  
Craiggb 03-05-201903-18-2019Success 124/5  
dgo71 03-02-201903-11-2019Success 84/590T, 93 Pacific, 92S, 89T signed in blue sharpie and included his testimonial card also signed
Patgrealish 03-01-201903-13-2019Success 115/6SASE. Sent 5 cards, got 6 back, he added a personal card, autographed. 
Snapper06 03-01-201903-11-2019Success 91/2sent extra Bible card of his own. Thanks Frank 
chazeroom 02-26-201903-07-2019Success 94/4  
NYMCollector17 02-22-201903-04-2019Success 103/4  
SyxxSynse 02-19-201903-04-2019Success 132/3Signed my two '89 Topps cards. Also sent along a signed religious tract. Thanks, Mr. Tanana! 
Roaddawg58 02-19-201903-05-2019Success 142/3'78 OPC & '81 Topps Coca-Cola signed in blue sharpie. Also included a signed religious pamphlet. 
Craiggb 02-15-201903-04-2019Success 175/4Cj 
Ky1603 02-14-201903-05-2019Success 192/31978 Topps & 1980 Topps. Also included a signed religious brochure, the size of a pocket schedule 
brooks13307 02-11-201903-12-2019Success 284/478, 79, 82, 82 TR Topps...didnt sign one of my cards but added his own 
Leeburtt 02-11-201903-07-2019Success 245/4  
Superdiz26 02-06-201902-28-2019Success 221/2Signed 1 tops 1978 and sent signed baseball card size religious brochure 
Aaron174386 02-01-201903-04-2019Success 315/6  
RIFF RAFF 77 01-25-201902-07-2019Success 131/1  
Taliasen 01-24-201903-04-2019Success 399/5Wrote him a letter explaining the sermon series I am working with my pastor on. We are using signed cards with a Bible inscription as reference. Mr. Tanana signed 88 S, 90 D, 91 UD, 92 D and included his own personal testimony card. He returned the 5. 
Aaron174386 01-19-201902-07-2019Success 191/2Returned my card and one of his inspirational cards! Great return! 
Chadsred 01-03-201901-08-2019Success 52/2Signed both 88T & 89T, plus his personal pamphlet 
tc123 01-02-201901-10-2019Success 81/1Sent Card 
JMac25 12-26-201801-07-2019Success 125/6Signed 6/5 nicely in blue. As always, he included his signed religious card pamphlet. Thanks Frank! 
jnel789 12-19-201801-23-2019Success 356/5  
RedskinRussell 12-10-201812-21-2018Success 112/2Signed 89 Topps and 93 Topps. 
dgrooms72 12-04-201812-20-2018Success 161/2Sent LOR, SASE, and 88 Fleer card. Got the card back signed in blue marker, as well as a foldout about how to receive salvation, also signed on the front in blue. Both have "John 14:6" written after his signature.
tilt122 12-03-201812-21-2018Success 181/1Signed 1 card and testimonial in blue sharpie. Put card back in top loader 
mezmaster10 11-27-201812-04-2018Success 71/288 score 
NYYJMM 11-26-201812-10-2018Success 144/51985, 1987, 1988 Topps, plus 1981 Topps Angels team card and his own testimonial card signed in blue
brooks13307 11-22-201812-04-2018Success 124/475, 76, 83, 84 Topps 
haynmay 11-21-201812-04-2018Success 132/31985 opc, 1986 opc, he added an extra
CardinalsFan55 11-15-201802-11-2019Success 883/3  
Cardinals5528 11-15-201812-11-2018Success 263/4Signed 3/3 and included his own. Thanks Frank! 
STLCardinals66 11-14-201812-10-2018Success 264/5x5 cards 
DaveMoore007 11-06-201811-12-2018Success 61/1Sent OMLB and LOR, returned ball Signed only. 
Craiggb 10-30-201811-13-2018Success 145/6  
JMac25 10-22-201811-02-2018Success 114/5Signed 4/4 cards nicely in blue and as always included his signed religious booklet. One of the best TTM guys out there! 
haynmay 10-15-201810-27-2018Success 123/41988 score, 1989 donruss, 1990 upper deck, plus his bible tract 
ChefCharley 09-17-201809-25-2018Success 84/5Awesome success! Signed 4x4 with bible verses and included an autographed testimonal card as well! One of the best signers there is out there! 
brooks13307 09-10-201809-26-2018Success 164/586, 87, 88, 89 Topps 
JMac25 09-04-201809-24-2018Success 204/54/4 cards and included religious testimony pamphlet all signed nicely in blue. 
dodgers10 08-27-201809-11-2018Success 154/5added own of his own. 
Bigcab62 08-24-201809-05-2018Success 121/1Sent 91 topps; signed nicely in blue, included his own insert! 
jasonthebald 08-04-201808-17-2018Success 133/3Nice signatures. 91 Stadium Club cards sign nicely. With religious insert. 
Goaftermath 07-19-201808-02-2018Success 142/379T ERA 90D signed in blue added a tract 
chcards9 07-18-201808-02-2018Success 153/4Signed Three Topps Cards and Included His Own Testimonial Card 
Undraftedplayer 07-16-201808-03-2018Success 183/03 signed cards + 1 card from him signed, God bless you Frank. 
pbtank67 07-10-201807-26-2018Success 162/3Signed both cards plus included one of his own. Signed with blue sharpie 
Tbird21 07-07-201807-14-2018Success 71/1yaaaaaay sase and he inscribed a bible verse 
xtra-innings 07-05-201807-21-2018Success 163/4x3 cards (incl. extra signed card)
Baldones 07-03-2018 Success -2/2Sending 2 OMLB Thanks Mr. Tanana... 
Sheff11 07-02-201807-13-2018Success 111/1Romlb 
jsorah10 06-23-201806-29-2018Success 61/1ROMLB 
GoStLCards 06-21-201806-29-2018Success 84/5I can tell he spends time thinking of different Bible verses for each card. A great touch--thanks! 
Logan Richmond 06-18-201806-27-2018Success 94/51989T, 1990D, 1992D (asked for "2,773 K's" inscription), and 1993T (and asked why he dosn't sign the 1993 Topps) **didn't add the inscription, but did sign the '93 Topps!** 
mpi 05-29-201806-11-2018Success 131/1Received the card back signed along with a promotional/inspirational/religious card signed Thanks Frank!! 
Roaddawg58 05-24-201806-07-2018Success 143/4'75 OPC, '87 Fleer Baseball's Hottest Stars & '92 Topps Gold Winner signed in blue sharpie. Also included a signed religious pamphlet. 
baseballttmman 05-15-201806-04-2018Success 203/43 88 donruss plus religious card signed in blue 
Tay1038 05-01-201805-17-2018Success 161/187T, SASE, LOR
ebelote81 04-27-201805-10-2018Success 131/21980 Topps, LOR, SASE 
WhiteSoxFan13 04-27-201805-09-2018Success 122/3LOR, SASE, 1990 Donruss, 1993 Upper Deck, sent back with religious card, all three signed in blue with Bible verses. 
xtra-innings 04-19-201805-03-2018Success 143/4x3 cards (incl extra signed religious card)
yankeesfan1324 04-13-201804-26-2018Success 133/4Added his religious card signed 
delones24 04-02-201804-12-2018Success 101/290 UD
Restau21 03-31-201804-12-2018Success 121/280 Topps signed in blue. Also got a pamphlet. Great person great message! 
702tpr777 03-30-201804-06-2018Success 71/21984 Donruss... Signed and included his religious pamphlet. Thanks Mr. Tanana! 
cdogdrippen 03-21-201804-12-2018Success 221/1  
Asfan2017 03-21-201804-05-2018Success 153/3  
John Norcia 03-20-201804-02-2018Success 133/3Sent 1988 Topps and (2) 1988 Donruss. Received 1988 Topps, ONE 1988 Donruss along with a custom signed card! Signed in blue. 
Foul Bunt 03-17-201803-24-2018Success 72/3Signed my 1977 Topps and 1987 Topps. Also included his own religious tract card. 
jketcham530 03-13-201803-26-2018Success 131/1Signed 1989 Topps. Nice Signature. Thank you Mr. Tanana!! 
padsdsu 03-12-201803-24-2018Pending 124/3x3 signed in blue sharpie and added personal card 
Danmay55 03-09-201803-25-2018Success 154/5signed 4 and added personal card 
Johnlightning 03-08-201803-26-2018Success 172/3enclosed and signed a tesimony with my 2 cards. nice sig 
NYYanks2018 03-08-201803-26-2018Success 174/3Sent 1 back unsigned and signed 3 with bible verses. Also sent signed religious pamphlet. 
Vikesfan22 02-28-201803-13-2018Success 121/2signed my card and add his pamphlet 
KDCardsBoston 02-27-201803-12-2018Success 122/3Signed a 1990 Fleer and a 1991 Leaf cards. Included a signed religious pamphlet 
Logan Richmond 02-27-201803-10-2018Success 114/51990F #616, 1992L #177, 1988S #490, and 1991D #508 **included his religious pamphlet as always! :)** 
DetroitGrapher84 02-26-201803-12-2018Success 131/2Received my 1988 Topps back signed beautifully in blue sharpie. Plus he sent back my questions answered and included a pamphlet signed on the cover. (His lifestory) Thanks Frank! 
tglg 02-22-201803-17-2018Success 223/4Got back all 3 signed in a nice blue sharpie, plus his bonus auto card. 
jbarberj74 02-15-201803-13-2018Success 251/2Sent Rawlings OLB3 baseball 
cutchamin 02-12-201803-02-2018Success 183/3sent 1988 Fleer #71 (Tigers), 1985 Topps #55 (Rangers),1980 Topps (Angels) - he added his religious card thing and signed that too 
metsfish 02-09-201803-05-2018Success 241/1 
druce26 01-29-201802-09-2018Success 112/3  
eafick 01-26-201802-06-2018Success 115/4I am sending out a 1988 fleer, 1990 upper deck, 1989 donruss, 1990 fleer, and a 1991 donruss. He technically signed 4 of 6. He signed his religious card, 88 fleer, 91 donruss, and 90 fleer all in blue with inscriptions. Thanks Mr. Tanana. 
RedskinRussell 01-22-201802-05-2018Success 144/2Signed 87 Topps and 88 Topps. Returned 89 Topps and 93 Topps unsigned. Added signed pamphlet. 
slamdaddy 01-20-201802-01-2018Success 123/4 
theflash 01-18-201802-01-2018Success 141/187 Topps Tiffany 
sreader3 01-17-201802-02-2018Success 166/4Sent 6 and offered. Got 4 back: 83T, 84T, 85D DK, 89T + his pamphlet. Kept 85D. Didn't sign 87T. Blue Sharpie
chazeroom 01-16-201801-29-2018Success 133/4  
nate7elliott 01-16-201802-01-2018Success 161/1  
Natedog 01-12-201801-20-2018Success 84/5signed 5/4 with a little booklet about himself and his foundation also inscribes Christian Bible verses on the cards. (Love That) 
Taliasen 01-10-201801-19-2018Success 91/291 Ultra, added his testimony card, both inscribed with John 14:6 
Wolverine 01-04-201801-10-2018Success 65/4Sent cards & 1 ticket stub - returned 2 signed cards, signed ticket stub, signed religious pamphlet and returned 2 cards unsigned
adamd 12-27-201701-08-2018Success 121/1Another TTM for my collection. Thanks Mr. Tanana 
justindi 12-27-201701-08-2018Success 121/2Got the card plus his religious pamphlet signed, thanks Mr. Tanana! 
jzimmerman 12-21-201701-18-2018Success 281/21987 Topps signed in blue sharpie 
autograder79 12-21-201701-02-2018Success 122/075T and 76T.......Thank you 
MyPenIsHugeTTM 12-20-201701-02-2018Success 133/4Also sent back a signed religious booklet. @MyPenIsHugeTTM 
autograder79 12-13-201701-03-2018Success 211/187T.....Thanks Frank !!!! 
Roaddawg58 12-11-201712-26-2017Success 153/4'90 Leaf, '91 Fleer & '91 UD signed in blue sharpie. Also included a signed religious pamphlet. 
AaronJudge 12-06-201712-16-2017Success 101/2Nice return
Logan Richmond 12-05-201712-19-2017Success 145/31988 Fleer #71, 1989 Donruss #90 & #91, 1992 Donruss #111, 1993 Topps #53, and a questionnaire **Signed 2 of the cards, his religious pamphlet and answered the questions** 
autograder79 11-29-201712-06-2017Success 72/274T 76T ...ty Mr. Tanana 
xtra-innings 11-21-201712-01-2017Success 104/4x4 cards
liamfk 10-26-2017 Pending -1/0  
danb 10-21-201710-31-2017Success 102/3Signed my 2 cards and added signed pamphlet Thanks Mr Tanana!!! 
GoStLCards 10-13-201710-23-2017Success 101/2  
CRM302 10-06-201710-16-2017Success 103/3Sent 1985 and 1990 Topps, 1990 Donruss, signed 85 Topps and 90 Donruss and included his testimonial card. Thanks Mr. Tanana! 
Joshmets31 10-01-201712-15-2017Success 752/2Included His own religious phamphlet Signed 
nascargaryts 09-25-201710-12-2017Success 171/1Sent 1 card, came back signed in blue 
Provo986 09-22-201710-09-2017Success 172/31 Topps '91, 1 Topps '92-signed nicely in black fine tip sharpie and included one of his own cards! 
bigbenjobu 09-11-201709-18-2017Success 76/4Signed 4/6 and added his testimonial card. Personalized the 2 requested
grapher0315 08-17-201708-31-2017Success 146/7Signed 6/6, thanks Mr. Bowa!!! 
grapher0315 08-17-201708-31-2017Success 146/7Signed 6/6, and added one of his religious pamphlets. Thanks, Mr. Tanana!! 
TripleCrown24 07-29-201708-07-2017Success 96/7Signed 6/6 in blue sharpie, included his own religious card as well. Thanks Mr. Tanana! 
emc23 07-21-201708-03-2017Success 132/3Signed two photos and included his own card! 
andrewgrafe 07-19-201707-27-2017Success 81/291 UD for set, and included self-produced Christian card/pamphlet 
NYYJMM 07-11-201707-21-2017Success 101/2Sent a 1992 Topps card, signed in blue sharpie. Also sent a religious card of his signed! Thanks you Mr. Tanana!
rclimpert 07-05-201707-15-2017Success 103/4Great get. Sent 3 (75 Topps and 75 Mini and 76) and he returned all those plus his own card
RobHarrington 06-10-201706-24-2017Success 144/41976 Topps, 1982 Donruss, 1991 Topps & 1992 Topps Gold signed in blue Sharpie. 
aarjon 05-20-201705-27-2017Success 71/028492 Harwich Dr... Sent questionnaire and 91 Fleer for Tigers PC | First one to answer my questionnaire, but looks like he never took the card out of the little handmade envelope I put it in. Got the signed pamphlet others have. Counting as a success.
Tombrady123 05-17-201705-30-2017Success 133/4  
BleedBlue15 04-14-201704-24-2017Success 103/3'88 Score, '91 Upper Deck, '92 Fleer. Blue Sharpie, 10 days. 
xtra-innings 04-10-201704-24-2017Success 144/4x4 cards
nickk96 04-07-201704-20-2017Success 134/5added one of his own 
eafick 03-25-201704-08-2017Success 147/5He ended up signing 5/8, because he signed his christian card too. He signed a 1983 Topps, a 1992 Donruss Triple Play, 1992 Donruss, 1985 Topps, and his christian card as well. He also sent back the 1991 Donruss, 1989 Donruss, and 1990 Fleer unsigned. 
Garciaparrafan 03-15-201703-27-2017Success 128/9Thank you Mr Tanana 
Mike McK 03-13-201703-25-2015Success -7193/4answered my questions and sent extra card!! 
chazeroom 03-10-201709-26-2017Failure 1990/0write off. pretty sure it was lost in the mail 
tglg 02-04-201702-04-2017Success 06/7Got back all 6 signed in a nice blue sharpie, and he added one of his own. 
goodbyehalloween 02-01-201703-06-2017Success 331/2signed in blue sharpie, also included a signed religious pamphlet 
gratiotknight 01-13-201701-21-2017Success 81/2ROMLB signed in blue ballpoint, added his "John 14:6" inscription, along with a signed pamphlet regarding his religion, etc. 
BoSoxFan4235 01-10-201701-21-2017Success 118/7Sent 8 cards, offered him some. Kept 2, signed 6 and threw in an extra signed card 
PnutSmith77 12-26-201601-09-2017Success 144/5Signed all cards including one I offered and sent back. Also included signed testimony literature. Awesome return! Thanks Mr. Tanana! 
akenny 12-25-201601-06-2017Success 124/2Sent 1 card and 3 note cards with letter, signed the one card but returned note cards unsigned but inclouded own religious card signed 
lkfojtik 12-14-201601-04-2016Success -3453/4Sent 3 cards w LOR and SASE. Signed ALL and included his pamphlet, also signed. Very generous. 
MNeville98 12-08-201612-19-2016Success 113/4Sent in three cards with personalization request on one card. He included a religious paper and along with other autographs signed with a religious quote. Major succes. 
Pedroia15TheBest 12-08-201612-24-2016Success 164/5  
magic79 12-08-201612-23-2016Success 154/5Four cards signed in blue Sharpie and a signed religious card 
xtra-innings 12-01-201612-19-2016Success 186/7x6 cards (incl. add'l signed card)
jketcham530 12-01-201612-21-2016Success 201/1Signed 1979 Topps in Blue Sharpie. Thanks Frank! 
DonnyB5 12-01-201612-10-2016Success 96/7Sent 6 cards got all signed in blue sharpie with a free insert religious card awesome great guy! 
Bsachs13 11-28-201612-10-2016Success 122/3great dude to count on 
yankeesgiants2000 11-28-201612-06-2016Success 82/3quick 8 days 
Baumans916 11-23-201612-12-2016Success 194/5Sent 89,90 topps, 92 UD, 90 UD w SASE. Frank signed my cards and added his own. 
Redsoxsaholic3 11-16-201611-25-2016Success 94/53 cards 1 index card // amazing success and included card of his own 
Gerns99 11-14-201611-26-2016Failure 126/5Signed 5 and sent one back unsigned. He did include his own card signed as well! 
Gerns99 11-14-201611-26-2016Success 126/5Signed 5 and sent one back unsigned. He did include his own card signed as well! 
Mitchell2314 11-08-201611-17-2016Success 95/6Sent 5 cards. (1-1991 UpperDeck, 1- 1991 Topps, 1-1992 Topps, 1-1991 Leaf & 1- 1991 Score) Also sent a card of his own. All signed in blue sharpie 
Rockiesfan13 11-07-201611-18-2016Success 110/2Cool! Sent index card and he sent me back two signed cards thanks a lot 
Pedroia15TheBest 11-05-201611-18-2016Success 136/6  
elliot71402 11-01-201611-21-2016Success 201/2Also added his own card 
bpoole40 10-31-201611-16-2015Success -3503/4Great signature from one of my favs. Added one of his own cards. 
chazeroom 10-24-201611-05-2016Success 126/7  
NatHon995 10-15-201610-31-2016Success 163/4Signed 74T, 75T and 78T plus includeed own card 
sroane1224 09-29-201610-21-2016Success 222/3also added one of his cards 
jrheffy 09-04-201609-22-2016Success 183/4Signed 3 Cards,Plus one of his own,Thanks Bill 
guodrenniks 08-18-201608-31-2015Success -3535/55/5 cards plus one Roman Road card (signed as well) 
STLCardinals66 08-12-201609-02-2016Success 213/4Signed 4 in blue plus a testimonial card. 
Donhutson 07-27-201612-13-2016Success 1393/4Sent LOR, SASE, questions and 3cards. signed cards plus extra and answered questions 
Donhutson 07-25-201608-15-2016Success 213/4Sent LOR, SASE, questions and 3 cards. Signed cards plus extra, and answered questions 
tulonto 07-13-201607-26-2016Success 132/3Added an extra card of his own. All signed in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Tanana! 
tglg 07-07-201607-25-2016Success 186/7Got back all 6 signed in a nice blue sharpie, plus a bonus card. 
Ezdno 06-15-201607-06-2016Success 214/5Sent back all 4 included one of his own with The Goal Thanks Frank Tanana 
nascargaryts 06-10-201606-21-2016Success 111/1Sent 1 card, signed blue sharpie, quick return 
Smittzerland 06-03-201606-11-2016Success 84/5Sent 90 Donruss, 91 Fleer Ultra, 2x91T. Received all signed, response to letter, and signed religious pamphlet 
xtra-innings 06-01-201606-20-2016Success 194/5x4 cards (incl. add'l signed card)
Foul Bunt 04-23-201605-02-2016Success 95/6Signed my 1976, 1982, 1989, 1990 and 1992 Topps. He also sent a signed religious tract. 
EKritzell 04-23-201605-02-2016Success 93/4Sent two 79T. Signed both, tossed in an extra testimonial card, and answered questions
Cubs14 04-07-201604-18-2016Success 117/4Sent 7 recieved all back but didn't sign 3 I put note in which 3 he didn't have to sign if it was too many, and he didn't sign them. ADDED EXTRA 
nycsportsnews 04-05-201604-19-2016Success 143/4  
BoSoxFan4235 03-19-201603-26-2016Success 73/489 Upper Deck x2 and 93 Upper Deck. Signed both, answered questions and through in the usual additional signed pamphlet. Awesome dude! A must send for any auto collector. Thanks Mr. Tanana 
chazeroom 03-18-201604-02-2016Success 156/7  
jkatzman99 02-17-201602-29-2016Success 121/2Sent 1 card and received it signed with another signed item he included 
Doer03 02-17-201602-22-2016Success 56/776T, 78T ERA LEADERS, 88S, 92T, 90B, 90T. He added a signed tract, returned in 5 days, has to be some kind of record.... 
ctownslammers 02-04-201602-22-2016Success 184/4  
bigbenjobu 02-01-201602-10-2016Success 98/9Signed 5 of 8 and included his own card. Returned the other 3 unsigned. Answered questions too
CelciusII 01-23-201602-11-2016Success 192/3Signed my cards and sent his own religious card 
tigsfan 01-08-201601-15-2016Success 75/6  
Pedroia15TheBest 01-07-201601-16-2016Success 97/6Didnt sign two team cards, but added testimonial card. Good success. Thanks Mr. Tanana! 
tglg 01-02-201601-11-2016Success 95/6Got back all 5 signed in a nice blue sharpie along with one of his own signed cards...THANKS!!! 
yanks39 01-02-201601-11-2016Success 93/477T, 82T, 83T and testimonial of his own. 
PatsFan9 12-15-201512-23-2015Success 85/6Added signed religious card 
xtra-innings 12-15-201501-11-2016Success 274/5x4 cards (incl. add'l signed card)
chazeroom 12-14-201512-22-2015Success 86/7 
crbaughn62 12-04-201501-09-2016Success 3610/10  
mas 12-02-201512-17-2015Success 159/10sent 9 card, offered 6. Signed all 9 with bible verse quotes plus included his own testimonial card. Thanks! 
Smitty5 11-25-201512-04-2015Success 93/4added a religious card. class act guy 
xtra-innings 11-15-2015 Success -5/6x5 cards (incl. extra signed card)
Cards1985 11-12-201511-25-2015Success 134/5  
Pedroia15TheBest 11-07-201511-16-2015Success 95/6Added his own as well. Mr. Tanana continues to be one of the best! 
jkosmicki18 10-15-201502-10-2016Success 1184/5Slowly turning all my Tanana commons into autos👍👍 
docgallie 10-05-201510-23-2015Success 188/4  
Cubs14 09-27-201510-10-2015Success 134/5Sent 3 cards and a pennant all returned signed plus signed religious card that he added!!! 
Munson15 09-25-201510-05-2015Success 104/51977 Topps, 1979 Topps, 1988 Topps and 1992 Topps along with his own autographed faith card. Thank you Frank, awesome person. 
jkosmicki18 09-10-201509-21-2015Success 113/42x 1988 donruss and 1990 fleer- signed all 3 and also included his own card signed! Also bible verse inscriptions, this guy is an awesome signer! 
xtra-innings 09-01-201510-13-2015Success 424/5x4 cards (incl. extra signed card)
lesboulez 08-28-201509-15-2015Success 181/21980 Topps and a pamphlet signed... 
whawkins51 08-19-201508-29-2015Success 103/4Included Religious card. Thank you so much Mr. Tanana! 
marty77 08-19-201508-31-2015Success 125/4Signed 1978 and 1993 Topps; 1990 Fleer; and 1992 Donruss, Didn't sign 1991 Topps, but added his own card.
WhiteZack87 08-01-201508-17-2015Success 161/2Sent a '92 Pinnacle. Received card and a booklet promoting Both signed and inscribed with a bible verse in blue marker. 
mrREALiTi 07-28-201508-20-2015Success 233/4sent 3, sent back a 4th, booklet of his, all signed with bible verses. very nice 
babco-luca 07-27-201508-21-2015Success 251/2Great Success from a guy who could throw some heat 
21ccl 07-07-201508-01-2015Success 255/5  
Cashmoney23 07-06-201507-15-2015Success 91/22/1 from Mr. Tanana signed in blue sharpie! 
tigermiggy24 06-22-201507-06-2015Success 141/2Sent 1988 donruss. Recieved it back signed in blue sharpie. Also included faith booklet. 
Pauls1976 06-22-201507-06-2015Success 142/3Sent LOR & SASE. Sent 2 cards, rcvd both back signed in blue sharpie & signed inspirational card. Thank you Mr Tanana! 
soxfanforever1534 06-11-201506-20-2015Success 91/2Sent 1 card. Received card signed plus a tiny pamphlet autographed telling me about his playing career. Super fast return! Thanks Mr. Tanana! 
magic79 05-26-201506-15-2015Success 205/6Five card signed in blue Sharpie. He included a signed pamphlet. 
delones24 05-18-201506-15-2015Success 281/289 Topps
mikedmatthews 04-26-201505-10-2015Success 144/5  
treyw1 04-24-201505-09-2015Success 154/6Sent printed letter, 4 cards, SASE. He signed and returned all 4, personalized 2. Also included 2 signed, personalized religious tracts. 
Schmenge 04-19-2015 Success -1/188 Topps on the way 
dareyl 04-15-201505-02-2015Success 175/5 
mnbigfoot 03-31-201504-25-2015Success 255/61989 Topps, 1989 Fleer, 1989 Donruss, 1990 Upper Deck, 1991 Score and signed pamphlet! Thanks Mr. Tanana!
louiepalouie 03-20-201504-02-2015Success 131/2  
Musclebeech 03-15-201504-03-2015Success 194/5added a signed information card about himself 
benlee66 03-13-201504-02-2015Success 200/54 TCs + signed pamphlet 
wdburke 03-10-201504-02-2015Success 231/2Received 86T we sent and also a signed tract. Thank you Mr. Tanana!
autographs2010 02-27-201504-03-2015Success 344/535 Days 
rebmankd 02-25-201503-18-2015Success 205/6Signed in blue sharpie! Enclosed an autographed pamplet about religion as well! Thanks Frank! 
Orange October 02-20-201503-19-2015Success 261/2one card and SASE - Signed mine and sent his own! Great signer! 
autographs2010 02-13-201502-23-2015Success 108/510 Days 
BoSoxFan4235 02-12-201502-23-2015Success 112/3Recieved both of my cards back signed along with a signed religious card, and questions answered. 
CardinalNation22 02-05-201502-20-2015Success 156/7Signed all 6 cards and an extra one for me!! Blue Sharpie!! A great Signer!! Super Fast!!! Thanks Mr. Tanana!!! 
soxcards62 01-27-201502-15-2015Success 194/588 topps (2) ,91 upper deck (1), 88 donruss + pamphlet 'The' all in blue sharpie 
rbarone5 01-16-201502-03-2015Success 182/3Thank you Mr. Tanana! 
CardinalNation22 01-15-201502-02-2015Success 185/6Sent an extra card signed back!! Thought it was cool how he signed each card with a different Bible verse!! Blue Sharpie!! Great guy!!! 
detroitgoblue 01-02-201501-16-2015Success 141/21 card 
dareyl 01-01-201501-17-2015Success 164/5 
cbtvideos 12-30-201401-09-2015Success 101/3Sent one 1981 Topps Traded trading card, letter, and SASE. Got back trading card I sent plus one extra, signed with a blue Sharpie and a hand written personalized letter signed in black pen. Sent back in SASE I sent.
jrbeasley 12-28-201401-08-2015Success 114/582 Topps Traded, 83 Topps, 84 Topps, 85 Topps 
haynmay 12-20-201412-26-2014Success 63/483 donruss, 83 fleer, 83 topps 
Calebssportscards 12-09-201412-16-2014Success 72/3great guy always a sure signer, also sent his own card which I love 
justinw182 12-08-201412-15-2014Success 71/2Signed 1987 topps and also sent a signed religious card 
Kobe2743 12-07-201412-17-2014Success 103/4Signed 3 cards, 1 booklet. Second success at this address 
chitownautos 12-03-201412-15-2014Success 124/5'87 Topps (Tigers), '88 Donruss (Tigers), '91 Topps (Tigers), '91 Fleer Ultra (Tigers) + Included Booklet + Letter/SASE...12 Days 
Eric Parsons 11-28-201412-15-2014Success 172/3  
wyman05 11-21-201412-13-2014Success 220/0signed my Donruss 91 and sent extra card 
rockinrobin 11-12-201411-21-2014Success 92/2Sent a 89 Topps and a 91 Fleer and received both back signed in blue sharpie with Bible verses inscribed on them. He even added a gospel tract from The and he signed that and added a Bible verse. Thank you Mr. Tanana!! 
mazefan72 11-07-201411-15-2014Success 83/4Always a great signer..TY 
dareyl 11-01-201411-15-2014Success 145/6 
23jumpman 10-30-201411-11-2014Success 128/6thank you 
mnbigfoot 10-27-201411-10-2014Success 143/4(1) '83 Fleer, (1) '86 Topps, (1) '93 Topps Plus his own card! Thanks Frank! Great autograph! 
Bedrock Bedrosian 10-25-201411-01-2014Success 72/3'85 Fleer, '89 Topps, and bonus card, quick turnaround! 
jeff8372emt 10-17-201410-24-2014Success 72/3Signed both cards in black, sent extra signed in blue. 
150010927 10-09-201410-20-2014Success 111/3Sent 2 cards. He sent both back signed with bible verse. Also included card of his own 
magic79 10-07-201410-16-2014Success 94/5Four very nice signatures on cards in blue Sharpie plus an additional signed card 
collector41 09-02-201409-22-2014Success 207/5Signed 4 in blue and added an extra so 5/7 
David Hall 08-25-2014 Pending -13/0  
dareyl 08-16-201409-27-2014Success 424/5Signed all 5, then sent one of his own.
padsdsu 07-30-201408-29-2014Success 305/5x5 signed in black added one card signed...great signer 
xtra-innings 07-15-201408-02-2014Success 189/11x9 cards (offered to keep some; signed all and added x2 add'l signed cards)
Coltron57 07-03-201407-30-2014Success 273/43 cards. Signed all 3 nicely in blue, each with a unique Bible verse. Added his small booklet as well. 
edgaragustin 06-30-201407-26-2014Success 262/3Sent 2 cards.-->Rcvd 2 cards + he gave me his personal card w/ scripture John 14:6 
Yeaahhjeets 06-14-201407-30-2014Success 461/2Returned card signed plus additional signed booklet 
Yeaahhjeets 06-14-201407-30-2014Success 461/1  
chr5399 06-05-201406-23-2014Success 183/3Signed nicely in blue Sharpie: '81 Donruss, '87 Topps, '93 Fleer, and he included a signed faith testimonial card... Nice success from a great pitcher. 
Pedroia15TheBest 06-03-201406-23-2014Success 202/3  
acratertocoffin 06-02-201406-23-2014Success 212/31987 Topps, 1988 Topps signed in blue. Included faith card. 
  Edit your submission   06-02-201406-23-2014Success 212/31987 Topps, 1988 Topps signed in blue. Included faith card. 
MichaelDang 05-29-201406-25-2014Success 271/2Signed card and added a testimonial 
ramathorn 05-27-201406-24-2014Success 281/2also included a signed bible tract along with the card I sent. 
marty77 04-15-201404-28-2014Success 135/61985, 1988, 1989, 1992 Topps and 1988 Fleer.
delones24 03-31-201404-07-2014Success 72/376 Topps & 90 Fleer
Jstafford4897 03-22-201404-02-2014Success 118/4Sent 1991-92 upper deck, 1992 leaf, 1990 fleer, score and donruss, 1989 score, and 1987 topps and with letter and SASE / received 1990 score, 1991 upper deck, 1990 donruss, and 1987 topps signed in blue sharpie & included signed custom pocket card also 
imcoop 03-18-201403-24-2014Success 61/1He included a small picture of him signed as well-quick return-thanks Frank 
Robextend 03-15-201403-27-2014Success 128/81981, 1987, 1992 Topps, 1982, 1984 Donruss, 1982, 1984 Fleer, 1990 Leaf/Great success, thank you Mr. Tanana. 
sml8bp 02-28-201403-21-2014Success 204/5Sent 4 cards with SASE from Korea, all 4 cards back with his testimonial card as well....
etomford 02-19-201402-24-2014Success 51/2signed 1 card plus added one of his own 
justinw182 02-03-201402-24-2014Success 212/3Got back two cards signed that weren't mine and his religious card. Didn't return my card or sign index card. 21 Days. 
oucats02 01-30-201402-18-2009Success -18073/489, 92, 93 Topps and goal card. THANK YOU MR TANANA!!! 
Waffle11 01-28-201402-19-2014Success 223/488, 89, 91 T all signed, added testamonial/site promotion card as well. Thanks! 
southsidegraphs24 01-28-201402-19-2014Success 221/2signed nicely in blue. and included an extra! 
tberryment 01-27-201402-18-2014Success 224/5send 4, 75 K leaders, 76, 88, & 91 topps all returned signed + a card he included, I asked and he delivered on all cards with a bible verse of his choice. Thank you Mr. Tanana
teetime354 01-27-201402-22-2014Success 266/8Sent 6 cards with blue sharpie. Signed and returned all 6, including three personalized as requested. Added two of his own cards. Returned sharpie as requested. 
DHealy26 01-11-201401-22-2014Success 111/2  
Mets106 12-28-201302-02-2014Success 361/1Very pleased with sig. 
dukemiller 12-08-201312-17-2013Success 91/2Thanks Frank! Great signer 
smrbraves 11-25-201312-11-2013Success 163/4my blog 
ChuckXGoren 11-24-201312-12-2013Success 181/2Signed my card and added his own. 
padsdsu 11-21-201312-09-2013Success 183/43 cards signed in blue sharpie plus additional card signed and sent. Thanks, Mr. Tanana 
bicemusic 11-20-201312-11-2013Success 215/6Sent 5 cards 81, 87 Fleer, 86 Donruss & 86, 88 Topps w/ LOR. Received all signed with his usual bonus signed. Thank you Mr. Tanana!
dukemiller 11-04-201311-22-2013Success 183/4Thanks Frank! included a throw in.... 
TideFanDan 09-03-201310-03-2013Success 301/21979 Topps. (Plus tract). Thanks Mr. Tanana. 
cseitz2469 08-25-201309-01-2013Success 71/2sent in 1 card and got the inscriptions I wanted and also sent another card signed 
levi 08-23-201309-04-2013Success 121/11976 Topps
chris51173 08-21-201309-03-2013Success 131/2Very fast success. Included "John 14:6" a great verse! 
xtra-innings 08-20-201309-03-2013Success 145/6x5 cards (and included an extra signed card)
mazefan72 08-11-201308-19-2013Success 85/5sent x4, added bonus card.. each with a different bible scripture.. Thank you Mr. Tanana! 
gojacks 07-29-201308-10-2013Success 124/5  
JPP 06-07-201307-01-2013Success 241/2Same thing as last time 
Baseball Guru 44 05-25-201301-06-2014Success 2265/2Sent card, 4 IC's, received signed card and religious pamphlet. 
Canadian-Grapher 05-15-201306-04-2013Success 204/5signed all 4 and added one of his own. 
xtra-innings 04-15-201304-25-2013Success 105/6x5 cards (and included an extra signed card)
Tuck Stainback 03-29-201304-05-2013Success 72/2Signed 77 & 80 Topps! 
collector41 03-15-201303-26-2013Success 113/4signed 3 cards I sent and sent a signed religious pamphlet back 
JPP 03-03-201303-26-2013Success 221/2He signed my '78 Topps, plus added a signed religious pamphlet. Inscribed John 14:6 in both a great success thanks mr Tanana 
xxeaglesfanxx 02-27-201303-07-2013Success 86/7Received 6 cards along with an extra card about his faith. 
white_rabbit 02-25-201303-02-2013Success 53/32x85DDK & 88D. Inscribed w/my favorite bible verse 1 Timothy 5:23, and a personal note that I should find a new favorite verse! Awesome, thanks a lot Frank!
silojohnson 02-20-201303-02-2013Success 104/5thanks frank! 
silojohnson 02-20-201303-02-2013Success 104/5  
DJSkopes 01-31-201302-09-2009Success -14521/2Sent 1 and got it back with a signed prayer card! 
xxeaglesfanxx 01-28-201302-02-2013Success 52/3Sent 2 cards and received 3 back signed. 
xtra-innings 01-19-201302-02-2013Success 145/5x5 cards
1117drewbay 01-15-201302-03-2013Success 191/2Signed card and sent personal testimony signed along with it. Also answered my questions. Thanks. 
FL Oriole 01-02-201301-10-2013Success 83/38 day return, and one the best TTM's I have ever done. The story of his life pamplet is awesome!
EliStrait87 01-02-201301-10-2013Success 83/3Signed all three! 
Royals-R-US 12-29-201201-07-2013Success 94/4  
Royals-R-US 12-07-201212-31-2012Success 244/51989 Topps-project + Bible card 
dtwohig 11-28-201212-08-2012Success 102/2  
TTM 11-23-2012 Pending -4/0  
Autographs 11-23-201212-01-2012Success 84/5F 89, T 88, D 92, T 87, and added his own(all with bible inscriptions) 
BigStew40 10-27-201211-08-2012Success 121/1'92 Topps (project) 
J_A_S_Z 10-25-201211-03-2012Success 92/21987T x2-signed both 
delones24 10-24-201211-02-2012Success 91/2 
pukinpr 10-22-201210-29-2012Success 72/387 topps and fleer and he included his own signed religous booklet too. 
bigbrownsfan 10-01-201210-19-2012Success 182/3Signed my 84 Fleer and 89 Topps and included one of his testimonial cards as well thanks Frank 
39special 09-28-201210-09-2012Success 112/3Signed my '74 topps,'77ERA leaders,and sent a signed card of his own 
TGutta 09-14-201209-22-2012Success 81/1  
bigsportsfan1 09-08-201210-09-2012Success 315/6Signed my 5 cards and added a bible card, thanks Frank! 
Eddie_2 07-03-201208-02-2012Success 302/330 days. Signed both my Upper Deck 93 cards and added a signed testimonial card. TY sir! 
milwaukeeinohnine 04-25-201206-18-2012Success 541/1  
ryand911 04-19-201205-14-2012Success 252/3Returned both signed plus a signed testimonial 
David Hall 04-03-201204-18-2012Success 153/4signed all three cards plus sent a signed testimonial 
DownGoesFrazier 03-26-201204-06-2012Success 112/388 topps and score. Blue sharpie. He also sent a signed testimonial. Thanks Mr. Tanana! 
edttmguy 03-13-201203-19-2012Success 65/6Great Return!! signed six things 
Baseball45 01-23-201202-02-2013Success 3763/4Sent letter, 2 CIC's, and 1985 Topps. Got back all three signed and a signed pamplet about God. 9 Days! Thanks Mr. Tanana!!! 
mlbkidaron 01-20-201202-02-2013Success 3792/3got my 2 cards back signed and he added a additional card 
white_rabbit 01-17-201202-02-2012Success 164/42 85DDK 78T & 84F Thanks a lot Frank!
kardkid 01-12-201202-03-2012Success 222/3all came out great! 
Autographs 01-11-201201-22-2012Success 110/0  
detfan1222 12-27-201101-04-2012Success 82/3Got them both back today. Really Nice sig. Included an extra prayer card. 
bigsportsfan1 12-05-201112-10-2011Success 54/5Signed all 4 of my cards in blue sharpie and added an extra card of his own. Very fast turnaround. Thank you very much Frank! 
devin 09-10-201109-19-2011Success 92/3signed both my cards in blue ans sent his own 
jcb314 08-29-201109-12-2011Success 141/2  
39special 07-25-201108-05-2011Success 111/2Signed '77 Topps and sent Pro athletes out reach booklet inscribed John 14:6 
Csarge8 07-13-201107-23-2011Success 105/7Plus 2 testimony auto cards 
goleafsgo7 07-08-201108-04-2011Success 271/2Mr. Tanana signed my custom card and included a signed card of his own. Inscribed all with a bible verse. Great success!!!
K Morse 07-01-201107-13-2011Success 125/6  
rannicg 06-04-201106-24-2011Success 202/3Signed 88 and 89 Topps, also sent signed pamphlet. All with bible verse inscriptions. Thanks! 
galaxy2386 06-02-201106-24-2011Success 221/2Signed 81 Fleer, also sent signed pamphlet. with bible verse inscription 
bcardsrock35 06-01-201106-24-2011Success 232/2My 2nd success with Mr. Tanana 
Csarge8 05-20-201106-03-2011Success 143/4Plus additional religious signed item 
snoah 04-30-201105-09-2011Success 91/2sent one He included testomonial card 
levi 04-23-201105-02-2011Success 92/21982, 1987 Topps 
Riggs 02-28-201103-12-2011Success 123/4Great signer, FAST turnaround.. wish all my request went like this!! 
hotbox 02-15-201102-22-2011Success 74/4Signed 2 cards, 1 index card, and sent his own custom booklet, all with bible verses! 
SteakNchop 02-11-2011 Pending -3/0sent three cards 
lilstovie34 02-08-201102-15-2011Success 73/5signed all 3 cards + IC + his own custom 
mmalpedo01 02-02-201102-15-2011Success 133/4Signed 82 Fleer, 82 Donruss, 81 Donruss added his own card. He also answered my question and wrote a fairly long request to read the bible. 
moneymatt 01-21-201102-04-2011Success 143/488, 89, 93 topps...also included his own signed testimonial card....all inscribed with john 14:6 
levi 12-28-201001-13-2011Success 164/4'82, '84 Topps, '90 Fleer, '94 Score 
tigsfan 12-17-201012-21-2010Success 47/5also signed religious card along with the 5, in 4 days!!! 
Dean28 10-15-201011-09-2010Success 253/4'90 Score, '92 Donruss, & '91 Fl.Ultra in blue Sharpie w/ an added religious card. 
Brewcrew246 09-25-201010-07-2010Success 122/3Sent an extra signed religious card 
jmf42397 08-17-201008-30-2010Success 131/2Sent a 91 Topps. Signed it and sent an additional signed card. 
SESports 08-07-201008-28-2010Success 211/2Signed my 2010 Topps Tigers Franchise History card and sent signed testimony card, as well. 
xtra-innings 07-26-201008-28-2010Success 334/5Included extra signed card
wmhc28413 07-21-201008-04-2010Success 143/4 
BigRedMachine 06-10-201006-18-2010Success 81/21989 Topps - Signed, included his own card signed.
Osin13 05-20-201006-12-2010Success 234/4Signed 4 various cards 
arfmax 05-17-201005-24-2010Success 73/4included signed Pro Athletes Outreach card 
levi 04-18-201005-04-2010Success 165/5'75, '77, '86, and two '88 Topps cards, all personalized with Bible verses 
tonyt1957 04-13-201009-12-2010Success 1522/2singed in black sharpe nice sign 
xtra-innings 03-31-201004-09-2010Success 94/5included additional signed card
jj21388 01-27-201002-05-2010Success 91/1Mr. Tanana signed my 1974 Topps in black sharpie. He also sent a signed Christian pamphlet. No fee! 
docgallie 01-14-201001-23-2010Success 96/4signed 4, returned 2 and included a signed prayer card 
whoscraig 12-03-200912-10-2009Success 71/2Quick response on 1987 Topps... received signed religious card too 
gcrl 09-12-200909-24-2009Success 124/5signed all 4 cards i sent and included a signed pamphlet. thanks frank! 
baseball123 09-06-200909-16-2009Success 104/5  
pinkfoxrider 09-05-200909-16-2009Success 113/3  
RockiesFan33 09-01-200909-11-2009Success 101/1Signed my custom. 
RockiesFan33 09-01-200909-11-2009Success 101/1Signed my custom.
JRubin 08-21-200908-31-2009Success 105/6  
outtahere 08-13-200908-29-2009Success 162/3Signed (2) 93 Leafs, With Blue and Signed Religous Pamphlet
tuckermugsyweena 08-10-200908-19-2009Success 92/3Signed Cards. Added another card signed 
wmhc28413 08-04-200908-11-2009Success 73/4signed my cards and sent back a bible card signed......
JRubin 06-15-200906-29-2009Success 142/3returned 2 cards signed and inscibed with scripture and sent signed testimony card 
Headshot 04-22-200904-29-2009Success 71/1signed a 1978 topps trading card 
nick98292 07-14-200807-30-2008Success 163/4'91 Topps, '92 Topps Stadium Club, '92 Pinnacle + Bible Card
jerseyman1992 02-13-200802-29-2008Success 162/517 days - Also signed 2 Index cards and a testimonial card 
Jamesleach32 12-11-1712-22-2017Success 18614/5Signed all 4 cards and included a signed religious pamphlet 


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