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Rich 'Goose' Gossage Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 98%

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Address success percentage: 98%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1205
# of Success: 1128  # of Failed: 23  # of Pending: 54
Instruction:Signs for $10 fee.
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-19-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
redfirescorpio 09-29-2022 Pending -1/0'90 Donruss; LOR, SASE & $10 Donation 
Reecespieeces 09-20-2022 Pending -2/0Lor,sase, $10 
Sleve McDichael 09-19-2022 Pending -1/0HWLOR, SASE, $10 
Fortune500 09-18-2022 Pending -1/0Sent one ROMLB 
Nucholsjw 09-14-2022 Pending -3/03 cards no fee. 
Tinobaseball 09-12-2022 Pending -1/0  
Piester 09-10-2022 Pending -1/0  
SG7586 08-25-2022 Pending -1/0‘13 Topps 
Gudmuan13 08-25-2022 Pending -1/0  
Nucholsjw 08-22-2022 Pending -2/02 cards. 
Sunday1014 08-19-2022 Pending -1/01 card 
Nucholsjw 08-19-202209-08-2022Success 202/2ROMLB and 1 card. $20. Came back signed in blue ball point pen. Signed card as well. 
Frankthetank 08-19-2022 Pending -1/0  
Will3119 08-11-2022 Pending -1/0  
RussS 08-11-202209-06-2022Success 261/1Sent a letter, card and SASE and $10 - received card back signed. Thank you 
jmartinez2862 08-10-2022 Pending -1/01 card and LOR 
RH81 08-09-2022 Pending -1/0  
Falzone829 08-05-202208-15-2022Success 101/1Thanks Goose !!!
Cuckthefubs 08-04-2022 Pending -1/0LOR, SASE, and 1 card sent. $5 
kanoyes 08-02-202208-17-2022Success 151/1thank you Goose!, SASE, 1 card, LOR, $5
autographs2010 08-01-202208-15-2022Success 141/1  
Ky1603 07-28-202208-11-2022Success 141/1$10 - HOF Plaque Postcard 
Tumbleweed29 07-28-202208-13-2022Success 161/1LOR, SASE, no fee, 89 Fleer 
lifeboy1 07-25-202208-15-2022Success 211/192 Score +$10 
carcass5 07-21-2022 Pending -1/0one card 
wolfmanblue 07-21-202208-11-2022Success 211/1'87 fleer leauge leaders with Sase singed in blue sharpie 
kanoyes 07-18-202208-11-2022Success 241/1SASE, 1 card, LOR 
PowderedH2O 07-18-202208-16-2022Success 291/1Sent 85 Fleer - Signed it - Awesome!!! 
Luca Scars 07-13-2022 Pending -1/01 card $5 
Tarman44 07-11-202207-23-2022Success 121/1Success! Received my 1 card back and answered questions, beautiful signature! Thanks Mr. Gossage!
RedsFan75 07-11-202207-22-2022Success 112/2Sent LOA, SASE, '81 Topps and '92 Topps, and 2 Index cards. Got back both cards signed beautifully in blue sharpie with HOF 2008 inscribed. Thank you so very much Goose, you are an amazing person and athlete 
Jimmyfats 07-10-202207-22-2022Success 121/1LOR, SASE, 1 card, $10 
autographs2010 07-09-202207-22-2022Success 131/1 
Maxheidkamp 07-05-202207-22-2022Success 171/1+$10. Signed Card and Sent Money Back! 
JakeParisi10 07-05-202207-23-2022Success 181/1really great signature to add to the collection 
JakeParisi10 07-05-202207-23-2022Success 181/1really great signature to add to the collection 
hockeytown 07-02-202207-28-2022Success 262/110.00 Keep one if he wants, one signed by Hrabosky 
dmhinton138 06-30-202207-22-2022Success 221/1LOR, SASE, $5 and 85 Fleer Limited Edition. Signed in blue sharpie. 
rggedglory 06-27-202207-05-2022Success 81/11 card 
jmartinez2862 06-27-202207-22-2022Success 251/1  
Will3119 06-27-202207-21-2022Success 241/1Signed in thin blue with "hof 2008" inscription. 
Tombrady123 06-27-202207-05-2022Success 81/1instagram:@ttmfinn 
Sunday1014 06-24-202207-05-2022Success 111/11 card Ty Mr Gossage no fee 
Ky1603 06-22-202207-05-2022Success 131/1$10 - HOF Plaque Postcard 
snoweyy 06-20-2022 Pending -1/08x10 $5 
Falzone829 06-20-202207-05-2022Success 151/1Thanks Goose !!!
autographs2010 06-18-202207-05-2022Success 171/1 
RobSpires 06-16-202207-05-2022Success 191/1LOR/SASE, 1 card, no fee. Returned signed 
tylerchilds22 06-14-202207-05-2022Success 211/2Letter, SASE, and 1 card, received card and personalization blue ink! No fee! Thank you Goose!
Ky1603 06-13-202206-21-2022Success 81/1$10 - 2020 Allen & Ginter 
Vineyard 06-13-202207-10-2022Success 271/1blue sharpie, nicely centered. No $ sent 
Rizdak 06-11-202206-21-2022Success 101/1$10 and letter 
Falzone829 06-06-202206-21-2022Success 151/1Thanks Goose !!!
cch15 06-01-202206-21-2022Success 201/1Sent with $5 
amerks22 05-31-202206-21-2022Success 211/11 card signed in blue sharpie 
Balmybuffalo1 05-28-202206-18-2022Success 211/1Sent $5 with card 
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 05-27-202206-11-2022Success 151/11983 Topps w/ $5 
ddisbrow29 05-24-202206-11-2022Success 181/1‘86 Donruss Diamond King; blue sharpie 
Sunday1014 05-20-202206-13-2022Success 241/1  
SG7586 05-18-202206-11-2022Success 241/191 Mothers Cookies and $10 
Schmidty548 05-16-202205-28-2022Success 121/1signed my baseball card - Check out my returns on the Hot Corner -
shadynile 05-11-202205-20-2022Success 91/1  
TribeFan83 05-10-202205-20-2022Success 101/11 signed in blue, thanks Mr. Gossage! 
dish142002 05-09-202205-20-2022Success 112/2$20 
Debone44 05-07-202205-20-2022Success 131/1LOR, $10 cash, SASE, signed my 84FU in blue sharpie 
Bballgrl1891 05-02-202205-13-2022Success 111/1  
BigBill33 04-30-202205-13-2022Success 131/1Sent 8x10 photo, Signed. hof_ttm 
Will3119 04-25-202205-09-2022Success 141/1Signed in thin blue marker. Off to Steve Garvey for the finish. 
NatHon995 04-23-202205-05-2022Success 121/181T 
Whawke 04-23-202205-04-2022Success 111/1Signed card! Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
Jasfazad88 04-23-202205-07-2022Success 141/1  
SG7586 04-20-202205-03-2022Success 131/184 Fleer previously signed by Steve Garvey and $5 
rggedglory 04-15-202205-09-2022Success 241/11 card 
jmartinez2862 04-14-202204-23-2022Success 91/11 card. Handwritten LOR, SASE and donation 
sampio 04-13-202205-10-2022Success 271/1HWLOR, SASE, no fee. Returned signed! 
Sunday1014 04-11-202204-23-2022Success 121/11 card Ty Mr Gossage no fee 
jacobpfe 04-07-202204-16-2022Success 91/1no fee 
CrayonVintage 04-03-202204-28-2022Success 252/2Sent 2 cards, LOR, SASE, and $20; both cards returned nicely signed.
Survivor42 04-02-202204-15-2022Success 131/1sent 1 card signed 1 card.. no fee 
19socks59 04-02-202204-16-2022Success 141/11 card + $10 
Theriprat 03-31-202204-25-2022Success 251/1Sent one tc along with a LOR, SASE no $ 
AndrewCard1 03-31-202204-15-2022Success 151/1Sent HWLOR, SASE, 1 Card: Update Rec. No Fee did express how big of a fan I am of the cubs 
SG7586 03-26-202204-15-2022Success 201/101 Fleer 
andyb426 03-26-202204-15-2022Success 201/1Beautiful signature. Sent with $10 fee. Thank you Mr. Gossage!
Thehawk777 03-16-202204-15-2022Success 301/1Sent his rookie with a $10 donation and SASE.
rggedglory 03-16-202204-18-2022Success 331/01 card 
jricupero 03-12-202204-17-2022Success 351/1  
CadillacBill 03-11-202204-15-2022Pending 342/1Sent 1985 & 1986 Topps & $20.00 - only signed 86 Topps, returned other unsigned 
thorgy213 03-11-202204-20-2022Success 391/1sase-note-HOFPlaque Card-Returned nicely signed 
Bailey10 03-10-202204-16-2022Success 361/1Signed card with HOF inscription! 
jmcraven 03-09-2022 Pending -2/0'73 & '81 Topps + $20 
bigmike1216 03-09-202204-02-2022Success 231/1  
Mortgage Dude 03-02-202203-15-2022Success 121/1One card sent w/ SASE
Will3119 03-02-202204-14-2022Success 421/1Signed in thin blue sharpie. Nice success 
bboonie53 03-01-202203-14-2022Success 121/1ROMLB $40/ didn’t get all the stats but oh well lol 
georgef3518 02-28-202203-14-2022Success 131/1SASE no fee 
Sean08 02-27-202203-14-2022Success 141/11989 fleer no fee. Returned signed!!! 
Yankees223 02-26-202203-14-2022Success 151/2I sent two cards got both back with only one signed 
Will3119 02-24-202203-14-2022Success 171/1Signed in thin blue sharpie. Nice success 
GatheringStorm88 02-23-202203-14-2022Success 182/22 Cards, LOR, SASE, $20 
jmartinez2862 02-22-202203-15-2022Success 201/11 card. Handwritten LOR, SASE 
autographs2010 02-18-202203-15-2022Success 241/1 
chef 02-16-202203-14-2022Success 251/1$10 donation 
evalladares 02-14-202203-15-2022Success 282/2Sent 2020 A&G and 1978 Topps "Leading Firemen" and $10. Signed both beautifully! 
rggedglory 02-11-202203-16-2022Success 321/11 card 
lews2 02-10-202203-11-2022Success 291/188 Donruss, no $ 
rggedglory 02-09-202203-16-2022Success 343/33 cards plus fee 
JJPMI 02-05-202203-15-2022Success 373/192 Score, 87 Donruss, 74 Topps, + $10 - only signed 1, 74 Topps 
Historyhokie 02-04-202203-16-2022Success 392/1Signed 1/2 in blue sharpie (returned one unsigned) with $10 fee 
NYYJMM 02-01-202202-18-2022Success 171/11985 Topps signed beautifully in blue/with fee
cal4477 02-01-202203-14-2022Success 401/1Sent $10 and signed my 1991 Studio card 
SG7586 01-28-202202-18-2022Success 211/188 Topps T 
Vercingetorix 01-28-202202-17-2022Success 201/1Great Return! 
dkaplan33 01-27-202202-18-2022Success 222/1I sent him 3 bucks and 2 cards. I wrote a nice personalized letter to him. He signed 1. Cant be to mad. 
kinzigerj 01-26-202202-18-2022Success 231/1No $ 
Ricky7 01-26-202202-18-2022Success 232/1  
Dylan4Waits 01-23-202202-18-2022Success 261/0Signed with No $. Postmarked from Az 
Gableinn12 01-21-202202-18-2022Success 281/18 by 10 w/$10 
Fortune500 01-21-202202-18-2022Success 282/2Sent one 8x10 photo and one ROMLB and donation. Only signed picture 
Martinriggswins 01-21-202202-03-2022Success 131/185F $10
rt1317 01-18-202202-19-2022Success 321/189T 
Worrellj22 01-13-202201-20-2022Success 71/189 Topps...He signed it with blue sharpie....looks great! Thank you! 
Wildpitch86 01-04-202201-18-2022Success 141/1Sent 1985 Topps and $5.
Will3119 12-29-202101-17-2022Success 191/1  
Danmay55 12-28-202101-18-2022Success 211/1Signed it! 
crbaughn62 12-27-202101-22-2022Success 261/1no $ 
jricupero 12-27-202101-18-2022Pending 221/1$10 
Tucker 12-26-202101-25-2022Success 301/1Sent 1 card + $10 
bjp40 12-22-202101-18-2022Success 271/173T$10 
SG7586 12-06-202101-04-2022Success 291/12020 Allen & Ginter 
ronhudson 12-06-202101-03-2022Success 281/1ROMLB & $15 cash. 
Falzone829 11-29-202112-13-2021Success 141/1Thanks again Goose !!
TheoB 11-26-202112-13-2021Success 171/1  
Klummp 11-26-202112-13-2021Success 171/11 card hwlor sase +fee Thanks Mr. Gossage 
NatHon995 11-20-202112-13-2021Success 231/186 special edition 
Quinnster 11-15-202111-27-2021Success 121/1Look at my IG for picture 
Sc77 11-10-202111-27-2021Success 171/1Romlb $25 
Falzone829 11-10-202111-29-2021Success 191/1Thanks Goose !!
rggedglory 11-09-202111-27-2021Success 181/11 card 
bootzilla 11-04-202111-26-2021Success 222/2Sent $$ 
Bballgrl1891 10-27-202112-03-2021Success 371/1  
Falzone829 10-22-202111-01-2021Success 101/1My favorite Gossage card, Thanks Goose !!!
Jako81 10-18-202111-01-2021Success 141/0HWLOR, SASE, Fee. 
TribeFan83 10-16-202110-29-2021Success 131/11 signed in blue, thanks Mr. Gossage! 
argallucci 10-15-202110-25-2021Success 101/1LOR, 87 topps, SASE, $10. Asked for HOF year, no dice. But, great signature. Thanks Goose! 
ConnorMongan 10-13-202110-25-2021Success 121/15x7 Art Project, $10 Donation. Signed with HOF inscription. Thanks Mr Gossage! 
RMoody21 10-12-202110-25-2021Success 131/1$10 - No Insc. 
Falzone829 10-12-202110-25-2021Success 131/1Thanks again Goose !!
AceMcSchooly 10-08-202110-25-2021Success 171/1Signed 1 of 1 in Blue Sharpie. 
Barbosa79 10-04-202110-25-2021Success 211/1Great sig. $10 fee
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 10-01-202110-09-2021Success 81/11983 Fleer w/ $5 
thorgy213 09-27-2021 Pending -3/0sase-note-donation 
Falzone829 09-24-202110-08-2021Success 141/1Thanks Goose !!!
Wildpitch86 09-23-202110-09-2021Success 161/1Sent 1987 Topps and donation, card signed with HOF inscription, thank you Mr. Gossage. Great guy and great to his fans.
CubsSoxFan 09-21-202110-08-2021Success 171/1HOF postcard and $10. No HOF year inscription (didn't ask for it either). Thanks Mr. Gossage.
asd851206 09-18-202111-03-2021Success 461/1  
dkcheese915 09-16-202110-08-2021Success 221/188 Topps + $10 
brooks13307 09-15-2021 Pending -1/088 topps 
ericsagara 09-15-202110-08-2021Success 231/1 
BirdmanantCollect 09-14-202110-14-2021Success 301/1Signed 2017 Archives w/Blue Sharpie for $10 
mhh0006 09-13-202110-09-2021Success 261/1LOR, SASE, 1974 Topps, $10 
hockeytown 09-04-202104-30-2022Success 2381/1K 
Will3119 09-03-202109-15-2021Success 121/1  
ccalkins 09-01-202109-18-2021Success 171/1signed one card 
SG7586 08-31-202109-17-2021Success 171/1‘17 Topps archive 
AndrewTM Cards 08-21-202108-28-2021Success 71/1Sent a ‘92 Topps for my set. Update: Received back signed in blue ink in only a week! Thanks so much Mr. Gossage! 
hockeytown 08-21-202109-03-2021Success 131/1  
SG7586 08-13-202108-28-2021Success 151/187 Topps 
asd851206 08-10-202109-17-2021Success 381/1$10. 
macheskyjeff 08-07-202108-28-2021Success 211/11981 Topps; $10 
Torsportsfan 08-03-202108-31-2021Success 281/1HWLOR, SASE, $10 fee with 82D. One of the nicest autographs, and inscribed HOF as well. Thank you, Mr. Gossage! 
RizzoBryant2016 08-03-202108-28-2021Success 251/1Sent 1 card, a letter and a sase. Received card signed in thin blue sharpie! Great! 
bjp40 08-02-202108-30-2021Success 281/173T signed by Hrabosky. Completed the card. 
rggedglory 08-02-202108-26-2021Success 241/11 card 
hockeytown 07-28-202109-25-2021Success 591/1R 
Morrison Baseball 07-27-2021 Pending -1/0Sent card/letter/$10 
Stebbins25 07-27-2021 Pending -1/0(1) Baseball Card 
Will3119 07-26-202108-05-2021Success 101/1  
Scottwill1984 07-23-202108-05-2021Pending 131/0Score 92 - $10
Will3119 07-22-202108-04-2021Success 131/1$10 
green15tt 07-21-2021 Pending -1/0Sent (1) 1988 Topps Tiffany card and $20. 
SG7586 07-20-202107-31-2021Success 111/179 Topps 
GP-OH 07-19-202107-31-2021Success 121/181T 
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 07-17-202108-06-2021Success 201/11984 Topps w/ $5 
hockeytown 07-13-2021 Pending -1/1K 
Jamesalford23 07-10-202107-31-2021Success 212/22 cards and fee 
brooks13307 07-09-202108-03-2021Success 251/1topps card 
Bballgrl1891 07-05-202107-29-2021Success 241/1  
FlyingDutchmen 07-01-202107-12-2021Success 111/186 Donruss DK + $5
Stebbins25 06-30-202107-12-2021Success 121/1See My Returns On YouTube 
AnotherEaglesFan 06-30-202107-12-2021Success 121/1Sent LOR, SASE, questions, an 8x10, and a $10 check. Signed my 8x10 in black and answered questions. Looks amazing! Thanks Mr. Gossage!
Carney 06-28-202107-12-2021Success 141/1Re-Sending with Note about what happened. Update: Got card back signed. He wrote back a note that said I was lying 
SG7586 06-28-202107-12-2021Success 141/175 SSPC 
SWulliman23 06-28-202107-12-2021Success 141/1Sent 1 Cubs card, he signed with Blue sharpie ! 
Tlezaj 06-28-202107-12-2021Success 141/079 Topps, $5, No Hof 
sterling23 06-27-2021 Pending -1/0Sent 1 Cubs card ! 
Newbomb Turk 06-26-202107-12-2021Success 161/192 Donruss 91 Highlights Nolan 308 Wins Gossage 308 Saves. Thank you, Mr. Gossage. 
biggametoday 06-25-202107-12-2021Success 172/283, 87 Topps w/ $20 fee. Both signed & returned quickly
Falzone829 06-22-202107-03-2021Success 111/1Thanks Goose !!!
Abneric 06-19-202107-03-2021Success 141/11 card 
kreiden 06-18-202107-03-2021Success 151/1Sent letter and donation. Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
Carney 06-16-202106-26-2021Failure 101/02020 A&G. Donation. Wow, sent card back unsigned and kept my money. Didn’t seal envelope 
recbball 06-15-202106-26-2021Success 111/1Sent LOR, SASE, 1 card, $10. Received signed card, answered questions.
Tucker 06-11-202106-29-2021Success 181/1Sent one card and $10…I received 1 signed card. 
RMJ 06-11-202107-12-2021Success 311/1HOF logo ball, $25. Thank you Mr. Gossage.
SG7586 06-07-202106-18-2021Success 111/176 Topps Fireman card. Previously signed by Hrabosky, $10. 
Abneric 06-03-202106-21-2021Success 181/11 card 
Collectibles Cave 05-28-202106-11-2021Success 141/1Sent ROMLB and $20 donation. Thanks Goose!! 
MattK23 05-24-202106-28-2021Success 352/12cards $20 donated sign 1card +HOF 
CubsSoxFan 05-24-202106-09-2021Success 161/0Sent ROMLB and $20 donation. Thanks Goose!! 
bjp40 05-21-202106-18-2021Success 281/1Ball and $20. Complete with HOF inscription. Thank you Mr. Gossage. 
jmartinez2862 05-19-202106-07-2021Success 191/11 card. Handwritten LOR, SASE and donation. Thanks, Goose! 
slytano 05-14-202106-07-2021Success 241/1Donruss 1986 Diamond King, sase
polarbear 05-12-202106-10-2021Success 291/12003 Topps ATFF + fee 
Will3119 05-11-202106-07-2021Success 271/1  
StetsonMan 05-08-202107-12-2021Success 651/2Hand Written letter and a 88 Topps card. Update- Signed the card for my set and included a hand written letter of his own thanking me for remembering games he pitched in and he signed that at bottom also. Included HOF inscription without me asking on card 
brooks13307 05-07-202105-17-2021Success 101/173 topps, $10 
Spanky77 05-07-202105-25-2021Success 182/2Thank you goooooooossssseeeee 
dish142002 05-01-202105-17-2021Success 162/2signed 2 with $20 
sabro9 04-30-202105-18-2021Success 181/1sent one 1979 topps plus a donation. Card came back signed the 124th of my set ty Mr Gossage 
Bdude 04-27-202105-11-2021Success 141/1  
RMJ 04-22-202105-20-2021Success 281/0$10, 1978 Topps signed nicely in blue. Thanks Mr. Gossage!
SG7586 04-16-202105-17-2021Success 311/186 Topps 
Mikesrade 04-16-202105-17-2021Success 312/2  
Jared1805 04-15-202105-17-2021Success 321/1Sent ROMLB and $20 with inscription request 
Will3119 04-07-202104-20-2021Success 131/1$5. Thin blue marker. 
RandyPolicar 04-03-202104-10-2021Success 71/1ROMLB, HWLOR, $20, Signed on SS with HOF Inscription 
rice80gwynn19 04-01-202104-12-2021Success 111/1HOF Plaque Postcard w/$10 donation
Falzone829 04-01-202104-13-2021Success 121/1Thanks again Goose !!!
brooks13307 03-27-202104-14-2021Success 181/186 topps 
mhh0006 03-26-202104-12-2021Success 172/2LOR, SASE, 1973 Topps, 1976 Hostess, $20 
Ramblin2020 03-22-202104-02-2021Success 112/287 Topps 87 Fleer $20. Signed just one, the 87 Topps with HoF 2008. Looks sharp! Thank you! 
pezking 03-22-202104-02-2021Success 111/1Letter, $10 and 88 Topps card. Signed card beautifully! 
JGorms41 03-22-202104-02-2021Success 112/1Fee. Returned 1 unsigned 
SG7586 03-19-202104-02-2021Success 141/188 Topps 
realbshep 03-18-202104-09-2021Success 221/1LOR & SASE INCLUDED 
tedpoth 03-17-202104-03-2021Success 171/11979 Topps Yankees card with Donation and SASE and LOR--blue ink signed Goose 
JamesYankees23 03-17-202104-03-2021Success 171/1ROMLB sent with $30 donation. Forgot to ask for HOF inscription so did not get it. 
DylanJ 03-09-202104-02-2021Success 231/192T 
Marty Dee 03-09-202104-22-2021Success 432/2Nice return. TY Mr. Gossage! 
patriot39 03-09-202104-06-2021Success 272/1Sent 2 cards + $10 cash and LOR. Only signed 1/2 
Falzone829 03-09-202104-02-2021Success 231/1Thanks Goose !!!
metsfan1544 03-01-202103-26-2021Success 241/1Sent ROMLB with $20 asked for HOF inscription 
TribeFan83 02-24-202104-02-2021Success 361/11 returned signed in blue, thanks Mr. Gossage! 
rice80gwynn19 02-22-202103-27-2021Success 321/179 Topps Card w/Rollie Fingers w/$10 donation
cardsandcoins14 02-22-202104-02-2021Success 381/1Signed 1 card. Thanks! 
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 02-18-202103-26-2021Success 351/11988 Score w/ $5 
TideFanDan 02-17-202104-05-2021Success 461/179 Fireman Leaders signed by Fingers, with $10, looks great, thank you Mr. Gossage 
Abneric 02-16-2021 Pending -1/01 card 
Freduccine 02-16-202104-03-2021Success 451/1IG: @fortheloveofautographs
Haqel 02-11-202102-25-2021Success 141/0Send $5 and a card, came back signed. ty 
mario3252 02-11-202102-11-2021Success 01/15$ donation signed my card 
Rytaylor8177 02-10-202102-23-2021Success 132/2No $ asked for HOF inscription came back signed w/inscription 
M1K34117 02-10-202104-01-2021Success 491/1I sent a baseball, a note, and $10! I’m a big fan and this autograph will make my day!! Thank you Goose! 
brauk219wr 02-08-202102-22-2021Success 141/195CC w/ $5 - Added HOF Inscription! Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
Danmay55 02-06-202102-16-2021Success 101/1Signed it! 
JMac25 02-04-2021 Pending -1/0Sent 1 Donruss Greats of the Game. 
Tank 02-04-202102-23-2021Success 191/1No fee 
patriot39 02-02-202102-12-2021Success 101/1Sent 1 rookie card + $10 and LOR. Asked for HOF inscription *Update* Signed rookie card in blue with HOF 2008 inscription 
Jlafond1991 02-02-202102-22-2021Success 201/1sent 1 8x10 and $20. Came back signed w/ multiple inscriptions and a nice note. 
Cmoney66 02-01-202102-11-2021Success 101/1  
Will3119 02-01-202102-13-2021Success 121/1Signed in thin blue marker. 
tabcollects 01-30-202102-11-2021Success 121/11978 Topps w/ note and $5 
Phillies 01-30-202102-12-2021Success 132/2Signed 1/2 in blue sharpie, Cooperstown card 
jparker44 01-28-202102-17-2021Success 204/2Sent 2 86 topps and 2 86 donruss with $20. Unfortunately only signed 2 But i'll take it! Thanks Mr. Gossage!
RealMSavage 01-27-202102-11-2021Success 151/1LOR, $7 & 1 1987 Topps Card Returned Signed #86 For My Set
JMac25 01-27-2021 Pending -1/0Sent 1 Donruss Greats. 
spikeowen 01-26-202102-12-2021Success 171/22x 86T Glossy Send-in (one to keep) + $ - did not keep the one offered, signed both, very kind, thanks! 
Trextill 01-25-202102-27-2021Success 331/1Sent Topps Bunt 17 Infinite, LOR, SASE - Sent it back signed! No $$$! Thank you Mr. Gossage 
jeff1981ny 01-23-202102-06-2021Success 141/0  
mezmaster10 01-23-202102-05-2021Success 132/120 dollars donation. 1979 topps signed. 1978 topps returned unsigned 
Rytaylor8177 01-23-202102-04-2021Success 121/1Sent LOR and SASE with no $ and came back signed. Great success!! Thanks Goose!!! 
rggedglory 01-22-202102-08-2021Success 172/22 cards 
dcurtoys 01-20-202102-06-2021Success 171/1  
pbtank67 01-18-202102-05-2021Success 181/188F & $10. Nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
BIGBENGRAPHS 01-16-2021 Pending -1/0  
SG7586 01-16-202101-28-2021Success 121/1Topps 82 and $5 
Will3119 01-14-202102-01-2021Success 181/1Signed in thin blue marker. 
LoneRanger1975 01-13-202103-29-2021Success 743/3Sent three HOF postcards, $30, and a hand written letter. Received all three signed nicely in blue Sharpie but no HOF inscription. I'm good with this.
patriot39 01-13-202101-28-2021Success 151/1Sent 1 card + LOR *Update* signed perfectly in blue! 
Txw07160 01-13-202101-28-2021Success 152/2  
LBrierley 01-12-202104-07-2021Success 841/1Signed a Fleer 93, back to me in the UK 
Abneric 01-11-202103-26-2021Success 731/11 card 
ddisbrow29 01-11-202101-30-2021Success 191/1‘87 Fleer; signed in blue sharpie 
WhiteSoxFan13 01-08-202101-19-2021Success 111/1LOR, SASE, 1973 Topps, signed in blue. 
crbaughn62 01-07-202102-11-2021Success 351/1  
Jace Mcdonald 01-05-202101-20-2021Pending 151/073T RC, Signed it! 
RoxfantrpdnAZ 01-05-202101-19-2021Success 142/2Received signed cards and a nice note. Thank you Mr. Gossage 
Pearly39 01-02-202101-23-2021Success 212/11 ROMLB 1 card $22 // ball signed w no inscriptions as requested..card returned..great return nonetheless 
Freduccine 01-02-202101-19-2021Success 171/1IG: @fortheloveofautographs send Donation!!!
brooks13307 12-31-202001-21-2021Success 211/174 topps 
ericsagara 12-23-202001-11-2021Success 191/1 
HalosFan2002 12-22-202001-13-2021Success 221/11987 Topps + $1, signed it 
nyyanks24 12-20-202001-09-2021Success 201/1One card with $5. Signed where I asked him to on the card. 
RealMSavage 12-18-202001-09-2021Success 221/1LOR, $20 & 1 ROMLB Signed In Blue Pen Perfectly
Martin Chen 12-16-202002-03-2021Success 495/5Topps 2018, Topps 2018 FIRE, Topps 2020 Allen & Ginter, Topps 2020 
DylanJ 12-14-202001-12-2021Success 291/1$20; sadly didn’t add HoF inscription like I asked 
RealMSavage 12-14-202012-29-2020Success 151/1LOR, $10 & 1992 Donruss 308 Saves Card Signed in Blue
Jared1805 12-14-202001-11-2021Success 281/1$10 
QuentinX1999 12-10-202001-09-2021Success 301/1Sent LOR, trading card, $5 & SASE. Received my card back with a beautiful signature. 
SpikesHigh1909 12-09-202012-23-2020Success 141/1ROMLB and $10. Signed on the SS w/ HOF Inscription and answered two questions that I asked. He also added a PS to his reply that said, "$5 for Inscriptions, pass the word" 
Abneric 12-05-202001-28-2021Success 541/11 card 
Danmay55 12-01-202012-18-2020Success 171/1Signed it! 
cartersell8 12-01-202012-21-2020Success 201/1Fleer Greats 
Sc77 11-27-202012-17-2020Success 201/1$10 A/G 
StarrsCards 11-27-202001-06-2021Success 401/12020 Topps Archives. No fee!
bboonie53 11-21-202012-07-2020Success 161/1ROMLB $20/Did not come back with requested inscription. 
mtool 11-20-202012-29-2020Success 391/1Signed 1 card 
artgom85 11-20-202012-21-2020Success 312/2Two 4x6 with donation. 
jakebrandon 11-16-202012-09-2020Success 231/11973 Topps and $10; just got back and looks awesome! Thanks Goose!
sebastian1997 11-11-202011-23-2020Success 122/2Sent a ROMLB & card with 20$ donation. UPDATE: Only signed ROMLB. 
Kinglouie456 11-06-202012-19-2020Success 431/1Rookie card +$5 
Jamesalford23 11-06-202011-23-2020Success 173/3Thank you sir!!Your Awesome!!!! 
Abneric 11-06-202011-30-2020Success 241/11 card 
TheCajunCollected 11-04-202011-24-2020Success 202/1  
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 11-02-202011-23-2020Success 211/11987 Topps w/ $10 
xXxCHEWBACCAxXx 10-30-202011-06-2020Success 71/12020 A&G, hand written letter, SASE and $10 donation.
Gwar5911 10-30-202011-20-2020Success 212/1With 10 
Bradc045 10-30-2020 Pending -1/0Sent in a Omlb, letter from my son, Sase, and a donation. 
Hauze 10-27-202011-07-2020Success 111/0Ball sent, $10 donation, requested HOF inscription. Thanks! Mr. Gossagee 
bernst90 10-27-202011-07-2020Success 111/1Sent 2020 A&G with $10. Received signed with no HOF inscription as requested. 
brooks13307 10-25-202011-06-2020Success 121/184 TR 
Torsportsfan 10-25-202011-26-2020Success 322/22 cards with $20, letter and SASE. Perfect signature 
Abneric 10-23-202011-06-2020Success 141/11 card 
FlyingDutchmen 10-19-202011-06-2020Success 181/189 Topps +$5
bobblehead-Bill7 10-19-202011-09-2020Success 211/1LOR, SASE, 1 HOF Postcard, and $10 donation. Beautifully signed in blue. Awesome return! Thank you Mr. Gossage.
NoVa20170 10-14-202011-02-2020Success 191/1Sent LOR, SASE, ROMLB, $ donation. Requested long inscription. Love this return, maybe even more so with the "strikouts" misspelling.
SpartyBall 10-14-202011-07-2020Success 242/1LOR, SASE, $20 cash - Update: Both cards returned, Only 1 signed 
JMac25 10-13-202010-23-2020Success 102/1Signed 1/2 nicely in blue with HOF inscription. 
rukastar 10-13-202010-23-2020Success 102/1Sent 1981 Topps and 1985 Topps, signed '81 and returned other unsigned.
BraveStarr 10-09-202010-23-2020Success 142/1'82 Topps (+ fee, returned one unsigned) - 
Schuer2 10-06-202010-26-2020Success 201/1Sent ROMLB with note, $20 donation. Great return!
702tpr777 10-06-202010-24-2020Success 181/11991 Bowman + $10... Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
graphs4life1 10-04-202010-23-2020Success 191/1Sent with $10
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 10-02-202010-15-2020Success 133/1Signed 8x10 but returned cards unsigned; 8x10, 1987 Topps, 1982 Donruss w/ $30 
Schmidty548 10-02-202010-26-2020Success 241/1Signed my baseball card w/ $10 donation
dgo71 10-02-202010-17-2020Success 151/120 A&G + $10; no HOF :(
Graphing4life 09-29-202010-14-2020Success 151/1ROMLB, LOR, $20
jedijohnny 09-28-202010-13-2020Success 151/1$20 fee , great looking auto blue ink. 2017 donruss throw back 
Altego2099 09-28-202010-13-2020Success 151/1SASE, LOR, 1 Card, and $5 : Got it back signed!! Thank you Mr. Gossage!! 
akhunterboy761 09-25-202010-13-2020Success 181/1  
WhiteSoxFan13 09-24-202010-03-2020Success 91/1LOR, SASE, 1975 Topps, signed in blue. 
sebastian1997 09-23-202010-03-2020Success 102/2Sent (2) cards with a hand written letter with 10$ fee: UPDATE: Only signed one, but they were doubles. Very happy. No HOF inscriptions however. Thank you Mr. Gossage. 
Scout20 09-22-202010-13-2020Success 211/1ROMLB + $20. Returned w/ HOF inscription. Thanks Mr Gossage 
spookyghost 09-16-202009-28-2020Success 121/1 
BayAreaJavy 09-15-202009-28-2020Success 131/11 card and $10 donation 
Wildpitch86 09-15-202009-28-2020Success 132/2Sent a trading card, a HOF postcard and $10, got both back signed, Thank you Mr. Gossage.
frankm 09-15-202009-29-2020Success 141/1Sent 1 card & SASE, no fee. Returned with 2020 Topps Archives card signed. 
SG7586 09-12-202009-29-2020Success 171/1Topps Archive 2019 and $5 donation. 
reesen 09-12-202009-30-2020Success 182/2'79 and '81 Topps + $10 donation 
Marcus26 09-10-202010-05-2020Success 251/1Signed one card in blue
WhiteSoxFan13 09-04-202009-19-2020Success 151/1LOR, SASE, 1976 Topps, signed in blue. 
StapleHalo032 09-03-202009-21-2020Success 182/1Only signed 1 out of 2 for $10. I thought it was 5 per, but I guess not. 
TheCajunCollected 09-02-202009-19-2020Success 171/16th)hof postcard 
Falzone829 09-02-202009-19-2020Success 171/1Thanks again Goose !!!
Zoofly23 09-01-202009-23-2020Success 221/11 card with fee 
norse4 09-01-202009-21-2020Success 201/1Sent LOR, SASE, $6 donation, and 1 card/ received card back signed. ttm_bros on Instagram 
Abneric 08-31-202009-19-2020Success 191/11 card 
frozenpond58 08-31-202009-19-2020Success 191/12020 Topps Archives w/$ - Signed in Blue Thanks Mr Gossage 
Mikesrade 08-29-202009-19-2020Success 211/1  
1956WS 08-26-202009-19-2020Success 241/1Topps Archives
jakebrandon 08-26-202009-19-2020Success 242/2Two 8x10 photos and $20; received both signed. Thanks Goose! 
Ransom 08-25-202009-19-2020Success 252/02 cards and 10 dollar donation 
Stebbins25 08-24-202009-01-2020Success 81/1(1) Baseball Card 
Yankeenate 08-24-202009-21-2020Success 281/1Signed rookie card 
gbly22 08-24-202009-21-2020Success 282/1Sent letter, 93 Fleer, 79 Topps Fireman + $15... only signed 93 Fleer... sending more money next time
SG7586 08-22-202008-31-2020Success 91/1Hostess Card, $5 donation. 
Piester 08-21-202009-01-2020Success 111/1  
prestonv20 08-21-202009-02-2020Success 121/1LOR, SASE, 1 card, Returned my $5 check-Thanks! 
davedorito 08-20-202009-11-2020Success 221/1card returned signed 
jimrice1978 08-20-202008-31-2020Success 111/189 Score - $5 donation 
TribeFan83 08-18-202009-01-2020Success 141/1Signed in blue, thanks Mr. Gossage! 
DylanJ 08-18-202009-01-2020Success 141/1Signed even added HOF inscription, thanks Mr Gossage 
jschmidt22 08-18-202008-29-2020Success 113/0Only signed 1 out of 3. No $ Thank you 
mwp33 08-17-202008-22-2020Success 51/1Rawlings OMLB signed in blue ink on sweet sport... w donation. "The Goose" is Golden!"
TheCajunCollected 08-12-202009-02-2020Success 211/15th) one card signed 
jeff1981ny 08-11-202009-05-2020Success 251/0  
Craiggb 08-11-202008-31-2020Success 201/1  
BIGSHOT 08-11-202009-04-2020Success 241/188 fleer 
superrc 08-10-202008-20-2020Success 101/1LOR, SASE, Ret Postmark 8/17 
Vader99 08-08-202008-17-2020Success 91/186DDK 
padres19 08-08-202008-17-2020Success 91/1  
pedersom 08-08-202008-18-2020Success 101/1$5 donation 
Gwar5911 08-06-202008-19-2020Success 131/1  
achan929 07-31-202008-27-2020Success 271/1  
jedistiles 07-30-202008-17-2020Success 181/1'83 Topps signed in blue. Answered questions in letter! Thanks Goose! $5 
WhiteSoxFan13 07-30-202008-10-2020Success 111/1LOR, SASE, 1977 Topps, signed in blue. 
dish142002 07-29-202008-11-2020Success 131/1Signed it! 
StetsonMan 07-29-202008-08-2020Success 101/4I sent a hand written letter plus an 82 Topps no money. He signed the card with HOF inscription for FREE! Sent also a return note to me signed by him and 2 Hall of Fame Plague Cards both signed by him! All for Free! Thanks You Mr. Gossage!
Yburack 07-28-202008-08-2020Success 111/1No fee 
Meatballer23 07-28-202008-08-2020Success 111/1Signed 1989T. Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
norse4 07-25-202008-08-2020Success 141/1Sent LOR, SASE, $6 donation, and 1 card/ received card back signed 
Falzone829 07-25-202008-08-2020Success 141/1Thanks again Goose !!!
DylanJ 07-24-202008-10-2020Success 171/1Beautiful signature in blue 
thorgy213 07-22-202008-08-2020Success 171/1Resent 78 Saves Leaders with Fingers and donation / Returned nicely signed 
Supup 07-20-202008-10-2020Success 211/1Signed in blue with requested inscription. 
zooiiks 07-19-202008-10-2020Success 221/1$10. 10 days. Signed 1 8x10 already signed by Lou Piniella, Bobby Richardson, Bobby Shantz, Mickey Rivers, Bobby Brown and Hector Lopez, but did not include HOF inscription as requested 
Oriolesrise 07-18-202008-11-2020Success 242/276 Topps 82 Topps AS w/ Donation 
Jbutch20 07-18-202007-31-2020Success 131/11 card no fee 
sabro9 07-16-202007-29-2020Success 133/1sent three cards plus donation .......signed one returned two ty Goose 
KnucksieCollector 07-16-202007-27-2020Success 111/1Goose signed my 1986 Topps card with no fee. Thank you Goose!
rggedglory 07-15-202007-28-2020Success 132/282T All-Star 89F, no donation 
nyyankee213 07-14-202007-25-2020Success 113/1with donation 
Chrisblan12 07-14-202008-06-2020Success 232/2  
AJudge99 07-14-202007-27-2020Success 131/1Signed in blue pen 
bdye9 07-13-202007-27-2020Success 141/188 Topps No $ 
Poormans Stack 07-10-202007-27-2020Success 171/1Signed my card Blue Marker. Thanks Goose! 
cmduncan8 07-10-202007-27-2020Success 171/1LOR/SASE, $5. Thanks Mr. Gossage!
Vader99 07-09-202007-28-2020Success 191/188T 
sportsview 07-09-202007-28-2020Success 191/1Kindly signed 1 card for free.
TheCajunCollected 07-07-202007-28-2020Success 211/14th success)w/donation. signed 86 topps in blue but didn’t add HOF inscription 
Spencario112 07-07-202007-28-2020Success 211/1LOR, SASE, Donation, Yankee 100 year anniversary OMLB. He added a HOF inscription as well as the longer one I requested. Just a note he is asking $75 for long inscriptions like the one I requested. Thank you Mr. Gossage the ball is awesome!!!!! 
mazefan72 07-03-202007-14-2020Success 111/1Signed 1 card. returned donation..TY. 
Andrew262937738 07-02-2020 Pending -1/0sent one topps card, nice not and no $ 
thorgy213 07-02-202007-28-2020Success 261/1signed one of two with donation. 
RIFF RAFF 77 07-01-202007-11-2020Success 101/1$5 
justindi 07-01-202007-14-2020Success 131/1Trying again; didn't get the HOF inscription but still got an autograph, no $, thanks Goose 
Vwcrunr 06-30-202007-10-2020Success 101/1Handwritten note, SASE, donation and one card.
brooks13307 06-29-202007-10-2020Success 111/175 Topps 
shanyn19 06-29-202007-15-2020Success 163/3received all three cards back. Two are signed, a 1989 Topps and a 1990 Donruss. Thx Mr. Gossage. 
Keithdfields 06-29-202007-10-2020Success 111/1Sent 1973 Topps RC no $$ signed. Thanks Goose 
WhiteSoxFan13 06-29-202007-10-2020Success 111/1LOR, SASE, 1974 Topps, signed in blue. 
Joeroc28 06-29-202007-14-2020Success 151/187 Fleer 
mhh0006 06-27-202007-10-2020Success 131/1LOR, SASE, 1975 Topps 
Aldy149 06-26-202007-10-2020Success 141/1Signed card with no donation. 
mellostello 06-23-2020 Pending -1/01 card no $$ 
Jacobdanielsyt 06-23-202007-10-2020Success 171/189 Fleer no $ Sent it back signed! Thanks! 
Orlando15M 06-18-202007-11-2020Success 231/1Check out my instagram for pictures. TTM_Orlando15M 
Chrisblan12 06-17-202006-26-2020Success 92/2  
King Klong 06-16-202006-26-2020Success 101/0LOR, SASE, 1 card. No donation. Signed in blue. Thanks goose! 
ste513lee 06-15-202006-26-2020Success 111/1No fee Thanks Goose 
GRombach13 06-15-202006-26-2020Success 111/11973 Topps RC+$10 
east 06-13-202006-26-2020Success 131/1HOF postcard in blue! 
tcbrebel 06-13-202006-27-2020Success 141/11978 Topps 
justindi 06-12-202006-26-2020Failure 142/0My brother and I always send cards together. He only signed one of my brother's cards and returned the rest unsigned, keeping the $20 we sent. Instead of $5 per autograph it's 1 per envelope, regardless of $. Super disappointed, will resend with no money. 
adamd 06-11-202006-26-2020Success 152/1sent a $10 dollar donation Returned it signed in blue with HOF 2008. thanks Mr Gossage 
ClassicBaseball 06-11-202006-26-2020Success 151/1Signed 1 card with blue Sharpie. 
zooiiks 06-11-202006-30-2020Success 191/1Signed 1 card
BIGSHOT 06-10-202007-10-2020Success 301/088 topps LOR SASE 5 $ 
HalosFan2002 06-09-202006-26-2020Success 171/12013 Topps Archives +$1, signed it 
locly 06-08-202006-26-2020Success 181/1  
Centre 06-08-202006-26-2020Success 181/108UD from the Yankee Stadium Legacy Set.... Thank You Mr. Gossage 
Newbomb Turk 06-06-202006-26-2020Success 201/188 Topps. 60th of my 1988 set. Thank you, Mr. Gossage. 
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 06-06-202008-08-2020Success 631/11992 Topps 
joshcockerham 06-06-202006-26-2020Success 204/1Sent 4 cards; included $20 donation. Signed 1/4 with HOF 2008 inscription. 
viper45 06-06-202007-07-2020Success 312/1Signed one, returned one unsigned. No $$ 
TheCajunCollected 06-05-202006-26-2020Success 212/13rd success from Goose! Always a great return 
timmyc82 06-05-202006-26-2020Success 211/1Thank you Goose!! 
cgfl 06-02-2020 Pending -1/087 Fleer, $5 
Chooch08 06-01-202006-13-2020Success 121/1no $... Signed a RC w/ HOF 2008 
Stzelalis 06-01-202006-26-2020Success 252/2signed 1 of 2 no fee
bboonie53 05-29-202006-09-2020Success 111/1'87 Topps 
ConorC917 05-28-202006-27-2020Success 303/31 Sports Illustrated, 1 Yankees Program, Yankees Playing Card, $20. Got a letter asking where my SASE was, won't make that TTM rookie mistake again 
Messman199 05-28-202006-13-2020Success 161/1Sent Goose/Rollie Card. 5 bucks. Got back signed in black. Time for Rollie 
GoWarrior 05-27-202006-15-2020Success 191/1Sent one card, signed in black sharpie!
squeaky08 05-27-202006-04-2020Success 82/1Only sent a donation for 1 card 
crbaughn62 05-26-202006-01-2020Success 61/1  
Doer03 05-26-202006-05-2020Success 101/187 Topps 
baseballgeek 05-26-202006-01-2020Success 61/1signed 1987 for my set. added 2008 HOF 
BEastlake 05-26-202006-06-2020Success 111/1He signed my HOF plaque. Sent $5 donation. 
TheCajunCollected 05-22-202006-01-2020Success 101/1One jersey card signed 
caseydownam 05-19-202006-03-2020Success 152/2Sent LOR, SASE, inscription request to my dad 
dgo71 05-18-202006-01-2020Success 141/12016 Archives, no fee
nccards 05-18-202006-02-2020Success 151/1  
Jojay43 05-15-2020 Pending -1/0did not send donation 
FlyOrDieGuy1992 05-15-202005-27-2020Success 121/1$10 donation! 
jonron 05-13-202005-23-2020Success 101/190d, LOR, SASE, $10. Requested HOF inscription - signature and inscription look great! thanks Mr Gossage 
BIGSHOT 05-13-202005-26-2020Success 131/1ROMLB + SASE with a 20 $ donation 
jrochkeau 05-13-202005-26-2020Success 131/1  
Bballgrl1891 05-12-202005-22-2020Success 101/1w/$5, already signed by Al Hrabosky 
brooks13307 05-11-202005-23-2020Success 121/182 Topps IA 
Zsnyder1985 05-11-202005-23-2020Success 121/11 Cubs Donruss
mrdavidjb 05-11-202005-22-2020Success 111/1Sent 01 Fleer GOTG with handwritten letter
Freduccine 05-11-202005-22-2020Success 113/186T, 86T AllStar, 88T. $5 donation, letter, SASE. Signed the one i wanted!
Mets09 05-11-202005-22-2020Success 111/1Signed 1983 Topps “Super Veterans” beautifully in blue. Also added “HOF 2008” inscription without donation or request. Thanks so much Mr.Gossage! 
Piester 05-10-202005-22-2020Success 121/1  
Dean28 05-09-202005-23-2020Success 141/176T Firemen (previously signed by Hrabosky) in blue Sharpie 
Falzone829 05-09-202005-18-2020Success 91/1Thanks Goose !!!
Justin Vasquez 05-08-202005-18-2020Success 101/1ROMLB signed in blue with HOF Inscription. $25 dono. Thanks Goose! 
wongcastle 05-07-202005-18-2020Success 111/1sent and received signed 1993 A's Mother's #16
JayFL 05-06-202005-18-2020Success 122/3Sent a LOR, SASE 79T leaders card, 81F and $20. Signed nicely with HOF inscription, also wrote a hilarious personal note in response to a story I told in my letter. Love it! 
Messman199 05-05-202005-19-2020Success 141/1Sent 1 card And no $. Received back signed beautifully. 
Tigerfan2441 05-02-202005-18-2020Success 162/1  
TheCajunCollected 05-01-202005-16-2020Success 153/11 out of 3 signed but I’m happy he signed my favorite one, a little smudged though 
Treyballautograph 05-01-202005-18-2020Success 171/182 Topps, no $, signed in blue 
Cubsfan2626 05-01-202005-19-2020Success 182/1  
jcraw333 04-30-202005-16-2020Success 161/11 HOF plaque postcard.$5. 
mrtrhl13 04-29-202005-16-2020Success 171/1** 8th ** HWLOR, SASE, 1 card (2002 Topps Archives), no $. Returned signed.
BronxBombers25 04-27-202005-07-2020Success 101/1Sent 1 card. Received it back signed in blue sharpie with HOF inscription. No $. 
hndfiuhnuiofhsni 04-25-202005-07-2020Success 124/1sending 4 cards. no $ Signed one! 
Piester 04-25-202005-07-2020Success 121/1  
Orlando15M 04-25-202005-08-2020Success 131/1Check out my instagram for pictures. TTM_Orlando15M 
zonino 04-24-202005-07-2020Success 132/2  
Sjw3315 04-24-202005-07-2020Success 131/1Sent one 1987 Topps for set, received signed in blue sharpie 
bboonie53 04-22-202004-30-2020Success 81/1ROMLB $40/Gorgeous!! 
sskiba1286 04-22-202005-08-2020Success 161/0Sent 1 baseball with $20 donation - didn’t HOF as requested 
brewersboy71 04-22-202005-07-2020Success 152/2Sent '75 Topps and '79 Topps Saves Leaders with no $. Recieved both signed with HOF 2008 inscription. 
AZWildcat007 04-21-202004-30-2020Success 91/1+donaton 
bhays44 04-20-202004-30-2020Success 101/1LOR, SASE, no fee, signed our card. Thanks!
*censored* 04-20-202004-30-2020Success 101/1Goose will sign the first item free. However, it might not have his HOF year on it. He appears to charge for HOF inscription or to sign multiples. 
BEastlake 04-20-202005-02-2020Success 123/3Sent an 8x10, a HOF cachet, and HOF plaque along with $20 donation. He signed only 1 of the 3 items. Used blue sharpie. 
Cubs14 04-18-202005-08-2020Success 201/189 fleer signed great in blue 
thorgy213 04-16-202005-01-2020Success 151/11 78Topps SASE, letter & $5 donation / Nice signature only 2 weeks..
Mr autograph man 04-10-2020 Pending -2/0I sent 2 cards and 10 dollars with letter 
dgo71 04-06-202004-20-2020Success 141/113 Archives, no fee
kandiclipper 04-06-202004-20-2020Success 141/1$5 
baseballfan14 04-04-202004-13-2020Success 91/12019 Topps Tribute and $10. Came back signed with 5 different inscriptions. Thank you Goose!!! 
bigd8690 04-03-202004-13-2020Success 101/1Sent an 8x10 and $10 check. Received signed 
guido18 04-02-202004-30-2020Success 281/1Signed in blue sharpie $10 fee 
Sjuschmitty 04-01-202004-16-2020Success 151/1  
Phillies 03-30-202004-14-2020Success 151/11980 topps, signed in blue sharpie 
GoWarrior 03-30-202004-16-2020Success 171/1ROMLB and $30 donation. Didn't get the exact inscription I asked for but close enough. Love it!
Piester 03-25-202004-13-2020Success 191/1  
spikeowen 03-23-202004-13-2020Success 212/182T in action & 86T + $$ - Signed 1986 Topps in blue sharpie, returned 82T unsigned. Thanks! 
PandaCardZ 03-23-202004-04-2020Success 121/1  
Stebbins25 03-19-202004-03-2020Success 152/1(1) Baseball Card - (1) Blank Index Card 
Steelers8 03-18-202004-03-2020Success 162/1  
LoneRanger1975 03-14-202003-27-2020Success 132/2Sent a ROMLB and a HOF baseball with a handwritten letter plus $50 to cover for signatures and inscriptions. Received both balls back with requested inscriptions. He didn't use my pen and didn't sign the HOF ball under the logo as requested. Still happy.
Baseball John 03-10-2020 Pending -1/0Sent 2019 Topps 150 Years Card with small donation 
jerseyman1992 03-09-202004-17-2020Success 391/1  
Goodall10 03-07-202003-27-2020Success 191/1MLB Baseball, SASE, $20 cash. Inscribed "HOF 2008" 
baseballfan14 02-28-202003-07-2020Success 81/1Signed a 1986 Fleer and included HOF inscription 
bzap62 02-27-202003-08-2020Success 101/1Signed '90 donruss card in blue sharpie, no $ 
mrtrhl13 02-26-202003-07-2020Success 101/1** 7th ** HWLOR, SASE, 1 card (2018 Topps Tribute), $$$$$. Asking for inscriptions. Absolutely fantastic.
Chooch08 02-24-202003-07-2020Success 121/178T 
Orlando15M 02-21-202003-12-2020Success 191/1No $ 89F 
PandaCardZ 02-19-202003-07-2020Success 172/1Included $10 Returned one card unsigned asked for a HOF insciption did not get one 
Danmay55 02-18-202003-09-2020Success 191/1Signed it! 
Mr Goody 02-14-202002-22-2020Success 81/188 Topps traded, signed in thin black sharpie inscribed HOF 2008 thanks Mr Gossage I love it 
wdcobb13 02-14-202002-22-2020Success 81/1Sent team card and $5 
Craiggb 02-12-202002-22-2020Success 101/1  
thegonz 02-12-202002-22-2020Success 101/185F 
Martucci41 02-12-202002-24-2020Success 121/1ROMLB bule pen on sweetspot, no donation 
sosa0718 02-11-202002-22-2020Success 111/1Sent a card with letter and SASE; signed in blue sharpie, thanks! 
mrtrhl13 02-11-202002-25-2020Success 141/1** 6th ** HWLOR, SASE, 1 card, no $. My son's first Goose. Returned signed.
white_rabbit 02-07-202003-07-2020Success 292/189t, thanks a lot Goose 
Ebys23 02-06-202002-18-2020Success 121/1  
IAK683 02-03-202002-15-2020Success 121/1OMLB Baseball with donation; best sig in the game? Thanks!! 
smitht31 02-01-202002-17-2020Success 161/11 Sports Illustrated, LOR, SASE and $10. ***He wants an additional $10 to add the HOF inscription*** He sent me a personal note with my return stating this extra charge. 
Wildpitch86 01-30-202002-18-2020Success 191/11979 Topps, thanks Goose! He is such an awesome HOF’er for signing as much as he does. All of us doing this as a hobby should all be thankful for players like him.
mrtrhl13 01-27-202002-18-2020Success 221/1** 5th ** HWLOR, SASE, 1 card (DR
Achilles106 01-27-202002-03-2020Success 71/1Sent Hand Written LOR, '89 Donruss, NO $, and he signed it! Thank you GOOSE! :)
Sportsjunkie24 01-27-202002-18-2020Success 221/1Sent 1 card no $ but no HOF looking like he wants $10 for HOF inscription now. Well worth it will be sending again.
pmc14 01-24-202002-19-2020Success 261/1Signed 1/1 
pbtank67 01-21-202002-03-2020Success 131/189UD. Nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
IAK683 01-18-202001-31-2020Success 131/0One card signed with $10 donation 
bobbyb9827 01-18-202002-04-2020Success 171/1Sent ROMLB and $10 
kandiclipper 01-15-202002-01-2020Success 171/1Signed in blue. 
Johnlightning 01-10-202001-17-2020Success 71/1sent with 10.00 donation hope for the 81 fleer signed, SUCCESS!! 
mrtrhl13 01-10-202001-17-2020Success 71/1** 4th ** HWLOR, SASE, 1 card (2019 Topps Tribute), no $. Returned signed.
MostMirror 01-09-202001-17-2020Success 83/2Sent LOR, SASE, two 8x10 photos, HOF postcard, $20. Returned one 8x10 unsigned. 
FlyinWV 01-09-202002-03-2020Success 252/1Sent LOR, SASE and '88T '89T - Only signed one. Great return either way. Thank you Mr. Gossage!
Leeburtt 01-08-202001-17-2020Success 91/1  
Baseball John 01-08-202001-18-2020Success 101/1Sent 1987 Topps Card with a small donation 
CarlosSchwindt 01-05-202001-17-2020Success 121/1Sent LOR, $10, and 8x10. Great return! Awesome signiture! 
Tombrady123 01-03-202001-13-2020Success 101/12nd success 
Craiggb 12-27-201901-17-2020Success 211/1  
Chachi74 12-27-201901-18-2020Success 221/0Thanks!! 
aeich11 12-27-201901-17-2020Success 213/3Mustache.
Mike McK 12-18-201901-06-2020Success 191/1answered my question
bobbyb9827 12-14-201901-04-2020Success 211/189 Topps signed! 
Brooksfamily 12-13-201901-06-2020Success 243/1  
Carney 12-10-201901-06-2020Success 271/1  
hiimsam2004 12-09-201901-10-2020Success 321/1instagram: @ttm_sam 
mrtrhl13 12-07-201901-07-2020Success 311/1** 3rd ** HWLOR, SASE, 1 card (2002 FGOTG), no $. Returned signed. Success.
marty77 11-29-201912-13-2019Success 142/1  
jacker54 11-27-201912-13-2019Success 162/1'83 Topps '88 Topps...signed 88, not 83...sent both back 
wsoxfan4life 11-27-201912-13-2019Success 162/2Sent Mr. Gossage 2 cards ('74 and '76 Topps) along with a donation and he signed and returned both! He even took the time to answer my questions. Awesome return!
Danmay55 11-22-201912-13-2019Success 211/1Signed it! 
dodgerbum 11-18-201912-23-2019Success 351/178 topps signed in blue sharpie 
Newbomb Turk 11-15-201912-13-2019Success 281/178 Topps. 90th of my 1978 set. Thank you, Mr. Gossage. 
dish142002 11-12-201912-16-2019Success 341/1Signed 1 card 
FlyingDutchmen 11-11-201912-16-2019Success 351/189 Score, no $
kaw316 11-06-201911-18-2019Success 121/1  
brooks13307 11-04-201911-18-2019Success 141/182 Topps 
autograph collect 11-03-201911-19-2019Success 161/1  
bdcool77 11-01-201911-18-2019Success 171/1Signed 81 Topps, no HOF though 
Snapper06 10-28-201911-18-2019Success 211/1No money. One card. Came back with a nice crease in it....thanks USPS ! 
TangoDelta 10-28-201911-07-2019Success 101/1Sent SASE, LOR, and 1979 Topps
mrtrhl13 10-25-201911-07-2019Success 132/2** 2nd ** TLOR, SASE, 2 cards, no $. Both returned, only one signed. Success.
FlyTheW 35 10-25-201911-08-2019Success 142/2Sent LOR, SASE, 2 cards no $*UPDATE got both cards back. One signed in blue sharpie sent no $ so a success 
espyonage 10-23-201911-07-2019Success 151/11984 Donruss. SASE, LOR, No Donation. Great signature!! Also inscribed HOF 2008 and I didn't even ask!! Love it!!
Danmay55 10-23-201911-09-2019Success 172/1Signed 1 of 2! 
kandiclipper 10-18-201911-07-2019Success 202/11981 team card already signed by bird and foote. Didn't sign the team card, but signed the 81' Fleer I included. Sent $10 along with it, but I guess you need more for 2 signatures. 
Craiggb 10-16-201910-30-2019Success 141/1  
pbtank67 10-16-201910-29-2019Success 133/181F, 89UD, 19TA, & $20. Really disappointed with this. Beautiful signature on the 2019 Topps Archives card in blue sharpie. Returned other cards unsigned. Thought I would have gotten more with the $$. No more than 1 at a time. 
Zack4689 10-16-201911-16-2019Success 311/1Signed HOF baseball on sweet spot in blue pen. 
NickBrischke 10-15-201911-05-2019Success 211/1No $ 
white_rabbit 10-04-201910-31-2019Success 272/289f & 86 Topps all star card, thanks a lot Goose! 
ericsagara 10-02-201910-12-2019Success 101/189 UD
ajblack81 09-30-201910-15-2019Success 152/1Signed one card, and returned one unsigned 
gfast12 09-28-201910-11-2019Success 131/1Signed ROMLB sweet spot w/ blue pen. Thanks Mr. Gossage 
mrtrhl13 09-26-201910-15-2019Success 192/2LOR, SASE, 2 cards, no $. Returned both cards signed. One of the prettiest autographs I have acquired. Success!
kandiclipper 09-12-201909-20-2019Success 81/1Brother sent 1. Signed it. 
Craiggb 09-11-201909-20-2019Success 91/1Cj 
Lsmith15 09-11-201909-20-2019Success 91/1  
BlueSkinnyFan 09-10-201909-20-2019Success 101/11981 Topps. No donation.
kandiclipper 09-09-201909-20-2019Success 111/1Signed a 1995 Pacific card with the mariners. 
Restau21 09-09-201909-20-2019Success 111/195 Pacific signed in blue. $ Thank You Mr. Gossage. 
rizzledizzle 09-03-201909-20-2019Success 171/1Sent '81 Topps & $5 
MarcusJohnson 09-03-201909-21-2019Success 182/0  
cardsbaseball245 08-31-201909-09-2019Success 91/1SASE and LOR, (1) ‘87 Topps. No $, Thank you Mr. Gossage! 
nobzilla34 08-27-201909-06-2019Success 101/1  
zonino 08-21-201909-06-2019Success 161/1  
brooks13307 08-17-201909-08-2019Success 221/183 Topps 
kandiclipper 08-14-201908-26-2019Success 122/1Signed 1 of 2 cards without donation. 
Craiggb 08-13-201908-26-2019Success 131/1  
Mikecheckgw 08-08-201908-27-2019Success 191/1Signed OMLB with HOF inscription (Sent Donation)
Darth Braun 08-02-201908-12-2019Success 101/1Signed ROMLB with $10 donation to his charity. Didn't put HOF 2008 as requested but still cool nonetheless 
Danmay55 07-15-201907-29-2019Success 141/1Signed it! 
bobby1134 07-12-201907-27-2019Success 151/0Signed Funko Pop box 
kandiclipper 07-11-201907-30-2019Success 191/1OMLB and $10. This turned out amazing! 
TheGunshow 07-09-201907-29-2019Success 201/1With donation. Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
kclj520 07-05-201907-19-2019Success 142/2Goose signed 2 custom cards, inscribed " HOF 2008"....they look great! No fee. 
Craiggb 07-02-201907-19-2019Success 171/1$10 
Coltron57 07-01-201907-20-2019Success 191/1$5. Signed in blue with HOF inscription. 
pokemonclub 07-01-201907-18-2019Success 171/1No donation 
zonino 06-25-201907-19-2019Success 241/1  
Ky1603 06-17-201907-05-2019Success 181/1HOF Postcard- 8 Stamps Each Way 
kandiclipper 06-17-201907-05-2019Success 181/1Another success from the goose! 
brooks13307 06-13-201907-05-2019Success 221/181 Topps 
Craiggb 06-06-201906-21-2019Success 151/1  
Zrianna08 06-06-201906-20-2019Success 141/1  
wtl2055 06-05-201906-20-2019Success 151/1Sent LOR, SASE, HOF card, $5.00
hamrfilms 05-31-201906-20-2019Success 201/1LOR SASE 5 dollar donation. Thanks Goose! 
zonino 05-28-201906-06-2019Success 91/1awesome return! nice signature 
kandiclipper 05-25-201906-07-2019Success 132/2Dad sent 2 cards and $10. Signed both! 
kandiclipper 05-24-201906-06-2019Success 131/1Another return! Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
MostMirror 05-23-201906-06-2019Success 141/1Sent LOR, SASE, '89 Topps. No donation. 
brooks13307 05-13-201905-23-2019Success 101/11984 Topps 
Myerhead 05-11-201905-23-2019Success 121/1Sent 1 card and $5. Signed "Goose Gossage HOF 2008" 
FlyTheW 35 05-10-201905-23-2019Success 133/1Sent ROMLB, SASE, 2 cards and cash donation. UPDATE* He signed my ball with HOF 2008 as requested but he did not sign either card which is fine because i told him to sign the ball if he could'nt sign both 
Craiggb 04-29-201905-23-2019Success 241/1  
dvsantan 04-26-201905-22-2019Success 261/1Received Signed Ball with HOF inscription 
dilfer 04-24-201905-23-2019Success 291/1$81T + $5 
mtwalsh3223 04-23-201905-23-2019Success 302/1Sent two 79 topps and $10, signed one and returned the other-- thanks! 
kandiclipper 04-22-201905-24-2019Success 321/1Signed it! 
kandiclipper 04-13-201904-22-2019Success 91/1Sent 1 card. Signed in thin blue sharpie and included a "HOF 2008" Inscription. No donation included. Thanks Mr. Gossage!
refinitivtime 04-11-201904-22-2019Success 111/11 1987 Topps w/SASE & $5, signed in blue Sharpie 
gratiotknight 04-09-201904-20-2019Success 111/1ROMLB and 25.00. inscribed as requested. Thanks, Goose!!!! 
Mike McK 04-05-201904-22-2019Success 171/1 
Tombrady123 04-03-201904-16-2019Success 131/1  
Jsuss1 04-02-201904-22-2019Success 201/189 upper deck, donation, and personalized note 
jcraw333 03-30-201904-08-2019Success 92/1LOR 2 HOF Postcards $10. Signed 1 sent the other back unsigned
tglg 03-25-201904-04-2019Success 102/1Got back 1 of 2, so am definitely pleased 
Devildon 03-21-201903-25-2019Success 41/1Romlb $ 20 donation. Great return! 
Devildon 03-21-201904-01-2019Success 111/1Romlb $ 20 donation. Great return! 
Devildon 03-21-201904-01-2019Success 111/1Romlb $ 20 donation. Great return! 
Devildon 03-21-201904-01-2019Success 111/1Romlb $ 20 donation. Great return! 
bboonie53 03-20-201904-01-2019Success 121/1$40 ROMLB/Loaded with stats!! 
NiMo15 03-20-201904-01-2019Success 121/1donruss, $5 
Jawheels73 03-12-201904-01-2019Success 201/1Signed 79 topps card
Tex2005 03-08-201903-27-2019Success 181/1Sent SI 
Sdlynch 03-04-201903-21-2019Success 162/2Sent two cards but only signed one in blue marker, thanks very much 
Snapper06 02-25-201903-04-2019Success 71/11993 Fleer signed in blue 
Chris L 02-25-201903-05-2019Success 81/18x10 Great composite Photofile photo with nice sig. Goose is a class act. Thanks.
AntsYanks 02-23-201903-04-2019Success 91/1Signed my 8x10 
SyxxSynse 02-22-201903-04-2019Success 102/1Sent two cards and $5. Signed my '89 Topps card. Thanks, Mr. Gossage! 
BronsonBurner 02-14-201903-01-2019Success 152/2  
kjv63078 02-12-201903-08-2019Success 242/1Sent 1988 and 1990 donruss. Sent back both, but the 1990 was not signed. 
Superdiz26 02-11-201902-25-2019Success 141/1Signed 1 Topps 2003 shoe box collection 
RIFF RAFF 77 02-08-201902-28-2019Success 201/1  
cangle64 02-04-201903-01-2019Success 251/181 Topps, signed in blue w/ HOF 2008. Thank you! 
Leeburtt 02-03-201902-28-2019Success 252/1$10 cash 
Grautzhan38 01-31-201902-12-2019Success 121/1  
bravesfanfromny 01-29-201902-09-2019Success 111/0billsttmautographs on facebook (No Fee) 
Ky1603 01-14-201901-26-2019Success 121/1ROMLB - $20- HOF 2008 Inscription 
39special 01-14-201901-26-2019Success 121/1'92 Topps Stadium Club no fee 
gabsttms 01-13-201901-26-2019Success 131/1@gabsttms on instagram 
Rockiesfan13 01-02-201901-29-2019Success 271/1Returned signed with HOF inscription!! 
CarlosSchwindt 01-01-2019 Pending -1/0Sent LOR, $10, and 8x10. 
Dversch 12-26-201801-10-2019Success 152/2Signed 1 of 2 in beautiful blue thin sharpie! Sent sase and Lor. 
joshs1 12-24-201801-04-2019Success 111/1ROMB w/ $5 check, no HOF inscription. Returned the check aswell
bootzilla 12-24-201801-04-2019Success 111/1signed my 73! 
dgrooms72 12-24-201801-05-2019Success 121/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 85 Topps card.
bcommerce 12-21-2018 Failure -1/0Sent 8 x 10 and $10 Writing this one off !! 
jnel789 12-19-201812-29-2018Success 101/1  
JustStartingOut 12-19-201812-29-2018Success 101/1LOR. SASE. ROMLBHOF. Donation. Signed beautifully on the sweet spot with HOF inscription. Thanks, Mr. Gossage.
tilt122 12-13-201812-29-2018Success 161/1$10 is a great price. Signed in think blue sharpie. Looks great! 
brooks13307 12-03-201812-19-2018Success 161/11980 Topps 
NatHon995 12-03-201801-04-2019Success 321/1Sent 1979 Topps 
RedskinRussell 12-01-201812-29-2018Success 281/1Signed 94 Fleer. 
GoStLCards 11-19-201812-08-2018Success 192/2  
eafick 11-13-201812-07-2018Success 242/21994 topps stadium club, 1986 topps, $5. Signed both nicely in blue sharpie with hof 2008. Thank you very much Mr. Gossage! 
bigbenjobu 10-26-201811-19-2018Success 241/1Signed it with no fee. Even added HOF inscription
chazeroom 10-05-201811-19-2018Success 451/1  
tglg 10-04-201811-19-2018Success 461/1Got it back signed in blue sharpie and it looks great 
LSwens 09-24-201810-20-2018Success 261/1Sent one card... Received photo back signed in blue. Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
mas 09-21-201810-19-2018Success 281/1  
stlcardz2000 09-14-201810-13-2018Success 292/2Signed 1 of 2 but sent both back. Thank you Goose! 
Tyler27m 08-29-201809-20-2018Success 221/1  
pbtank67 08-28-201809-20-2018Success 231/075T & $10 donation. Signed nicely in a thin blue sharpie. 
dish142002 08-27-201809-20-2018Success 241/1  
Schmidty548 08-21-201809-20-2018Success 301/1Signed my baseball card
jbroene24 08-21-201809-17-2018Failure 272/2not a failure by not signing it but ups destroyed the letter and sent it back with a apology note. NICE!! 
Tex2005 08-08-201808-18-2018Success 101/1Sent 89 Topps 
jmaciu 08-06-201808-18-2018Success 121/11976T + $10. Signed perfectly in thin blue. Thank you, Mr. Gossage!!!
Goaftermath 08-06-201808-18-2018Success 121/1Hostess Card $10 signed in blue 
Lapo0013 08-01-201808-11-2018Success 101/1Sent 1 IC for project/ Returned signed nicely 
chcards9 07-18-201808-11-2018Success 241/1  
Vick1jj 07-16-201807-26-2018Success 101/1Sent LOR, SASE, 1990 Donruss, received back with signature, "Goose" Gossage, did not donate, would have but did not know it was preferred - did not have an inscription however 
mas 07-16-201807-26-2018Success 101/1signed 2016 Topps Archives with HOF inscription 
Piester 07-14-201807-29-2018Success 151/1No donation 
Cliftobr 07-10-201807-27-2018Success 171/1Resend after failure on previous attempt Edit: Thanks Goose! 
RedskinRussell 07-09-201807-26-2018Success 171/1Signed 88 Topps. 
LegitTC25 07-06-201807-26-2018Success 201/1Sent 1988 Topps 
Johnlightning 07-03-201807-09-2018Success 61/1ROMLB and donation, recieved in less than a week,w/hof inscribe 
GoStLCards 07-02-201807-11-2018Success 93/1$15- returned two unsigned. I guess he wants $15 per card? 
Figman75 06-25-201807-10-2018Success 151/1Sent 2017 Topps Archives. - Signed in blue. Thanks! 
brooks13307 06-24-2018 Failure -4/075, 77, 78, 83 Topps, $20...never received a return 
Ky1603 06-20-201807-05-2018Success 152/1Sent 2 items and $10 - signed 1 and returned the others unsigned - Dates Approx 
bootzilla 06-18-201807-10-2018Success 221/1signed one baseball card 
Raleigh5 06-09-201806-25-2018Success 161/1Sent SASE, 1 card and letter 
aqscards 06-06-201806-25-2018Success 192/1  
tc123 06-02-201806-25-2018Success 231/1Sent Card SASE LOR Great auto on card 
Vikesfan22 05-15-201806-01-2018Success 171/1  
tglg 05-14-201806-05-2018Success 222/1Got back 1 of 2, so am definitely pleased. Returned the other card unsigned. 
baseballfan14 05-14-201806-02-2018Success 191/1Signed my HOF postcard in black sharpie 
Tay1038 05-08-201806-01-2018Success 241/187T, SASE, LOR, Requested HOF Inscription, no fee
CooperBro422 05-05-201806-02-2018Success 282/22 Cards, LOR,SASE, $10 cash - looks great, thanks Goose!! 
jasonpriv 05-04-201806-01-2018Success 281/1with $5 
gintman33 05-01-201805-21-2018Success 201/0Signed RC w/$10 
brooks13307 04-25-201806-02-2018Success 381/11987 Topps 
Tmoney67559 04-24-201805-05-2018Success 111/1Signed a Panini Hometown Heroes 
sreader3 04-19-201805-04-2018Success 154/3Sent $20. Signed 72T WS team, 84T, 85D. Returned 87T unsigned. Fair enough. Great fine blue gel autos!
NYYanks2018 04-17-2018 Pending -2/0  
derrich1112 04-17-201805-07-2018Success 201/1nice signature in blue 
spikeowen 04-11-201805-03-2018Success 223/387D, 88S, & 89UD + $$ - Signed all 3, thanks Goose! 
emc23 04-11-201804-23-2018Success 121/0Personalized as requested. Came out perfect! 
DC4L 04-11-201804-23-2018Success 121/1Signed 1981 Donruss in blue sharpie with no donation! Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
Chavez78 04-09-201804-20-2018Success 112/22 cards $30 check, asked for inscriptions. Awesome sig! Added HOF 2008. 
AZWildcat007 04-05-201804-16-2018Success 112/2+Donation 
RobHarrington 04-02-201804-16-2018Success 141/1Signed one card in blue Sharpie. Sent $5 cash. 
GoStLCards 03-31-201804-18-2018Success 181/1$5 
levi 03-28-201804-09-2018Success 121/11983 Topps for set w/donation
Fastball627 03-28-201804-09-2018Success 121/1  
cdogdrippen 03-27-201804-09-2018Success 131/1signed my baseball 
CooperBro422 03-26-201804-09-2018Success 141/317 Donruss base - Thanks Goose! AWESOME!! Got HOF inscription + two signed HOF postcards for my boys!!
cutchamin 03-20-201804-11-2018Success 222/2+$20 
jdresbach 03-20-201804-09-2018Success 201/1Archives reprint 
aqscards 03-12-201803-23-2018Success 112/1no donation included. included HOF inscription. Thanks Goose! 
Treeingeli 03-10-201803-21-2018Success 101/1Singed a 90 Donruss free of charge 
ebelote81 03-09-201803-20-2018Success 101/11983 Topps, $10 cash, LOR, SASE. Signed in blue with "HOF 2008" inscription. Thanks Mr. Gossage
Mitchell2314 03-08-201803-21-2018Success 121/1Sent 1 card. (1-1975 Topps) Signed in black sharpie 
Danmay55 03-05-201803-19-2018Success 134/1signed 1 out of 4 with no donation 
Foul Bunt 03-03-201803-19-2018Success 151/1Signed an 87 Topps. No fee. 
tglg 02-22-201803-19-2018Success 241/1Got back an '84 Fleer Update and it looks great!~!!!!! 
Derek Ram-z 02-21-201803-19-2018Success 252/1Signed 1of 2 and signed without the $10 charge. 
utlaw97 02-20-201803-05-2018Success 131/1ROMLB, blue pen, SASE & $20, ball came back with HOF inscription. The package went through hell but bubble wrap saved the ball. 
autograder79 02-16-201803-19-2018Success 302/187T &82D plus $20.... 
RedskinRussell 02-14-201803-03-2018Success 171/1Signed 88 Topps Traded. 
twinsfan83 02-12-201803-03-2018Success 191/11988 Topps, trying $5 donation 
jacksonkdj 02-12-201803-03-2018Success 191/1Sent $10 check and one card, 2013 Topps Archives
bronxbomber33 02-05-201802-16-2018Success 111/11983 topps 
brooks13307 02-04-201802-16-2018Success 121/11982 Topps 
yankeefanaz 01-29-201802-21-2018Success 231/1Topps 5x7 of his 1973 RC with $10 
Carby 01-29-201802-05-2018Success 71/2He even sent back an extra 1987 tops goose Gossage card 
Johnnyosox 01-26-201802-05-2018Success 101/1Signed his 1976 Topps White Sox card and added his HOF inscription-No fee 
cutchamin 01-25-201802-16-2018Success 221/1sent 1993 Fleer Flair + $10 
20dhuya 01-25-201802-05-2018Success 111/1Sent $10 donation and auto came out great! 
DaltonCooper13 01-24-201802-08-2018Success 151/010$ Signed his my card 
aceblazer27 01-23-201802-03-2018Success 111/1Sent 1 2017 donruss card and a $10 bill. Received it with a HOF inscription. Thank you Mr. Gossage 
JeremyS 01-22-201802-03-2018Success 121/1$10 with 8x10--Thanks, Mr. Gossage! 
Vikesfan22 01-20-201802-05-2018Success 162/11 of 2, sent donation back 
mas 01-17-201802-02-2018Success 161/1  
BoLane 01-09-201810-30-2018Failure 2931/0Small donation // No reply // Failure but will update if anything is received 
Dean28 01-05-201801-19-2018Success 141/1'86 Donruss DK signed in thin blue Sharpie 
dwilk17 01-05-201801-19-2018Success 141/1No Fee 
puck34 12-29-201701-18-2018Success 201/1Sent a '91F/ came back signed in blue. Looks great! Thanks, Mr. Goose! 
STLCardinals66 12-27-201701-19-2018Success 231/1x1 cards 
PJsDad 12-21-201701-19-2018Success 292/2Sent two ROMLBs, LOR, SASE and $40 donation. Signed both with inscriptions.
RedskinRussell 12-21-201701-19-2018Success 291/1Signed 90 Donruss. 
chazeroom 12-19-201701-17-2018Success 291/1return date is an estimate 
Logan Richmond 12-12-201712-22-2017Success 101/11987 Topps #380 
puck34 12-11-2017 Pending -1/0Sent a 2014 Topps Free Agent. 
yankeez 12-09-201712-23-2017Success 142/2$20 for two 8x10s. One was for a benefit and wished he would have written what I wanted on it. It's all good. 
jasonlieberth 12-09-201712-23-2017Success 142/1Signed 1 of 2 
bcommerce 12-08-201701-04-2018Success 272/2Sent HOF Post Cards Fee, Returned Signed 
AaronJudge 12-04-201705-15-2018Failure 1611/0Write off 
rzsanzone1981 12-04-201701-12-2018Success 391/0Sent a ROMLB and a check for $40 asking him to load the ball. He did write stats on it but not as many as I'd have liked. Nevertheless, it's still a great ball and he has a great signature! 
autograder79 12-01-201712-09-2017Success 81/173T $10 donation...........awesome 
marty77 11-24-201701-18-2018Success 552/2  
RedskinRussell 11-14-201712-11-2017Success 271/1Signed 89 Topps. Sent $10 donation. 
Cliftobr 11-12-201706-04-2018Failure 2031/0RTS undeliverable. Will resend. 
Tom17 11-01-201711-19-2017Success 181/1  
bboonie53 10-24-201711-10-2017Success 171/1ROMLB $40/Came back loaded! 
Baldones 10-20-201711-27-2017Success 383/3Sent 3 Photos Hope he signs them. THE GOOSE ON THE LOOSE ALWAYS AN EASY SIGNATURE HOF ADDED TOO! 
JoeyDonuts 10-17-201711-03-2017Success 172/1Topps cards w/$10. If it can't be both -- great autograph on my first choice. Nice card. Thanks, Mr. Rich Gossage! 
eafick 10-06-2017 Pending -2/0I am sending out a 2015 topps gypsy queen, and a 1989 donruss. 
driftwood 10-04-201710-25-2017Success 211/1Sent LOR, ROMLB and SASE. Received ball back signed on SS in blue pen. 
mas 10-03-201710-25-2017Success 221/1  
Tom17 10-02-201710-26-2017Success 241/11989 topps 
hernandez37 09-13-201709-28-2017Success 151/1OMLB & $20, asking for auto with HOF inscrip- returned nicely signed in blue ink with HOF inscrip. 
cthom13 09-12-201709-29-2017Success 171/1Great signature in blue. 
zac141lucky 09-12-201710-02-2017Success 201/1SASE. Sent donation. 
bigbenjobu 09-11-201709-28-2017Success 171/1Signed one without donation. I think this one will go to Nolan Ryan now
danb 09-08-201709-28-2017Success 201/1Being thirteen and not having money I did not send donation. And he signed nicely. Thanks Mr Gossage! 
flutie13 09-07-201709-29-2017Success 221/1  
ellwoodbandrules 09-01-201709-15-2017Success 141/1He signed my baseball with the HOF inscription. I included a $20 donation. 
nick98292 08-30-201709-12-2017Success 131/1ROMLB with donation
RobHarrington 08-25-201709-12-2017Success 181/12013 Topps Archives signed in thin blue ink. 
mauckster9 08-19-201708-29-2017Success 101/1Signed name on SS of HOF baseball 
STLCardinals66 08-18-201708-29-2017Success 111/11 card 
diback34 08-14-201708-29-2017Success 152/1sending a 2015 topps archives, and a 1986 topps card with $10 donation.... only signed the archives card 
bdmorr 08-08-201708-29-2017Success 211/12017 Topps Archives, blue sharpie- did not send a donation 
ms101 08-08-201708-30-2017Success 221/11987 topps. Signed in blue 
Deweygator 07-21-201708-07-2017Success 171/12017 Topps Archives. Looks awesome!
emc23 07-15-201708-08-2017Success 241/1Beautiful signed and personalize for 8x10!!! 
Spikes40 07-13-201708-05-2017Success 231/1  
BleedBlue15 07-12-201708-07-2017Success 261/1'13 Topps Gypsy Queen. Blue Sharpie, 26 days. $5 donation 
xtra-innings 07-01-201708-12-2017Success 424/4x4 cards
Relay 06-23-201707-07-2017Success 141/1Sent a photo and $5 dollar donation. Received photo signed nicely in blue. Return date may not be exact because I was out of town. 16th TTM success. Thanks Goose! 
cwatrous17 06-22-201707-07-2017Success 151/1Signed a '17 Topps Bunt Infinite insert in blue sharpie. Inscribed "HOF 2008." Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
tglg 06-21-201707-07-2017Success 161/1Got back the Goose on a Rangers card, which I wanted to add to the Yankees & Padres of him that I have. A+ 
cwatrous17 06-02-201707-07-2017Success 351/1Signed a '17 Topps Bunt Programs in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
marty77 06-01-201707-07-2017Success 361/11988 Topps 
RobHarrington 05-30-201707-06-2017Success 371/12017 Donruss signed in blue ink. 
Cjohnson1221 05-26-201707-06-2017Success 411/1Nice signature. 
cwatrous17 05-20-201707-07-2017Success 481/1Signed a '17 Topps Archives in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
stealthywizard00 05-13-2017 Pending -1/0Sent 1 card, LOR, and SASE 
ChesterJT 05-12-201705-22-2017Success 101/1Sent LOR and ROMLB with $20, second try. *UPDATE: Returned signed with HOF inscription as requested.
whawkins51 05-11-201705-23-2017Success 121/1Thanks so much Mr. Gossage! 
CircletheWagons96 05-08-201705-25-2017Success 171/1Signed ROMLB with HOF inscription! ( didnt request it) + $20 donation 
Thulk2000 05-05-201705-25-2017Success 203/1Got 1 of 3 cards signed. Didn't send any money. Thanks Goose! 
hernandez37 05-02-201705-24-2017Success 221/1Mailed 1 card & $10 check. Received auto and HOF inscription. Thank you Goose. 
briang0381 05-01-201707-05-2017Success 652/2Sent 2 8x10's and included $20. Received both pictures back signed! Thank you, Mr. Gossage! My son and I are very happy to add your autograph to our collections!
mas 04-21-201705-23-2017Success 321/1 
cwatrous17 04-17-201705-26-2017Success 391/1Signed a '17 Donruss throwback insert in blue sharpie. Also threw in another of the same card that I didn't send him? Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
glitterati 04-05-201705-04-2017Success 291/1  
bigbenjobu 04-03-201705-05-2017Success 321/1Signed without a fee
levi 03-16-201704-08-2017Success 232/11983 Topps x2 w/donation
David Hall 02-27-201704-07-2017Success 381/1Sent ROMLB, LOR and $20 
Sbgrace0856 02-27-201704-06-2017Success 371/1Took 39 days 
Vladfan27 02-25-201703-25-2017Success 271/0LOR, ROMLB, $10 
DonnyB5 02-23-201706-30-2017Success 1261/1Sent one card 
Matthew123 02-22-2017 Pending -1/0Sent 1 Yankees Legacy Card with LOR 
BoSoxFan4235 02-21-201704-06-2017Success 431/1Signed 1 in blue 
whawkins51 02-20-201704-06-2017Success 441/1No Donation. Thanks so much! 
MLBGEEK02 02-18-201704-06-2017Success 461/1sent 91 Donruss, LOR, No Donation. Received signed in blue sharpie. Great! 
alex0 02-15-201703-27-2017Success 392/1Sent 2, 1 Mariners, 1 Yankees, signed 1 (Yankees) with no donation. Gorgeous signature. 
Schmidty548 02-14-201704-06-2017Success 501/1Signed my 8x10
tglg 02-06-201702-16-2017Success 101/1Got back an extremely nice looking signature on a Yankees card. LOVE IT!!!!! 
21ccl 02-06-201708-01-2018Success 5401/1  
wumbof14 02-02-201702-14-2017Success 121/1No Donation 
antmazzuca8 01-30-201702-15-2017Success 162/1Signed 1 of 2 for a $10 fee. Great success though :) 
Autographs 01-27-201702-04-2017Success 81/1  
whitesox17 01-27-201702-16-2017Success 201/1(2) custom 4x6 (offered one to keep), $10 donation, LOR, SASE - very nice signature on my 4x6, returned the extra one that I offered, thanks Goose! 
Foul Bunt 01-26-201702-04-2017Success 92/1Signed my 1985 Topps, sent my 1987 Topps back unsigned. 
grantbojang1 01-25-201702-04-2017Success 101/1Signed my card in Blue Sharpie! Thanks Goose! Follow my Instagram to stay up to date with my latest TTMs: 
Atlantaman 01-25-201702-17-2017Success 231/1ROMLB with HOF inscription. Inlcuded $10 
Gatordon 01-18-201702-03-2017Success 161/1Sent a 2008 All Star OMLB 10 dollar donation and a LOR. 
mnnatural 01-18-201702-06-2017Success 191/1recieved ball signed no hof inscription as requested but still happy with the success 
STLCardinals66 01-14-201701-24-2017Success 101/11 1987 Topps card. Sent with no fee 
Deek 01-13-201701-24-2017Success 111/1One 89 Fleer card 
Pedroia15TheBest 01-09-201702-04-2017Success 261/1  
Ezdno 01-07-201701-24-2017Success 171/178T Signed in Blue Sharpie, He has never charged me a fee, but only signs one card at a time. Ty Goose
Calebssportscards 01-07-201701-24-2017Success 171/176 Topps 
mas 01-03-201701-13-2017Success 101/1no fee 
tomevans15 12-29-201601-09-2017Success 111/1Hall of Fame postcard w/o "HoF 2008" inscription. For no fee, I am very pleased!
Mitchell2314 12-28-201601-09-2017Success 121/1Sent 1 card. (1-1989 Topps) Signed in blue sharpie! 
lkfojtik 12-24-201601-11-2017Success 183/1Sent 3 Topps cards w LOR, SASE and donation. Signed the preferred of the 3 we sent. Returned all. Thx much Goose 
Rolltide 12-22-201601-11-2017Success 201/1Signed one 8x10. No fee. 
ninernation49 12-17-201601-09-2017Success 231/1Sent ROLB, SASE, and $5 and requested for a HOF inscription. Got it backed signed nicely in blue sharpie, but he didn't inscribe it. Still a sweet return. Thanks Mr. Gossage 
1956WS 12-16-201612-27-2016Success 111/1Gypsy Queen + $10. Knew this would be good. Thank you, Mr. Gossage!
Cubs14 12-12-201612-29-2016Success 171/1  
patrick34 12-10-201612-28-2016Success 181/1sent 8x10/ LOR/ SASE got back signed so happy No Donation
yankeez 12-05-201612-23-2016Success 181/1WONDERFUL inscription on both the photo and my letter he sent back. $15. 
nysportsxtra 11-26-201612-13-2016Success 171/1  
BASEBALLCOLECTOR 11-26-201612-13-2016Success 173/1Sent 3 cards no donation, received one of the three signed in blue pen. With no donation I'm happy he even signed one 
toddannis 11-23-201612-14-2016Success 212/2Sent ROMLB, 1 card, $10. Received both signed. Ball and card w/ HOF 2008! Thanks Goose!! 
tglg 11-19-201612-03-2016Success 141/1Got back a nice looking signature on an '82 Topps In Action card!!! 
bicemusic 11-14-201612-02-2016Success 181/1Sent 1 card: 88 Topps w/ LOR. Success! He signed the card. Thanks Goose!
redsoxlove6 11-08-201611-25-2016Success 171/1sent one card no donation 
Redsoxsaholic3 11-07-201611-25-2016Success 181/1sent one card forgot donation hoping for the best // no inscription but still very successful !! 
yankeesgiants2000 11-05-201611-25-2016Success 201/1$10 donation took 20 days but no HOF instription 
TonyWoodside 11-04-201611-23-2016Success 191/1LOR and ROMLB and $10 donation. **UPDATE** Got ball back today signed in blue pen. Only took 19 days!
Smittzerland 11-01-201611-28-2016Success 271/11975 Topps. No fee. 
LoyalRoya8515 10-31-201611-25-2016Success 251/1ROMLB $10 donation, Returned second time was the charm 
bravesfanfromny 10-29-201611-26-2016Success 281/1Check out all my daily success and please also click like. 
piratesfan1 10-29-201611-25-2016Success 271/1Thanks goose 
NatHon995 10-27-201611-26-2016Success 301/1Signed 74T White Sox card. 
Thepatman1985 10-21-201610-29-2016Success 81/1Nice signature thanks Mr Gossage!!! 8 days all it took. signed offical Major League Baseball 
tglg 10-17-201610-31-2016Success 141/1Got back my Padres card with a great looking signature!!! 
masonmia 10-15-201611-01-2016Success 171/1ROMLB with $10 
GSilvy35 10-13-201610-31-2016Success 181/1Sent $10 CK; LOE; SASE and ROMLB - Returned beautiful sig with HOF insc 
mauckster9 10-13-201610-29-2016Success 161/1Sent LOR, SASE, and MLB ion. Awesome signature! 
mas 10-12-201611-01-2016Success 201/1  
Eddie_2 10-12-201610-28-2016Success 161/116 days. Signed card in blue sharpie and added the "HOF 2008" inscription. 
ksmaccallum 09-29-201610-11-2016Success 121/3sent 1 pic and LOR, got back my pic signed and 2 HOF cards signed 
bigbenjobu 09-24-201610-11-2016Success 171/1Great signature. Probably off to Rollie next
nascargaryts 09-21-201610-13-2016Success 221/1Sent 1 card, returned card signed no fee 
zooiiks 09-13-201610-11-2016Success 281/1Beautiful sig w/ HOF inscription! Also answered some questions, but didn't that. Who cares? Thank you Mr. Gossage! Sent LOR, SASE, $10 and ROMLB
Bmallory410 09-10-201610-11-2016Success 311/1Sent 1 ROMLB, received it back signed 
Bmallory410 09-10-201610-11-2016Success 311/1Sent 1 ROMLB and $10, received it back signed 
Atlantaman 09-09-201609-17-2017Pending 3731/0  
Atlantaman 09-09-201609-17-2016Success 81/1No donation but did not inscribe as I asked 
Baumans916 09-06-201609-17-2016Success 113/1Awesome signiture in blue sharpie; no donation, only signed 1 of 3 
cardboardempire 09-06-201609-21-2016Pending 151/11981 Topps w/ donation 
Calebssportscards 09-02-201609-16-2016Success 141/179 Topps leaders card, no fee 
sroane1224 09-01-201609-17-2016Success 161/1added HOF 2008. Great return. sent $10 
BoSoxFan4235 08-29-201609-19-2016Success 211/1Signed 84 Topps in thin blue sharpie. No fee 
ninernation49 08-20-201609-18-2016Success 291/1Sent 1 card and S.A.S.E with no donation. Got it back signed nicely. thanks 
JGuerra 08-17-201609-17-2016Success 312/1Signed the 79 T, but not the other card. I'm not complaining. No fee, but I understand that's changed since I sent the cards out. 
marty77 08-15-201609-17-2016Success 331/11980 Topps 
tefap 07-30-201608-15-2016Pending 161/0Sent 8 X 10. Received signed in the sharpie I sent. 
Ezdno 07-28-201608-11-2016Success 142/282TAS, 93UF Fine Blue Sharpie, Ins HOF 2008 no fee 
Yankees1313 07-23-201608-11-2016Success 193/1Sent 5 dollars, signed one of my cards beautifully in blue pen. 
mnbigfoot 07-17-201608-12-2016Success 261/11989 Topps. Thanks Mr. Gossage!
eaglesrock55 07-05-201608-12-2016Success 381/1  
Yanksfan876 06-29-201608-12-2016Success 441/1Sent 2013 Topps Archives and SASE no fee, returned signed in thin blue sharpie, nice! 
levi 06-25-201608-11-2016Success 471/11982 Topps All-Star-for set
Donhutson 06-25-201608-11-2016Success 473/1Did not send a donation. Signed 1 card. No questions answered 
nascargaryts 06-23-201607-11-2016Success 181/1Sent 1 card, no donation, signed blue sharpie and HOF 
NatHon995 06-20-201607-13-2016Success 232/1Sent 87T and 89T he signed 87T get signature from the HOF 
just for the fun 06-15-201601-24-2017Success 2231/1signed card in black sharpie, thanks mr. gossage!!! 
gopherz99 06-06-201607-13-2016Success 371/1Got my jersey back signed. Sent donation. Thanks Goose 
MC18 06-03-201607-11-2016Success 381/1Amazing HOF success with no donation 
SDre31 05-23-201606-04-2016Success 121/1Success! Signed 2015 Gypsy Queen card. No fee, and added HOF 2008 inscription without even requesting.
bigbenjobu 05-10-201606-03-2016Success 241/1Signed with no donation
EKritzell 05-03-201606-06-2016Success 341/1Sent a 92T. Signed it nicely in blue. No fee 
xtra-innings 04-21-201605-03-2016Success 122/2x2 photos (w/donation)
Rebits77 04-20-201605-02-2016Success 121/1  
bigbenjobu 04-13-201605-02-2016Success 191/1Signed the card and answered my questions
digricolic204 04-12-201605-02-2016Success 201/1  
tglg 04-11-201605-02-2016Success 211/1Got back my Cubs card with a nice blue sharpie signature 
lh4augie 04-02-201605-02-2016Success 301/1Sending a ROMLB with donation- perfect SS signature with HOF inscription! 
PaladinLeba 03-25-201604-09-2016Success 151/1  
ChesterJT 03-14-201604-07-2016Failure 241/0Sent LOR and ROMLB with $10 *UPDATE returned unsigned with a handwritten note asking who says he signs for $10? Has a contract with Steiner, $100 per auto, asked me to 'pass it on to the rest' At least he sent the $10 back. Very disappointed.
leecknox 03-14-2016 Pending -2/089 UD & 89 Score 
cutchamin 03-07-201604-16-2016Success 392/2sent $20 check to Rich Gossage 
LoyalRoya8515 02-29-201604-13-2016Failure 431/0Sent ROMLB and a $10, Sent back ball (Unsigned) money and a note saying he has a contract for $100 per signature. 
marty77 02-28-201604-07-2016Success 381/1  
magic79 02-25-201604-07-2016Success 411/1One card signed in thin blue Sharpie 
Canadian-Grapher 02-23-201604-11-2016Success 471/1signed 1/1 with no fee
stlcrazy 02-22-2016 Pending -1/0  
levi 02-22-201604-09-2016Success 461/11982 Topps 
bigbenjobu 02-10-201604-07-2016Success 561/1Signed nicely. No fee included
RED BARON TX 02-08-201602-18-2016Success 103/2ROMLB, 2 cards, LOR, SASE, donation. Signed ball in SS w HOF insc. Signed 89 Donruss but not '16 Topps Wrigley.
postalmetfan 01-29-201602-06-2016Success 81/1Goose signed his 1982 Topps card, quick return 8 days, no fee. He only signs 1 at a time for free...
Deweygator 01-29-201602-19-2016Success 212/1Sase, letter, 1982 Fleer signed no fee
baseballcards4 01-28-201602-08-2016Success 111/1very fast return 
39special 01-21-201602-06-2016Success 161/1'73 Topps.Sent donation 
docgallie 01-20-201602-25-2016Success 361/1  
bigbenjobu 01-16-201601-28-2016Success 122/1Signed 1 of 2 with donation
Boehmz 01-11-201601-29-2016Success 181/1Sent 4x6 photo with SASE//Received signed in thin blue sharpie! 18 DAYS! 
hooty75 01-09-201601-30-2016Success 211/1in blue 
bravesfanfromny 01-07-201601-16-2016Success 91/1 
Dean28 01-06-201601-28-2016Success 221/1'89 Topps signed nicely in thin blue Sharpie 
Sryankee99 12-31-201501-11-2016Success 111/1Sent 1 card without fee- signed in blue. Awesome success! 
tglg 12-29-201501-11-2016Success 131/1Just has a great looking signature.....LOVE IT 
docgallie 12-29-201501-11-2016Success 132/1  
MWMP 12-01-201501-11-2016Success 413/33/3 in 41 Days w/ HOF 2008 Inscription. NO DONATION! 
PatsFan9 11-30-201501-11-2016Success 423/1Great sig 
anguishCBA 11-28-201512-04-2015Success 62/1So happy !!! Nice card signed in blue 
mas 11-25-201501-11-2016Success 472/2sent 77 topps and 78 topps--signed both with HOF inscription
postalmetfan 11-25-201501-14-2016Success 502/1He signed 1 card (1985 Topps Padres not 1982 Topps Yankees) No donation. I added his 4 digit zip code-4328 
MikeP 11-16-201512-04-2015Success 181/01986 Donruss, no fee//nice sign 
ellwoodbandrules 11-09-201511-21-2015Success 121/1One Card Signed in Blue 
jkosmicki18 10-10-201511-02-2015Success 231/11989 topps- received signed cool sig thanks! 
23jumpman 09-26-201510-25-2015Success 291/1Signed 1 card nicely in blue 
xtra-innings 09-10-201509-24-2015Success 143/2x2 photos
1963Fleer 09-08-201509-24-2015Success 162/1Sent 5.00 donation, 1 of 2 cards signed (89 Topps.) Nice penmanship. Made my day 
Hobey21 09-06-201509-24-2015Success 182/1Signed a card! Great success from a great player! Thank you Mr. Gossage! 18 Days! No fee... 
Sbartee 08-27-201509-26-2015Success 301/1sent $10 SASE Letter 8x10- photo 
Pedroia15TheBest 08-26-201509-24-2015Success 291/1  
MDASCards 08-25-201509-24-2015Success 301/1Did not expect this one back. It came back signed nicely in blue. Thanks Mr. Gossage 
marty77 08-21-201509-25-2015Success 351/11989 Topps
WhiteZack87 08-07-201508-25-2015Success 183/3Sent 2 Gypsy Queen mini cards, a 1988 score, and $15. Received all back signed in blue. 
Royals1982 08-01-201508-27-2015Success 262/2two cards signed in blue sharpie. Fast return! Super excited about this one. $5 donation included. 
MWMP 07-28-201508-25-2015Success 281/11/1 
mrREALiTi 07-28-201508-30-2015Success 331/1  
babco-luca 07-27-201508-25-2015Success 292/1SENT 1 CARD BACK SIGNED WITH NO FEE 
NYYanks2016 07-27-201508-25-2015Success 291/1Signed my 86 Donrus 
Yankeesfan2 07-22-201509-04-2015Success 441/1Sent yankees mini helmet and $8. Signed in bronze and gave me the sharpie. 
locbolo 07-21-201508-26-2015Success 361/1Sent $10 with ROMLB, signed sweet spot Goose Gossage.... blue ink pen 
mas 07-07-201508-25-2015Success 491/1sent 75 SSPC 
Cashmoney23 07-06-201507-18-2015Success 121/1The Goose!!! Signing 1/1 and I didn't have to pay a fee! 
mikedmatthews 06-29-201507-23-2015Success 242/2  
willprice37 06-15-201507-01-2015Success 161/1  
bboonie53 05-29-201506-15-2015Success 171/1ROMLB $20/SS with HOF inscription 
Ebys23 05-15-201505-22-2015Success 71/1sent with 2$ donation- sweet auto 
mas 04-22-201505-12-2015Success 201/1SENT 1 CARDS WITH NO FEE 
graphing310 04-11-201505-11-2015Success 301/1ROMLB with HOF inscription. Included donation 
RedSoxDerr 03-27-201504-10-2015Success 143/1Just made the cut off! sent $10, 2 Topps and 8x10, recieved photo back signed W/ HOF inscription and requested $25/sig. Thanks Goose!
chr5399 03-24-201504-09-2015Success 161/1Signed in blue Sharpie... 1983 Topps Super Veterans... added HOF 2008... great success from one of the greatest relievers ever. 
lh4augie 03-18-201504-09-2015Success 222/1signed one of 2 with no fee. nice signature in blue. 
Orange October 03-15-201504-09-2015Success 251/1Sent one card can't remember if it was with/without donation, letter, SASE - Returned card signed!
Tex2005 03-12-201504-09-2015Success 281/1Sent ROMLB, SASE, LOR, blue pen and $15 donation. RCVD with inscription 
scruffynerfherder 03-09-201504-09-2015Failure 311/0No fee sent. Returned unsigned in SASE. 
mneigel14 03-06-201504-09-2015Success 331/1Sent ROMLB and requested HOF inscription, received signed ball w/ inscription as requested- Was asked to let everyone know he is now requesting $25 per signature
aztribefan 03-05-201504-09-2015Success 341/1Sent 1 ROMLB w/ $10 donation. He came through beautifully!! Signed SS with HOF inscription. :) He did send a hand written letter asking me to let everyone know he now requires $25 per sig. 
dega2429 03-02-201504-10-2015Success 381/187T signed in thin blue sharpie 
RichieNoodles 02-17-201504-09-2015Success 501/1He is a class act... true American Baseball Hero. He signed my HOF Baseball with his HOF year inscribed. He asks for a $25 donation for now on, well worth it!
t23lee 02-09-201503-16-2015Success 341/1great success, thanks! 
arinesmith 02-06-201502-23-2015Success 171/1Signed with pen on SS with inscription. Sent ROMLB, LOR, SASE and pen 
bickel84 01-31-201502-21-2015Success 211/1Sent 1995 Score and $5 donation 
justinw182 01-26-201502-20-2015Success 251/1Signed 1987 Topps in 25 Days. 
mazefan72 01-22-201502-09-2015Success 182/2Signed a 90's era Seattle Mariner's Mini helmet inscribed HOF 2008, and a 4x6 photo..TY..$5 Cash donation. 
sublime420 01-20-201502-11-2015Success 223/1Signed 1 of 3 cards for no fee 
shortstop2025 01-12-201502-10-2015Success 291/1Signed a ROMLB with HOF 08 fee! Real pumped about this one 
marty77 01-10-201502-10-2015Success 311/1  
rbarone5 12-22-201401-17-2015Success 261/1Thank you Mr. Gossage! 
Musclebeech 12-01-201412-15-2014Success 142/1Kept 1 
Eric Parsons 11-28-201412-15-2014Success 171/1  
freezeover98 11-24-201412-16-2014Success 221/179 Topps dual w/ Rollie (already signed by Rollie) and $5 donation. 
haynmay 11-21-201411-28-2014Success 71/11976 sspc 
BLawson87 11-03-201411-26-2014Success 231/1Sent 1 baseball and $15 donation; returned signed with HOF inscription 
NotreDame 11-02-201404-10-2015Success 1591/1Sent baseball, added HOF, and sent $25. Told me that from now, it is a minimum $25 donation or items wont be signed. Thanks Mr. Gossage! 
delones24 10-15-201411-28-2014Success 441/189 Topps
Musclebeech 10-10-201410-17-2014Success 73/1Sent 3 cards, SASE & LOR; returned all three cards, signed 1 in blue ballpoint. Quick turnaround! 
Baseball247 10-04-201410-17-2014Success 131/1ROMLB// signed but no hof inscription
padsdsu 09-29-201410-17-2014Success 181/1x1 card fee...great signer 
marty77 09-27-201410-17-2014Success 201/11985 Topps 
Bedrock Bedrosian 09-17-201410-17-2014Success 302/1Signed '83 Topps, great success! 
smokinsteve 09-09-201410-17-2014Success 381/1Signed card, no fee, no HOF insription. He must have signed a bunch at once as a lot are coming back today. Nice sig from a great HOFer.
Rob6251 08-28-201410-17-2014Success 501/1Sent $8 and a 2008 HOF first day issued stamped envelope 
mazefan72 08-16-201409-08-2014Success 231/1Signed a Gypsy Queen card...No Fee sent 
Schmidty548 08-07-201409-06-2014Success 301/1Signed my Hall of Fame Postcard for Free!
Baseball247 08-04-201409-08-2014Failure 351/1ROMLB// sent back unsigned and kept pen... will resend 
alf7624 07-15-201408-02-2014Success 181/1Sent SASE, LOR, ROMLB, BIC Blue Pen & $10.00 check... Asked for HOF Inscription. Got signed ball back. He included the requested HOF 2008 inscription. Great return from HOFer. Thank You Mr Gossage. 
xtra-innings 07-15-201408-04-2014Success 201/1x1 card (with donation)
dodgerbobble 07-13-201408-04-2014Success 221/1Sent ROMLB, two blue pens and $10 donation. Recieved 22 days letter sweetspotted with HOF inscription.
Schmidty548 07-01-201408-04-2014Success 341/1Signed my Hall of Fame Postcard
Kmbtheone 06-26-201408-04-2014Success 392/1No fee. Real sweet 
marty77 06-24-201407-11-2014Success 171/11992 Topps
silojohnson 06-16-201407-14-2014Success 281/1'14 Topps Archives... very nice thanks Goose! 
Robextend 05-10-201406-23-2014Success 441/11981 Topps + $20 Donation/Great success, thank you Mr. Gossage. 
levi 05-06-201405-17-2014Success 111/11989 Donruss
Coltron57 04-14-201405-20-2014Success 361/1Trying a 4x6 w/$10 again. Signed in blue and added HoF 08. Nice to see this one back after requesting $50 last time... 
marty77 02-24-201404-11-2014Success 451/1Signed 1987 Topps for no fee!!! Thanks Mr. Gossage!!!!!
Jstafford4897 02-11-201404-11-2014Success 581/1Sent 1989 fleer with letter and SASE with no donation / signed in black sharpie without fee! 
Robextend 01-31-201402-11-2014Success 114/21973, 1981, 1987 Topps (2) + $20 Donation/Half success, kept my 1981 Topps card, signed 2 of 4...thanks Mr. Gossage. 
reecer31 01-18-201401-29-2014Success 113/1no fee, 11 day turnaround 
ekendall 01-17-201401-30-2014Failure 131/0Sent Yankees Program with $10 fee-- sent back unsigned with $10 asking for $50 
levi 01-16-201401-28-2014Success 121/11992 Topps for set
Coltron57 01-13-201401-28-2014Failure 152/02 4x6 photos plus $10. Note saying $50.00 and has contract obligation with a company, but did sign his first name on note, so partial auto. 
alexgallagher10 01-13-201402-10-2014Success 282/1no fee. hoping to get both signed 
Yankeesfan2 01-13-201401-29-2014Failure 161/1Returned back unsigned. 
BoSoxFan4235 01-13-201401-27-2014Failure 141/01987 Donruss. Sent back card unsigned asking for $50 
southsidegraphs24 01-09-201401-28-2014Failure 191/0  
rickyluke 01-07-201401-28-2014Success 211/1Hall of Fame Project-- Included Blue Sharpie--Did not include HOF year like the other six players on item, Also was the first to sign in black 
Ttmkid99 01-07-201401-27-2014Failure 200/0asked for $50 
Ryanmillerfan30 12-26-201301-10-2014Success 151/1No fee awesome return! 
baseballfanatic16 12-23-201301-06-2014Success 141/1  
lizard-jd 12-22-201301-07-2014Success 162/1Signed 1 CIC & returned $5 donation I had included - very nice, TY! He's only the 2nd player to ever sign my item but return my donation. 
Gibber99 12-21-201301-06-2014Success 161/1Sent Cooperstown card / Beautiful auto is blue sharpie 
dunner47 12-16-201301-09-2014Success 241/1Signed my ROMLB, added HOF 2008 - sent $10. Great Success! 
tberryment 12-05-201312-20-2013Success 153/1sent '73 topps, 2 custom 8X10's and donation, signed/returned 1 custom, and returned other 2 items unsigned
DownGoesFrazier 12-02-201312-19-2013Success 171/184 Topps. $5. Thanks a ton, "Goose"!!! 
jbucksfan1 12-01-201312-20-2013Success 191/2No Fee 
dawgbizkit83 11-27-201312-23-2013Success 261/1OMLB and $10 
padsdsu 11-26-201312-19-2013Success 233/1Sent 3, 2 returned unsigned, no donation sent. Success 
Rob6251 11-25-201312-21-2013Success 261/1Did not send fee 
Boinks 11-23-201312-19-2013Success 261/1 
acarter13 11-22-201312-19-2013Success 271/1came out beautifully, pics in my success thread 
Tru2thaduce 11-19-201312-02-2013Success 132/2Multi signed ball and Card 
marty77 11-01-201311-21-2013Success 201/1 
Autographs 10-24-201311-21-2013Success 281/1  
cal91697 10-13-201311-17-2013Success 351/1ROMLB 
mrmet17 10-07-201311-18-2013Success 422/12 IC's/ Signed one returned other unsigned 
chefsanders 10-07-201311-19-2013Success 431/0  
xtra-innings 10-01-201312-21-2013Success 812/1x1 card (w/donation)
white_rabbit 09-30-201311-21-2013Success 521/1romlb w/$. Thanks a lot Goose!
jeezy2220 09-21-201311-21-2013Success 611/1Signed nice in blue no fee 
mazefan72 09-18-201311-20-2013Success 631/1Signed one card,. No fee TY 
mazefan72 09-18-201311-21-2013Success 641/1Sent a 92 Fleer. received back as well signed 
jaymz887 09-13-201311-20-2013Success 682/1send 2 cards and got 1 back signed with no fee. 
chris51173 09-04-201309-16-2013Success 121/1Fast return signed my 74 topps with fee. 
jreppel 08-28-201309-16-2013Success 191/1$20 ROMLB w/ HOF 98 
levi 08-23-201309-16-2013Success 241/11992 Fleer
sml8bp 08-18-201309-14-2013Success 273/3Sent 3 Cards With SASE, signed all 3 with HOF 2008 inscriped. ...
newbernbears 08-15-201309-16-2013Success 321/1Sent card and SASE NO FEE, signed in blue, FIRST SUCCESS EVER! 
Bryan81 08-13-201309-16-2013Success 341/1Signed my 88 Topps
acratertocoffin 08-05-201308-16-2013Success 111/1Sent HOF postcard and $10 check. Returned signed with HOF 2008 inscription. 
Canadian-Grapher 08-02-201308-20-2013Success 182/2sent 8x10 and HOF Plaque, signed booth with HOF 2008, included donation. 
xtra-innings 08-01-201308-15-2013Success 142/1x1 card (w/donation) / returned other unsigned
bigbrownsfan 07-21-201308-27-2013Success 371/120$ on the sweet spot with HOF 2008 inscription official NL ball caught at Dodger Stadium 1988 
TideFanDan 07-19-201308-15-2013Success 271/11979 Topps, with fee. Thanks Mr. Gossage. 
collector41 07-19-201308-15-2013Success 272/1Sent 2 cards to be signed WITH NO FEE. Signed 1 card 
Polycarp76 07-05-201307-10-2013Success 51/1Sent one card, letter and sase. Sent back card signed. 
lizardking 06-15-201307-13-2013Success 282/1  
babe ruth 06-10-201307-12-2013Success 321/1signed 83 opeechee in blue with no fee 
xtra-innings 06-01-201306-13-2013Success 122/1x1 card (w/donation)
Colts15 06-01-201307-22-2013Success 511/1Sent rc, letter, $5...signed my card in blue with HOF inscription 
JPP 05-15-201306-13-2013Success 291/1'79 Topps (with donation) 
mutiger5719 05-07-201306-12-2013Success 361/1Included $5 donation.//No inscription but still nice return from the HOFer. Thanks Goose. 
phillyboi90 05-07-201305-13-2013Success 61/1ROMLB 
xtra-innings 04-15-201305-03-2013Success 182/2x2 cards (w/donation)
Yankeesfan2 03-20-201304-05-2013Success 161/1Signed 90 donrus 
dsolzman 03-19-201304-04-2013Success 161/1sending 8x10 and $10 fee // signed and inscribed HOF 2008 
chefsanders 03-11-201304-07-2013Success 272/2Two 4 x 6's $0 
39special 02-19-201304-04-2013Success 432/2Signed my '76 and '81 Topps sent $5 
white_rabbit 02-19-201304-04-2013Success 431/188D. Thanks a lot Goose!
JPP 02-02-201302-25-2013Success 231/1He added ' HOF 2008' Thanks mr Gossage a great success. He signed my '80 Topps 
xtra-innings 02-01-201302-11-2013Success 102/1signed x1 card/kept x1 card (with donation)
Preflight101 01-31-201302-11-2013Success 111/1Sent ROMLB & $10 Donation - signed with HOF inscription on sweet spot 
gophercakes 01-31-201302-11-2013Success 111/1Sent 1 card, LOR, and SASE. glad to see this one come back 
dsolzman 01-30-201302-11-2013Success 121/1sent 1989 Topps card and $10 donation/signed card and inscribed HOF 2008 
cosanostra78 01-22-201302-19-2013Success 281/1Sent custom card, LOR, SASE + $5 donation.
Colts15 01-17-201301-29-2013Success 122/1sent 2 cards (74, 73 RC), a nice letter and $5...signed 74 in blue, returned RC unsigned, still a great success. 
Dave15 01-14-201301-28-2013Success 141/1Sent 1981 Topps card and LOR, received signed in blue sharpie in 2 weeks, thanks Goose. 
goaliem26 01-09-201301-28-2013Success 191/1Sent lor, sase, Rawlings official Major League Baseball, blue pen and $10 check....received ROMLB back today signed on the ss with HOF inscription in the blue pen. Thanks goose!! 
FL Oriole 01-05-201301-11-2013Success 61/16 days, thanks Goose! 
1117drewbay 01-04-201301-12-2013Success 81/1Signed ball with HOF inscription. Nice bold signiture in blue. Thank you! 
Royals-R-US 01-04-201301-11-2013Success 71/11989 Topps- Project 
tylerkurata 12-30-201201-07-2013Success 82/1  
yankees713 12-28-201201-07-2013Success 101/1Sent card/lor/sase...signed in Blue marker, very fast return! 
TxOutLaw 12-27-201201-11-2013Success 152/2Sent 8x10, 5x7, LOR, SASE, $5, Received 8x10 signed in Blue w/ HOF 08, 5x7 singed in Silver w/ HOF 08 
Riggs 12-26-201201-07-2013Success 122/1sent Ball & card, didnt sign the card but signed the ROMLB on the SS with HOF 2008. $10 FEE 
poppincurbs 12-05-201201-07-2013Success 331/1signed 8x10 with $10 donation. Thank you Mr. Gossage 
tglg 11-26-201212-13-2012Success 171/1  
Baseball111 11-19-201211-30-2012Success 112/2Sent ROMLB with card and $15 - signed both beautifully! 
ILLRIMESAYA 11-13-201211-30-2012Success 172/1Sending a couple 4x6 photos-SIGNED ONE- THE BEST SIGNATURE AROUND 
bball15fan 11-12-201212-01-2012Success 191/3collage...did not sign my 8x10 but sent 2 HOF post cards 
Baseball111 11-05-201211-29-2012Success 241/1  
Tru2thaduce 10-26-201211-01-2012Success 62/2Signed ball and 2004 UD legendary cuts with hof incription.Sent $10 fee. 
J_A_S_Z 10-25-201211-04-2012Success 101/11987T, forgot fee-here is to hoping...returned signed!!! 
CubsFan38 10-02-201212-13-2012Success 721/0Trying for my 3rd time without sending fee. DID sign the past 2 times. Wish me luck! Have no idea when received, forgot to update this. 
druce26 09-22-201210-04-2012Success 121/1Signed my HOF Postcard, I had included 5 bucks for his time 
jojoelston 09-17-201210-05-2012Success 181/1Signed a ROMLB and put HOF year. Sent a donation of $20 
jmfrank1 09-11-201210-05-2012Success 241/18x10, $10 - received back w/HOF inscription 
antoine38 08-25-201209-08-2012Success 141/1Signed Index Card, Very Nice
Csarge8 08-22-201209-11-2012Success 202/11/2 hof postcards 
xtra-innings 08-06-201208-23-2012Success 172/2x2 cards (with donation)(card previously signed by Garvey TTM)
rickyluke 07-31-201208-23-2012Success 231/1Sent with 5 dollar donation/fee-- Awesome signature in Black Sharpie
badgerboys2 07-30-201208-23-2012Success 241/1signed a 1986 topps in 24 days and inscribed "HOF 2008" as well! included $5. Thanks Goose! 
kidcollector11 07-13-201207-30-2012Success 171/18X10 of him with the Goose. Awesome success!!!!!!! 
Csarge8 07-05-201208-04-2012Success 301/1No fee 
madduxfan123 06-09-201206-23-2012Success 141/1Nice on '79 Topps! 
RockiesFan33 06-06-201206-21-2012Success 151/1Signed my custom. Sent $5.00
redrocker98ta 04-30-201205-16-2012Success 162/2Signed 2 ROMLB for $25 each, thanks Goose 
dtwohig 03-29-201205-16-2012Success 481/1Signed ROMLB with HOF inscription - enclosed fee (on second attempt - first attempt without fee was returned with no note) 
bigsportsfan1 03-13-201204-27-2012Success 451/1Signed 8x10 for fee, thanks Goose! 
Hamyjunior 02-24-2012 Pending -1/0  
Chris819 02-21-201204-27-2012Failure 651/0Returned card unsigned. Tryed without fee 
84Cubs 02-13-201204-27-2012Success 730/1Sent $30. Sent a blue ballpoint papermate but the ink is a little light. Not as bold as I hoped. Hate when that happens. O well.
white_rabbit 01-27-201202-06-2012Success 101/186DDK Thanks a lot Goose!
David Hall 01-23-201202-06-2012Success 141/1sent $10 
bigsportsfan1 01-20-201202-06-2012Success 171/1Signed my card, thank you very much Goose! 
kardkid 01-14-201201-23-2012Success 91/1signed it so fast! can't believe it. thanks goose 
kardkid 01-14-201201-23-2012Success 91/1great! 
redrocker98ta 01-11-201201-20-2012Success 91/1Signed my 8x10 with HOF 2008 as requested in blue sharpie with $25 donation 
coronado2010 01-10-201201-17-2012Success 71/1second try...yeah!!! signed it for free and added HOF 2008...ty Mr. Gossage!(View all my successes @ 
jwisham 12-30-201101-12-2012Success 131/1Great Auto, No Fee!
redrocker98ta 12-05-201112-28-2011Success 232/1Signed only 1 card 
marxcaleb 11-21-201112-14-2011Success 231/1Sent a picture, and signed beautifully! 
AdmAckbar 11-14-201112-15-2011Success 311/1No fee! Signed 1973 Topps rookie card, inscribed "HOF 2008". 
Csarge8 11-07-201112-22-2011Success 452/1Thanks goose! 
JayHo7284 11-05-201111-23-2011Success 181/1Great success
juflo331 11-01-201111-23-2011Success 221/11973 topps reprint. No fee. Success! see all my TTM Success at 
CubsFan38 08-24-201112-24-2011Success 1221/1Sent date is approximate. Signed for free. 
mrfloridadude1 08-15-201109-26-2011Success 421/1signed my 89 topps for $5 cool success 
taaamps 08-13-201112-27-2011Success 1361/1wrote letter askin if he'd do a 
Yankeesfan81 08-02-201108-15-2011Success 131/1Sent card and five dollar bill. Received back signed but signature looks faded. Still HOF success! 
bigbrownsfan 07-02-201112-23-2011Success 1742/1On June 4th sent a card,letter and sase(I got the address from a relative who lives near him was unaware that he charged) and on December 23rd got both cards back one signed. I'm very happy Goose was one of my favorites as kid 
Csarge8 06-29-201107-18-2011Success 191/1Signed for daughter, no fee.. 
bounty331 06-09-201112-23-2011Success 1971/1HOF success 
arfmax 06-06-201107-19-2011Success 432/282 Fleer/87 Topps sent with $20, signed both and inscribed with HOF 2008 
juflo331 06-02-201112-23-2011Success 2042/11979 Topps, 1984 Topps. Signed the 79 topps. Kept the 1984. See all my ttm success at 
RedsFanatic21 05-26-201107-18-2011Success 531/1Cubs card no fee 
levi 05-06-201105-31-2011Success 251/11987 Topps 
TigersFan6884 04-26-201105-05-2011Success 91/1Sent 1978 Topps. Received card signed in thin blue Sharpie. 
mmalpedo01 02-22-201104-24-2011Failure 601/0Sent rc, received unsigned with price list. Requesting 20 per sig 
awz50 01-23-201102-15-2011Success 231/1ROLB NO FEE! GREAT SUCCESS 
SteakNchop 01-22-201102-11-2011Failure 202/0sent back price list with which said there was a $25 fee 
silver 01-10-201101-21-2011Success 111/1Signed HOF plaque postcard w/ "HOF 2008" inscription. Sent $20 check made out to him 
tampacannon 01-05-201101-21-2011Success 161/1Success! Great Signature!
SteakNchop 01-05-201101-21-2011Success 163/1Sent three cards and no fee. Got them all back, one signed. 
levi 01-05-201101-22-2011Success 172/11982 Topps "In Action" 
mmalpedo01 11-26-201012-17-2010Success 213/3Signed 82 Fleer, 82 Donruss, 81 Donruss for FREE. Pics in my thread and photobucket. 
capo1119 11-15-201012-08-2010Success 231/1Sent $10 and got ROMLB with HOF 2008 like I asked
coronado2010 11-04-201011-12-2010Failure 81/0sent back unsigned W/ a price list...charges $25 bucks 
xtra-innings 10-14-201011-10-2010Success 271/1Signed mini with fee
Sawks14 09-08-201009-20-2010Success 121/1Sent 79 topps already signed by Rollie Fingers and $10 fee. Received nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
tigsfan 08-25-201009-14-2010Success 201/182 Topps w/ $10 fee - signed HOF 2008 as well 
skapunk5251 08-10-201009-12-2010Success 332/1Signed custom with fee 
Sawks14 08-03-201008-16-2010Success 131/1Sent HOF postcard and $10 fee. Received signed but no HOF inscription as I requested. 
Riggs 07-29-201008-07-2010Success 91/1Great signer, FAST turnaround for a HOFer.. NO FEE!!! 
Sawks14 07-07-201008-03-2010Success 271/1Sent and received signed(w/ HOF 2008) a 1989 Score card with Goose in a Cubs uni. Sweet card. Sent $10 fee. 
indyreds 07-06-201001-19-2011Success 1971/1no fee sent 
braves9 06-29-201007-14-2010Success 151/1Sent $5 fee Inscribed HOF 8X10
Sawks14 06-03-201006-22-2010Success 192/1Sent 2 cards and fee. Received '01 GOTG signed and 'HOF 2008' inscribed received other early 90s Score unsigned. 
matthays 05-28-201006-22-2010Success 251/189 topps no fee 
vjw0307 05-07-201006-01-2010Success 251/1Inscribed as requested 
Sawks14 04-13-201005-06-2010Success 231/1Sent '79 Topps already signed by Rollie and $10. Signed and inscribed 'HOF 2008' in blue sharpie. Love this card. 
RockiesFan33 04-09-201005-04-2010Success 251/1Signed my 8x10 + $10.
xtra-innings 03-17-201005-06-2010Success 501/1 
Redman5006 03-01-201004-08-2010Success 371/1Sent ROML ball w/ $10. 
Sawks14 02-22-201004-09-2010Success 451/1Sent HOF plaque postcard and $10 fee. Received beautifully signed and inscribed 'HOF 2008' just as I requested. 
Cardsfan4ever 02-15-201004-08-2010Success 511/1He signed my card for free! 
gcrl 02-02-201002-23-2010Success 211/1nice sig with 'hof 2008' on 78 topps. included $10 fee 
white2128 12-05-200912-22-2009Success 172/2Signed a HOF post card and a Topps card. Sent $10 donation 
xtra-innings 10-30-200911-19-2009Success 202/2cards signed w/donation
Sawks14 09-21-200910-05-2009Success 141/1Received ROMLB signed and inscribed 'HOF 2008' just as I requested. Great success, included $15 fee. 
RockiesFan33 08-31-200909-11-2009Success 111/1Signed my Gold Home Run Derby baseball + $10.
skapunk5251 08-11-200908-25-2009Failure 141/0Sent back custom index card unsigned and sent card saying that he charges $25 for autographs 
hamptjl 08-10-200910-03-2009Success 541/1ROMLB SS HOF 2008 in blue pen included $10 
the305 08-08-200909-06-2009Success 291/1Sent ROMLB, incl $25 donation, looks awesome
JRubin 07-29-200908-31-2009Success 331/1Signed photo for $5 
Cmwill24 06-22-200908-29-2009Success 681/1Signed Trump baseball with HOF 08. Sent $10.
17Kensethfan 06-01-200907-02-2009Success 311/1Signed my Trump ball w/ $10 fee
bob9826 03-02-200905-06-2009Success 641/1signed my index card for free with hof 2008
postalmetfan 01-29-200902-06-2009Success 81/1Signs only one card at a time...This is the 2nd time I sent him...No fee. 
nick98292 01-22-200804-10-2008Success 781/1'89 Donruss


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