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Manny Trillo Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 96%

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Address success percentage: 78%    
Total number of submission on this address: 9
# of Success: 7  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 0
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-22-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
rickyluke 07-31-201208-06-2012Failure 61/0RTS No Longer With Organization 
gcrl 09-01-201109-19-2011Failure 182/0rts 
djauwerda 04-28-201105-12-2011Success 143/2Returned 2/3 customs. 
mbroadhe 08-10-201011-30-2010Success 1121/1Signed in black sharpie. Thanks Manny! 
levi 08-07-201009-04-2010Success 284/4'82,'84,'85,'87 Topps 
xtra-innings 04-28-201009-02-2010Success 1274/4 
dabears67 02-10-201003-20-2010Success 371/1 
dabears67 09-08-200901-06-2010Success 1201/1 
alcoholics02 06-16-200907-07-2009Success 211/1Signed ROMLB 
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Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 0
Added by:mmalpedo01   Added on: 11-14-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
mmalpedo01 11-15-201012-04-2010Failure 193/0RTS. UTF 
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Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 0
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:cbtvideos   Added on: 02-15-2015
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
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Address success percentage: 98%    
Total number of submission on this address: 141
# of Success: 115  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 24
Added by:cbtvideos   Added on: 06-28-2015
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Cubsfan2626 6-8-20 Pending -2/0  
Jamesalford23 07-07-2020 Pending -1/0  
ddisbrow29 06-12-2020 Pending -2/0'87 & '89 Fleer 
Cubs14 05-11-2020 Pending -7/0  
Piester 04-25-2020 Pending -2/0  
baseball14 04-22-2020 Pending -1/01982 Topps 
Carney 04-20-2020 Pending -3/0  
crbaughn62 04-14-202004-14-2020Pending 03/0N. Eb 
rich summa 04-10-2020 Pending -3/082 Topps 87 Fleer 87 Topps 
rich summa 03-17-202004-06-2020Success 201/176 Topps 
MostMirror 03-10-2020 Pending -2/0Sent LOR, SASE, '89 Topps, '89 Bowman 
Commonkid 02-24-2020 Pending -2/0  
FlyingDutchmen 02-18-2020 Pending -5/087 Donruss, 89 Topps, 89 Donruss, 89 Score, 89 Upper Deck 
white_rabbit 01-29-2020 Pending -3/0  
SyxxSynse 01-27-202002-24-2020Success 282/289 topps 89 donruss 
LukeOfMass 12-23-201901-25-2020Success 331/1Great sign.. Thanks Manny!
dodgerbum 12-19-2019 Pending -1/078 Topps 
Phillies 12-17-2019 Pending -1/0  
rich summa 12-10-201912-24-2019Success 142/277 Topps 80 Topps 
dodgerbum 11-26-201912-10-2019Success 141/1blue sharpie 
TangoDelta 11-18-2019 Pending -1/0Sent SASE, LOR, and 1989 Fleer 
Dean28 11-18-2019 Pending -3/0  
Johnlightning 11-07-201912-09-2019Success 322/2signed in blue sharpie, one more for the 81 Fleer set! 
Schmidty548 11-06-201911-16-2019Success 107/7Signed my 7 Baseball Cards
chelseanykole92 11-02-201912-09-2019Success 372/2Sent one 1985 Fleer & one 1988 Fleer base card, both came back signed in blue. Thank you Mr. Trillo! 
ericsagara 10-14-201910-26-2019Success 121/189 UD
rich summa 10-10-201910-26-2019Success 163/384 Fleer #'s 289&627 86 Fleer 
Thump 09-12-201910-03-2019Success 215/5sent LOR, SASE, 74, 78, 80 Topps, and 88 and 89 Fleer; received all 5 back signed 
Newbomb Turk 09-06-201909-14-2019Success 81/178 Topps. 20th of my 1978 set. Thank you, Mr. Trillo. 
ericsagara 09-04-201909-21-2019Success 172/285 Donruss & 87 Topps
kaw316 08-27-201909-12-2019Success 162/3  
TheJohnCena26 08-23-201909-12-2019Success 203/4Got Three Cards and a signed index card, with two personalized 
RIFF RAFF 77 08-21-201909-12-2019Success 222/2  
zonino 08-21-201909-12-2019Success 224/4  
pbtank67 08-19-201909-12-2019Success 244/481F, 83F, 83T rb, & 83T as. All nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
MyPenIsHugeTTM 08-19-201910-15-2019Success 573/3@MyPenIsHugeTTM on Twitter 
ericsagara 08-16-201909-03-2019Success 183/388 Fleer, 88 Topps & 89 Topps
BraveStarr 08-13-201908-23-2019Success 104/4'78 Topps, '86 Topps, '88 Topps, '89 Donruss - 
rich summa 07-15-201908-09-2019Success 253/379 Topps 81 Fleer 81 Topps 
Robicheaux 07-15-201908-02-2019Success 186/6Signed 6. Great TTM. Thanks Me Trillo 
refinitivtime 07-02-201907-12-2019Success 101/11 1987 Topps w/SASE signed in blue Sharpie 
brooks13307 06-29-201907-11-2019Success 127/775, 81, 82 Topps, 87 Fleer, 82, 83 Donruss, 89 UD 
spwhitta 06-25-201907-15-2019Success 206/6  
kandiclipper 06-19-201909-14-2019Success 876/6  
dgrooms72 06-18-201906-27-2019Success 94/4Sent LOR, SASE, 83 Fleer, 84 Topps, 85 Donruss, and 88 Fleer cards.
Craiggb 06-10-201907-13-2019Success 331/1  
haynmay 06-04-201906-14-2019Success 105/51981 topps, 1983 topps 1982 topps,1984 topps, 1985 Topps 
kandiclipper 05-18-201906-03-2019Success 163/3Signed all 3 in blue sharpie! 
zonino 05-02-201905-18-2019Success 163/33 of 3. Thanks! 
gabsttms 04-22-201905-05-2019Success 132/2@gabsttms on instagram 
SchmidtStache 04-19-2019 Pending -2/02 customs with LOR and SASE. 
TnDodger 04-15-201904-26-2019Success 113/081 87 89 Topps
kandiclipper 04-13-201905-06-2019Success 232/2sent 2 cards. Signed both nicely in blue sharpie!
white_rabbit 04-04-201904-22-2019Success 185/5thanks a lot Manny 
ahuggins81 03-24-201906-14-2019Success 821/1Sen a LOR, SASE and a card and got back finally signed.
Jawheels73 03-23-201904-17-2019Success 256/6 
Patgrealish 03-22-201904-10-2019Success 192/2SASE. 82 and 87 Topps 
B-Rines0719 03-21-201904-08-2019Success 183/3  
Craiggb 03-21-201904-08-2019Success 182/2  
Baldones 03-06-2019 Success -2/1Sending 2 OMLB Got Only one ball signed back! 
dgo71 03-02-201903-16-2019Success 134/687T, 87D, 88T, 84T all signed in blue sharpie + 2 index cards
Jamesalford23 02-27-201903-08-2019Success 92/2  
Brewcrew246 02-25-201903-08-2019Success 114/579 topps, 86 and 89 Donruss and 89 Fleer plus index card signed in blue sharpie 
Craiggb 02-19-201903-19-2019Success 275/6  
midnightoyl 02-07-201902-22-2019Success 153/3  
cangle64 01-31-201902-22-2019Success 222/280 and 82 Topps 
Roaddawg58 01-22-201903-01-2019Success 382/2'83 Topps Traded & '84 Fleer Super Star Special signed in blue sharpie 
Tombrady123 01-21-201902-25-2019Success 351/1  
BleedBlue15 01-07-201902-22-2019Success 462/2'83 Topps NL All-Star, '87 Topps, Blue Sharpie. 
Logan Richmond 01-05-201901-12-2019Success 74/51987D, 1988T, 1989T, 1989D **signed the back of my letter as well** 
jnel789 12-31-201801-09-2019Success 92/2  
BlueSkinnyFan 12-31-201801-10-2019Success 102/21981 Topps. 1988 Topps.
brooks13307 12-29-201801-12-2019Success 148/877, 79, 80, 83, 83 AS, 83 RB, 84, 84 TR Topps 
stevienicks77 12-28-201801-10-2019Success 132/2 
TideFanDan 12-24-201801-02-2019Success 91/01979 Topps. Thanks Mr. Trillo. 
tglg 12-17-201801-02-2019Success 164/4Got all 4 back signed nicely in blue sharpie....very pleased. 
white_rabbit 12-14-201812-26-2018Success 124/476t 83t 84f & 88d 
levi 11-27-201812-10-2018Success 134/41982-1983, 1888 Topps, 1988 Donruss
haynmay 11-19-201802-09-2019Success 824/41985 opc, 1986 opc, 1988 score, 1989 donruss 
ChefCharley 11-17-201812-13-2018Success 264/54/4 nicely signed in blue sharpie. Also signed one of the index cards I use for protection. Thanks! 
dodgers10 10-29-201812-14-2018Success 465/5  
Batke 10-12-201812-14-2018Success 631/1Took a while, but received. 
dilfer 10-05-201812-19-2018Success 751/188T 
mnbigfoot 09-18-201809-28-2018Success 105/51982 Topps, 1986 Topps, 1987 Topps, 1988 Score, and 1988 Donruss. Thanks Mr. Trillo!
PPCLI1988 09-10-201810-04-2018Success 243/3  
brooks13307 09-08-201809-29-2018Success 217/776, 78, 86, 86 TR, 88, 88 Leaders, 89 Topps 
Goaftermath 09-04-201809-17-2018Success 132/379T 89T signed in blue plus ICs 
Fastball627 08-20-201809-07-2018Success 181/1  
Johnlightning 08-20-201808-31-2018Success 113/3awesome sig in sharpie 
pbtank67 08-20-201808-31-2018Success 114/475T, 87T, 88F, 89UD, SASE, & note. Signed all four with a thin blue sharpie 
Danmay55 08-17-201808-31-2018Success 141/1Signed it! 
dvsantan 08-03-201808-18-2018Success 152/2recieved ball signed with 80 WS champs inscription and signed card
GoStLCards 07-31-201808-10-2018Success 102/2  
Vick1jj 07-16-201808-11-2018Success 262/2Sent LOR, SASE, 1989 Topps, and 1989 Score, received both back in blue sharpie 
baseballfan14 07-10-201808-02-2018Success 234/4Signed an 87 Topps, 88 Topps, 78 Topps, and an 89 Donruss. Thanks Manny 
spikeowen 07-09-201807-21-2018Success 123/387D, 88S, & 89UD - signed all 3! 
brooks13307 07-03-201807-14-2018Success 114/485, 87 Topps, 88, 89 Fleer 
Logan Richmond 06-29-201807-09-2018Success 102/21989T and 1989F (requested for an inscription- his choice) **didn't inscribe either** 
Ky1603 06-28-201807-09-2018Success 111/11979 Topps 
Schmidty548 06-26-201807-13-2018Success 174/4Signed my 4 baseball cards
CRM302 06-23-201807-12-2018Success 191/1Sent 1986 Topps.Signed in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Trillo! 
Tay1038 06-23-201807-06-2018Success 132/287T, SASE, LOR
NYYJMM 06-04-201807-12-2018Success 383/31987, 1988 Topps & 1989 Donruss signed in blue
Roaddawg58 05-29-201806-22-2018Success 242/2'83 OPC & '83 OPC All-Star signed in blue sharpie. 
druce26 03-02-201806-02-2018Success 912/2  
sreader3 01-18-201802-15-2018Success 288/7Great return! 83T AS, 83T RB, 84T, 85D, 87T, 87F, 89D. Nice blue Sharpie autos on all. Kept extra 83T RB as offered.
rayrehder 11-22-201709-17-2018Success 2981/11982 Donruss signed in blue sharpie 
GoStLCards 11-07-201709-17-2018Success 3131/1  
Restau21 10-26-201705-19-2018Success 2051/177 Topps signed in blue. Beautiful signature. 
Eddie_2 02-18-201709-15-2018Success 5732/2Signed both cards in blue sharpie. 
Foul Bunt 02-04-201710-20-2017Success 2575/5Signed my 1986 Traded, 85, 86, 87 and 88 Topps 
LegitTC25 11-29-201602-15-2018Success 4431/1Sent 1980T BK. Surprised to get this back over a year later, especially considering he's with PastPros now 
Pedroia15TheBest 11-16-2016 Pending -3/0  
Mike McK 10-18-201608-15-2019Success 10313/3 
Smittzerland 10-10-201611-07-2016Success 283/21989 Donruss x2. Kept extra. 
Doer03 09-17-201610-13-2016Success 264/478T, 86D ACTION ALL STAR, 86T, 87T One Boss return! 
Pedroia15TheBest 09-12-201610-13-2016Success 313/2  
mnbigfoot 09-08-201610-22-2016Success 444/41983 Topps, 1983 Topps AS, 1983 Topps RB, and 1989 Topps. Thanks Mr. Trillo!
NatHon995 09-07-201612-23-2016Success 1075/5  
Ezdno 08-18-201609-03-2016Success 163/378T,79T, 05UDTribute in Black Sharpie, Thanks Manny
marty77 08-12-201609-17-2016Success 364/41982, 1987, 1988, and 1989 Topps 
tglg 08-04-201608-20-2016Success 164/3Got 3 of 4 back signed nicely in black sharpie....very pleased. Didn't sign the duplicate and kept it. 
marty77 07-21-201608-03-2016Success 132/21980 & 1985 Topps
xtra-innings 07-15-201607-21-2016Success 64/4x4 cards
BSRice 06-21-201609-16-2016Success 873/3  
druce26 06-21-201607-16-2016Success 252/2  
levi 05-19-201605-31-2016Success 124/4'82T, '83T, '83T AS, '83T RB
marty77 12-13-201509-13-2019Success 13694/41980, 1985, 1987, and 1989 Topps 
JustinEvans0808 11-10-2015 Pending -2/0  
HoovDawg 10-13-2015 Pending -4/0  
docgallie 10-05-2015 Pending -8/0  
jkosmicki18 09-21-2015 Pending -3/0Trying for inscription to me this time 
jkosmicki18 09-05-201509-14-2015Success 91/11983 topps- recieved signed! Thanks Manny! 
LegitTC25 08-28-2015 Failure -1/0Sent 1980 Topps - Write off, did receive another request that I sent 
Pedroia15TheBest 08-27-201509-08-2015Success 122/2  
imcoop 08-16-201512-16-2016Failure 4881/0over a year-writing this one off 
agl519 08-15-201508-26-2015Success 111/1ROLB with 1980 WSC inscription requested 
xtra-innings 08-01-201508-15-2015Success 144/4x4 cards
magic79 07-21-201508-14-2015Success 242/2Two cards signed in blue Sharpie 
marty77 07-20-2015 Pending -3/01985, 1987, and 1989 Topps 
cbtvideos 06-29-201507-13-2015Success 141/1Sent one 1986 Fleer Update trading card, letter, and SASE.


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