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Greg Gagne Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 100%

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and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 309
# of Success: 305  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 4
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-19-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
rich summa 06-17-2019 Pending -4/086Topps 87 Topps 89 Topps 90 Topps 
refinitivtime 06-12-2019 Pending -1/01 1987 Topps w/SASE 
MostMirror 05-28-201906-14-2019Success 172/2Sent LOR, SASE, '89 Topps, '89 Bowman 
xQuinceyx12345 05-27-201906-10-2019Success 143/3  
kandiclipper 05-25-201906-14-2019Success 205/5Signed all 5! Great ttm signer! 
zonino 05-20-201906-01-2019Success 126/6  
kandiclipper 05-06-201905-21-2019Success 154/4Signed all 4! 
Craiggb 04-30-201905-18-2019Success 181/1  
Jawheels73 04-29-201905-20-2019Success 215/5Signed 5 cards
dgrooms72 04-27-201905-22-2019Success 253/3Sent LOR, SASE, 89 Score, 89 UD, and 90 Fleer cards.
GoStLCards 04-17-201905-20-2019Success 335/5  
kandiclipper 04-08-201904-18-2019Success 101/1Sent 1 card. Signed in blue sharpie. Turned out nicely. Thaks Mr. Gagne!
Blakescollectible 04-01-201904-10-2019Success 93/3signed all three beautifully 
Patgrealish 03-29-201904-10-2019Success 125/5SASE. 90,91 Topps. 88 Donruss. 88 Fleer. 91 Fleer Ultra.signed all 5, and inscribed all 5 with “2X WS Champs” 
NYYJMM 03-25-201904-02-2019Success 84/41987 Topps, 1988 Donruss, 1991 Upper Deck and 1993 Fleer signed in blue.
mezmaster10 03-25-201904-01-2019Success 72/21987 topps and 1992 topps 
ahuggins81 03-15-201903-25-2019Success 101/1Sent LOR, card and a SASE...got it back signed
TnDodger 03-04-201903-18-2019Success 141/11988 Topps, Thanks GG
dgo71 03-02-201903-13-2019Success 116/66/6 in blue Sharpie I provided, wrote "thanks for the pen" on the 88T, ha!
polarbear 03-01-201903-13-2019Success 123/41986 Topps, 1988 Donruss, 1988 Topps. Also signed a protective IC. 
cscott19 02-20-201903-04-2019Success 121/1Sent 1 Card w/ SASE 
Baldones 02-20-201904-10-2019Success 492/2Sending 2 OMLB Signed on the side panel added X's WS Champs and John 3:14 
Leeburtt 02-15-201902-27-2019Success 127/7  
Craiggb 02-15-201902-27-2019Success 124/5  
mnbigfoot 02-14-201902-28-2019Success 147/51985 Topps Traded, 1985 Fleer Update, 1988 Score, 1988 OPC, and 1993 Topps. Kept 2. Thanks Mr. Gagne!
xQuinceyx12345 02-05-201902-19-2019Success 145/5Nice 5/5 Thanks, Mr. Gagne 
polarbear 01-31-201902-11-2019Success 113/31987 Donruss, 1989 Topps, 1993 Topps 
Sdlynch 01-28-201902-04-2019Success 72/0Mr. Gange signed both cards in blue marker and returned them very quickly. Thanks 
Vick1jj 01-04-201902-05-2019Success 323/3Sent LOR, SASE, 1991 Score, 1994 Fleer Ultra, and 1994 Topps Stadium Club, received all three back in blue sharpie 
BleedBlue15 12-26-201802-04-2019Success 403/3'92 Fleer, '96 Topps, '97 Topps, Blue Sharpie. 
tilt122 12-19-201802-04-2019Success 472/22 cards signed in blue sharpie 
delones24 11-19-201811-29-2018Success 101/190 UD
flyingfishde 11-05-201811-24-2018Success 194/4Return address label says Wounded Warrior Project. Maybe donations support this cause he likes 
haynmay 10-24-201811-06-2018Success 133/31988 score, 1989 donruss, 1990 upper deck 
brooks13307 10-21-201811-02-2018Success 126/686, 88, 89, 90, 89 LE Topps, 89 UD 
JMac25 09-20-201811-05-2018Success 467/6Signed 6/7 nicely in blue. Kept the 91 Stadium Club I sent. 
ChefCharley 09-18-201811-01-2018Success 444/44/4 nicely signed and returned. Looks to be a bible verse scribbled on each as well. 
pbtank67 09-05-201809-14-2018Success 93/387T, 88F, & 89UD. Signed in blue sharpie. 
DaveMoore007 09-05-2018 Pending -1/0Sent OMLB 
dennisbaker 08-27-201809-04-2018Success 86/5'87 Donruss Opening Day, 87 Topps x2, '88 Topps, 89 Bowman, 89 Topps. Signed 5 and kept second 87 Topps. Looks great!
benwalk1 08-27-201809-04-2018Success 88/5Told him to keep the ones he wanted 
Goaftermath 08-20-201808-30-2018Success 102/389T 89T Leaders signed in blue also signed the IC 
Tex2005 07-26-201808-17-2018Success 222/2Sent 89 Topps and Team Leaders 
STLCardinals66 07-11-201807-21-2018Success 106/6x6 cards 
MLBGEEK02 07-11-201807-21-2018Success 103/3  
brooks13307 06-24-201807-07-2018Success 134/495 Leaf, 95 and 96 Donruss, 93 UD 
jsorah10 06-21-201807-02-2018Success 113/388 Donruss, 91 Donruss, 94 Topps 
chazeroom 06-15-201807-10-2018Success 256/6  
Roaddawg58 06-06-201806-15-2018Success 92/2'85 Topps Traded & '91 Upper Deck signed in blue sharpie 
NewToTTM 06-06-201806-15-2018Success 92/22 signed cards, Thanks! 
Tay1038 05-25-201806-09-2018Success 155/5Sent 5 cards, received all back signed
WhiteSoxFan13 05-08-201805-17-2018Success 92/2LOR, SASE, 1991 Donruss and 1991 Topps, both signed in blue. 
zooiiks 05-06-201805-14-2018Success 86/7Signed 6 cards and included a 2-page letter to help me deal with my depression. I'm agnostic so it's a bit too religious for me, but I greatly appreciate the time he took to write it
twinsfan83 04-23-201805-01-2018Success 82/288 Topps, 90 Score 
Danmay55 04-19-201804-27-2018Success 87/5Sent 7 cards signed 5 kept 2 
Chavez78 04-09-201804-17-2018Success 82/22 cards. Blue Sharpie 
druce26 04-07-201804-17-2018Success 102/2  
AZWildcat007 04-06-201804-17-2018Success 112/2  
chazeroom 03-22-201804-03-2018Success 126/6  
Asfan2017 03-21-201803-29-2018Success 83/3  
autograder79 03-14-201803-24-2018Success 103/387T x3 
JMac25 03-06-201803-19-2018Success 139/690 T, 92 Donruss, 95 T, 91 T, 89 T, 91 Leaf, 92 Stadium Club, 88 Score, 93 UD. Signed 6/9 in blue sharpie. Kept 91 leaf, 88 score and 93 upper deck. 
702tpr777 02-22-201803-09-2018Success 153/51986 Fleer, 1987 Topps, 1990 Upper Deck... also signed my protective index cards. Thanks Mr. Gagne! 
benwalk1 02-08-201803-10-2018Success 302/2  
brooks13307 02-04-201803-12-2018Success 364/41996 Fleer, 1996 Fleer Update, 1997 Fleer, 1985 Topps 
Coopernelson 01-20-201801-29-2018Success 91/1My first TTM attempt and success! Sent SASE and LOR 
nate7elliott 01-09-201801-19-2018Success 102/2  
Taliasen 01-09-201801-19-2018Success 101/190 Topps, signed in blue sharpie, inscribed with John 3:16 
mpi 12-28-201701-08-2018Success 112/2NICELY SIGNED. IN THE USUAL LOVELY 3:16. THANKS MR. GAGNE!! 
justindi 12-27-201701-05-2018Success 92/2Received both back signed, thanks Mr. Gagne! 
adamd 12-27-201701-05-2018Success 91/1Nice Signature Thanks Mr Gagne 
andrewgrafe 12-15-201712-27-2017Success 121/191 UD for complete set. Added return address label too! 
sreader3 12-09-201712-22-2017Success 137/5Sent 7 and offered. Got 5 back with nice blue Sharpie autos: 87T, 87F, 88D, 88S, 89D.
Appraiserjake 12-06-201712-18-2017Success 125/5  
Roaddawg58 12-04-201712-19-2017Success 152/2'88 Fleer & '89 Fleer signed in blue sharpie 
LukeOfMass 12-02-201712-21-2017Success 191/1Great success! I guess I share his son's name, cool! Thanks Greg!
Royals1982 11-15-201711-24-2017Success 94/4signed 4 of 4 cards. Great signer. 
RedskinRussell 11-04-201711-13-2017Success 94/4Signed 88 Topps, 89 Topps, 90 Donruss, 93 Topps and answered questionaire. 
danb 10-12-201710-18-2017Success 62/26 day return!! Might have put bible verse on cards but not sure. Thanks Mr Gagne!! 
CRM302 09-28-201710-10-2017Success 123/3Sent 1990 Topps, 1992 Fleer, and 1992 Donruss - Signed all three in black sharpie - Thanks Mr. Gagne! 
aqscards 09-12-201709-22-2017Success 107/7  
bigbenjobu 09-06-201709-14-2017Success 84/4Signed all 4 and added requested personalization
tglg 09-05-201709-16-2017Success 115/5Got back all 5 signed in a nice blue sharpie. 
twinsfan83 08-25-201709-01-2017Success 71/11991 Score 
twinsfan83 08-24-201709-05-2017Success 121/11991 Score 
DrewEd 08-21-201709-02-2017Success 122/2  
Kylebahnick 08-10-201708-28-2017Success 183/2Offered 1 
Pkerns86 08-02-201708-11-2017Success 91/11988 topps 
mpi 07-15-201707-25-2017Success 101/1Sent one card, signed beautifully in blue ink. Thanks Greg! 
eafick 07-07-201707-20-2017Success 1310/7Sent back and signed 7 of the 10 cards signed nicely in blue sharpie, with the John 3:16 inscription.Thanks Mr. Gagne. Signed a '95' fleer ultra, '92 leaf, '90 upper deck, '93 score, '88 donruss, '90 topps, and '86 donruss. 
NYYJMM 06-27-201707-08-2017Success 111/11988 Topps signed in blue sharpie. Sent with SASE. 6th successful TTM
bigbenjobu 05-11-201705-20-2017Success 93/3Signed all 3 nicely
soxcards62 04-30-201705-08-2017Success 81/1'89 topps in blue sharpie + 2 i.c nice Sigs, glad to get this one back 
cwatrous17 04-25-201705-05-2017Success 106/6Signed a '90 Donruss, an '88 Fleer, a '92 Leaf, an '89 Score, a '90 Topps, and an '88 Topps in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Gagne! 
glitterati 04-03-201704-17-2017Success 144/4  
xtra-innings 04-01-201704-21-2017Success 204/4x4 cards
tglg 03-22-201704-01-2017Success 105/5Got back all 5 signed in a nice blue sharpie. 
nickk96 03-13-201703-22-2017Success 94/486T, (2) 87T, 91T 
tglg 03-08-201703-20-2017Success 125/5Got back all 5 signed in a nice blue sharpie. 
chazeroom 03-03-201703-17-2017Success 147/7  
David Hall 03-01-201703-17-2017Success 1610/10  
goodbyehalloween 03-01-201703-11-2017Success 104/4signed in blue sharpie 
Munson15 02-14-201702-23-2017Success 96/61986, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1996 and 1998 Topps...one card personalized as requested...great signer, thanks! 
MNeville98 02-09-201702-18-2017Success 92/2Sent two cards out, WS inscription request success 
grapher0315 01-17-201708-29-2017Success 2246/6Signed 6/6, thanks Mr. Gagne!!! 
mnnatural 01-12-201701-26-2017Success 141/1recieved ball signed with w.s. champs inscription. love it!!! 
Redsoxsaholic3 12-31-201601-13-2017Success 135/45 cards asking for' '1991 ws champ 'on 2 cards' 2x ws champ' on 2 cards and personal inscrpition on one//// KEPT ONE added all inscription i asked for ! 
Smittzerland 12-28-201601-05-2017Success 82/21988 Topps, 1991 Topps 
bigbenjobu 12-22-201601-06-2017Success 156/6Signed all 6 and added 2X WS Champ to 2 of the cards. Great return!
NatHon995 12-03-201612-20-2016Success 174/4Signed 85T rookie card 86D 88D and 92T 
nysportsxtra 12-01-201612-19-2016Success 186/6  
yankeesgiants2000 11-28-201612-22-2016Success 244/424 days! nice success 
bravesfanfromny 11-19-201612-01-2016Success 121/1Check out all my daily success and please also click like. https://www.facebook.com/BillsTTMAutographs/ 
magic79 11-14-201611-30-2016Success 165/5Five cards signed in blue Sharpie 
Gerns99 11-14-201612-02-2016Success 185/5Got 5 different cards than the ones i sent but they were all signed. 
Leeman1952 11-08-201611-19-2016Success 112/2Sent two of these; signed both. Loved the WS Champs reference. Thanks!!
mnbigfoot 11-03-201611-18-2016Success 152/2(2) 1992 Topps. Thanks Mr. Gagne!
xtra-innings 11-01-201612-01-2016Success 305/5x5 cards
chazeroom 10-21-201611-05-2016Success 156/6  
Mitchell2314 10-03-201610-17-2016Success 144/4Sent 4 cards. ( 1- 1990 Score, 1- 1989 Topps, & 2-1991 UpperDeck) 
Baumans916 10-01-201610-17-2016Success 164/4Sent 88 Topps, 89 Topps, 90 Topps & 92 UD w SASE. Signed all 4 cards 
abonham1 09-29-201610-22-2016Success 232/2  
Mitchell2314 09-08-201609-17-2016Success 94/4Sent 4 cards. (1- 1991 Leaf), (1 - 1991 UpperDeck) & (2 - 1991 Topps) 
sroane1224 09-01-201609-15-2016Success 145/5  
STLCardinals66 08-17-201608-25-2016Success 86/6X6 cards. All signed in blue. 
NatHon995 08-01-201609-01-2016Success 315/5Sent 86T, 87T,88T and 91T and 92T great signature! 
xtra-innings 07-15-201607-29-2016Success 145/5x5 cards
whawkins51 06-11-201606-24-2016Success 132/2Thanks so much Mr. Gagne! 
danob11 06-01-201606-13-2016Success 122/2Sent (2) cards and rec'd both back signed with blue sharpie - Thanks Greg Gagne! 
gdavis 05-27-201606-13-2016Success 171/11996 Topps Finest, very fast return, thanks Mr. Gagne! 
Redbuzz 05-17-201606-02-2016Success 162/2  
PAYE2005 04-22-201605-05-2016Success 134/4great looking signature... will send him more that I need signed :p 
chazeroom 03-25-201604-07-2016Success 138/8  
jrheffy 03-15-201603-24-2016Success 94/4Signed 4 Cards, Thanks Greg 
LeeLamberts 03-14-201603-28-2016Success 141/1Even included a return-address label on my SASE. Thanks, Greg!!
ctownslammers 03-14-201603-29-2016Success 155/5  
crbaughn62 03-04-201603-17-2016Success 137/7  
bigalfantasy 03-03-201603-11-2016Success 81/1  
tglg 03-01-201603-12-2016Success 114/4Got all 4 back signed nicely in blue sharpie....very pleased. 
TwinsFan#1 02-28-2016 Pending -4/0  
Foul Bunt 02-22-201603-07-2016Success 145/5Signed my 89 Bowman, 90 Topps, 93 Upper Deck, 96 Collector's Choice and 97 Ultra in blue sharpie. 
PG-53 02-16-201602-25-2016Success 91/1 
BoSoxFan4235 02-03-201602-16-2016Success 133/387 Topps for set, 92 Upper Deck, 96 Upper Deck Collectors Choice. Postmark was from Providence, RI 
jkflemm 01-28-201602-03-2016Success 64/4received 3 cards and 1 3x5 index 
Pedroia15TheBest 01-11-201601-20-2016Success 96/5Told him to keep whatever, kept 95 Score. Thanks Mr. Gagne! 
NatHon995 01-05-201605-17-2016Success 1332/2Great signatures got back to me in 8 days thank you Mr Gagne 
dareyl 01-01-201601-15-2016Success 145/5  
McKimens13 12-26-201501-09-2016Success 146/61989 Topps 1986 Topps 1989 Fleer 1992 Topps Gold Winner 1988 Fleer 1990 Topps 
chazeroom 11-20-201512-02-2015Success 128/8 
rockinrobin 11-18-201511-28-2015Success 102/2Sent a 91 Fleer and a 92 Donruss triple play and received both back signed in blue sharpie. Thank you Mr. Gagne!! 
Sjw3315 11-16-201511-27-2015Success 116/6Second success ever. 1st from 1987 project 
xtra-innings 11-15-201512-08-2015Success 235/5x5 cards
Royals1982 11-10-201511-28-2015Success 183/3Signed 3 cards in blue sharpie. Great return. 
Pedroia15TheBest 10-26-201511-09-2015Success 143/3  
docgallie 10-13-201510-29-2015Success 168/7  
xtra-innings 10-01-201510-17-2015Success 164/4x4 cards
David Hall 09-27-201510-05-2015Success 810/8signed 7 cards and an 8x10 
MDASCards 09-19-201509-24-2015Success 57/7Super fast turnaround, Thanks a lot Mr. Gagne 
1963Fleer 09-09-201509-25-2015Success 162/21989 Topps & 1989 Topps Big. Wonderful signature. 
thegeneral13 08-26-201509-08-2015Success 132/289 Topps and 96 Topps, returned in 13 days. Thanks Greg! 
Cubs14 08-20-201508-31-2015Success 118/8Great return and great sig on all 8. This is the first one of mine to put return address on. 
Pedroia15TheBest 08-11-201508-20-2015Success 94/4  
xtra-innings 08-01-201508-10-2015Success 94/4x4 cards
Pauls1976 06-11-201506-27-2015Success 162/2Sent LOR & SASE. Sent 2 cards, rcvd both back signed in blue sharpie. Thank you Mr Gagne! 
mas 06-04-201506-15-2015Success 117/7sent 7 cards, offered 4, he returned all 7 signed. Thanks! 
magic79 06-04-201506-16-2015Success 126/6Six cards signed in blue Sharpie 
CollectYes3x 05-27-201506-12-2015Success 163/3Topps '87, Donruss '88, Upper Deck '92 signed in blue Sharpie
bravesfanfromny 05-24-201506-01-2015Success 81/2signed my question sheet and ball 
mikedmatthews 05-12-201506-02-2015Success 213/3  
haynmay 05-05-201505-19-2015Success 143/389 fleer 91 donruss 90 fleer 
21ccl 04-07-201504-18-2015Success 117/7Put his favorite Bible verse on it as requested. Thank you Mr. Gagne! 
brosenjill 04-05-201504-17-2015Success 123/3Signed in blue Sharpie, TY Mr Gagne 
delones24 04-03-201504-17-2015Success 141/189 Topps
dareyl 04-01-201504-18-2015Success 175/5 
mnbigfoot 03-30-201504-13-2015Success 145/51986 Topps, 1988 Topps, 1989 Topps, 1990 Topps, and 1991 Topps. Thanks Mr. Gagne!
tc8107 03-30-201504-13-2015Success 143/3sent 3 cards...got all 3 cards back signed in blue sharpie in 14 days....AWESOME....Thanks Mr Gagne 
haynmay 03-18-201503-28-2015Success 102/293 opc premiere, 94 score 
Sbgrace0856 03-16-201503-26-2015Success 103/3Sent 1990 and 1992 upper deck, 1996 score, letter and SASE| came back in 10 days and wrote a letter back. 
louiepalouie 03-02-201503-13-2015Success 114/4  
CardinalNation22 01-28-201502-17-2015Success 203/3Signed all 3 cards!! Blue Sharpie!! Thank You!!! 
bicemusic 01-16-201501-28-2015Success 123/3Sent 3 cards: 87 Fleer, 88 Topps, 88 Score w/ LOR. Success! Signed all 3 cards. Thanks Greg!
CardinalNation22 01-08-201501-26-2015Success 186/6Very Nice Signatures On All 6 Cards!!!! Blue Sharpie!! 
padsdsu 01-05-201501-27-2015Success 224/4x4 signed in blue sharpie 
McKimens13 12-26-201401-02-2015Success 72/31987 Topps, 2007 Upperdeck 20th Anniversary, included a 2 page paper about God! really excited about this one! 
dareyl 12-15-201401-03-2015Success 196/6 
djkufo 12-07-201412-14-2014Success 71/1Sent a 1993 topps and it came back in beautiful blue sharpie and with a John 3:16 inscription 
sml8bp 11-24-201412-11-2014Success 174/4Sent 4 cards with SASE from Korea, signed all 4 in Blue Sharpie, 2x World Champs on 1...https://www.pinterest.com/sml8bp/
Musclebeech 11-18-201411-28-2014Success 106/5  
bkoon 11-05-201411-22-2014Success 175/5  
rockinrobin 10-30-201411-08-2014Success 92/2Not sure of the exact date sent, but fast return. Sent a 90 Topps and a 87 Topps and received both back signed in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Gagne!! 
magic79 10-28-201411-07-2014Success 104/4Four cards signed in blue Sharpie 
mnbigfoot 10-21-201411-04-2014Success 142/21 1988 Score and 1 1986 Topps signed! 
Bedrock Bedrosian 10-17-201410-27-2014Success 102/2'86 and '87 Topps, thanks Greg! 
dareyl 10-15-201411-08-2014Success 246/6 
xtra-innings 10-14-201410-30-2014Success 164/4x4 cards
Hwood65 07-12-201407-24-2014Success 123/3Great signature. Very happy to get this one, he was one of my favorites. 
xtra-innings 07-01-201407-22-2014Success 214/4x4 cards
ClayAwesome54 06-30-201407-21-2014Success 213/3Technically sent on 29th But that was on sunday. Letter of request + 3 Cards | Worth the wait!!!! Got all back! 
ajcorleone 06-16-201406-26-2014Success 102/2Signed both cards nice turnaround 
padsdsu 06-09-201406-17-2014Success 85/5x5 signed in blue sharpie....great signer 
marty77 06-04-201406-16-2014Success 126/6Signed my 1985, 1988, 1989 TL, 1991, and 1992 Topps; 1990 Leaf!
Pedroia15TheBest 05-24-201406-04-2014Success 113/3  
xtra-innings 05-15-201406-06-2014Success 225/5x5 cards
xtra-innings 05-01-201405-13-2014Success 125/5x5 cards
Calebssportscards 04-22-201405-03-2014Success 111/197 stadium club/ Cool, Nice Signature with John 3:16 inscription, Thanks Mr. Gagne 
imcoop 04-17-201404-28-2014Success 111/1signed my 1988 Donruss 
xtra-innings 04-01-201404-24-2014Success 234/4x4 cards
oucats02 03-17-201404-04-2014Success 183/3Signed 3 cards, along with a very nice long handwritten note with advice about coaching and life. Very thoughtful, and will definitely write back to him. (Date not exact, was out of town) 
Jstafford4897 02-21-201403-03-2014Success 106/6Sent 1991 upper deck, 1988 score, 1992 upper deck, 1989 fleer, 1990 score and 1990 fleer with letter and SASE/ signed all in blue sharpie 
marty77 02-16-201403-03-2014Success 154/4Signed 1987 & 1989 Topps, 1988 Fleer and 1990 Donruss
rickyluke 02-11-201402-20-2014Success 91/19 days in Blue Sharpie! 
delones24 01-23-201402-03-2014Success 112/288 & 90 Donruss
padsdsu 01-22-201402-01-2014Success 104/4x4 signed in blue sharpie 
oucats02 01-21-201401-31-2014Success 104/4Signed 3 1984 Donruss RC's and 1992 Topps 
CubsFan38 01-04-201401-17-2014Success 132/2  
TheSmithsRock 01-02-201401-17-2014Success 152/2recevied both cards back signed in blue sharpie
baseballfanatic16 12-23-201301-04-2014Success 122/2  
Robextend 12-21-201301-03-2014Success 132/21987 Topps, 1990 Leaf/Great success, thank you Mr. Gagne. 
tonyt1957 12-10-201312-22-2013Success 121/189/topps card singed in blue/to tony all the best 
padsdsu 11-21-201311-30-2013Success 94/4All four cards signed in blue sharpie...Thanks, Mr. Gagne 
dukemiller 11-04-201311-15-2013Success 112/292 & 93 Fleer Ultra....Awesome signer...thanks mr. Gagne 
yankeesfan1324 10-21-201310-28-2013Success 711/9Kept a few as asked, see pictures at http://ttmandfanpacks.weebly.com/my-results.html 
tglg 10-08-201310-28-2013Success 205/4  
mayne1984 10-05-201310-19-2013Success 144/3Sent to this addy but came back with sticker on sase with the addy at the bottom of this page!!! 
Mets106 09-19-201310-09-2013Success 202/2Nice sigs on two cards. 
mazefan72 09-05-201309-27-2013Success 224/4Signed 4 cards.. Thank you Mr. Gagne
xtra-innings 08-20-201309-07-2013Success 184/4x4 cards
baseballfan96 08-06-201308-16-2013Success 103/310 Day Return!!! 
xtra-innings 07-20-201308-07-2013Success 186/6x6 cards (included extra cards; signed all & returned)
xtra-innings 07-15-201307-31-2013Success 163/3x4 cards
CO Rockies Fan 06-25-201307-08-2013Success 136/6Sent 6 cards, LOR, and SASE. Got all of them back signed! Inscribed John 3:16 on all of them! (We did ask for the inscription) 
darrenadams007 06-18-201306-21-2013Success 32/2Sent a playing card along with a letter and SASE, recieved my card back today signed great success! 
mutiger5719 05-25-201306-21-2013Success 273/3Thanks Mr. Gagne 
white_rabbit 05-20-201305-28-2013Success 84/487F, 88F, 88D & 89T. Thanks a lot Greg!
Riggs 05-17-201305-28-2013Success 113/3added " 2x W.S. CHANMPS" to all 3 
xtra-innings 05-15-201305-25-2013Success 106/6x6 cards
delones24 05-02-201305-13-2013Success 112/292 Score x2, offered 1 signed both
collector41 03-27-201304-04-2013Success 82/2sent card and picture received both back signed with inscription of bible verse: John 3:16 
dravensdad10 03-15-201303-26-2013Success 112/21 Royals card, 1 Twins card. Thanks, Greg. 
BigStew40 02-16-201303-01-2013Success 131/1'92 Topps (project) 
bigauto 02-06-201302-21-2013Success 152/213 days 
FL Oriole 01-31-201302-26-2013Success 264/4  
xxeaglesfanxx 01-28-201302-04-2013Success 72/2Sent 2 cards and received them both back signed. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/43/img0002uc.jpg/ 
levi 01-22-201302-01-2013Success 103/51989 Donruss, 1992(2) Topps...added 2 ROYALS cards, AWESOME!!
xtra-innings 01-19-201302-01-2013Success 132/2x2 cards
1117drewbay 01-15-201301-26-2013Success 111/2Signed card and index card plus answered questiones. Thanks. 
tigsfan 01-12-201301-25-2013Success 135/5  
Autographs 12-31-201201-08-2013Success 84/4  
Royals-R-US 12-29-201201-08-2013Success 103/3  
Royals-R-US 12-27-201201-08-2013Success 124/4  
Royals-R-US 12-04-201212-17-2012Success 134/41989 Topps-Project 
CarlosBeltran3 11-19-201211-30-2012Success 115/5  
Baseball111 11-13-201211-21-2012Success 83/3  
Baseball111 11-10-201212-13-2012Success 332/2  
tglg 11-05-201211-13-2012Success 84/4got back all 4 that I sent!!! 
gsimon1976 10-30-201211-10-2012Success 115/5signed 5/5, 2UD, 2- '89 Topps, 1- '86 Donruss, Thanks Mr. Gagne and SCF! 
39special 10-20-201210-27-2012Success 71/1Signed my '89 Upper Deck 
J_A_S_Z 10-19-201211-08-2012Success 202/2Sent 2-1987T w/LoR-signed in blue 
cal91697 08-12-201208-24-2012Success 124/3  
weasel38 08-10-201208-20-2012Success 102/1signed one and kept one. 
xtra-innings 07-21-201208-06-2012Success 164/4x4 cards
homagegnu4 07-17-201207-30-2012Success 137/7Awesome return - signed all 7 cards 
David Hall 07-14-201207-23-2012Success 93/3  
bboonie53 07-06-201207-17-2012Success 117/5'88 Score, '88 Fleer, '90 Fleer, '90 UD, '90 Topps, '93 UD, '94 Topss Stadium Club, offered cards to keep./Kept 2 that I offered him. 
whitesnake 06-18-201206-30-2012Success 122/288 Topps and 90 Bowman in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Gagne. 
pktwsu99 06-05-201206-19-2012Success 141/1sent Topps finest - signed in blue 
sobersoul 06-01-201206-11-2012Success 104/4Sent ROMLB and 3 cards ... signed all items! inscribed Twins HOF on the ball! 10 Days! 
CollectYes3x 05-04-201205-19-2012Success 153/3Topps '91, Topps '92, Topps '93 signed in blue Sharpie with John 3:16 
DownGoesFrazier 04-10-201204-18-2012Success 81/192 Topps. Thanks, Greg! 
RedSox0518 03-12-201203-19-2012Success 71/1Got the card back today with a 3:16 undre his name, so i guess a "Gagne 3:16 Says I just Signed Your Card!" (hah, sorry, Stone Cold WWE Reference) 
lad_fan 02-20-201203-05-2012Success 141/114 Day Return! 
crazylax30 01-10-201201-21-2012Success 112/2looks goods 
bigsportsfan1 12-31-201101-10-2012Success 105/5Signed all 5 of my cards in blue sharpie, thanks Greg! 
redrocker98ta 12-17-201112-30-2011Success 135/5Signed all 5 cards in blue sharpie, thanks Greg 
Spiegel83 12-08-201112-22-2011Success 142/2Signed 2 cards with a 3:16 inscription. Also answered a couple of my questions. 
David Hall 12-07-201112-14-2011Success 73/3signed all three cards with John 3:16 
kardkid 11-05-201111-28-2011Success 231/1cool sig 
devin 10-21-201111-08-2011Success 185/5signed all 5 in blue 
tjmcb73 10-01-201110-20-2011Success 190/3Wife wrote letter...rec'd 3 misc cards signed in blue sharpie 
loki1230 08-18-201109-01-2011Success 143/3Returned all 3 signed in blue and inscribed with "John 3:16"! 
devin 07-13-201107-21-2011Success 85/5signed all 5 in blue one smudged but still great for the twins pc! 
jerseyman1992 07-05-201107-27-2011Success 223/322 days
bball15fan 05-27-201106-06-2011Success 101/18x10 SI 
galaxy2386 05-24-201105-31-2011Success 72/2  
lilstovie34 02-08-201102-18-2011Success 105/4Kept one, told him to keep whatever he wanted. Awesome!! 
SteakNchop 01-22-201101-31-2011Success 91/1signed nicely and sent along a religious pamphlet 
netsfan21 01-03-201101-11-2011Success 81/1signed nicley and answered questions 
Brewcrew246 12-31-201001-07-2011Success 72/2Signed my cards in blue sharpie and only took 8 days! 
levi 12-16-201012-27-2010Success 114/4'86, '87, '91 Topps, '90 Fleer 
rimpila3 09-10-201010-01-2010Success 211/1Signed a custom 4x6 
MaydayMalone4MVP 07-12-201007-20-2010Success 83/3signed my two 91 Donruss & a bible verse card he sent in blue. Also kept a 91 Donruss that I offered 
xtra-innings 06-24-201007-06-2010Success 124/4 
matthays 05-11-201005-24-2010Success 131/11987 topps signed in blue 
Osin13 05-05-201005-13-2010Success 85/6Signed 5 various cards, added a prayer card 
xtra-innings 04-19-201004-28-2010Success 93/4included extra card
heartchamp 04-13-201004-29-2010Success 163/3signed 3 cards in blue sharpie
xtra-innings 03-24-201004-03-2010Success 104/5included additional signed card
coltsfan 02-28-201003-08-2010Success 81/2signed 88 topps card and also sent one of his own cards! both signed in blue sharpie. Nice Guy! 
docgallie 01-05-201001-13-2010Success 84/4  
wmhc28413 12-23-200901-02-2010Success 103/3 
baseball123 12-04-200912-11-2009Success 73/3Can view here: http://www.baseball123ttm.webs.com/ 
chrisborene 10-14-200910-26-2009Success 124/3sent 4 trading cards to mr gagne, received back 3 signed(told him he could keep as many as he wanted) signed a 96 ud collectors choice, 96 pinnacle and a 96 select, awesome return from a former dodger 
tuckermugsyweena 09-12-200909-24-2009Success 121/1Signed Card 
outtahere 08-01-200908-15-2009Success 142/2Blue Sharpie, 93 Fleer and 96 Score, both got dinged and included John Newton/Amazing Grace
gcrl 07-20-200907-31-2009Success 113/3signed all 3 cards and included a pamphlet about john newton. thanks greg! 
CollectYes3x 07-16-200907-31-2009Success 153/3Topps '86, Fleer '91, Fleer Ultra '91 signed in blue Sharpie with John 3:16 
RockiesFan33 03-26-200904-06-2009Success 111/2Signed my custom.
nick98292 07-26-200808-01-2008Success 61/1'90 Fleer
nick98292 06-18-200807-03-2008Success 152/2'96 Score & '90 Score
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Added by:dukemiller   Added on: 10-05-2013
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
alexgallagher10 10-27-201311-03-2013Success 73/3  
mayne1984 10-05-201310-19-2013Success 144/3Signed 3 of 4 I told him to keep what he would like!!!Thanks Mr. Gagne!!! 
dukemiller 09-01-201310-04-2013Success 331/1nice signature....thank you Greg