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Bobby Shantz Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 100%

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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 768
# of Success: 754  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 13
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-19-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Bowler300x2 02-28-2024 Pending -1/058 Topps, $5 
Jawheels73 02-27-2024 Pending -2/0  
RussS 02-27-2024 Pending -2/0Lor SASE 2 cards 
Ctrox17 02-26-2024 Pending -1/0HWLOR SASE 1958 Topps 
nickbricewallace 02-23-2024 Pending -2/0Photos/LOR/2 index cards 
DonMaynard13 02-21-202402-26-2024Success 52/2  
DOwen14 02-20-2024 Pending -4/0Sent 4 cards for me and my dad and brother. Plus fee. I will be super excited when I get this back 
RetiredNavyRob 02-10-202402-20-2024Success 101/1with the inscription 1952 A.L.M.V.P. Thank you Mr. Shantz 
HittinLikeCarew 02-09-2024 Pending -1/0HWLOR SASE 53 Bowman, inscription request $10 
bhawkz007 02-02-202402-08-2024Success 62/2Sent 1951 Bowman and 1958 Topps, returned signed and inscribed plus filled out a couple questions I asked, thank you Mr. Shantz!! 
SJKPT 02-02-202402-07-2024Success 52/2Very fast return. Amazing signature 
cfrederick94 02-02-202402-10-2024Success 81/2'58T, HWL, SASE... signed letter and added inscp to card! 
Freduccine 01-30-202402-12-2024Success 131/153 Topps. F**king legend mate @fortheloveofautographs 
Pigstyle1 01-27-202402-05-2024Success 92/22 cards, note and SASE; Thank you Bobby! 
liquorsnurf420 01-27-202402-09-2024Success 131/158 Topps, HWLOR, SASE 
Baseballmom12 01-25-202401-31-2024Success 61/1Great signature and quick return 
rellen5328 01-23-202401-29-2024Success 61/1signed 8x10 photo and hand wrote some information on letter. 
meatjohnson 01-23-202401-27-2024Success 41/1  
Roark8 01-22-202401-29-2024Success 71/2Signed card plus signed index card and answered my question. Thank you 
TheProfessor23 01-22-202402-07-2024Success 161/1$5 
BlueJacket15 01-18-202401-26-2024Success 81/1Sent letter with 54 Topps & $2 bill. Returned signed in blue with inscription, 1952 AL MVP. Great return!
rellen5328 01-16-2024 Pending -1/0  
Mike0810 01-12-202401-18-2024Success 61/11959 Topps plus fee, signed card and answered my question 
Balmybuffalo1 01-03-202401-13-2024Success 101/1all returns on Ig: 412.ttm 
Kuppler 01-02-202401-11-2024Success 93/4Giveaway on Insta: TTM_Kup what a sweet return. Love it. Thanks Bobby. Sending a ball and a card with a Q/A. and $10
AKDK 01-02-202401-15-2024Success 130/1asked for one of his cards and he signed on and sent it back signed 
Jessemoore47 12-29-202301-05-2024Pending 71/2Sent card, LOR, SASE, and $10. Signed card with several inscriptions, as well as protective IC saying “thank you for your kindness” 
Yankeedad69 12-26-202301-02-2024Success 72/2sase hwlor $10 90PL 91A he answered my questions 
Spinners11 12-19-202312-26-2023Success 74/650B, 51B, 53B, and 56T with $20. Signed all with inscriptions, threw in an extra signature on a picture of a ball, and wrote a short signed note back! Awesome, thank you Mr. Shantz! 
pulsar861 12-18-202312-29-2023Success 112/2Topps 1953 Archives Series & 1992 Ted Williams Card Co. + $10. Both signed in blue. Answered my question. Thank you Mr. Shantz. 
adamneil311 12-18-202312-23-2023Success 51/1Sent note, card, and $5 UPDATE--Card returned signed. Thank you so much Mr. Shantz!! 
TheProfessor23 12-15-202312-28-2023Success 131/161 Topps and $5 
Sutersullivan 12-14-202312-23-2023Success 93/5Sent 1953 Sports Life Magazine, 53 Bowman 59 Topps and $40. Signed magazine with requested inscriptions and added a couple, included 6 inscriptions on Bowman and 2 on 1959 Yankees card. Added his own photo and index card. Amazing return!! 
bville911guy 12-13-202301-16-2024Success 342/4'54 & '58 Topps with $10. What a wonderful man. 
Tumbleweed29 12-11-202312-20-2023Success 91/1LOR, SASE, no fee, 60T 
pirates789 12-11-202312-26-2023Success 151/1sent 1 card and $5, returned it signed with inscriptions 
Sthomp27 12-08-202312-14-2023Success 61/158 Topps +$5 fee. See my returns 
Brewtus99 12-05-202312-22-2023Success 171/1card, $5 cash, LOR sase 
danarp41 11-29-202312-04-2023Success 51/11951 Bowman w/“1952 A.L. MVP” in blue sharpie. Very happy with it considering it’s my first TTM. THANK YOU MR. SHANTZ!!
MDone13 11-27-202312-08-2023Success 112/2+ $10 
rggedglory 11-24-2023 Pending -1/01 card 
Nerd Pocket Cards 11-18-202312-05-2023Success 171/1  
pulsar861 11-13-202311-24-2023Success 111/11962 Topps + $5. Signed in blue and answered my question. Thank you Mr. Shantz. 
tigerintampa 11-08-202311-16-2023Success 81/1+$5 
Wildpitch86 11-06-202311-10-2023Success 41/1Sent 1962 Topps with $5. Thank you signed with requested inscription, 1952 MVP. Quick return. 
Sutersullivan 10-25-202311-02-2023Success 82/3Signed February 1953 Sport Magazine with multiple inscriptions as well as a 1964 Topps with two inscriptions. Also signed LOR. Sent $30. 
Danmay55 10-20-202310-30-2023Success 101/1W $5 signed it! 
702tpr777 10-18-202310-30-2023Success 121/11994 Topps Archives 1954 + $5... Thanks Mr. Shantz! 
mszmyga 10-10-202310-16-2023Success 61/1signed inscribed index card 
TMW289 10-07-202310-20-2023Success 131/1  
Habs Fan 31 10-02-202310-10-2023Success 81/161 topps + 5$ - great signature in blue with inscription 
paul92781 09-29-202310-09-2023Success 104/5sent 4 trading cards , letter , SAE , and $20 
TrotNix117 09-15-202309-20-2023Success 52/2Sent two OMLB with $40. Asked for MVP inscription.
ECSTONER 09-07-202309-15-2023Success 81/0Added a photo of my grandfather, who was his teammate for his review. 
Nyleetch2c 09-05-202309-09-2023Success 41/2HWLOR sase and fee signed gold glove ball with inscription and inc included signed card. Super fast return and sent back pen. Thank you. 
Tumbleweed29 08-28-202309-01-2023Success 42/2LOR, SASE, no fee, 56T, index card with career stats 
Gamecocklee 08-15-202308-24-2023Success 91/11961 topps card 
Ricky7 08-13-202301-05-2024Success 1451/1Great sign by a true star. Thank you, Mr. Shantz. 
Ricky7 08-13-202301-05-2024Success 1451/1Great sign by a true star. Thank you, Mr. Shantz. 
WhiteSoxFan13 08-10-202308-17-2023Success 71/2LOR, SASE, $5, 1958 Topps, signed in blue with 1958 WS Champs inscription, also signed index card and answered questions. 
jmartinez2862 08-03-202308-10-2023Success 71/1Legend 
Freduccine 08-01-202308-14-2023Success 131/352 Redman; signed card and letter I sent to him. IG: @fortheloveofautographs 
DonMaynard13 07-31-202308-04-2023Success 41/0  
ajblack81 07-29-202308-05-2023Success 71/11959 Topps with $5 bill. Watch my returns on YouTube 
Ricky7 07-25-202308-25-2023Success 311/1$5 donation for this great pitcher. 
eshelton13 07-24-202308-04-2023Success 113/33 Cards, SASE, and LOR. 3 back signed. 
rggedglory 07-22-2023 Pending -1/01 card + fee 
Elinsley 07-22-202307-26-2023Success 42/2Sent a HWLOR and a SASE with a 1951 Bowman and 1961 Topps and both came back signed in Blue Ink
Elinsley 07-10-202307-14-2023Success 41/1Sent a 1953 Sport Magazine and asked him to sign it and include inscriptions. Sent it back with inscriptions and also sent me a signed picture. Sent with a $10 donation
StarrsCards 07-05-202307-14-2023Success 91/11952 Topps + $5. Added “1952 A.L. M.V.P.” and “24-7” inscriptions
macheskyjeff 06-28-202307-03-2023Success 52/31956 (3x All-Star inscription) and 1958 Topps (58 WSC inscription); signed index card with 1952 MVP stats; answered question; $ 
Chisoxdude 06-26-202307-05-2023Success 91/1Index Card 
Nerd Pocket Cards 06-26-202307-05-2023Success 91/2$5 signed index card and answered my questions 
Elinsley 06-25-202306-30-2023Success 51/1Sent 1958 topps signed and mailed back with inscriptions and $5 donation
DonMaynard13 06-23-202306-28-2023Success 53/3  
Khutch95 06-23-202306-30-2023Success 71/11 + $5 
Meatballer23 06-09-202306-15-2023Success 61/2Sent 1956T, $5. Signed my TC and answered a question on an IC that he signed too. Thanks Mr. Shantz!
jsallee898 06-09-202306-15-2023Success 61/1Baseball with the usual inscriptions. Thanks Bobby! 
Gabriel10 06-06-202306-15-2023Success 93/3No fee 
Quterte 06-03-202307-03-2023Success 301/11954 B plus $5 
Arud5 06-01-202306-07-2023Success 63/350B, 53B and 59T + $15. Maybe my coolest return ever. Thanks Bobby!
rggedglory 05-27-202306-17-2023Success 211/11 card + fee 
Sutersullivan 05-26-202306-03-2023Success 84/5Signed 53 and 58 Topps 54 and 55 Bowman with inscriptions. Also sent signed photo. Thank you sir 
cfrederick94 05-23-202305-31-2023Success 81/1Sent 8x10, SASE, Letter, $5. Bobby answered the question in my letter and inscribed 1958 WS Champions. Awesome guy!
Arud5 05-18-202305-24-2023Success 61/156T + $5. Cannot believe I got an autograph from a member of the Yankees' '58 championship team. What a class act! Thanks Mr. Shantz!
Will3119 05-07-202305-16-2023Success 91/1Signed with a blue sharpie. 
Torsportsfan 05-05-202305-16-2023Success 111/1Hwlor, Sase, donation and 60T. Also answered question. Thank you, Mr. Shantz! 
rggedglory 04-29-202305-04-2023Success 51/11 card + fee 
Gamecocklee 04-27-202305-05-2023Success 82/21959 topps card and a 1961 topps card with donation 
evalladares 04-26-202305-01-2023Success 51/1Sent ROMLB and $20, asking for career stat ball. Signed beautifully and such a quick turnaround@ 
blubbla 04-25-202305-02-2023Success 71/193 Ted Williams, $5 
paul92781 04-18-202304-27-2023Success 94/5sent 4 trading cards , letter , SAE , and $20 
xcoldcutsx 04-15-202304-19-2023Success 45/5LOR, SAE, ROMLB, 1961 Topps MVP Card (2) #473 (Philadelphia Athletics), 1951 Bowman #227 (Philadelphia Athletics), 1991 Topps Archive #225 (Philadelphia Athletics), $25 donation($5/item). signed all 5 things, he's a king 
camden2023 04-14-202304-21-2023Success 71/160 topps and $5 donation 
dantesdeals 04-14-202304-22-2023Success 81/1LOR, SASE, 1 card, $5 cash - Quick return and added the inscription I requested! 
DonMaynard13 04-08-202304-17-2023Success 94/5Sent 4 cards and $20 
Coltron57 04-05-202304-13-2023Success 81/11 card w/ $5. Signed in blue with MVP and WS inscriptions. 
Dko2399 03-31-202304-10-2023Success 101/11/1 
bville911guy 03-29-202304-04-2023Success 61/1Sent ball & $20. Signed nicely with 1952 MVP inscription and note to my son. Great success! 
Tigerfan2441 03-29-202304-07-2023Success 91/0thank you mr shantz! 
scootzpsu 03-25-202303-31-2023Success 61/0  
ajblack81 03-20-202303-27-2023Success 71/11960 Topps with a $5 
MDone13 03-10-202303-17-2023Success 61/1+$5.00 
rggedglory 03-04-202305-19-2023Success 751/11 card 
Reecespieeces 02-27-202303-06-2023Success 71/1ROMLB, LOR, $10, inscribed with career achievements 
rggedglory 02-24-202305-07-2023Success 711/11 card + fee 
DonMaynard13 02-22-202302-28-2023Success 62/2Both pictures signed with a nice note 
sparky984 02-21-202302-25-2023Success 41/1  
frozenpond58 02-17-202302-23-2023Success 61/160T with donation - Thanks Mr. Shantz 
Elinsley 02-17-202302-23-2023Success 61/1Sent a HWLOR and a ROMLB with $10 donation
jk19 02-16-202302-27-2023Success 113/31983 Card Collectors Company '53 Bowman, 1988 Pacific Legends, 1993 Ted Williams
Sean08 02-15-202302-25-2023Success 101/1Signed and inscribed one index card! 
WayWardSon005 02-07-202302-15-2023Success 81/1Topps 1960 w/$5 
Restau21 02-03-202302-09-2023Success 61/288 Pacific baseball legends signed in black. Also signed my IC and answered my question. $ Thank You Mr. Shantz. 
kadillac_style 02-02-202302-14-2023Success 122/3HWLOR $10. 1975 Topps MVP and 1975 Topps Mini MVP. Also personalized an IC. He is the King. 
MCflying 01-30-202302-06-2023Success 71/154 Topps & $5 Donation. Handwritten LOR 
Brewers34gc 01-26-202302-02-2023Success 71/151 bowman & $5 
Sutersullivan 01-26-202302-02-2023Success 74/6Sent 52 Topps 54 Bowman, 52 &53 Redman with inscriptions sent donation and he also sign my LOR and sent a very nice Yankees photo as well. Truly amazing return. 
jessiebear99 01-26-202302-03-2023Success 81/164 Topps $5 donation 
Stashu 01-24-202301-30-2023Success 61/1Sent and received a signed baseball card 
Dietrichd83 01-17-202301-21-2023Success 41/189 Swell collector set. 5$ and 52 AL MVP and 8xall star inscription. What a player. Thank you sir! 
Oriolesrise 01-14-202301-20-2023Success 61/158 Topps Series Rivals w/ donation 
RobSpires 01-14-202301-21-2023Success 72/3LOR/SASE, 2 cards, $10 donation. Both returned signed and inscribed. Also signed my LOR 
StetsonMan 01-13-202301-21-2023Success 81/1Sending a hand written LOR along with a 1950 Bowman rookie card and $5. Update returned signed in blue sharpie! 
JB23 01-13-202301-21-2023Success 81/155 Bowman, $5 
Cowboysfan04 01-12-202301-20-2023Success 83/3signed 3 index cards with beautiful inscription and no $ 
miller8080 01-08-2023 Pending -1/0  
Ken Neubeck 01-03-202301-07-2023Success 42/2Added "1958 W.S. Champs" Thank you very much Mr. Shantz 
Bballgrl1891 01-02-202301-12-2023Success 101/1  
Stebbins25 12-24-202201-05-2023Success 122/3See My Returns On YouTube 
thegonz 12-14-202212-22-2022Success 81/152TArchives $5 
bradotastic 12-10-202212-20-2022Success 102/2I got both cards back. Thanks Mr.Shantz 
Marcsmiley33 12-09-202212-16-2022Success 71/1Signed my card, answer my 3 question index card. $5 fee. 
Undraftedplayer 12-04-202212-19-2022Success 153/3I received 3 great cards signed with a beautiful signature. Thanks a lot Mr Bobby Shantz 
falkinburg33 11-21-202212-06-2022Success 152/2Sent 1950 Bowman RC, 1951 Bowman w/ $10 donation, LOR & SASE
DonMaynard13 11-14-202211-18-2022Success 41/1Sent 2 customs, 1 to sign and 1 to keep. Signed and Returned 1 Custom and also included a 2nd 8x10 of his for me as well. Very Fast and Very Nice! 
kadillac_style 11-12-202211-18-2022Success 61/1HWLOR $5 1958 Topps came back signed w/ "1958 World Series Champs" inscription. 
Will3119 11-02-202211-14-2022Success 122/2X signed both with a blue sharpie. 
bboonie53 10-26-202211-07-2022Success 121/1ROMLB $10 
Gophillies20 09-28-202210-03-2022Success 51/1Sent Card sase and $5 got picture with card 
bigmel02 09-28-202210-04-2022Success 61/1$5 donation 
JestJokin 09-27-202210-06-2022Success 91/1'58 Topps, LOR, $5. It's a shame this got smeared when it was put back in the semirigid. Answered questions in letter too.
Centre 09-26-202210-03-2022Success 71/193 Ted Williams collection signed in blue sharpie; $5 donation since he is a great signer.... Thank You Mr. Shantz 
rich summa 09-06-202209-13-2022Success 71/194 Topps $5 
Nucholsjw 09-01-202209-09-2022Success 82/21951 and 1952 Topps with $5 fee. 
Altego2099 08-18-202208-26-2022Success 81/1Sent 1 card and $5.. Sent card back signed!! Thank You Mr. Shantz!! 
rowbradfo 08-12-202208-20-2022Success 82/2  
GoCubsGo2016 08-10-202208-15-2022Success 51/1HWLOR + ROMLB + SASE + $ 
Jbutch20 08-06-202208-19-2022Success 131/1+$5 
Piester 08-05-202208-28-2022Success 231/1  
kanoyes 08-02-202208-11-2022Success 91/1SASE, 1 card, LOR, fee, project 
Stebbins25 07-29-202208-05-2022Success 71/2See My Returns On YouTube 
kanoyes 07-26-202208-13-2022Success 181/1thank you Bobby! SASE, 1 card, LOR, $5
Oriolesrise 07-23-202208-01-2022Success 92/354 Topps Archive 94 Ted Williams w/ donation plus donation 
Mariners4ever 07-17-202207-19-2022Failure 21/0Sent Rawlings Official Major League Baseball and $10 Return To Sender. Apparent "security concern." Weird 
Centre 07-15-202207-20-2022Success 51/164T signed in blue sharpie... Thank You Mr. Shantz 
bboonie53 07-14-202207-21-2022Success 71/1$10 ROMLB 
ddisbrow29 06-24-202207-07-2022Success 131/1‘21 Heritage MVP card; $5; blue sharpie and inscribed ‘52 AL MVP 
lews2 06-22-202206-30-2022Success 82/279 TCMA, 91T Archives + $5. Inscribed "1956 WS Champs" and "1952 AL MVP" as requested. Thanks Mr Shantz! 
cch15 06-21-202206-27-2022Success 61/1$5. 1960 Topps Yankees, answered questions about Yanks 
smpsr 06-18-202206-27-2022Success 91/1$5 sent 1958 Topps card nice auto in blue sharpie
AnotherEaglesFan 06-10-202206-17-2022Success 71/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 8x10. Fast return! Signed my photo in gold and inscribed 8x Gold Glove. Came out great! Thanks Mr. Shantz! 
thegonz 06-06-202206-13-2022Success 71/193TW $5 
bigjsouth 05-19-202205-23-2022Success 41/1Signed in Blue Sharpie $5 Fee
BRair 05-16-202205-27-2022Success 111/1My 7 year old son wrote him a letter and sent a ball. He signed it with multiple inscriptions and even made it out to him. He also included a nice letter back. Thank you so much Mr. Shantz 
NYYJMM 05-09-202205-13-2022Success 41/22021 Topps Heritage signed previously by Dick Groat
bjp40 05-05-202205-10-2022Success 51/162TGREEN$5. Provided a great inscription about getting the first win in Houston history. 
bigjsouth 05-02-202205-05-2022Success 31/1Signed in Gold Sharpie $5 Fee
Buff985 04-27-202205-02-2022Success 51/1Sent with $5 donation. Beautiful signature with "1952 AL MVP" inscription. Thanks Mr. Shantz, a true LEGEND!
Jared1805 04-18-202204-25-2022Success 71/1  
Victor1965 04-07-202204-15-2022Success 81/1  
Sutersullivan 04-04-202204-12-2022Success 83/31951 and 1953 Bowman and 1953 Topps with Donation. Inscribed the 53 cards with 1952 AL MAP and the 1951 Bowman with his MLB Debut. Also included a thank you note on LOR. Thank You for the beautiful signatures on these great cards Mr. Shantz!! 
Freduccine 03-29-202204-04-2022Success 61/252T; IC 
Klummp 03-29-202204-07-2022Success 91/11 card hwlor sase 5$ Awesome Success!!!!! 
Texranger19 03-28-202204-07-2022Success 101/11954 Bowman and $10. Awesome Thx Mr Shantz 
Debone44 03-22-202203-26-2022Success 41/1LOR, SASE, signed my 58T in blue sharpie. A true legend, thanks Bobby! 
rggedglory 03-21-202205-04-2022Success 441/11 card plus fee 
jricupero 03-18-202203-23-2022Success 51/1great guy! 
Debone44 03-08-202203-14-2022Success 51/1LOR, SASE, signed IC with career highlights. Thanks Bobby, a legend!! 
CadillacBill 03-07-202203-17-2022Success 92/2Sent 2 cards and $10.00 - Signed both cards, one with "1958 WS Champ" inscription and the other with "1952 AL MVP" inscription - Thank you Mr. Shantz! 
polarbear 02-16-202202-28-2022Success 123/51951 Bowman, 1954 Topps, 1961 Topps + $15. Also included a nice note and signed a protective IC with a ton of inscriptions. 
maym1706 02-12-202202-19-2022Success 71/11950 Bowman, LOR, SASE, and $5
crbaughn62 02-12-202202-25-2022Success 131/2$5 also added signed and personalized 8X10
Mike McK 02-10-202202-18-2022Success 83/3answered my questions
zooiiks 02-08-202202-12-2022Success 42/2Signed 2 8x10s
wallieygraphs 01-24-202212-28-2022Success 3382/0  
Cjtherien 01-15-202201-21-2022Success 61/1Super fast response from a legend. I asked him to inscribe his greatest achievement and he put one!
jupitersailfish 01-12-202202-15-2022Success 341/1Sending 1 card with SASE & $5. Signed nicely!
rowbradfo 01-07-202201-18-2022Success 114/5  
evalladares 01-06-202201-14-2022Success 81/1Sent 1958 T and $5. Got back 8 days later with inscription "1958 W.S. Champs"! 
Freduccine 12-28-202101-06-2022Success 91/154 Bowman, IG: @fortheloveofautographs
rggedglory 12-27-202101-06-2022Success 101/11 card 
framinghammadjack 12-12-202112-20-2021Success 81/2Sent Index Card and $5. Received personalized signed index card back and Mr. Shantz included a signed 1961 Topps MVP card. Thanks! 
rggedglory 12-03-202101-03-2022Success 311/11 card 
Spinners11 12-03-202112-09-2021Success 62/252T and 58T with $10. Signed both in thin blue (added requested inscription on one and a bonus one on the other) plus answered my question. Thank you Mr. Shantz! 
macheskyjeff 11-23-202112-02-2021Success 91/11953 Topps MVP card (3x All Star inscription); $5 
Garciaparrafan 10-23-202111-05-2021Success 134/4Sent 1953,57,59,61 Topps with a LOR and $20 Donation/Received all signed in blue and added inscriptions on them. Mr. Shantz also answered my question 
Sc77 10-19-202111-04-2021Success 161/1Card with $5 donation 
RMoody21 10-12-202111-02-2021Success 211/1$5 
JB23 10-12-202111-02-2021Success 211/1custom card, SASE, letter, $5 
macheskyjeff 10-10-202111-01-2021Success 221/11953 Topps (1952 AL MVP inscription); $5 
cal4477 10-01-202111-03-2021Success 331/1Signed my 1958 Topps card 
snacks01 09-23-202109-27-2021Success 42/204 Fleer and 88 Pacific Legends, $10, lor, sase 
Will3119 09-09-202109-18-2021Success 91/1$5....kind of a success. He signed the top loader the 8x10 was in. Thought he has signed enough to know better than that. 
nicw16 08-31-202109-07-2021Success 72/2  
green15tt 08-24-202109-02-2021Success 92/2Sent (2) Topps cards and $5.
Jared1805 08-23-202108-31-2021Success 81/1Sent ROMLB and $10 with inscription request 
bigjsouth 08-20-202108-30-2021Success 1010/10Signed all 10 in blue sharpie. $ Donation 
Mariners77 08-17-202108-27-2021Success 101/1Bobby is the best! $10 donation. Signed my card and wrote a story on my note.
bjp40 08-09-202108-16-2021Success 71/162T 
jmartinez2862 08-09-202108-18-2021Success 91/11 card. Handwritten LOR, SASE 
mhh0006 08-06-202108-16-2021Success 101/1LOR, SASE, 1961 Post 
Schmidty548 07-27-202108-02-2021Success 62/2Signed my 2 baseball cards - watch on youtube -
Sc77 07-20-202107-26-2021Success 61/2Sent 8x10 Yankees team photo w/$5. He also included a signed 8x10 of himself. Thank you Mr. Shantz! 
chef 07-06-202107-12-2021Success 61/0$5 donation 
thorgy213 07-03-202107-12-2021Success 91/1sase-note-1960 topps-returned nicely signed 
Danmay55 07-03-202107-12-2021Success 91/1Signed it! 
Travish33 07-03-202107-10-2021Success 71/162T SASE. $5. Signed card 
Tucker 06-28-202107-21-2021Success 232/3  
rsbarrett00 06-28-202107-08-2021Success 101/1Sent a handwritten letter and SASE, wrote answers to me questions on my letter and included a signed baseball card.
Bordercityboy 06-23-202107-05-2021Success 121/11953 Bowman w letter and SASE 
Dennisscan 06-18-202106-26-2021Success 82/2sent 2 cards with $10 (signed both cards) 
rggedglory 06-18-202107-09-2021Success 212/22 cards 
Ryan Kordziel 06-16-202106-25-2021Success 91/1Signed 4x6 photo with “8X Gold Gloves, 1952 AL MVP” inscriptions! 
Phinsman 06-14-202106-22-2021Success 81/1Great signature 
Fortune500 06-11-202106-22-2021Success 111/1Sent one 8x10 photo 
Mr Goody 06-07-202106-18-2021Success 113/351 bowman,52 topps, 58 topps, thank you again Mr Shantz need 2 more to complete his set 
Newbomb Turk 05-29-202106-07-2021Success 91/161 Topps. This living legend included a very nice note. Thank you, Mr. Shantz. 
jakebrandon 05-26-2021 Pending -2/0One Yankees postcard and team card with $10 
FordFan19 05-22-202106-01-2021Success 101/1LOR signed card in blue sharpie with 1952 MVP inscription. Didn’t answer a few questions I asked but I’m very appreciative of the card. 
polarbear 05-22-202106-01-2021Success 103/41958 Topps x2, 1960 Topps. Also signed and inscribed a protective IC. 
pedersom 05-20-202105-28-2021Success 81/1$5 
NYYJMM 05-18-202105-24-2021Success 61/1After 4 years of doing this, my first Shantz TTM, 1961 Topps signed in blue
Jbutch20 05-11-202105-17-2021Success 61/1+ $5 
rowbradfo 05-08-202105-15-2021Success 71/1$5 and very quick return 
Mr Goody 05-07-202105-13-2021Success 64/41950 bowman rookie, 53 bowman,54 topps,55 bowman w/brother Bill all in beautiful blue sharpie the set is almost complete thank you very much Mr Shantz 
boonie17 05-03-202105-15-2021Success 121/11 card sent and received. 
sebastian1997 04-22-202104-29-2021Success 71/1Sent a ROMLB already signed by Dr. Bobby Brown. +10$: Returned signed with a ton of inscriptions 
TribeFan83 04-17-202104-23-2021Success 62/22 signed in blue, $5/card, thanks Mr. Shantz! 
Bordercityboy 04-08-202104-26-2021Success 181/1Sent 52 AL MVP card + Letter & SASE 
Bballgrl1891 04-02-202104-08-2021Success 61/2  
Spinners11 03-30-202104-05-2021Success 61/154T plus HWLOR and $5, personalized and signed it with all requested inscriptions. Looks great, thanks Mr. Shantz! 
Morrison Baseball 03-24-202103-30-2021Success 61/1Sent card w/ letter & $10. Signed with inscriptions and answered questions. Ty Mr. Shantz! 
blitzaceod 03-23-202103-30-2021Success 71/11950 Bowman w/ $10. Requested 1952 AL MVP inscription
cdrake 03-22-202103-29-2021Success 71/1Sent 1 card & Nice Letter. Thank you! 
jdresbach 03-15-202104-02-2021Success 181/11953 Topps reprint with donation 
Mr Goody 03-09-202103-16-2021Success 64/456 topps, 60 topps, 61 post cereal hand cut, 88 pacific legends thank you once again Mr Shantz 
stlcardinalsfan 03-02-202103-10-2021Success 81/1Signed my custom card, thank you Mr. Shantz!
TigersFan99 03-01-202103-13-2021Success 121/11953 reprint, $5, and questions. Came back personalized with questions answered. 
rice80gwynn19 02-24-202103-08-2021Success 122/258 Topps & 2001 Topps Archives w/$10 donation
dcurtoys 02-23-202103-05-2021Success 102/2  
Jawheels73 02-19-202102-27-2021Success 81/1Signed my card 
Freduccine 02-18-202102-27-2021Success 91/1IG: @fortheloveofautographs
metsfan1544 02-06-202102-20-2021Success 141/1Sent with $5 
Torbizzle 01-29-202102-12-2021Success 141/1Sent 1 8x10 and included $10. Signed it in blue sharpie and included WS Inscription. Thank You Mr. Shantz!
BigBill33 01-25-202104-30-2021Success 941/1Sent 1 8x10 photo and 1 letter with questions// Received photo signed in blue sharpie, (Questions answered) 
Cmoney66 01-23-202102-02-2021Success 101/1$5 
Benbabs 01-21-202101-30-2021Success 91/1W/ $5. Thank u Bobby!!! 
Theathlete99 01-05-202101-25-2021Success 201/2  
paperlantern1 01-01-202101-10-2021Success 92/2Thanks Bobby! 
Martin Chen 12-28-202002-09-2021Success 431/14*6 photo. Mr. Shantz also answered my questions. 
Torsportsfan 12-24-202002-01-2021Success 392/3Sent hand written letter with donation, 2 cards and SASE. Kindly inscribed 2 of the cards, and included an extra card from 1990. Thank you very much, Mr. Shantz 
Tan-da-Man 12-14-202001-04-2021Success 211/1Sent a letter, SASE, a $2 bill, and he signed my 1951 Bowman card. Thanks, Mr. Shantz! Follow more of my TTM successes on Instagram @tantastic_collectibles.
ajblack81 12-12-202012-21-2020Success 91/2Sent 1963 Topps and $5 he sent me a custom card 
StetsonMan 12-11-202001-27-2021Success 471/1Sent a 1961 Post Cereal Box Card & hand written letter. No money. He returned signed in the perfect spot beautiful in Blue Sharpie! Thanks Mr. Shantz! 
BirdmanantCollect 12-10-202001-02-2021Success 231/1Signed and Inscribed 1 4x6 Photo with "8 Gold Gloves" w/Silver Sharpie for 5$ 
NYRfan1013 12-08-202012-26-2020Success 181/1Letter baseball 20 bucks.. he hooked the ball up !!! 
brauk219wr 11-25-202011-30-2020Success 51/11964 Topps w/ $5 - Thanks Mr. Shantz! 
TheCajunCollected 11-17-202011-27-2020Success 101/1$ 
sportsview 11-16-202011-23-2020Success 74/4$10. Very kindly signed all four 4x6 photos sent and wrote an extraordinarily nice note back to us. Also kindly added extra stamps next to our stamp on the return envelope.
frankm 11-07-202011-19-2020Success 121/1Signed 2001 Topps Archives & answered questions. Thanks Mr. Shantz! 
Mr Goody 11-05-202011-21-2020Success 162/359 topps, 61 topps, index card with best wishes all in blue sharpie I sent a 61 topps missing the top left corner he sent back a 61 in better condition Thank you very much Mr Shantz 
Mr Goody 11-05-202011-21-2020Success 162/3Same as above 
PandaCardZ 11-03-202011-19-2020Success 161/1Sent a baseball and $10 
sebastian1997 10-31-202011-19-2020Success 193/3Sent (3) cards with a hand written letter: UPDATE: Returned all three signed with various career inscriptions 
jedistiles 10-27-202011-19-2020Success 231/1Signed a '58 Topps in blue w/inscription. Thanks Mr. Shantz! $5 
Yankeenate 10-26-202011-19-2020Success 241/1Signed 1958 Topps baseball card 
Martillo9582 10-21-202010-26-2020Success 51/1Signed my glove with a donation. Added multiple inscriptions.
ConorC917 10-19-202010-26-2020Success 71/258 Topps, $10. Threw in an extra card and answered my questions! Great return from the TTM legend himself, thanks, Mr. Shantz! 
Mr Goody 10-06-202010-13-2020Success 71/164 topps, in blue sharpie thank you again Mr Shantz your the best 
jonron 10-05-202010-19-2020Success 141/188 Pacific, LOR, SASE, $5 - with 1958 WS Champs inscription, looks great, thanks Mr Shantz!
mhh0006 10-02-202010-13-2020Success 111/1LOR, SASE, 1962 Topps 
Big Hubie 09-29-202011-04-2020Success 361/2Received back my ROMLB autographed, full of inscriptions including his 1952 AL MVP and 1958 World Series Championship. Autographed Yankee baseball card also included. Great response from a baseball legend. Thank you Mr. Shantz ... 
Goaftermath 09-28-202010-03-2020Success 51/153T 
sebastian1997 09-28-202010-05-2020Success 71/1Sent a 1952 card with a hand written letter: UPDATE: Signed my 1952 MVP card and inscribed all his career stats on it with personalization of Best Wishes & even inscribed "Oldest Living MVP 95" 
HiddenGems 09-25-202010-09-2020Success 144/4 
TheCajunCollected 09-24-202010-01-2020Success 71/16th or 7th)Signed with 1 inscription 
Ransom 09-22-202010-02-2020Success 101/1sent 1 card and 5 dollars. Came back signed with 1952 AL MVP. 
Colin1997 09-18-202009-23-2020Success 51/1Signed card answered questions
gbly22 09-14-202009-23-2020Success 95/5Sent letter, 5 cards + $30
Achilles106 09-04-202009-08-2020Success 41/1Sent an old card, he signed it with 1952 AL MVP as I asked. THANK YOU
mrtrhl13 09-04-202009-11-2020Success 71/0**3rd** HWLOR, SASE, 1 card (1952 Topps #219), no $. As always, returned signed.
TheCajunCollected 08-31-202009-08-2020Success 82/26th) postcard previously signed be Bobby Richardson,hector Lopez and Gil mcdougald, and 1960 topps signed by hector Lopez and Bobby Richardson! 
ste513lee 08-26-202009-04-2020Success 91/1ROMLB Amazing Success Thank you So MUCH MR. SHANTZ!!! 
RIFF RAFF 77 08-25-202009-09-2020Success 151/18x10 
Abneric 08-21-202008-26-2020Success 52/22 cards, answered questions, didnt load with stats but still great 
TheCajunCollected 08-17-202008-25-2020Success 81/15th) one mini pennant in black ty ty 
kintetsuwhales 08-14-202009-07-2020Success 241/2Instagram@cameashy 
Spencario112 08-14-202008-20-2020Success 61/1ROMLB, SASE, LOR, Donation. Received Signed stat Ball w/ multiple inscriptions. Thank you Mr. Shantz!!! 
Colivas557 08-14-202009-13-2020Success 301/1  
TheCajunCollected 08-07-202008-13-2020Success 62/24th)2 cards and $3 for coffee. signed both added the gold glove inscription to one! 
frozenpond58 08-06-202008-10-2020Success 42/259T and 61 T MVP with $10 donation - signed in Blue Sharpie Thanks Mr Shantz 
xtra-innings 08-01-202008-14-2020Success 134/4x4 cards
TheCajunCollected 07-25-202008-01-2020Success 73/23rd)2 signed,He kept one card. i am glad he kept one. hopefully he will give it away 
Sweny24 07-22-202008-01-2020Success 102/1  
Barlo32 07-22-202007-30-2020Success 81/1sent Letter and ROMLB $10 donation. Received it back with note and questions answered 
sosa0718 07-21-202007-27-2020Success 62/2Sent two cards with a letter and SASE; signed both in blue sharpie 
rukastar 07-15-202007-20-2020Success 53/3They look gorgeous, no inscriptions though (but I didn't ask!)
GJS 07-14-202007-21-2020Success 73/3LOR and T. Williams CC #69, Topps Archives, 1979 TCMA - Still the King. He added the inscriptions!
HalosFan2002 07-06-202007-13-2020Success 71/21991 Topps Archives + $5, signed the card with 1952 A.L. MVP inscription. Also signed index card with 9 different inscriptions including oldest living MVP. 
PhilliesCollector 07-03-202007-16-2020Success 132/2  
Piester 07-02-202007-10-2020Success 82/2  
Jacobdanielsyt 07-01-202007-06-2020Success 52/2Sent 1 vintage 1 Phillies team card already signed by Pat Neshek. Signed both and personalized the vintage one Thanks!! 
xtra-innings 06-30-202007-11-2020Success 112/2x2 cards
chazeroom 06-26-202007-17-2020Success 213/3  
Vader99 06-25-202006-29-2020Success 42/288PL, 93TW w/ inscriptions. Donation 
Keithdfields 06-24-202006-29-2020Success 52/2Signed both cards with different inscriptions. Thanks 
viper45 06-23-202006-27-2020Success 42/1signed one of two index cards I sent 
Orlando15M 06-19-202006-26-2020Success 73/22 8x10s and 1 custom card with $5. Signed 1 of 2 photos and card. Check out my instagram for pictures. TTM_Orlando15M 
sabro9 06-19-202006-26-2020Success 71/1sent a rookie card plus donation .....same came back signed with inscription TY Mr. Shantz 
xtra-innings 06-15-202006-30-2020Success 152/2x4 cards
tabcollects 06-13-202006-19-2020Success 61/11952 Topps w/ $5 and letter 
TheCajunCollected 06-11-202006-22-2020Success 112/2SASE +LOR +$$$= success) got 2 baseball greats cards signed but didn’t get a requested photo still a great success thanks! 
Garciaparrafan 06-06-202006-10-2020Success 42/2Sent a OMLB and card with $20 Donation/ Received Awesome Stat Ball and card signed in Blue. 
TheCajunCollected 06-01-202006-08-2020Success 72/1Best index card ever! Full of inscriptions 
shanyn19 06-01-202006-08-2020Success 72/2Returned two signed baseball cards, 1960 Topps and 1958 Topps. Thank you Mr. Shantz 
freezeover98 06-01-202006-09-2020Success 81/162 Topps. This guy gives the greatest inscriptions ever. 
graphs4life1 06-01-202006-08-2020Success 71/2Sent 1 with $5 and got extra signed with 1952 AL MVP in only 7 days!
Treyballautograph 05-23-202006-01-2020Success 92/2sent 50 and 51 bowmann, inscribed the card as asked. sent long note and no $ 
MadCityCards 05-21-202005-29-2020Success 81/1$5 + baseball 
Freduccine 05-19-202005-28-2020Success 91/1Baseball, $10 donation, letter, SASE. Received a beautiful signed baseball full of stats
devin1991 05-19-202005-26-2020Success 72/1Sent baseball card and index card w/ $10 cash; he signed the card w/ 6 inscriptions. Did not sign index card. 
Tigerfan2441 05-19-202006-02-2020Success 141/1$5 Fee, 1 card and he inscribed as requested 
IAK683 05-18-202005-23-2020Success 51/11959T with $5- signed w/ 1958 WS champs! Also included a signed index card with his stats. Thanks Mr. Shantz!! 
jk19 05-14-202005-21-2020Success 71/14x6
BIGSHOT 05-14-202005-26-2020Success 121/1ROMLB + 10$ Donation + SASE. Thanks Bobby! Check out my YouTube channel baseball_fan75 
danob11 05-13-202005-21-2020Success 81/2Signed a stat ball (included $25) also sent an 8x10 with a personalized message 
Jawheels73 05-13-202005-22-2020Success 92/2  
Iowa1961 05-11-202005-19-2020Success 82/2Sent $2
Money4110 05-11-202006-08-2020Success 281/1Full Stat Ball and Answered My Questions. Sent $5. Thanks for all the signing you’ve done during the pandemic! This former MVP is becoming a TTM Legend. Postmarked 5/14 definitely post offices’ fault for the delay. 
tcbrebel 05-06-202005-12-2020Success 61/1Signed 1958 Topps w/ 1958 World Series Champs inscription! Thank you so much! 
StayFreaky 05-06-202005-18-2020Success 121/1Baseball + $5. Thank you Mr. Shantz! StayFreaky34 on instagram for pictures 
mrtrhl13 05-05-202005-13-2020Success 82/2**2nd** HWLOR, SASE, 1 white custom, 1 card (1953 Topps), $5 . Both signed and inscribed as requested.
brewersboy71 05-04-202005-11-2020Success 72/2Sent photo and notecard; recieved with autograph and inscriptions. Quick success, Thanks Mr. Shantz!
JayFL 05-04-202005-11-2020Success 72/4Sent a LOR, SASE 60T, 61T MVP card and $10. Signed both cards nicely and 2 IC with amazing inscriptions and also answered a question about the Yankees. 
Zsnyder1985 05-02-202005-08-2020Success 61/1Baseball + donation
petetrotto 05-01-202005-09-2020Success 81/1Sent ROMLB
Piester 05-01-202005-08-2020Success 71/1  
Carney 04-29-202005-05-2020Success 61/1  
bigjsouth 04-28-202005-02-2020Success 410/11Donation - Thank You Note - Dual Sign Billy Gardner
Slicknick2003 04-27-202005-07-2020Success 103/4Signed 3 Yankees team cards and sent one card of his own! 
GoWarrior 04-23-202004-29-2020Success 61/1Sending one ball and $5. Received beautifully signed with 12+ inscriptions! 
Bballgrl1891 04-21-202004-25-2020Success 41/2added signed 4x6 
Mr Goody 04-20-202004-27-2020Success 71/158 Topps,as always in thin blue sharpie in the best spot thanks again Mr Shantz 
Newbomb Turk 04-18-202004-24-2020Success 61/189 Swell Baseball Greats. Included a nice note. Thank you, Mr. Shantz. 
Moss84 04-16-202004-24-2020Success 83/3BEST ttm baseball player ever! So HAPPY!! 
Geno03 04-16-202004-24-2020Success 81/0Sent ROMLB and $15 donation. Signed in blue staedtler, beautiful! Check’it out @tc_cards on Instagram 
ahuggins81 04-15-202004-20-2020Success 51/1Sent a ball, $10 check, LOR and a it back signed nicely with everything I wanted and only a 5 day turnaround!
Jakebruno 04-14-202004-18-2020Success 41/2I sent $5. He sent back a signed baseball card and I didn’t even ask for it . The note card came out great
Chooch08 04-13-202004-18-2020Success 52/2  
Spanky77 04-06-202004-13-2020Success 73/4I sent 3 and got 4 back. All signed. Thanks mr shantz! 
Martucci41 04-04-202004-11-2020Success 71/2Signed my index card with inscriptions, gave me baseball card 
metsfan612 04-01-202004-04-2020Success 31/1Signed ROMLB with all the inscriptions. Unheard of three day turnaround time. Always the best! Sent $10
sydbarrett3177 03-31-202004-06-2020Success 61/11954 topps 
FlyingDutchmen 03-30-202004-06-2020Success 72/358 Topps Series Hurling Rivals, 59 Topps +$5. Returned cards signed with Index Card of stats and answered questions. Only career HR (off of Allie Reynolds) was his most memorable hitting moment.
GRombach13 03-30-202004-03-2020Success 41/11955 Bowman + $5= Card signed with 1952 AL MVP and Index card signed with career highlights 
Stebbins25 03-28-202004-04-2020Success 73/2(1) Baseball Card - (2) Blank Index Cards 
thegonz 03-24-202003-30-2020Success 62/252T Archives, 62T 
Slbailey 03-23-202003-28-2020Success 54/54 pictures plus the letter signed 
PPCLI1988 03-16-202004-17-2020Success 322/2Signed 2 8X10 Photos 
PandaCardZ 03-14-202004-01-2020Success 182/3Signed both cards and an index card 
zooiiks 03-11-202003-16-2020Success 51/2Signed an 8x10 already signed by mickey rivers and added his own 8x10
Superdiz26 03-10-202003-12-2020Success 23/3Signed 1 article, a sticker card, and a baseball shaped playing card in blue 
Wildpitch86 03-10-202003-14-2020Success 41/1Sent him a signature card. Came back in 5 days, great signer TTM. Thank you Bobby.
Jamman1978 03-10-202003-14-2020Success 41/11 romlb loaded with stats. Super fast 
felixpotvin97 03-07-202003-11-2020Success 32/32 4x6 photos and small donation, 
ajblack81 03-06-202003-11-2020Success 42/2Two Swell cards. Didn't enclose a donation (my bad) he just signed his name to the cards. 
TheSportsFanCards 03-01-202003-13-2020Success 111/1One index card. Included small donation. Great return signed in blue. Included a list of all of his awards. 
Orlando15M 02-29-202005-08-2020Success 686/7ROMLB and 5 cards with $20 donation. Took longer than most other Mr. Shantz but worth the wait. Check out my instagram for pictures. TTM_Orlando15M 
wdcobb13 02-14-202002-20-2020Success 61/1Sent A's team card and $5 recieved back card signed 
SpiderFlash 02-10-202002-18-2020Success 82/2  
jdresbach 02-01-202002-05-2020Success 42/2Donation sent - Signed in blue sharpie- He's a class act! 
LoneRanger1975 02-01-202002-05-2020Success 41/2Sent a ROMLB ball, $20, and a hand written letter asking for inscriptions plus a photo for a friend's birthday. Received all. Thanks, Bobby! You rule!
Sportsjunkie24 01-27-202002-03-2020Success 72/42 Cards and donation received both signed plus 2 inscribed index cards.
Ramblin2020 01-14-202001-21-2020Success 71/1I'm very happy with this baseball, It's well written with many inscriptions. Thanks Mr. Bobby Shantz! LOR, $20 Donation, SASE, I sent a ROMLB. 
Piester 01-13-202001-27-2020Success 141/1  
CarlosSchwindt 01-05-202001-14-2020Success 94/5Sent $10, LOR, 2 baseball cards, 1 notecard, and a 8x10 photo.Added a 8x10 and signed himself 
Mr Goody 12-27-201901-04-2020Success 83/31955 tv Bowman,1961 Topps mvp of 52, 1962 Topps all in thin blue sharpie 61 inscribed "1952 A.L. M.V.P." very nice THANKS Mr Shantz 
NASKAT48 12-24-201901-02-2020Success 91/11964 Topps. Answered my questionnaire. Thank you Mr Shantz!
polarbear 12-18-201912-27-2019Success 93/41953 Bowman, 1954 Bowman, 1955 Bowman. He also signed a protective IC and added a ton of inscriptions. Thanks so much, Mr. Shantz! 
Superdiz26 12-16-201912-20-2019Success 44/4Signed 1 Topps 1975 MVP 1952, 2 playing cards and a baseball shaped sticker in thin blue 
StarrsCards 12-10-201912-20-2019Success 101/11960 Topps. My 2nd from him. Also answered questions.
bootzilla 12-10-201912-16-2019Success 64/4signed 4/4 cards with a $10 donation. Lots of inscriptions!! 
1956WS 11-30-201912-06-2019Success 61/1Found the card on eBay already signed by Lou Burdette (RIP). This is perfect. Thank you, Mr. Shantz!
kandiclipper 11-22-201912-02-2019Success 101/1Signed card and index card. 
Newbomb Turk 11-22-201911-30-2019Success 81/175 Topps 52 MVP. Thank you, Mr. Shantz. 
jrosscp 11-20-201912-06-2019Success 161/1Beautifully signed in blue! Sent a 53B card w/ small donation, SASE, and note. 
WhiteSoxFan13 11-20-201911-29-2019Success 91/2LOR, SASE, $5, ROMLB, signed in blue and loaded with inscriptions. Wrote a thank you note for donation. 
white_rabbit 11-19-201911-25-2019Success 61/1all time greats card, thanks a lot Bobby 
dodgerbum 11-13-201911-21-2019Success 81/153 bowman color. also sent signed note thanking me for donation. Classy guy 
PPCLI1988 11-13-201912-02-2019Success 193/3  
WhiteSoxFan13 11-01-201911-07-2019Success 61/1LOR, SASE, $5, 1955 Bowman, signed in blue with 1952 AL MVP inscription. Also, answered questions about playing with Mantle and the Yankees. 
Piester 10-20-201910-30-2019Success 101/1  
mrtrhl13 10-15-201910-24-2019Success 92/3HWOR, SASE, 2 cards, no $. Returned both and added one of his own. All inscribed as requested and then some. My favorite return so far. Success!
Goodall10 10-06-201910-11-2019Success 51/2MLB Baseball, SASE, $10 cash. Ball inscribed w/ "1952 AL MVP". He added an 8x10 of himself with a few inscriptions. Super cool. 
kaw316 09-22-201909-30-2019Success 82/3  
brooks13307 09-20-201909-26-2019Success 63/352, 57, 58 rival hurlers topps 
white_rabbit 09-18-201909-24-2019Success 62/254t & 75t. Thanks a lot Bobby. 
GoWarrior 09-13-201909-18-2019Success 53/3Sent three cards. Super fast! Signed all of them beautifully and wrote a nice note too. 
BigRedMachine14 09-06-201909-12-2019Success 61/1SASE, 57T, small request, $10 Charitable Donation...received back signed with "52 AL MVP" and "58 WS CHAMPS" inscriptions, also received an additional card signed with the same inscriptions from Mr Shantz, plus a letter thanking me for the donation 
kandiclipper 09-03-201909-10-2019Success 71/1$5 and a card. Great return. Signed card and signed index card with all sorts of stats. 
dgo71 08-27-201908-31-2019Success 44/561T MVP, 59T, 58T, 90 Swell + $10 donation
bigbenjobu 08-27-201908-31-2019Success 42/2Signed ball with a ton of inscriptions, answered questions, and signed IC to my son with a bunch of inscriptions too
Newbomb Turk 08-26-201909-03-2019Success 81/155 Bowman. Thank you, Mr. Shantz. 
JayFL 08-14-201908-22-2019Success 82/2Sent LOR, SASE 55B, 58T and $10-signed both with inscriptions and answered ?s in letter 
skeet 08-12-201908-19-2019Success 71/2Sent a 58 topps and 2 dollars for a cup of coffee Mr Shantz signed the card and wrote personal note thanking me for the coffee 
LoneRanger1975 08-06-201908-12-2019Success 66/6Sent four photos and two birthday cards with a hand written letter detailing my plans to give the items as gifts. Included $30 donation. Bobby sent back items with inscriptions plus said he's donating the $$$ to the Salvation Army. A real class act. :)
Jgtdec29 08-04-201909-12-2019Success 396/7Sent 3 cards, photo, two index cards. LOR and $20 included. Update, bonehead me wrote the wrong number, he tried and it didn't work, then today a large envelope came. Had my six cards, index cards, even through in his own pic. A must for all fans! 
asburycards 07-31-201908-06-2019Success 63/3wow ! sent 2 , 2002 topps archives '52 topps shantz , and index card , signed all three ! on index card he wrote "1952 A.L. M.V.P. "8" Gold gloves " thank you Mr.Shantz 
brooks13307 07-22-201907-29-2019Success 76/71958, 59, 61 MVP, 63, 64 Topps, 8x10 Photo, $40...he added an extra photo 
Oriolesrise 07-20-201907-24-2019Success 41/155 Bowman 
dgrooms72 07-08-201907-15-2019Success 71/1Sent LOR, SASE, and personalized index card.
RIFF RAFF 77 07-03-201907-08-2019Success 51/1ROMLB, Included 10 inscriptions 
Moxieh 06-26-201907-05-2019Success 94/5I have heard what a wonderful signer Mr. Shantz is and it is true. He signed my items and included a personalized picture for my daughter. Thank you Mr. Shantz. 
StarrsCards 06-15-201906-22-2019Success 71/11975 Topps MVPs. Also answered questions
baseballgeek 06-11-201906-17-2019Success 61/1signed MLB ball and inscribed struck out Jackie Robinson in the 1952 all star game! 
rayrehder 06-03-201906-10-2019Success 71/11991 Archives signed in blue sharpie 
sydbarrett3177 05-11-201905-16-2019Success 51/11975 topps 1952 mvps 
midnightoyl 05-01-201905-13-2019Success 122/2  
GoStLCards 04-30-201905-06-2019Success 61/2$5 to Salvation Army- Included a note too about his admiration of Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays. 
baseballgeek 04-23-201904-30-2019Success 72/2signed 56 and 62 topps 
FlyTheW 35 04-22-201904-27-2019Success 51/1Sent ROMLB, sase, letter and $12 *UPDATE* returned ball signed with year he won A.L MVP 
SchmidtStache 04-06-201904-12-2019Success 62/3Sent: LOR & 4 cards (2 copies of each, 1 to sign, 1 to keep). Returned 2 signed (1 of each) and a 5x7 of his own. Answered a question and thanked me for the photos. Shantz for the HOF!
pokemonclub 04-03-201904-12-2019Success 93/3  
MadTownCards 03-30-201904-08-2019Success 91/1  
kclj520 03-30-201904-05-2019Success 61/1Sent our Cardinals Busch Stadium 8x10, Bobby signed and included an extra personalized 8x10! True HOF caliber pitcher!
Chooch08 03-25-201903-30-2019Success 52/253 Bowman reprint, autograph card w/ 1952 A.L. MVP inscription 
dgo71 03-19-201903-23-2019Success 44/658T, 61T, 62T, 64T - 4 DAYS! Simply unreal, Mr. Shantz is the absolute best!
ahuggins81 03-12-201903-21-2019Success 91/1Sent LOR and a trading card and got it back signed nicely
Mike McK 03-11-201903-18-2019Success 72/3Sent extra signed photo
KnucksieCollector 03-02-201903-08-2019Success 64/4Bobby signed 3 cards and a hologram in less than a week. My second and final success with the always fan friendly Bobby.
Johnlightning 02-27-201903-07-2019Success 81/0ROMLB WITH 20.00 DONATION 
Superdiz26 02-22-201902-27-2019Success 51/1Signed 1 Baseball All Time Greats green card in blue 
NYMCollector17 02-22-201902-28-2019Success 62/22/2 with a 1952 
Sue 02-21-201902-25-2019Success 42/2Sent a 1960 and a 1964 Topps - signed beautifully in blue Sharpie! Thanks, Mr. Shantz!
Jawheels73 02-21-201902-28-2019Success 74/4Signed 4 cards
gabsttms 02-12-201902-19-2019Success 71/2added one card of his own. @gabsttms on instagram 
frazier114 02-09-201902-22-2019Success 134/4Great signer got all 4 photos back signed 
Aw112911 02-04-201902-12-2019Success 82/2sign ball blue ink. inscribed struck out Jackie Robinson in the 1952 all star game in Phila., signed 59 topps card inscribed 3x all star. 
UFFiesta10 02-01-201902-05-2019Success 41/1Best TTMer! Send GG baseball he sent back baseball loaded with inscriptions, a personal letter, he gave me a photo of his own, and also answered a bunch of question. Please give this guy a donation foe his time! 
Calebssportscards 02-01-201902-09-2019Success 82/2TTM's for Bruce
Leeburtt 01-29-201902-02-2019Success 42/260T & 91T archives 
NatHon995 01-26-201902-11-2019Success 164/4  
quickstraw 01-22-201901-28-2019Success 61/3Sent 8 x 10 $ 10. ... Signed and added MVP, Gold Glove, and 3x All-Star inscriptions. Added his own 8 x 10, signed, personalized, and inscribed "oldest living MVP - 93". Also added a signed postcard. 
flyfeldman 01-15-201901-23-2019Success 81/2Sent one photo and requested another for my dad. Bobby added a photo of his own and added all of the requested inscriptions!!! 
chazeroom 01-14-201901-22-2019Success 87/7  
brooks13307 01-14-201901-18-2019Success 45/61954, 56, 60, 61, 62 Topps + donation 
jdresbach 01-10-201901-16-2019Success 63/22 signed in blue Sharpie- requested he keep a card 
Logan Richmond 12-29-201801-05-2019Success 73/41964T and 2 4x6's **signed index card and filled it with inscriptions!!** 
1956WS 12-18-201812-26-2018Success 81/2Cracked a PSA 5 1956 Topps and added $10 cash to make up for the last one with no donation. Added an extra Swell brand card loaded top to bottom with inscriptions (not shown) and wrote me a signed note. Thank you, Mr. Shantz!
Hankvuckovich 12-13-201812-20-2018Success 74/051 Bowman, 57, 60, 64 Topps. Wrote a really cool story about playing in Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis. Sent $25. You are awesome Shantzy!
1956WS 12-07-201812-13-2018Success 61/158 Topps Series Hurling Rivals. This is a PSA crackout upgrade from the last one I sent him. Got the Merry XMas inscription I asked for. No donation. Will send him some $$ soon. Thank you, Mr. Shantz!
TDudley1995 10-27-201811-02-2018Success 61/11952 Topps, fast return. Thank you Mr. Shantz! 
twinsfan83 10-22-201810-29-2018Success 72/2Two 4x6 photos 
Logan Richmond 10-22-201810-29-2018Success 72/31951B and 1953B **inscribed as requested and signed my letter answering a question!! :) ** 
LoneRanger1975 10-09-201810-13-2018Success 410/11Sent six cards and four pictures along with a $60 donation thanking him for having signed my ball previously. He wrote that he's donating my donation and sent me a personalized 8x10 of his own. AWESOME!
scoot51015 10-08-201810-24-2018Success 161/1  
Ky1603 09-22-201810-01-2018Success 91/11951 Bowman 
chcards9 09-18-201809-28-2018Success 101/01962 Topps// signed with requested inscription 
jwisham 09-14-201809-20-2018Success 61/1  
bickel84 09-14-201809-20-2018Success 61/193 Ted Williams card 
LBrierley 09-05-201809-22-2018Success 172/3Signed a photo and an index card, included one of his own signed photos too. Mailed to the UK. 
autograder79 08-31-201809-07-2018Success 71/11958 Topps 
metsfish 08-27-201808-31-2018Success 41/14 Days. Quickest Turnaround for me.
DrewEd 08-25-201808-31-2018Success 62/3Included donation. Added requested inscriptions, signed and inscribed index card, and answered question. Awesome! 
LoneRanger1975 08-25-201808-29-2018Success 44/5Sent a ball, 3 cards, and a donation with a hand written letter asking for his autograph. Received ball with inscriptions, my cards signed, and a personalized 5*7" as a thanks. 
pbtank67 08-13-201808-20-2018Success 72/22 cards, SASE, and note. Signed with fine blue sharpie. Looks awesome 
Doer03 08-13-201808-20-2018Success 74/458T, 58T Series Hurling Rivals, 60T, 62T 
thedraketaker 08-06-201808-11-2018Success 51/1Signed baseball 
mezmaster10 08-06-201808-13-2018Success 71/158 topps 
specialk24 08-06-201808-12-2018Success 63/3signed 2 pictures and an index card with some awesome inscriptions! thanks Mr. Shantz! 
jmaciu 08-04-201808-10-2018Success 62/41953B/1961T + $10. Rock-solid thin blue signatures!! Got the inscription I wanted on the 1953B. He added a nice signed thank you note and his own signed 4x6. He is a classy gentleman. Thank you, Mr. Shantz!!!!
bootzilla 08-01-201808-09-2018Success 84/4signed 4/4 baseball cards 
DaveMoore007 08-01-201808-03-2018Success 21/1Awesome return over 12 inscriptions included with signature OMLB with $10 donation 
Goaftermath 07-24-201807-30-2018Success 62/361T 379 and 473 $5 donation signed both in blue included a thank you for the donation and wrote out his stats on another. CLASS ACT!!! 
jsorah10 07-23-201807-30-2018Success 71/11991 Topps Archive 
osbornetd 07-16-201807-23-2018Success 71/11961 Topps in blue sharpie with "1952 AL MVP" Inscription. A great signer! 
pmc14 07-09-201807-16-2018Success 71/1Signed and Inscribed Index Card I sent 
aqscards 06-27-201807-05-2018Success 81/2  
autograder79 05-29-201806-05-2018Success 71/11961 Topps MVP 
sreader3 05-02-201805-11-2018Success 91/1Signed/returned my 72T MVP Award card in 9 days. Added MVP Inscription. Blue Sharpie. Awesome!
WhiteSoxFan13 05-01-201805-07-2018Success 61/2LOR, SASE, $5, 8x10, signed and included 1952 AL MVP and All-Star Game reference, also included personalized 4x6 with Best Wishes, small note of thanks for donation (money to Salvation Army), both signed nicely in blue. 
Johnlightning 04-29-201805-08-2018Success 91/3added a note thanking me for the donation, signed the index card also. 
NYYanks2018 04-22-201804-27-2018Success 51/1Signed card with inscriptions and answered my questions. 
JustStartingOut 04-16-201804-23-2018Success 71/1RGGBB, LOR,$5. SASE. Signed with "8 Gold Gloves" inscription and nice note.
jacksonkdj 03-27-201804-02-2018Success 61/1Sent a 1958 Topps, very quick turnaround
Datboijohnny 03-23-201803-31-2018Success 81/1Sent ‘59 topps. Came back today signed in blue. Thank you! 
yankeesfan1324 03-14-201803-19-2018Success 52/3Included extra 4x6 
JMac25 03-06-201803-16-2018Success 93/4Signed 3/3 cards I sent in blue and also signed an index card. Added inscriptions to 2 cards and index card. 
GoStLCards 03-06-201803-13-2018Success 61/1added a short note with advice for my son 
lkfojtik 03-03-201803-09-2018Success 61/1Sent LOR, SASE and Topps 1975 MVP. Received impeccable blue sharpie auto. Secretarial? 
bcommerce 03-03-201803-10-2018Success 71/1Sent 8 x 10 Photo Returned Signed! 
ebelote81 03-02-201803-07-2018Success 51/11959 Topps, LOR, SASE Signed and Inscribed in thin blue sharpie! ... beautiful, Thank you Mr. Shantz
jzimmerman 03-02-201803-09-2018Success 71/21953 bowman color, $10, asked for 1952 mvp inscription. also sent personalized TCMA card. 
Danmay55 02-28-201803-05-2018Success 51/1signed 1 card i sent 
cdogdrippen 02-27-201803-07-2018Success 81/1signed my baseball 
dgoode97 02-24-201803-06-2018Success 102/2Sent 2 cards, got both back signed with requested inscriptions. Thanks Mr. Shantz! 
alowe1034 02-21-201802-26-2018Success 51/1  
tglg 02-20-201803-01-2018Success 93/3Got all 3 back signed nicely in blue sharpie....very pleased. 
NiMo15 02-20-201802-27-2018Success 71/3Romlb with $10. Threw in an auto 4x6 and a signed index card 
whitesox17 02-20-201802-26-2018Success 62/2Sent LOR, SASE, (2) custom 4x6 - signed both beautifully with “1952 MVP” inscription. Thank you Mr. Shantz! 
CardsAndPhils 02-17-201802-22-2018Success 53/3Sent 53B, 61T, 64T, LOR requesting inscriptions on two cards, and SASE. ~~UPDATE~~ Received cards today signed in blue sharpie with one requested inscription and one inscription very close to what I requested. Great success from the oldest living MVP.
RedskinRussell 02-16-201802-23-2018Success 72/2Signed 60 Topps and 62 Topps. 
Kylebahnick 02-11-201802-23-2018Success 123/3  
Appraiserjake 02-08-201802-16-2018Success 84/4Sent 3 custom 4x6 pics and ball. Came back perfect. 
monktonpops 01-31-201802-08-2018Success 82/21960 Topps and a custom card. Included $10. Great return with requested "1952 MVP" inscription 
yankeefanaz 01-29-201802-05-2018Success 72/0Sent 59 and 60 Topps. Getting a few more for my nephews and sending some cash next time. 
Calebssportscards 01-28-201802-05-2018Success 81/1card signed
yankeez 01-23-201801-30-2018Success 72/2I threw in $10 because I am so appreciative. 
totalnv 01-22-201801-26-2018Success 41/1SASE, LOR, 5x7 color photo - signed photo in blue sharpie with requested inscription
Oriolesrise 01-18-201801-22-2018Success 41/153 Topps Archive 
autograder79 01-18-201801-25-2018Success 71/11961 Topps signed ...Thank You Mr SHantz 
BleedBlue15 01-18-201801-25-2018Success 71/2Blank autograph card w/ 4 inscriptions, Custom card he threw in. Blue Sharpie 
adamd 01-06-201801-12-2018Success 61/1Sent a custom card that my brother made and he signed it very nicely. Thanks Mr. Shantz 
justindi 01-06-201801-12-2018Success 61/1Sent a custom card plus another for him to keep | Customized just like I asked, turned out great! Thanks Mr. Shantz! 
Musclebeech 01-02-201801-10-2018Success 81/1Signed in blue with inscription 
Yogi60 12-27-201701-02-2018Success 62/2Signed a Sport Magazine with multi inscriptions as well as a 1955 Bowman! Thanks Bobby!
Jamesleach32 12-11-201712-18-2017Success 72/2Received both cards back signed in blue sharpie with multiple inscriptions along with a nice letter back 
yankeesgiants2000 12-11-201712-18-2017Success 72/3Wow loaded both cards up with inscriptions and included his own 3x6 photo with "winning of 1st MLB game in Texas" 
Royals1982 12-08-201712-23-2017Success 152/4signed the 2 cards I sent and signed an IC and sent a 4x6 photo of his own striking out Jackie Robinson with a post-it note saying merry Christmas! 
aspoe093 12-07-201712-13-2017Success 61/1Baseball w/ a lot of inscriptions. Two full panels! Awesome return. Sent 5 
Cliftobr 11-18-201712-07-2017Success 191/1Thanks Mr. Shantz! Great return and signature! 
AllstarCzar31 11-15-201711-21-2017Success 62/21963 and 1964 Topps baseball cards, letter, blue Sharpie and SASE. 
RedskinRussell 11-03-201711-10-2017Success 73/3Signed 56 Topps, 61 Post, 61 Topps. Also answered questions! Fave player growing up Ted Williams. Thanks Mr Shantz! 
OC22 10-20-201710-27-2017Success 71/1Returned signed and inscribed with a note thanking me for $5 donation
aqscards 10-13-201710-19-2017Success 60/2sent a notecard asking for inscriptions 
chupy 09-28-201710-17-2017Success 190/1Sent a letter and Rawling Official Ball. Received signature and multiple inscriptions. 
Morga2001 09-28-201710-03-2017Success 52/2Sent two ROMLB w/ $20 Donation. Signed both with multiple inscriptions and note giving $20 to Salvation Army. Great signatures and inscriptions. This is one of my favorite autographs. 
Doer03 09-19-201709-26-2017Success 73/5Signed my 61 topps and 2 90s Pacific cards. Also signed 2 blue ICs with inscriptions, including, 'oldest living MVP 91'. Very COOL! 
danb 09-01-201709-07-2017Success 61/2sent extra card, signed index card with many inscriptions. Thanks! 
Provo986 08-25-201709-01-2017Success 71/11 ROMLB - got it back signed and loaded with inscriptions that weren't even requested. Very pleased with this return. 
Mike McK 08-01-201708-08-2017Success 74/4  
GoWarrior 06-06-201706-13-2017Success 74/4sent four 8x10s, signed all four beautifully in blue with requested inscriptions! Also included a very nice signed note answering my questions and telling me stories. 
RobHarrington 05-13-201705-19-2017Success 61/1Got the ROMLB back loaded with inscriptions! So glad I send the ball to Mr. Shantz, this will be a highlight in my collection. I sent him the ball along with a $20 donation. He sent a note saying the money is going to the Salvation Army. 
Mitchell2314 05-05-201705-11-2017Success 61/1Sent 1 card. (1-1988 Pacific) Signed in blue sharpie! 
RobHarrington 04-17-201704-25-2017Success 81/21951 Bowman signed in blue Sharpie and IC 
LiutenantVan 04-11-201704-17-2017Success 62/252T, IC & questions...Signed in blue with '1952 A.L. M.V.P.' Answered questions on IC. BEST signer in the hobby right here!! 
grapher0315 04-04-201704-14-2017Success 104/4One of 5 successes today! Best trip to mailbox ever! 
KJ and Jim Bush 04-04-201704-13-2017Success 91/1This turned out, AWESOME. Mr. Shantz is the bestt ttm'r there is. 
BoSoxFan4235 04-03-201704-08-2017Success 52/2Signed card, 4x6, and answered questions 
cthom13 03-23-201703-30-2017Success 71/1Black sharpie. Looks great. Ty 
Tex2005 03-22-201703-27-2017Success 50/1Sent LOR, blue pen and gold glove ball. Rcvd back in 5 days! With 8x gold glove inscription. 
PPCLI1988 03-17-201704-04-2017Success 183/3  
lizard-jd 03-06-201703-17-2017Success 101/1SS on AL romlb with all his best stats. At 91 yrs old he is still one of the best TTM'ers we have left from MLB! 
xtra-innings 03-01-201703-10-2017Success 94/4x4 cards
1956WS 02-28-201703-06-2017Success 62/21953 Bowman Color, 1954 Bowman + $5. Told him to do something fun with the $5 and he kept it this time. I'm sure everyone agrees great sigs as always. Thank you, Mr. Shantz!
buschstad 02-27-201703-06-2017Success 73/33/3 in blue sharpie. Great looking signature. 
Pedroia15TheBest 02-10-201702-15-2017Success 51/1  
TonyWoodside 02-03-201702-09-2017Success 61/1LOR and ROMLB...***UPDATE*** Recieved ball back today signed and loaded with stats! Super fast 6 day turnaround!
LoyalRoya8515 02-03-201702-09-2017Success 61/0ROMLB Returned in 8 days with a ton of stats 
bigbird2000 01-11-201701-17-2017Success 62/2ROMLB with 6 inscriptions and '87 Hygrade Card 
1956WS 12-05-201612-12-2016Success 71/1Sent 1958 Topps 'Series Hurling Rivals'. Personalized with inscriptions in thin blue pen. I threw in $5 because I'd written to him recently and he returned it. One of the classiest of them all. Thank you, Mr. Shantz!
ellwoodbandrules 12-03-201612-08-2016Success 52/3Signed Both Cards and Added Inscriptions to the Index Card ... Beautiful! 
yankeez 11-25-201612-05-2016Success 101/1Fantastic inscriptions... a history lesson right on the photo! 
LiutenantVan 11-19-201611-28-2016Success 91/1sent 54 Bowman w/ questions in LOR/SASE... Answered questions, signed card with '52 A.L. M.V.P.' Extreamely generous man. Thank you!! 
totalnv 11-18-201611-25-2016Success 71/1card signed in thin blue sharpie
LiutenantVan 11-18-201611-25-2016Success 71/1Sent '54B & questions LOR, SASE. Received signed with "1952 A.L. M.V.P." w/ questions answered. Excellent signer for hobby! 
OC22 11-18-201611-28-2016Success 101/1Returned 8x10 signed 
RochesterGraphs 11-10-201611-17-2016Success 71/27 day success! Signed my 1990 Pacific card and included a 5x7 of his own! Very nice guy! 
CircletheWagons96 10-25-201611-04-2016Success 100/0Returned ROMLB signed with 1958 World Series Champs inscription 
BSRice 10-25-201610-29-2016Success 41/1  
1956WS 10-24-201610-31-2016Success 72/21954 and 1958 Topps. Asked for stats on the '58 and boy did he deliver. Looks really nice. Thank you, Mr. Shantz!
zooiiks 10-13-201610-19-2016Success 61/26 days?? Fastest so far. Plus he added a signed 5x7 of his own! Ignore the yellow tinge. It's my lighting. Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10
sroane1224 10-01-201610-07-2016Success 62/3also signed the thank you card i sent him. Class act and a nice signature 
Teddygoogs 09-20-201609-30-2016Success 101/2signed my 1962 topps in blue sharpie with 1958 ws champs inscription and sent along his own swell cards signed the smme. awesome 
DailyAutograph 09-16-201609-23-2016Success 71/11993 Ted Williams card
NatHon995 09-11-201609-23-2016Success 124/5Signed 50 Bowman Rookie card 61T, 60T and 62Tplus answered questions and wrote nice letter back with own picture and Personalized it. Thank you Mr. Shantz 
chazeroom 09-07-201609-14-2016Success 75/5  
Hankvuckovich 09-06-201609-10-2016Success 45/5Fastest return in the history of mail! I sent $25. He signed a baseball '1952 AL MVP'. Signed 4 8x10s each with a career highlight. He wrote me a very nice note back too! By far the best of anything I have ever had autographed! Just awesome! 
Pedroia15TheBest 09-06-201609-14-2016Success 82/2  
xtra-innings 09-01-201609-14-2016Success 133/3x3 cards
diback34 08-01-201608-08-2016Success 71/1Sending 1 1988 pacific baseball legends card... Signed card and answered my questions in a week!!! 
bcommerce 07-15-201607-20-2016Success 51/1Sent 1 Gold Glove Photo with 1 other ! Signed with GG Inscription 
GoWarrior 06-25-201607-01-2016Success 60/0Three 8x10s, signed them all beautifully! 
Ezdno 06-19-201606-28-2016Success 92/21954Bowman, 1959T Answered my questions. 
Calebssportscards 06-04-201606-13-2016Success 92/288 Pacific and 89 Swell 
NatHon995 06-03-201606-13-2016Success 103/4Sent 10$ and he signed all three of my Topps card and added his own picture of himself and signed it. Real nice guy 
xtra-innings 06-01-201607-16-2016Success 453/3x3 cards
elite-alexander 05-28-201606-07-2016Success 101/1Very fast return. Signed with the inscriptions 3x All-Star and 1952 A.L. MVP on my 1961 Topps. Very nice!!! Thanks Bobby 
chazeroom 05-11-201605-22-2016Success 114/450 Bowman 54 Topps 58 Topps 60 Topps 
Pedroia15TheBest 04-11-201604-16-2016Success 51/1  
nycsportsnews 04-09-201604-18-2016Success 91/1  
Foul Bunt 03-25-201604-01-2016Success 71/1Signed my 1954 Topps and answered my questions. 
Soxfan99 03-25-201604-01-2016Success 71/1signed card and answered questions! thanks Mr. Shantz 
GoWarrior 03-21-201603-28-2016Success 73/5sent three photos and a $10 donation. Signed all three with requested inscriptions, added an 8x10 of his own and included a note answering my questions and thanking me for donation. Said he would donate it to Salvation Army. Fantastic return! 
ChesterJT 01-27-201602-03-2016Success 71/1Sent LOR and ROMLB *UPDATE: Received with signature on sweet spot. Just asked for any inscription he felt like adding and put 1952 AL MVP, 3x AS, 3 WS, 8x GG, 58 WS Champs, 57 ERA Leader. Very nice!
xtra-innings 01-04-201601-28-2016Success 242/2x2 cards
PatsFan9 12-30-201501-07-2016Success 81/1great sig 
RED BARON TX 12-22-201501-02-2016Success 112/2Sent ROMLB, 1953 Topps archives, $5, questions on index cards, letter and SASE. Answered questions, signed ball w/mvp insc and signed card. 
1956WS 12-21-201512-31-2015Success 102/21956 Topps and 1959 Topps (1952 AL MVP card). Both came back with lots of inscriptions! Thank you, Mr. Shantz!
anguishCBA 11-28-201512-02-2015Success 41/3Great for the Yankees collection! Thanks mr shantz 
MikeP 11-18-201511-27-2015Success 91/3Signed my card, added his own and sent me a letter back. Great guy 
xtra-innings 11-15-201512-04-2015Success 192/2x2 cards
postalmetfan 11-12-201511-18-2015Success 62/2Bobby signed his 1960 & Baseball's All-Time Greats cards...Very Quick...6 days...Thanks Bobby... no fee... 
MDASCards 09-15-201509-19-2015Success 41/2Wow, thanks so much Mr. Shantz. Included his own card and added every inscription in the book. 
Pedroia15TheBest 08-31-201509-10-2015Success 102/2  
Royals1982 08-20-201508-27-2015Success 74/5Sent 3 photos and a card and sent back 4 photos and my card all signed. Great guy. Thank you Mr. Shantz! 
BoSoxFan4235 08-08-201508-13-2015Success 53/3Signed all 3 with MVP inscription 
seaduck27 06-27-201507-16-2015Success 191/1Thank you Mr Shantz 
Pedroia15TheBest 06-15-201506-19-2015Success 42/2  
lankyrighty34 06-08-201506-13-2015Success 51/1ROMLB loaded with inscriptions. NOTE: Make sure you send a pen or else he may sign in Sharpie (That's why I had to send the second time) 
39special 06-04-201506-10-2015Success 61/1'61 Topps and answered my questions 
lankyrighty34 05-28-201506-04-2015Success 73/3Signed 3 photos 
graphing310 05-18-201505-26-2015Success 81/1ROMLB with MVP inscription. Thanks Mr. Shantz 
bravesfanfromny 04-13-201504-27-2015Success 141/1loaded with stats 
rebmankd 04-13-201504-18-2015Success 51/1Baseball signed in blue and returned w/ a nice note describing his favorite game in CY year 
TTM Cards 04-04-201504-09-2015Success 51/1asked for '52 AL MVP' inscription. Very happy I got this back in only 5 days with inscription. Thanks Bobby 
bboonie53 03-28-201504-06-2015Success 91/2ROMLB $10/Awesome ball! Filled it with stats and wrote a letter back telling me what he will do with my donation and that how his wife is from Lincoln, NE! 
chazeroom 03-16-201503-20-2015Success 44/456 Topps 58 Topps 62 Topps 63 Topps 
benlee66 03-10-201503-20-2015Success 100/43 TCs + 1 IC 
CLB 02-24-201502-28-2015Success 41/1What a treasure. Signed my custom 5x7, inscribed as requested!
bicemusic 02-10-201502-23-2015Success 133/3Sent 3 cards: 54 Bowman, 56, 60 Topps w/ LOR. Success! Signed all 3 cards. Thank you Bobby!
joeyw 02-08-201502-14-2015Success 61/1  
Philly4Life 02-02-201502-06-2015Success 41/1Sent baseball and put all his stats on the side panel. Very nice! 
CubsPackersOilers 01-30-201503-09-2015Success 371/1signed 8x10. 
CardinalNation22 01-24-201501-29-2015Success 51/1BIGGEST SUCCESS I HAVE GOTTEN!!! In 5 days I got back my Official MLB ball loaded with inscriptions!! 1952 AL MVP, 3X All Star, 8X Gold Glover, 1958 W.S. Champs, & ERA Leader 1957!! Very Happy!! Thank You!! 
IntegritySportsDE 01-22-201501-26-2015Success 41/11 OLB w/ '52 WS MVP 
Baseball Guru 44 01-21-201501-26-2015Success 511/11Sent 11 cards, received all signed 
Geim32 01-14-201501-21-2015Success 72/2Sent an 8x10 and a ROMLB he signed both with a ton of inscriptions on each!!! 
agl519 01-13-201501-31-2015Success 181/1  
Drosci01 01-12-201501-20-2015Success 81/1Full stat ball 
haynmay 01-10-201501-16-2015Success 61/1ted williams card 
t23lee 01-05-201501-07-2015Success 22/2Fastest return I've had. Thanks 
KetchFox00 12-28-201412-31-2014Success 31/6returned my signature card along with a note, a signed photo of his stadium, a collage photo and my personal favorite a Robin Roberts & Curt Simmons SIGNED post card!!!
BoSoxFan4235 12-17-201412-22-2014Success 51/11 Card. Signed and inscribed "1952 A.L. M.V.P" as requested. Also answered my questions. Really sweet success. Thanks Mr. Shantz 
Baseball Guru 44 12-16-201412-26-2014Success 1013/13Sent 4 8x10's, 9 cards. Signed everything! Likely my best success ever! 
sml8bp 11-24-201412-10-2014Success 161/1Sent 1 card with SASE from Korea, signed in blue sharpie with the following inscriptions: 3x AllStar, 1958 WS Champ, 1952 AL MVP and 8x Gold Glove, also answered my question and thanked me for my service, Classy Guy...
Pedroia15TheBest 11-18-201411-24-2014Success 62/2  
NyjerMorgan77 11-11-201411-17-2014Success 63/31959 Topps, 2 Index Cards, all with inscriptions 1952 AL MVP, 1958 W.S. Champion, 3x All-Star, and 8x Gold Glove 
chazeroom 10-31-201411-07-2014Success 71/1  
bboonie53 10-29-201411-12-2014Success 141/2'61 Topps/Signed my card and answered my questions. Thanks Bobby. 
Cmoney66 10-10-201410-16-2014Success 62/2Thanks!! 
Bedrock Bedrosian 09-27-201410-01-2014Success 41/1'55 Bowman, thanks Mr Shantz!
Baseball247 08-29-201409-04-2014Success 61/14x6 
bostonautos14 08-13-201408-18-2014Success 52/2Answered My Questions and Signed my mini index card! Super quick turnaround! Thank You Mr. Shantz 
lankyrighty34 08-07-201408-11-2014Success 41/1Signed my ball and loaded it with inscriptions, as well as answered my questions. Very fast response for a baseball.
Tru2thaduce 07-31-201408-08-2014Success 81/1Signed baseball 
Dompt 07-27-201408-05-2014Success 91/1Sent ROMLB, pen and SASE. Received ball signed with '52 N.L. M.V.P.' Unfortunately didn't get all the inscrpitions. 
Pedroia15TheBest 07-26-201407-30-2014Success 44/4  
5century 07-23-201407-30-2014Success 75/5Four 4x6 photos and blank IC in blue sharpie with inscriptions. Look great! 
Pedroia15TheBest 07-17-201407-25-2014Success 82/2  
Baseball Guru 44 07-09-201407-15-2014Success 611/11Sent 11 8x10's, including my Braves WS Project, received everything signed. 
Coltron57 07-05-201407-15-2014Success 102/22 4x6 photos. Signed both with AL MVP 1952 and 8 Gold Gloves. 
bcommerce 03-20-201403-27-2014Success 71/1Sent 1 Card ! Returned 1 Cards signed ! 
yankees02 02-28-201403-05-2014Success 51/1Sent ROMLB / Just 5 days, included all inscriptions even tho I forgot to ask for them 
Robextend 01-24-201401-29-2014Success 51/11962 Topps/Amazing 5 day success, thanks Mr. Shantz! 
dodgerbobble 11-20-201311-27-2013Success 71/1Sent ROMLB pen letter and $10 donation. Returned sweetspot with inscription.
dukemiller 11-19-201311-25-2013Success 62/2nice! 
marty77 11-15-201311-23-2013Success 81/1 
collector41 11-14-201311-20-2013Success 61/2Signed IC and inscribed 1953 AL MVP and also threw in a 5 by 7 pic 
RealBrianD 10-19-201310-25-2013Success 62/2Mailed LOR, and a Rawlings baseball (not official, but leather nonetheless), asked for inscriptions...Got it back today, signed on SS, and he answered my questions...THANK YOU MR. SHANTZ!!! 
dunner47 09-27-201310-08-2013Success 111/1One of my favorites to write to. Another great success
mazefan72 09-10-201309-16-2013Success 61/1Signed Bobby Brown ROALB, with multiple incriptions/ stats, too many to list.. 6 days.. Wow, Thank You Mr. Shantz.
Riggs 08-19-201308-26-2013Success 72/2signed 2 8x10's 
xtra-innings 08-15-201308-24-2013Success 92/2x2 cards
bigsportsfan1 08-05-201308-12-2013Success 72/2Signed 2 cards, thanks Bobby! 
Coltron57 07-19-201307-25-2013Success 61/1Sent 1 IC. Signed nicely in black. 
jerseyman1992 05-13-201305-29-2013Success 161/216 days - Also signed an IC 
Tuck Stainback 04-17-201304-24-2013Success 71/1Quick Return! Thanks Mr. Shantz! 
bballcrazy10 04-15-201304-20-2013Success 51/1Sent Yankees Mini Helmet! Major Success!!! Sent Back Mini Helmet In Same Bag I Sent It In!!! 
AutoCollect 04-13-201304-17-2013Success 41/1Sent ROMLB. Came back signed with too many inscriptions to list. Thanks Mr. Shantz! 
JayHo7284 04-05-201304-10-2013Success 51/1INCREDIBLY fast success!!! TY!!! 
lh4augie 03-25-201303-30-2013Success 51/1Signed my card and wrote letter responding to my questions. Very cool response! 
dsolzman 03-21-201303-29-2013Success 81/1sending a 2001 Topps Archives card // signed and inscribed 1952 AL MVP and 58 WS Champ 
dunner47 03-15-201303-21-2013Success 61/11991 Topps Archives, beautiful sig in blue sharpie 
MUliano 02-04-201302-12-2013Success 81/1Yankee Stadium 8x10....Took 8 days most likely because of Nemo. 
Baseball45 01-29-201302-04-2013Success 61/1Sent letter, and 1958 Topps. Second success from Shantz, in 6 Days! Thanks Mr. Shantz!!! 
1117drewbay 01-24-201302-01-2013Success 81/1Signed a stat ball. Included MVP, lifetime stats, Gold Gloves, etc. Very Nice. Thanks!! 
chris51173 01-23-201301-30-2013Success 71/1Signed ball very . One of the best TTM'ers! 
Baseball45 01-10-201301-16-2013Success 62/2Sent letter, and 2 IC's. Got back both signed in 6 Days!!! Inscripted "1952 A.L. M.V.P." on both IC's. Thanks Mr. Shantz 
lizard-jd 01-08-201301-15-2013Success 73/4Kept CIC offered, signed mine, an IC, an 8x10 (previously signed by 5 other Yankees) & answered questions - TY! 
1117drewbay 01-03-201301-10-2013Success 71/0Signed 58 Topps, Index Card and answered my question. Such a great return! Thank you! 
39special 12-04-201212-08-2012Success 41/1Signed my '55 Bowman,sent a signed IC with his stats and answered my questions in 4 Days!!!!!!! 
dtwohig 10-17-201210-22-2012Success 51/1ROMLB with MVP inscription - no fee 
wrhymes512 10-12-201210-29-2012Success 172/2  
lizard-jd 08-31-201209-07-2012Success 72/2Signed my 8x10 & answered my questions. It's always a treat to get a success from Mr. Shantz - TY! 
soc4yankees 08-05-201208-13-2012Success 85/22 index cards 
MUliano 06-26-201207-05-2012Success 91/0Asked to sign a WS bat. He accepted for no fee. Sending within next few weeks. 
CarlosBeltran3 06-25-201207-02-2012Success 77/7Signed all 7 of my CIC, TY Mr. Shantz 
white_rabbit 05-26-201205-31-2012Success 51/158T. Thanks a lot Bobby!
Jdiz58 05-25-201206-07-2012Success 132/2Super fast! Inscribed 1952 AL MVP! 
smallmouth37 05-21-201205-26-2012Success 54/4Received my 3 archives cards and my 1961 MVP card back signed, thanks a ton!
milwaukeeinohnine 05-15-201206-12-2012Success 281/1signed my card 
Excellingg 05-07-201205-12-2012Success 54/4sent out 4 custom cards and got them all back signed .. what a great signer Thanks Mr Shantz 
Ryanpmeyer 05-01-201205-04-2012Success 31/1Quickest return ever! Thank you Mr Shantz 
lizard-jd 04-15-201204-23-2012Success 81/1Signed my pic with all inscriptions I requested - great man! 
PorterMan20 04-14-201204-19-2012Success 52/2returned both of my cards signed, thank you Mr. Shantz! 
bcommerce 04-13-201204-20-2012Success 73/3Returned 3 Signed Cards very Fast!! 
ct222 04-03-201204-10-2012Success 71/2Wrote a letter to me (autographed) and signed my card! 
white_rabbit 04-03-201204-07-2012Success 43/354B, 60T & 53T reprint. Thanks a lot Bobby!
indians1948 03-25-201203-31-2012Success 63/3Signed Two customs and 1958 card and answered questions 
dunner47 03-23-201204-03-2012Success 111/12001 Topps Archives 
edttmguy 03-12-201203-19-2012Success 73/3Signed three ic's 
jwisham 03-06-201203-12-2012Success 52/3Very FAST FROM A GREAT GUY 
emc23 02-04-201202-10-2012Success 61/1Signed MLB with 58 World Champs inscription. 
bcommerce 01-09-201201-17-2012Success 84/4Sent 1 card, 1 Yankee Sticker card, and 2 IC's. Received Sticker and 2 IC's with 58 Champs Ins, Card signed very nicely. Great Guy! 
lizard-jd 01-03-201201-17-2012Success 142/3One of my all-time favorites signed 2 beautiful 8x10s of him warming up at Yankee Stadium in a game he won on May 1955. Asked him what he remembered about the game and he wrote me this great short letter - pitched 14 inning complete game!
kidcollector11 12-07-201112-09-2011Success 22/3Thank you so much Mr. Shantz!!! it took 3 days! he answered my questions, and included a signed 4X6!!!!! 
phillies347 12-06-201112-09-2011Success 31/1Lightning fast+answered q's! Thank you Mr. Shantz 
allstargoalie55 11-28-201112-02-2011Success 43/3signed my card, my index card, and answered my QA card 
Alceste606 11-26-201112-05-2011Success 90/1Answered questions and added a signed 4X6 photo. 
yankees1 11-15-201111-26-2011Success 111/1great signer great looking auto 
Beersman21 10-25-201111-14-2011Success 201/1Sent a ROMLB and and a card to have signed. Got both back today. Thank you Mr. Shantz. 
devin 10-21-201110-28-2011Success 71/1signed 1 in blue with 52 al mvp 
awz50 10-09-201110-12-2011Success 32/22 index cards with 1952 mvp 
ajunod 09-22-201109-30-2011Success 83/3ROMLB and two customs inscribed 1952 AL MVP 
madduxfan123 09-06-201109-14-2011Success 82/2Signed 2/2 although switched '61 topps with his own '53 archives? 
silver 08-20-201108-25-2011Success 51/2Signed '89 Swell 'Baseball Greats' card and filler index card. Thank you! 
REDANDGOLDPRIDE 08-05-201108-16-2011Success 112/2Signed my Cubs 8x10 and custom. 
Eddie_2 08-02-201108-05-2011Success 31/2Awesome success! Signed my index card and loaded it up with inscriptions and also included his own card signed and inscribed. Also answered my three questions. TY!! 
Riggs 07-30-201108-05-2011Success 62/2smokin fast.. great signer 
EliStrait87 07-28-201108-19-2011Success 221/1sent an index card 
goleafsgo7 07-27-201108-08-2011Success 121/1Mr. Shantz signed my New York Yankees holograph in blue sharpie. Thanks Bobby!
djauwerda 07-24-201108-05-2011Success 124/3Returned 3/4 customs (K1AO) 
bounty331 07-21-201107-25-2011Success 42/251 Bowman reprint x2 
devin 07-13-201107-22-2011Success 92/3signed both ic and sent his own signed card all with 52 al mvp 
1234567ss 07-11-201107-13-2011Success 22/2  
JaguarsFan28 07-11-201107-18-2011Success 71/1Signed my custom 8.5x11 
39special 07-03-201108-09-2011Success 371/2Sent index Got index and his card signed Answered my question IN 6 DAYS!!!! Thanks Bobby!! 
lizard-jd 06-29-201107-06-2011Success 72/3Signed my two 8x10 customs & sent one of his own 8x10s personalized to me - great man. Loved his inscription!
juflo331 06-28-201107-05-2011Success 73/31961 Topps, 1952 Topps reprint, another reprint-ty sir 
norcaljosh 05-09-201105-25-2011Success 161/2Sent him a 1959 Topps. Signed it in blue sharpie and sent an index card with his stats also signed in blue sharpie 
hotbox 03-19-201103-25-2011Success 61/1Signed my baseball in blue sharpie, and inscribed it "1952 A.L. MVP" like requested! 
JayHo7284 02-22-201102-26-2011Success 41/1Blazingly fast return!!! TY!!! 
Chris819 02-17-201102-26-2011Success 92/28 Days 
olivea02 02-16-201102-24-2011Success 81/1ROMLB Request 
BigRedMachine 01-29-201102-04-2011Success 61/1Signed ROMLB with '52 AL MVP inscription, as asked.
lizard-jd 01-18-201101-24-2011Success 62/1Signed my custom from 1952 All-Star, kept his copy & answered my 3 questions about 1960 WS 7th game. Also signed by Curt Simmons.
PhilliePhan26 01-13-201101-20-2011Success 73/3Nice addition to my Philadelphia Pc,inscribed 1952 al mvp on index and 2 photos 
TigersFan6884 12-15-201012-24-2010Success 91/1Sent 1952 Topps Reprint. Received card signed in black Sharpie. 
lambeauleap87 12-15-201012-22-2010Success 71/2Signed My Index Card, Answered My Questions, And Included A Signed Card Of His Own! 
Redman5006 12-08-201012-17-2010Success 91/1Sent a ROML ball. 
Tim'sBaseball 11-24-201011-29-2010Success 52/2  
Tim'sBaseball 11-24-201011-29-2010Success 52/22/2 Signed My index card and my 1987 yanks team card 5 day return thanks Bobby Shantz 
Yankeesfan81 11-17-201011-22-2010Success 53/6Sent three custom index cards, offered one to keep. Kept one as offered and received both IC signed 1952 AL MVP. Mr. Shantz was generous enough to throw in 4 signed cards (I asked if he had an extra one in my LOR). Class act! 
Alceste606 11-11-201011-15-2010Success 41/2Signed my IC and added six inscriptions detailing his accomplishments. Also sent back a signed Diamond Sigs card. 
Brewcrew246 08-31-201009-07-2010Success 72/2Signed 2/2 in blue sharpie 
wmhc28413 08-21-201008-26-2010Success 51/1 
RockiesFan33 07-15-201007-22-2010Success 71/1Signed my Yankee Stadium ball previously signed by Turley. 
MNsportznut 06-03-201006-11-2010Success 82/2'53 &'54 archives 
wmhc28413 05-17-201005-21-2010Success 42/2 
mmalpedo01 05-03-201005-08-2010Success 52/3Signed my 1988 Pacific Legends, 1963 Topps and 1 IC w/stats 
lizard-jd 03-22-201003-29-2010Success 74/3Special customs of Bobby Shantz & Virgil "Fire" Trucks. Mr. Shantz kept one as offered & kindly signed others.
jj21388 03-01-201003-08-2010Success 72/2Mr. Shantz signed my 1950 Bowman and an IC. Great signer! 
docgallie 02-24-201003-10-2010Success 143/3  
wmhc28413 01-27-201002-01-2010Success 51/1 
Cardsfan4ever 01-01-201001-08-2010Success 71/1He signed my pacific legends card. 
17Kensethfan 11-30-200912-07-2009Success 71/1Mr. Shantz signed a 1990 Baseball Legends card with 1952 A.L. M.V.P. inscript in Blue
SMVintage 09-07-200909-14-2009Success 72/2Signed both my 4x6 photo and Signature card 
druce26 08-31-200910-04-2009Success 341/1  
RockiesFan33 08-31-200909-08-2009Success 81/1Signed my custom. 
indyreds 08-17-200908-22-2009Success 52/2Signed two customs 8x10 added 52 MVP and on other added 58 champs 
lizard-jd 07-24-200908-01-2009Success 83/44/3 sent extra card & a very nice note 'thanking me' for sending him an extra set of custom cards. Has signed everything, answered questions & sent me extra items over the years. Bobby was a hell of a player in his days! 
RockiesFan33 07-14-200907-24-2009Success 101/1Signed my Yanks team photo.
JRubin 06-08-200906-15-2009Success 71/1With MVP insciption 
alcoholics02 04-22-200905-02-2009Success 101/1signed baseball with NL MVP inscript - really nice sig!
RockiesFan33 03-31-200904-07-2009Success 71/1Signed my custom.
VintageHeros 01-14-200901-23-2009Success 91/2Sent one card (NYY) and note explaining I wished I had a PHILA. card for him to sign; Shantz signs my card AND also sends an additional signed card of him representing the A's! Beyond selfless...What a guy! Time to pay this favor forward... 
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 5
# of Success: 5  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:Lucca   Added on: 01-27-2021
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
mp775 04-12-202204-22-2022Success 102/21957 Topps #272, inscribed "1958 W.S. Champs"; 1961 Topps #473, inscribed "1952 A.L. MVP" 
19socks59 02-28-202203-07-2022Success 71/11 card + $5 
superrc 01-21-202201-28-2022Success 71/1LOR & $5
superrc 01-08-202201-18-2022Success 102/2Lor & $10 
Lucca 01-21-202101-27-2021Success 61/1 


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