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Juan Marichal Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 90%

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Address success percentage: 81%    
Total number of submission on this address: 20
# of Success: 13  # of Failed: 3  # of Pending: 4
Added by:JayHo7284   Added on: 02-12-2013
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
IAK683 03-02-202003-09-2020Success 61/11966T with donation signed! Thanks Mr. Marichal! 
bdcool77 02-24-202003-09-2020Success 131/11969 Topps w/donation 
GRombach13 02-21-202002-29-2020Success 81/11962 Topps + $10 
quyeneethepooh 01-25-202002-22-2020Success 282/1sent 2 cards and $10 donation. received 1 signed and the other unsigned 
bcommerce 10-21-201901-17-2020Success 881/1Sent HOF Postcard and $10. Returned Signed! 
rmbenjamin 10-01-201901-22-2020Success 1131/1I am elated, Mr. Marichal. Thank you. 
Calebssportscards 08-12-201909-06-2019Success 251/14 x 6 photo signed with $10 cash
Superdiz26 01-04-201907-24-2019Failure 2003/3Unsigned 3 Fleer 1998 Ledgens Of the game 
crbaughn62 06-30-201807-10-2018Failure 101/0Rts insufficient addy. Try addy below 
cgfl 03-17-2018 Pending -1/0No Donation 
cutchamin 03-09-201803-19-2018Success 92/2sent 1961 Topps and 1974 Topps Traded + $20 check - he added "HOF 93" 
rayrehder 01-03-201803-19-2018Success 741/188 Pacific signed in blue sharpie, added HOF 83 inscription. $5 fee 
puck34 12-29-201701-13-2018Success 152/1Sent a ball and 8.5x11/ signed only the photo and didn't even return the ball... still a great success! 
SF-Giants 12-16-201701-01-2018Success 163/1HE SIGNED ONE!!!!! Inscribed HoF without asking! 
Cjohnson1221 11-03-201701-27-2018Success 853/3With donation but signed all them. 
Spikes40 06-17-2017 Pending -1/0  
Calebssportscards 03-09-2015 Pending -1/0worth a shot 
sml8bp 01-09-201501-28-2015Success 192/2Sent 2 cards with SASE from Korea, signed both cards and added HOF 83 to both...
bboonie53 08-05-2013 Pending -1/0'05 UD Classic 
JayHo7284 01-11-201302-11-2013Failure 311/0Name scratched out & RTS 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 91%    
Total number of submission on this address: 113
# of Success: 92  # of Failed: 9  # of Pending: 12
Added by:Appraiserjake   Added on: 12-20-2017
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Piester 03-25-202004-02-2020Success 81/1  
kellykruse23 03-14-202003-24-2020Success 101/0Sent $10 cash with 2019 Archives 
dgo71 03-11-202003-16-2020Success 54/469T, 01F GotG, 15 Archives, 13 Heritage FB + $40
Leeburtt 02-29-202003-11-2020Success 102/2$20 
GoStLCards 02-28-202003-10-2020Success 102/2$20 
Goodall10 02-16-202002-24-2020Success 81/1MLB Baseball, SASE, $10 cash. 
StarrsCards 02-15-202002-25-2020Success 101/12019 Topps Stadium Club + $10. Third time’s the charm!
CarlosSchwindt 02-10-202002-25-2020Success 152/2Sent 1 card and a 8x10 and $10 
WhiteSoxFan13 02-08-202002-15-2020Success 71/1LOR, SASE, $10, 2019 Allen & Ginter, signed in blue. 
Jawheels73 02-08-2020 Success -2/1Signed 1 of 2 with donation 
danielcards 02-01-202002-12-2020Success 111/1$10 Fee, awesome auto 
elGarycards 01-27-202002-04-2020Success 81/1Thanks Mr Marichal! 
bigd8690 01-24-202002-06-2020Success 131/1Sent an 8x10 and $10 donation. Received back signed 
dgo71 01-21-202001-29-2020Success 84/42012, 13, 14, 15 Gypsy Queen + $40 cash
metsfish 01-02-202001-17-2020Success 151/1$10
GoStLCards 12-28-201901-17-2020Success 202/2$20 
Leeburtt 11-27-201901-17-2020Success 511/1Romlb 10 cash 
jrosscp 11-20-201901-15-2020Success 563/3Sent 3 Topps cards w/ $20, SASE, and note. 
FlyTheW 35 11-14-2019 Pending -1/0Sent LOR, SASE, 1 card and $10 
adamd 10-19-201901-17-2020Success 901/12018 Donruss card singed in blue. thanks. Mr. Marichal 
justindi 10-19-201901-17-2020Success 901/1Sent a $10 donation and he signed my 2014 Gypsy Queen in blue. Really happy to see this one come back, thanks Mr. Marichal! 
bboonie53 09-23-201910-04-2019Success 111/1$20 ROMLB 
GbabySweetness 09-12-201909-20-2019Success 81/1Pen Romlb 10$ Sweet! 
bdmorr 09-03-201909-16-2019Success 131/1+ $10, as required 
BigRedMachine14 08-27-201909-14-2019Success 181/1SASE, 64T, small request, $10 Charitable Donation... THANKS DOMINICAN DANDY!!! 
dgo71 08-27-201909-05-2019Success 94/470T, 70T All-Star, 14 A&G, 19 A&G + $40 cash
RIFF RAFF 77 08-21-201908-27-2019Success 61/1ROMLB $10 
mrtrhl13 08-15-201908-23-2019Success 82/2LOR, SASE, 2 cards, $20. 2nd attempt successful. Both returned signed. Looks like $10 per is the number.
jrosscp 08-13-201908-24-2019Success 113/3Great signatures with sharpie! Sent 65T, 68T, 69T cards, a $20 donation, SASE, and a letter! 
mrtrhl13 08-04-201908-14-2019Failure 101/1LOR, SASE, 1 Card (2002 Diamond Kings /400), $5. Returned card unsigned and $5. Maybe more $$? 
StarrsCards 07-31-201908-09-2019Failure 91/0Sent $5 this time. Still didn’t sign. I guess he wants $10 now. 
StarrsCards 07-17-201907-29-2019Failure 121/0Forgot he charges. 
Gyro 07-17-201907-26-2019Success 92/2Signed both cards, sig looks a little shaky. Thanks! 
bickel84 06-29-201907-24-2019Success 251/105 Upper Deck & $10 
Danmay55 06-28-201907-15-2019Success 171/1W $5 signed it! 
Piester 06-16-201907-23-2019Success 371/1  
bcommerce 06-07-201907-23-2019Success 461/1Sent 8 x 10 and $10, Returned Signed! 
ptmerr01 05-20-2019 Pending -1/0  
mas 05-17-201907-25-2019Success 691/1card +$
backwardsk14 04-29-201907-16-2019Success 782/2Sent a $20 donation and received my 2 cards back signed! 
mtwalsh3223 04-23-201907-23-2019Success 911/01970 Topps signed in black sharpie-- thank you Mr. Marichal! 
dgo71 04-08-201907-13-2019Success 962/261T, 63T + $20 cash; VERY relieved to get these back!
ronsonelrod 04-06-201907-26-2019Success 1111/1Sent ROMLB, LOR, SASE, and $10 donation. 
nbarbella 04-05-2019 Pending -1/0  
Mitchell2314 03-19-201904-01-2019Success 131/1Sent 1 card. (1-2017 Topps) Signed in blue sharpie and wrote HOF included $5 donation 
dgo71 03-14-201903-29-2019Success 153/3Sent with $30 cash - no "HOF83" this time but I'm not complaining!
Craiggb 03-11-201904-01-2019Success 212/2  
dgo71 03-02-201903-12-2019Success 92/213 A&G, 09 Heritage Flashbacks with $20 donation
dadandsoncards 02-28-201903-11-2019Success 101/11/1 05 Upper Deck no questions 
NYMCollector17 02-22-201903-04-2019Success 102/2$10 
Jawheels73 02-21-201903-01-2019Success 82/2Signed 2 cards with donation
21kholley 02-15-201903-02-2019Success 152/2Signed 2/2 in blue with HOF 83, sent 10$ 
Leeburtt 02-12-201902-22-2019Success 101/1Ag 10 cash 
brooks13307 02-11-201907-23-2019Success 1612/268, 69 Topps + $20 
RIFF RAFF 77 02-08-201902-19-2019Success 111/1W/donation 
Ky1603 02-07-201902-15-2019Success 81/1ROLMB with $20 donation 
Sue 02-07-201902-15-2019Success 82/2Sent a 65 Topps and a 2014 A&G plus $15. Signed beautifully in thin blue Sharpie and added HOF 83 on each.
Grautzhan38 01-30-2019 Pending -1/0  
totalnv 01-28-201902-07-2019Success 101/1SASE, LOR, ROMLB, $10 cash - signed ball on sweet spot in blue pen with HOF inscription
Figman75 01-22-201901-30-2019Success 81/1Sent ROMLB and donation. Signed in blue with HOF. Thanks! 
cwbreaks 01-21-201902-09-2019Success 192/22 cards + LOR + $20 + SASE 
Leeburtt 01-08-201901-18-2019Success 102/1$10 cash 
Vick1jj 01-07-201901-19-2019Success 121/1Sent LOR, SASE, $10, and 2018 Topps Heritage Flashbacks, received back in blue sharpie with 
NYMCollector17 12-29-201801-23-2019Success 252/2$10 
GoStLCards 12-22-201801-22-2019Success 311/1$10 
tilt122 12-13-201801-22-2019Success 401/11 Card and $10 signed in blue sharpie. What a deal 
Oriolesrise 12-01-201801-22-2019Success 521/1fleer poster w/ donation 
NatHon995 11-24-201801-17-2019Success 541/1signed 67T and 10$ 
Oriolesrise 11-10-201811-23-2018Success 132/174 Topps 97 Fleer Poster with Donation 
jmaciu 10-09-201811-24-2018Success 462/21969T/1972T In Action + $15 cash. I am super happy with these. Both are signed in blue sharpie, the 1969T receiving a HOF inscription. Thank you, Mr. Marichal!!!
Baldones 09-25-2018 Pending -2/0Sending 2 OMLB 
jacksonkdj 09-12-201811-24-2018Success 731/1Sent $10 cash and 2014 Topps Heritage Flashbacks
jimrice1978 09-10-201811-24-2018Success 751/114 AG - sent $10 
Johnlightning 09-08-201811-26-2018Success 791/020.00 ROMLB, SIGNED IN BLUE BALL POINT WITH HOF 83 
Danmay55 09-06-201811-24-2018Success 791/1W $10 signed it! 
theflash 09-05-201811-24-2018Success 801/114 A&G w donation 
Goaftermath 08-27-201809-04-2018Success 82/271T 73T $10 signed in blue added HOF without asking 
AGore 08-24-201808-31-2018Success 71/0Sent a 4x6 edit and signed back with HOF inscription 
diback34 08-23-201809-01-2018Success 92/2sending a 1988 pacific baseball legends and 2015 topps archives with $10... signed In blue with HOF 83 inscription 
jberg 08-22-201808-29-2018Success 71/1Donation + ROMLB 
JustStartingOut 08-15-201808-20-2018Success 51/1LOR, SASE, ROMLBHOF, pen, $10. Signed with HOF 83 inscription. Thank you, Mr. Marichal
chcards9 08-14-201808-24-2018Failure 101/0Sent a $5 donation/ unsigned with my donation 
GSilvy35 08-14-201808-23-2018Success 91/1Sent LOR, ROMLB, pen and $10 donation 
Danmay55 08-06-201808-23-2018Failure 171/0W $5 returned unsigned w my $5 
reachrulz 07-31-201808-11-2018Success 111/1$10 donation/ ROMLB signed on the sweet spot! With HOF inscription! 
bootzilla 07-31-201808-11-2018Success 112/2signed 2/2 baseball cards with HOF 83 inscription, $10 donation
Schmidty548 07-21-201808-04-2018Success 141/1With a $5 donation Signed my Hall of Fame Plaque
crbaughn62 07-14-201808-03-2018Success 201/1$5 
gopherz99 07-06-2018 Pending -1/0  
sycpet99 07-04-201807-12-2018Success 81/1Signed my 8x10 HOF plaque with HOF inscription for $10. Thanks Juan. 
timandanita17 06-27-201807-06-2018Success 91/0Signed in blue sharpie with HOF 83 inscription. Thank you sir! 
1956WS 06-25-201807-05-2018Success 102/266T/69T + $10. Surprised actually to get this. You gotta send cash money. Really way better than I expected. I've had that 66T since buying in a card shop in Minneapolis in 1991. Thank you, Mr. Marichal!
NatHon995 06-22-201802-05-2019Success 2281/11967T 
Schmidty548 03-26-201806-21-2018Success 871/1Signed my 4x6 postcard
bboonie53 03-23-201806-15-2018Success 841/0$25 ROMLB 
jdresbach 03-21-201806-18-2018Success 891/1card with $5 donation Signed in blue Sharpie 
twinsfan83 03-19-201806-16-2018Success 891/12016 Archives, $5 
ClemD 03-16-2018 Pending -1/0Topps card with $10 check 
puck34 03-10-2018 Pending -1/0Sent 1 baseball along with $5/ 
jacksonkdj 02-20-201803-03-2018Success 111/1Sent $10 cash and one card, 2012 Heritage Flashbacks
geneseo1532 02-14-201802-24-2018Success 101/2signed 62T i sent and sent extra index card with added inscriptions on both for only $10!! 
cseitz 02-13-201802-23-2018Success 101/1Sent 1970 with $10.00. Received back signed with HOF inscription. 
DrewEd 02-12-2018 Pending -2/0  
jberg 02-06-201808-29-2018Failure 2031/01970T LOR, SASE---No cash sent. does not appear to be coming back 
crbaughn62 02-03-201806-23-2018Failure 1391/0Didn’t send $ 
tarv118 01-31-2018 Pending -1/0  
haynmay 01-26-2018 Failure -1/0  
briang0381 01-16-201801-29-2018Success 132/2Sent 2 8x10's & requested personalization for my son & I. Received both back signed and personalized as requested!
Jamesr22 01-03-2018 Pending -1/0‘74 topps traded and LOR 
jimmer 01-03-2018 Pending -1/0Sent one card to be signed 
chupy 12-30-201703-07-2018Success 671/1Sent ROMLB. Juan signed it on sweet spot with HOF. 
brooks13307 12-27-2017 Failure -1/01970 Topps, $10...Over a year and no return 
Appraiserjake 11-28-201712-19-2017Success 213/1Sent 2 cards and a ball. Returned all 3 but only signed ball. 


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