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Charlie Hough Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 98%

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Address success percentage: 73%    
Total number of submission on this address: 12
# of Success: 8  # of Failed: 3  # of Pending: 1
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-26-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Sdlynch 05-27-201906-28-2019Success 322/2Got both cards back signed in blue marker. Thanks Mr. Hough 
Hwilonsky 04-15-201904-23-2019Failure 81/0Note sent back: No one of that name at our stadium 
zooiiks 10-17-201802-26-2019Success 1324/4Signed 4 cards!
jonnyk 06-12-201810-26-2018Failure 1361/0  
twinsfan83 08-01-201709-23-2017Success 531/11990 Fleer 
wsoxfan 03-16-201704-19-2017Failure 341/0RTS 
rzsanzone1981 01-14-201702-10-2017Success 271/1Sent Topps card, sent back signed in blue ink 
Pagoria 12-17-2016 Pending -1/0Hoping 
Baseball111 11-13-201201-17-2013Success 652/2  
xtra-innings 04-30-201005-13-2010Success 134/4 
outtahere 09-18-200911-02-2009Success 452/293 Topps and 95 UD, Blue Sharpie, Nice Sig! 
17Kensethfan 07-17-200908-20-2009Success 342/2  
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and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 99%    
Total number of submission on this address: 405
# of Success: 381  # of Failed: 4  # of Pending: 20
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-26-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
StetsonMan 01-27-2021 Pending -6/0Sent 6 cards and a hand written letter. 
patriot39 01-20-2021 Pending -3/0sent 3 cards + LOR 
pbtank67 01-14-2021 Pending -3/079T, 89UD, & 90L. 
selley01 01-12-2021 Pending -1/0Sent 1 card, SASE, and HWLOR 
Wildpitch86 01-11-202101-26-2021Success 152/2Sent 1987 Topps & 1989 fleer, received both cards back signed, TY Mr. Hough, great signer TTM
sabro9 01-04-202101-19-2021Success 152/2sent two cards.. both cards came back ty Mr. Hough 
sebastian1997 01-04-202101-19-2021Success 151/1Sent a card with a hand written letter 
Trextill 12-29-202001-14-2021Success 165/5Sent 2 1989 Donruss, 1 1993 Studio, 1 1990 Upper Deck, 1 1982 Topps Rangers Leaders - Got all back signed! Thank you Mr. Hough 
mtool 12-26-202001-15-2021Success 2010/10signed all 10 cards 
RealMSavage 12-11-202001-15-2021Success 351/1LOR & 1 Topps Gold Card Returned Signed
Oriolesrise 12-05-202012-28-2020Success 234/678 Topps 83 Fleer 92 Score 94 Topps plus index 
Sc77 12-03-202012-24-2020Success 211/1Letter/sending romlb 
Cincy Reds 2K20 12-02-202012-14-2020Success 121/0One 1990 Upper Deck 
BraveStarr 12-01-202012-14-2020Success 135/5'86 Topps, '87 Donruss, '89 Topps, '90 Fleer, '94 Bowman - 
Jared1805 12-01-202012-24-2020Success 235/5  
SG7586 11-30-202012-24-2020Success 242/4Leaf 92 and 93. Both cards signed and two index cards signed! Thanks sir!! 
Eagles07 11-29-202012-26-2020Success 273/388T, 92T, 93T. Thank you Mr. Hough! 
jdresbach 11-25-202012-23-2020Success 281/11991 Upper Deck 
brooks13307 11-24-202001-09-2021Success 468/881, 82, 91, 92, 94 topps, 93 UD, 93 UD Update, 86, 89, 92 donruss + donation 
frankm 11-24-202012-11-2020Success 173/3Signed 81 Topps, 87 Topps & 94 Fleer Ultra cards. Thanks Mr. Hough! 
brauk219wr 11-20-202012-07-2020Success 171/11995 Upper Deck CC - Thanks Mr. Hough! 
Bballgrl1891 11-19-202012-07-2020Success 181/1  
Chooch08 11-19-202012-21-2020Success 329/9  
Travish33 11-19-202012-09-2020Success 202/22 87 Donruss DK, SASE. Both Signed 
pistonfan2000 11-18-202012-22-2020Success 341/11990 Fleer - Great signer. Thank you! 
ddisbrow29 11-18-202012-07-2020Success 194/4Sent 4 cards; blue sharpie 
KUZ12 11-18-202012-19-2020Success 313/3  
jedistiles 11-17-202012-07-2020Success 201/1Signed a '93 Bowman in blue. Thanks Mr. Hough! 
Mikesrade 11-16-202012-14-2020Success 286/6  
Torsportsfan 11-13-202001-12-2021Success 604/5SASE w/ hand-written letter and cards. I think I got an extra card. Great signature. Thank you, Mr. Hough 
Canterbury25 11-12-202012-23-2020Success 412/2  
Dodger Fan 11-09-202011-23-2020Success 145/51989 Donruss, 1988 Topps, 1990 Fleer, 1984 Fleer, 1989 Topps 
sebastian1997 11-09-202011-23-2020Success 144/4Sent (4) cards with a hand written letter: UPDATE: Returned all signed 
StetsonMan 11-09-202011-23-2020Success 146/6Sent 6 cards all Topps from 70s for different sets am working on. He signed them all in blue sharpie! Thanks Mr. Hough! 
BuccoEthan 11-05-202011-17-2020Success 126/690 Donruss, 91 UD, 92 UD, 91 Leaf, 90 Topps, 92 Score 
jimrice1978 11-04-202011-16-2020Success 124/483 & 87 Topps, 89 Score, 90 Fleer 
Chrisblan12 11-03-202011-16-2020Success 134/4  
joweber18 11-03-202011-16-2020Success 133/3For SC, sent 3 cards, signed all 3 
sportsview 10-30-202011-16-2020Success 178/10Super signer! Kindly signed 7 cards and a 4x6 photo, and added signatures to a pair of index cards serving as envelope padding.
Gwar5911 10-30-202011-19-2020Success 203/3  
BrandonPyc 10-29-202011-24-2020Success 268/9Returned 1 offered signed. Signed IC. God bless you, Mr. Hough! Thank you!!!
autographs2010 10-29-202011-24-2020Success 268/8 
ericsagara 10-28-202011-23-2020Success 262/2 
PackerGREEN 10-27-202011-25-2020Success 2910/10all 10 (misc. yrs) signed by a great..also great signature...TY Mr. Hough 
rich summa 10-26-202011-23-2020Success 283/387 Donruss 89 Topps 91 Topps 
DailyAutograph 10-23-202011-03-2020Success 111/11993 Fleer Ultra
Sjw3315 10-19-202011-04-2020Success 163/3For 1987T set 
Dodger Fan 10-19-202011-02-2020Success 141/1Signed my baseball and personalized it to me 
Dodger Fan 10-15-202010-24-2020Success 91/11985 Topps 
jjhancock 10-14-202010-23-2020Success 92/2Sent two 1993 Marlins Cards
ste513lee 10-13-202010-23-2020Success 101/1One of the nicest player Thanks Mr. Hough 
dish142002 10-11-202010-26-2020Success 157/7  
hobbysearcher 10-08-202010-27-2020Success 193/3$5 donation; SASE; donation returned; thanks Mr. Hough
Feldspar 10-01-202010-10-2020Success 93/3Sent 88 Fleer, 84 Topps and 87 Topps along with LOR and SASE. Recveived all 3 back nicely signed in blue sharpie 
Mikesrade 10-01-202010-10-2020Success 91/1  
mhh0006 10-01-202010-17-2020Success 161/1LOR, SASE, 1983 Topps 
locly 09-29-202010-13-2020Success 142/3Sign the 90 score,2019 topps,and index card 
Plssignmycards 09-24-202010-13-2020Success 196/679,81,84,87,88,90 Topps signed in blue. Thank you Mr. Hough. 
StetsonMan 09-19-202010-01-2020Success 126/6Sent 1978, 81,82,83,86,87 Topps cards all for sets. He signed all beautiful in blue sharpie! Thanks Mr. Hough! 
Throwback34 09-17-202009-28-2020Success 112/2Two cards signed!
sosa0718 09-17-202010-02-2020Success 1510/10Sent ten cards with letter and SASE, said he could keep like 5 of them; he sent all of them back signed beautifully in thin blue sharpie. Thanks! 
joshcockerham 09-17-202009-28-2020Success 115/5Signed 5/5 cards 
rich summa 09-16-202010-19-2020Success 333/382 Fleer 83 #s 412 & 479 
sebastian1997 09-14-202009-28-2020Success 142/2Sent (2) cards with a hand written letter, UPDATE: Returned both cards signed 
Jawheels73 09-14-202010-17-2020Success 334/4Signed 4 cards 
StapleHalo032 09-14-202009-29-2020Success 152/2  
dgo71 09-14-202010-17-2020Success 334/490 Leaf, 86T TL, 87T, 90T
Kinglouie456 09-14-202009-28-2020Success 145/5Signed all 4 cards + index card! Thank you Mr. Hough! 
K3jht 09-11-202010-17-2020Success 361/191 Score card. Thanks for the memories. 
Stebbins25 09-11-202009-28-2020Success 175/5(4) Baseball Cards - (1) Blank Index Card 
zonino 09-10-202009-29-2020Success 194/4  
dcurtoys 09-09-202009-23-2020Success 146/6 
nyyankee213 09-08-202009-29-2020Success 214/4  
BIGBENGRAPHS 09-08-202010-01-2020Success 235/55 baseball cards 
Carney 09-08-202009-21-2020Success 131/1  
RH81 09-08-202009-21-2020Success 135/5  
Dean28 09-07-202009-29-2020Success 223/378T, 90S, & 92D in blue Sharpie
Dodger Fan 09-06-202009-24-2020Success 182/2Sent a baseball card and index card 
SG7586 09-05-202009-14-2020Success 94/9Topps ‘81, ‘86, ‘88 and DonRuss ‘89. Signed all four cards and five index cards!! One of my favorite returns! Thanks sir! 
ajblack81 09-05-202009-14-2020Success 93/31974, 1977 and 1989 Topps 
831 09-04-202009-15-2020Success 113/385D 89D 92UD 
PolishMafia6969 09-04-202009-14-2020Success 101/1  
WhiteSoxFan13 09-04-202009-15-2020Success 112/2LOR, SASE, 1992 & 1993 Topps, both signed in blue. 
Newbomb Turk 09-04-202009-15-2020Success 111/188 Topps. Thank you, Mr. Hough. 
pedersom 09-03-202009-15-2020Success 123/3  
JamesBearsFan 09-02-202009-11-2020Success 93/3Signed in blue!
Stebbins25 09-01-202009-10-2020Success 90/0  
FlyinWV 08-31-202009-12-2020Success 123/3LOR/SASE '83, '87 and '89 Topps -Signed all three in blue. Thanks Mr. Hough
Freduccine 08-31-202009-11-2020Success 115/786T; 86T Leaders; 87T; 88T; 90T; Letter; SASE. Signed all and 2 Index cards! Thanks Charlie!
Altego2099 08-31-202009-29-2020Success 294/4SASE, LOR, 2 Card Return, 2 Card Gift: Sent all 4 Signed in blue.. Thank you Mr. Hough.. 
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 08-29-202009-11-2020Success 134/41986 Topps, 1987 Topps, 1989 Topps, 1982 Donruss 
Chrisblan12 08-28-202009-08-2020Success 114/4  
gbly22 08-28-202009-08-2020Success 112/3Sent letter, 93 Fleer, 74 Topps...signed an index card too! Thanks Charlie
iJust Cards 08-26-202009-12-2020Success 171/1Check out my Youtube Video on this card! iJust Cards Youtube 
IAK683 08-22-202009-03-2020Success 123/31989T, 1991D, 1992L- signed Thanks Mr. Hough 
rich summa 08-22-202009-03-2020Success 121/182 Donruss 
Thump 08-22-202009-03-2020Success 121/1sent LOR, SASE, 83T Rangers Team Leaders already signed by Buddy Bell; received back signed, my 6th 83T Team Leaders card signed by both ERA and BA team leaders 
Centre 08-21-202009-05-2020Success 153/387T, 93T, 90T and 89D signed in blue sharpie... Thank You Mr. Hough (fee included since I sent 4, but it was returned) 
Piester 08-21-202009-09-2020Success 194/4  
FlyingDutchmen 08-20-202009-04-2020Success 155/589 Topps, 89 Donruss, 89 Fleer, 89 Score, 89 Upper Deck
Benbabs 08-19-202009-03-2020Success 152/2Had the pleasure of watching him pitch in early 90s. Thank u mr hough! 
DylanJ 08-19-202009-03-2020Success 154/4  
thorgy213 08-19-202009-03-2020Success 152/2sent 2 and returned 2 nicely signed. 
BraveStarr 08-19-202009-03-2020Success 155/5'91 Leaf, '91 Stadium Club, '92 Donruss, '92 Ultra, '93 Fleer - 
xtra-innings 08-18-202009-03-2020Success 164/4x4 cards
akhunterboy761 08-15-202008-27-2020Success 121/1  
sandrwowitzb 08-15-202008-27-2020Success 121/1  
timmyc82 08-14-202008-27-2020Success 136/6  
Doogs1972 08-14-202008-27-2020Success 134/4  
TribeFan83 08-13-202008-26-2020Success 134/44 cards signed in blue, thanks Mr. Hough!!! 
wsoxfan4life 08-12-202008-24-2020Success 125/5 
mhh0006 08-11-202008-27-2020Success 162/2LOR, SASE, 83 Topps, 83 Topps Team Leaders 
JamesBearsFan 08-10-202008-27-2020Success 171/1Signed in blue!
PPCLI1988 08-10-202009-08-2020Success 293/3Signed 3 4x6 photos 
Jbutch20 08-08-202008-20-2020Success 123/3  
Marty Dee 08-06-202008-28-2020Success 225/5Thank You Mr. Hough, my favorite knuckleballer! 
autographs2010 08-06-202008-22-2020Success 163/3 
Poormans Stack 08-04-202008-21-2020Success 174/6Signed all in Blue Marker plus 2 IC. 
sabro9 08-04-202008-21-2020Success 171/1sent one 1982 donruss. signed the card ty Mr. Hough 
ericsagara 08-04-202008-20-2020Success 163/3 
thegonz 08-04-202008-20-2020Success 162/274T, 81T 
Klummp 08-03-202008-22-2020Success 193/3Thank you Mr. Hough 
Justin Vasquez 08-03-202008-20-2020Success 172/2  
Schmidty548 07-30-202008-17-2020Success 185/5signed my 5 baseball cards
Gwar5911 07-29-202008-14-2020Success 163/3  
rich summa 07-29-202008-13-2020Success 151/176 SSPC 
StetsonMan 07-25-202008-21-2020Success 274/4Sent 4 cards, 78, 82, 88, 89 Topps all for sets I'm working on, he signed and returned all 4 signed in Blue! Thank You Mr. Hough 
rggedglory 07-17-202008-06-2020Success 202/273T, 88S; update, the 73T looks great but the 88S is bent up. Still great return! 
BIGSHOT 07-16-202008-04-2020Success 191/187 DONRUSS 
HalosFan2002 07-08-202008-04-2020Success 272/41989 Fleer and 1983 Topps Rangers Team Leaders + $1, signed both card, 2 index cards, and sent the money back. Will send Rangers Leaders to Buddy Bell at some point 
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 07-07-202008-03-2020Success 272/21991 Donruss (2) 
jketcham530 06-08-202007-31-2020Success 531/1Signed 1982 Topps! Thank you Mr. Hough!! 
Calebssportscards 06-05-202007-30-2020Success 555/5Asked him to keep some cards, but he sent them all back signed
Falzone829 06-04-202007-30-2020Success 564/4Thanks Charlie !!!
thorgy213 05-21-202007-30-2020Success 702/2Note-SASE / Returned both nicely signed - Great Auto 
bhays44 04-20-2020 Pending -6/0  
chazeroom 04-06-202009-01-2020Success 1486/6  
nccards 03-28-202007-29-2020Success 1234/4  
Robicheaux 03-26-202008-03-2020Success 1306/6Great TTM. Thanks Mr Hough 
rich summa 03-16-202007-28-2020Success 1341/176 Topps 
bigjsouth 03-10-202003-21-2020Failure 113/3RTS Address Had Stickers Placed Over It, Was Not Open.
tdnelson2007 03-10-2020 Pending -2/005 Topps Heritage, 91 Fleer, LOR 
bdmorr 03-02-202007-28-2020Success 1472/2  
Wildpitch86 02-23-202007-28-2020Success 1552/2It may of took a little while, but I am very happy I got this one back. Sent 2 TC’s and received both of them back signed. Thank you Mr. Hough.
Davidortiz29 12-12-201903-08-2020Success 872/1sent two card, signed one and sent other card back unsigned 
Mr Goody 12-11-201902-27-2020Success 785/586 diamond Kings,87 Topps,89 Topps,91 leaf studio,1 index card, all in thin black sharpie. Above and beyond Mr Hough thank you.returned from Phoenix 
BraveStarr 12-07-201902-24-2020Success 795/5'77 Topps, '79 Topps, '89 Fleer, '91 Upper Deck, '91 Upper Deck - 
Chachi74 12-03-201903-09-2020Success 961/0Awesome!! Thanks!!! 
Superdiz26 11-23-201903-03-2020Success 1015/5Signed 1 Topps 1991, 1 Topps 1990, 1 Leaf/Donruss 1994 and 2 playing cards in thin black 
TangoDelta 11-22-201903-06-2020Success 1051/1Sent SASE, LOR, and 1986 Topps
kandiclipper 11-20-201903-06-2020Success 1073/3Signed a pair of rookies and a 1975 topps for me. 
Brooksfamily 11-12-201911-21-2019Success 93/3  
mitty 11-04-201903-05-2020Success 1221/1  
dodgerbum 11-04-201911-21-2019Success 171/178 Topps Nice auto 
NickBrischke 10-26-201911-21-2019Success 261/1  
Superdiz26 10-24-201911-18-2019Success 256/6Signed 1 Topps 1990, 1 Topps 1981, 1 Donruss 1994,and 3 baseball cards in thin blue 
JayFL 10-15-201902-24-2020Success 1324/6Sent LOR, SASE, 72T, 82D, 87DK and 93UD. Signed all nicely in black sharpie and 2 Index cards. 
nccards 10-15-201903-17-2020Success 1542/2  
cardsbaseball245 10-07-201902-24-2020Success 1402/2‘86 Topps and ‘90 Fleer 
kaw316 10-04-201902-26-2020Success 1454/4  
bigjsouth 10-03-201903-06-2020Success 1552/2Black Sharpie On Both (Will Send $ And Blue Sharpie Next Time)
Schmidty548 10-01-201902-24-2020Success 1463/3signed my 3 baseball cards
Newbomb Turk 09-27-201902-24-2020Success 1501/178 Topps. 168th of my 1978 set. Thank you, Mr. Hough. 
rich summa 09-27-201903-07-2020Success 1622/274 Topps 87 Donruss DK 
pbtank67 09-17-201903-12-2020Success 1774/483F, 86T, 88F, & 89F. All nicely signed in thin black sharpie. 
rich summa 09-09-201909-26-2019Success 174/484 Fleer 87 Fleer #s 127 & 641 93 Fleer 
Justinscf 09-06-201909-26-2019Success 201/1  
brooks13307 08-31-201909-26-2019Success 269/975, 78, 79, 83, 83 Leaders, 84 Topps, 89 UD, 87, 87 West Fleer 
Gyro 08-26-201909-23-2019Success 282/22/2 in blue Sharpie. Thanks Charlie! 
spwhitta 08-26-201909-23-2019Success 286/6  
Calebssportscards 08-12-201909-30-2019Success 495/55 cards signed, asked him to keep some
felixpotvin97 08-08-201909-26-2019Success 492/3Also signed the 3x5 card that was sent with 
asburycards 08-05-201909-23-2019Success 491/1signed my index card nicely 
Superdiz26 08-05-201909-26-2019Success 526/6Signed 1 Topps 1991, 1 Donruss leaf 1989, 1 Donruss Leaf 1994, and 3 playing cards in thin blue 
Craiggb 08-02-201909-26-2019Success 551/2  
zonino 08-01-201909-30-2019Success 603/2  
white_rabbit 07-22-201909-30-2019Success 705/577t, 84t, 87f, 88f & 88s. Thanks a lot Charlie! 
kandiclipper 07-15-201908-03-2019Success 191/11988 fleer set 
rich summa 06-29-201908-03-2019Success 354/475 Topps 79Topps 80 Topps 81 Topps 
rangersfan06 06-24-201907-31-2019Success 371/183T signed in thin black sharpie 
Leeburtt 05-22-201906-22-2019Success 313/3  
RIFF RAFF 77 05-22-201906-21-2019Success 301/1  
1956WS 04-13-201906-20-2019Success 682/272TRC / 78T. Great digs in blue. Thank you, Mr. Hough! 
Craiggb 03-29-201906-27-2019Success 901/1  
tglg 03-26-201906-25-2019Success 914/4Got all 4 back signed nicely in blue sharpie....very pleased. 
ahuggins81 03-26-201906-27-2019Success 931/1Sent a LOR, SASE and card...finally got it back signed
dgo71 03-23-201904-06-2019Failure 147/0RTS - "Not deliverable as addressed, UTF" Had this address written exactly as it appears here, guess he moved? 
Jawheels73 03-01-2019 Pending -5/0  
splaice 02-26-201903-23-2019Success 242/2SASE, Letter, 2 Cards 
SyxxSynse 02-25-201903-22-2019Success 242/2Signed my ‘89 Topps and ‘93 Leaf cards. Thanks, Mr. Hough! 
Baldones 02-19-2019 Pending -0/0Sending note where are my Baseballs? 
refinitivtime 02-12-201903-20-2019Success 351/11 1987 Topps w/SASE signed in blue Sharpie 
cangle64 02-11-201903-16-2019Success 321/11981 Topps 
Superdiz26 02-09-201906-18-2019Success 1283/3Signed 3 Donruss 1994 in thin blue 
Beemer10 02-05-201902-19-2019Success 143/387 Topps, 82 Topps, 91 Donruss 
BlueSkinnyFan 12-31-201802-19-2019Success 502/21981 Topps. 1988 Topps.
Jamesalford23 12-21-201802-19-2019Success 602/2  
BraveStarr 12-11-201802-19-2019Success 705/5'78 Topps, '85 Topps, '87 Donruss, '87 Topps, '90 Upper Deck - 
mnbigfoot 12-11-201802-22-2019Success 737/71984 Topps, 1987 Topps, 1987 Donruss, 1989 Score, 1990 Topps and (2) 1991 Upper Deck. Thanks Mr. Hough!
dgrooms72 12-05-201802-22-2019Success 791/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 88 Donruss card. Card returned, signed in blue. SHARP signature!
brooks13307 11-22-201802-23-2019Success 939/974, 76, 77, 86, 86 TC, 88, 89, 90, 91 Topps 
dodgers10 11-19-201802-23-2019Success 963/3  
jasonpriv 11-13-201802-18-2019Success 973/3  
GoStLCards 10-31-201802-25-2019Success 1173/3  
jrbeasley 10-30-2018 Pending -4/082 Fleer, 82 Donruss, 86 Topps, 87 Topps 
jonnyk 10-26-2018 Pending -1/0  
haynmay 10-18-201802-20-2019Success 1253/31988 score, 1989 donruss, 1990 upper deck 
Restau21 10-09-201802-25-2019Success 1391/176 Topps signed in blue. Awesome return! 
pbtank67 10-03-201802-26-2019Success 1463/375T, 87T, & 89UD. All nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
chazeroom 09-19-201802-26-2019Success 1606/6  
dennisbaker 08-27-201810-01-2018Success 355/5'87 Donruss Opening Day,'87 Topps, '88 Donruss, '88 Topps, '89 Topps
Goaftermath 07-24-201810-01-2018Success 691/278T signed in blue signed ic 
Vick1jj 07-16-201810-02-2018Success 782/2Sent LOR, SASE, 1994 Topps Stadium Club, and 1993 Topps, received both back in black sharpie 
Tex2005 07-06-201809-25-2018Success 811/1Sent 89 Topps 
NYYJMM 06-28-201809-25-2018Success 893/01985, 1987 and 1988 Topps signed in blue for my set!
bootzilla 06-25-201809-25-2018Success 924/4signed 4/4 baseball cards 
brooks13307 06-24-201809-26-2018Success 945/585, 87 Topps, 88, 89, 90 Fleer 
autograder79 06-11-201810-01-2018Success 1121/11987 Topps 
  Edit your submission Guest 06-01-201806-12-2018Success 113/3x3 cards
NewToTTM 05-11-201806-13-2018Success 332/22 signed cards, Thanks! 
RobHarrington 05-08-201806-11-2018Success 345/5Signed five cards in black ink. 
NYYanks2018 04-18-201806-11-2018Success 543/3  
GoStLCards 03-31-201810-06-2018Success 1891/1  
ajkraz 03-22-2018 Pending -2/0  
Logan Richmond 03-19-201806-09-2018Success 824/51988T, 1989D, 1989F x2 requested for one to be personalized **Didn't personalize but he did sign the protective index card** 
LukeOfMass 03-15-201810-01-2018Success 2001/1New crown jewel of my knuckler's collection! Last one got bent in the mail, used a hard case this time. Great success worth the wait!
codysmith1997 03-15-201806-08-2018Success 852/2Sent SASE and LOR. Got both backed signed! Thanks Mr. Hough! 
jketcham530 03-05-201803-26-2018Success 201/1Signed 1989 Topps. Nice Signature. Thank you Mr. Hough!! 
Danmay55 03-05-201803-26-2018Success 208/8signed all 8 cards! 
Baldones 02-25-201804-10-2019Failure 4082/02 OMLB Sent 
LukeOfMass 01-06-201802-25-2018Success 501/1Postmarked from Phoenix, AZ 
39special 12-29-201703-02-2018Success 631/1'93 Topps 
702tpr777 12-27-201703-07-2018Success 702/41983 Topps, 1991 Upper deck, signed and signed my protective index cards! Thanks Mr. Hough!! 
andrewgrafe 11-24-201702-20-2018Success 882/291 UD (reg. & traded) for complete set. PM from PHX 
bigbenjobu 11-20-201703-01-2018Success 1014/4Signed all 4 and personalized the 2 requested
mnbigfoot 11-19-201703-10-2018Success 1115/51986 Fleer, 1988 Score, 1988 Topps, 1991 Score, and 1993 Topps. Thanks Mr. Hough!
GoStLCards 11-03-201702-23-2018Success 1121/1  
sreader3 10-11-201703-19-2018Success 1594/4Finally! 84T, 85D, 87T, 87F. Black Sharpie. Nice autos. Phoenix postmark.
Cjohnson1221 08-12-201709-25-2017Success 441/1Nice card with black sharpie. 
csearcy31 08-10-201709-24-2017Success 451/1sent 5x7, LOR, and SASE... signed in blue Sharpie 
lkfojtik 06-13-201709-28-2017Success 1075/5LOR (asking him to keep 2 of 5), SASE + 4 Topps and 1 Donruss. SIGNED & RETURNED ALL !! Very generous!! 
Ryan Kordziel 05-18-201709-28-2017Success 1331/1Signed 4x6 photo 
magic79 04-17-201709-29-2017Success 1655/5Five cards signed in blue Sharpie 
eafick 03-25-201709-30-2017Success 1897/71993 topps, 1991 topps traded, 1991 fleer update, 1990 upper deck, 1989 donruss, 1988 donruss, 1991 bowman. He signed all cards nicely in blue sharpie, and a 6 moth return no less. Thanks Mr. Hough. 
Spikes40 03-24-201708-16-2017Success 1451/1  
chazeroom 03-21-201710-13-2017Success 2066/6  
djhindiana 03-20-201708-17-2017Success 1502/2Sent 1 B&W 8x10 in Dodger uniform and a 8x10 I took of him in OKC in 2015. 
cwatrous17 01-09-201703-04-2017Success 549/9'90 Fleer, '88 Fleer, '91 Upper Deck, '92 Stadium Club, '94 Donruss, two '93 Leaf, '94 Bowman, '93 Topps in blue sharpie 
Pagoria 12-17-2016 Pending -0/0Hopefully 
mnbigfoot 12-15-201603-23-2017Success 973/31982 Topps, 1983 Fleer, and 1992 Topps. Thanks Mr. Hough!
Atlantaman 12-11-201603-06-2017Success 853/3  
MNeville98 12-08-201603-11-2017Success 932/2Surprise day I got it back this quick! 
bicemusic 12-01-2016 Pending -4/0Sent 4 cards: 87 Fleer, 87 Fleer (SSS), 88 Topps, 88 Score 
Redsoxsaholic3 11-26-201603-11-2017Success 1052/21 card & 1 index card // returned both items backed signed!! 
sroane1224 11-17-201603-25-2017Success 1273/3  
Smittzerland 10-18-201603-04-2017Success 1375/51989 Donruss, 1989 Upper Deck, 1991 Bowman, 1991 Topps x2. Postmarked from Phoenix. 
Mitchell2314 10-11-201603-04-2017Success 1444/4Sent 4 cards. (2-1991 UpperDeck, 1-1988 Donruss, 1-1991 Leaf) All signed in blue sharpie. 
cwatrous17 10-03-201603-23-2017Success 1719/9an '87 Fleer, an '89 Fleer, an '88 Score, five '88 Topps, and an '89 Topps in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Hough! 
Baumans916 10-03-201603-04-2017Success 1524/4Sent 84,88,90 Topps and 89 UD w SASE. 
bigbenjobu 09-30-201603-23-2017Success 1745/5Signed all 5 beautifully (84T, 89D, 90D, 91T, 92T)
chazeroom 09-09-201609-29-2016Success 205/5  
nascargaryts 06-13-201606-23-2016Success 101/1Sent 1 card, signed blue sharpie, quick return 
nycsportsnews 04-05-2016 Pending -5/0  
tglg 04-01-201609-26-2016Success 1785/5Was starting to think this was my 2nd failed attempt with him, and wondered why. GOT IT after almost 6 months. 
levi 03-29-201609-27-2016Success 1823/31983, 1992 x2 Topps
jrheffy 03-28-201609-24-2016Success 1804/4Signed 4 Cards Thanks Charlie 
thefridge 03-07-201609-29-2016Success 2054/4sent 2 '91 ud and 2 '93 ud. Signed all 4 in black sharpie. 
abonham1 03-02-201609-29-2016Success 2103/3  
Foul Bunt 03-02-201603-25-2016Success 227/7Signed 2 1986 Topps, 1986 Mini, 1987 Topps, 1988 Topps, 1992 Pinnacle and 1994 Collectors Choice 
levi 01-30-201603-01-2016Success 313/2  
ellwoodbandrules 01-21-201602-27-2016Success 372/22 Cards Signed in Black 
Cubs14 01-11-2016 Failure -14/0  
Calebssportscards 12-28-201503-08-2016Success 712/4Signed 2 cards and even signed the 2 index cards I sent to protect the cards 
bigalfantasy 12-07-201502-29-2016Success 841/2Signed my card, and my LOR. Thanks! 
Munson15 12-05-201503-07-2016Success 935/51977, 1988, 1989, 1991 and 1992 Topps...thank you! 
mnbigfoot 11-26-201503-28-2016Success 1223/31983 Topps, 1989 Donruss, and 1991 Fleer. Thanks Mr. Hough!
justinw182 11-12-201503-09-2016Success 1182/2Signed two 1987 topps in 119 Days. 
Deweygator 10-28-201502-27-2016Success 1223/3Postmark from Phoenix
BSRice 10-25-201503-07-2016Success 1343/3 
magic79 10-15-201503-02-2016Success 1395/5Five cards signed in blue Sharpie 
docgallie 10-13-201503-25-2016Success 1648/8  
xtra-innings 10-01-201503-05-2016Success 1565/5x5 cards
mrREALiTi 09-21-201510-09-2015Success 181/3great return signed my 1972 rookie and the 2 file cards i had in the envelope 
guodrenniks 08-20-201510-09-2015Success 505/595 Topps, 89 Donruss, 88 Donruss, 86 Fleer and 77 Topps 
Cubs14 08-20-201510-14-2015Success 556/6Signed all 6 cards all in black with a great sig and decent size return 
mnbigfoot 07-13-201510-13-2015Success 925/51986 Topps, 1989 Topps, 1989 Fleer, 1989 Upper Deck, and 1991 Score. Thanks Mr. Hough!
K75Boi 07-10-201510-13-2015Success 955/51989 Upperdeck, 1987 Topps, 1992 Leaf, 1992 Fleer Ultra, 1993 Donruss 
sml8bp 06-22-201510-10-2015Success 1103/3Sent 3 cards,1 90UD, from Hawaii, signed all 3 in black sharpie and added 2 inscriptions, also added note thanking me for my service...
marty77 06-10-201510-13-2015Success 1254/41988, 1989, and 1991 Topps; 1990 Fleer 
buddyg13 06-08-201510-09-2015Success 1234/4Super excited about this return one of my favs growing up thank you Mr.Hough 
Ebys23 06-06-201506-20-2015Success 142/290 Upper Deck- signed in black 
tburton 05-19-201506-18-2015Success 305/4Card, Letter and SASE 
34BoJackson16 05-19-201506-01-2015Success 131/1(1) 1972 Topps RC. Awesome return! Thanks Mr. Hough! 
cincyreds7576 05-11-201505-29-2015Success 181/11979 Topps in 18 days. Nice signature! 
haynmay 05-10-201505-29-2015Success 193/3mothers cookies 94 score 
Musclebeech 04-27-201505-30-2015Success 338/8  
Schmenge 04-26-2015 Pending -1/0Topps 89 
xtra-innings 04-15-201507-18-2015Success 944/4x4 cards
tburton 04-07-201506-18-2015Success 724/4Card, Letter and SASE 
ellwoodbandrules 03-28-201506-18-2015Success 823/43 Cards and Index Card Signed in Blue 
dareyl 03-15-201504-09-2015Success 254/4 
mas 02-25-201504-02-2015Success 358/8sent 8 cards, asked for at least 3 to be signed, offered rest to him. 84topps, 87 topps, 87 donruss, 87 fleer, 88 topps big, 88 topps mini, 86topps 89 fleer--awesome return, all 8 signed
Musclebeech 02-10-201503-14-2015Success 313/3signed in black 
nolan34ryan 01-16-201503-24-2015Success 664/4Greatest of all Rangers Alumni Signers.....Nobody signs more 
jrbeasley 12-28-201403-17-2015Success 784/481 Topps, 83 Topps, 84 Topps, 85 Topps 
haynmay 12-20-201403-12-2015Success 813/383 donruss, 83 fleer, 83 topps 
magic79 12-13-201403-14-2015Success 904/4Four cards signed in thin black Sharpie 
Smitty5 12-04-201403-14-2015Success 992/2  
cls13smith 11-24-201412-06-2014Success 121/1Signed 8x10 
haynmay 11-16-201412-09-2014Success 231/11976 sspc 
mnbigfoot 10-27-201403-30-2015Success 1545/5'83 Topps, '83 Topps TL, '86 Topps, '86 Topps TL and '93 Upper Deck. Thanks Mr. Hough! 
Cmoney66 10-14-201403-20-2015Success 1572/2Thanks! 
dodgerbobble 10-01-201412-05-2014Success 651/1Sent Marlins Commemorative, letter, two pens & $10 donation. signed under logo with inscription.
Shilliar 08-09-201412-20-2014Success 1331/1Received ROMLB signed, great sig. 
Hwood65 07-29-201403-26-2015Success 2402/2Thanks Mr. Hough! 
bigbrownsfan 05-05-201403-11-2015Success 3101/1Thanks Charlie 
marty77 04-13-201408-05-2014Success 1144/41980, 1985, 1987, and 1992 Topps
Robextend 04-05-201408-05-2014Success 1226/61981, 1985, 1987 Topps, 1990 Leaf, 1990, 1991 UD/Great success, thank you Mr. Hough. 
chr5399 03-31-201403-16-2015Success 3504/4Signed nicely in black sharpie... 1980 Topps, 1986 Topps Team Leaders, 1987 Donruss Diamond King, 1993 Topps Stadium Club... nice signatures, nice success. Worth the wait. 
Jstafford4897 03-19-201408-18-2014Success 1528/8Sent 1991 upper deck, 1986 topps Tiffany, 1989 fleer, 1990 fleer, 1990 score, 1988 fleer, 1987 topps and 1990 donruss with letter and SASE / signed all in black sharpie but date not exact 
imcoop 03-13-201403-16-2015Success 3681/1He signed my 1988 Donruss Card 
Coltron57 03-04-201403-13-2015Success 3733/390 Donruss, 87T and 91T. Signed all 3 in a little over a year. 
oucats02 02-14-201403-14-2014Success 275/5THANK YOU SO MUCH MR. HOUGH!!! 
levi 02-08-201403-10-2014Success 294/41988-1989 Donruss, 1990 UD, 1992 Topps-for set
legacyfr 01-30-201402-08-2014Success 92/2Signed 1989 Topps and Custom 8x10 - both in black sharpie 
delones24 01-29-201402-07-2014Success 92/288 Donruss, 76 Topps
acratertocoffin 01-29-201402-08-2014Success 101/1Sent SASE, LOC, and 1990 Leaf. Received signed in black. 
jram 11-19-201311-18-2013Pending -14/0  
padsdsu 11-16-201302-06-2014Success 823/3x3 signed in black sharpie 
dukemiller 10-21-2013 Pending -2/0(2) baseball cards 
Tuck Stainback 10-09-201302-07-2014Success 1212/2Signed a 74 Topps and 89 Topps that I sent. 
alexgallagher10 10-05-201302-20-2014Success 1383/3  
autographs2010 09-03-201302-20-2014Success 1708/75+ months 
xtra-innings 09-01-201309-28-2013Success 274/4x4 cards
RealBrianD 08-28-201303-13-2014Success 1972/1Signed in black. Got bent in mail//:sent sase, lor, index card with questions, and a card of him with the marlins...hoping to get back
39special 08-28-201309-30-2013Success 331/1Signed my '76 Topps 
mazefan72 08-19-201309-28-2013Success 404/4Signed 4 cards. Thanks
xtra-innings 08-15-201309-30-2013Success 464/4x4 cards
IAFTBL 08-14-201309-30-2013Success 471/1great signature from a great guy if you have his card this is one you will definitely want to send to him. 
mikedmatthews 07-06-201303-11-2014Success 2484/4 
RAppel14 06-07-201302-15-2014Success 2534/5Signed my 4 cards and signed my letter also! TY Mr. Hough 
Baseball Guru 44 06-01-201302-19-2014Success 2631/5Sent card, returned signed + 4 IC's. 
Baseball Guru 44 05-25-201302-11-2014Success 2625/5Sent 2 cards, 3 IC's, signed all items 
delones24 05-08-201302-18-2014Success 2861/192 Score
ixisameerixi 04-18-201310-09-2013Success 1742/2Nice clear signature, great return 
white_rabbit 02-28-201309-30-2013Success 2133/387DK, 87T & 88D. Thanks a lot Charlie!
collector41 02-21-201303-25-2013Success 312/2signed both cards I sent 
tglg 01-24-201303-16-2013Success 505/5  
1117drewbay 01-23-201303-16-2013Success 511/1Signed card in sharp blue ink. Very nice! 
cosanostra78 01-22-201303-25-2013Success 611/1Sent card, LOR and SASE....received card signed in blue. Thanks!
FL Oriole 01-10-201302-14-2013Success 354/4  
TideFanDan 01-08-201303-12-2013Success 621/11979 Topps. The knuckler signs again, thanks Mr. Hough !! 
DownGoesFrazier 11-14-201201-14-2013Success 612/2Signed 73 Topps rookie and 84 Topps, plus an IC. Thanks a lot, Charlie! 
J_A_S_Z 10-23-201201-16-2013Success 851/1Sent 1987T w/LoR-Great Knuckle baller sig 
TheCollector 10-22-201201-14-2013Success 842/2Two cards, signed in black, thanks charlie 
nolan34ryan 10-05-201210-22-2012Success 174/4This guy is the best signer in the world. Every Time, Every Card. I now only have one Topps Hough Card in my collection not signed. Thanks Charlie! 
delones24 08-29-201210-22-2012Success 541/1 
treywilson757 08-20-201210-18-2012Success 591/3  
Christian2 07-20-2012 Pending -1/0  
coclarkson 07-10-201207-21-2012Success 111/1  
rcgdodge 04-19-201207-28-2012Success 1002/2Took a while but I got both my cards signed! awesome! 
David Hall 04-04-201207-30-2012Success 1173/3  
Mattsecre 03-24-201206-29-2012Success 973/3Sent LOR, SASE, and 3 cards. 
kardkid 02-20-201203-21-2012Success 291/1signed my 87 tops in black sharpie looks great! 
pktwsu99 02-01-201203-29-2012Success 561/1signed in black, smudged just a little
phillies347 01-30-2012 Pending -3/0  
jrbeasley 01-27-201204-10-2012Success 733/388 Topps, 89 Topps, 90 Fleer 
white_rabbit 01-09-201203-29-2012Success 794/478T 84F 2 87DDK Thanks a lot Charlie!
jcb314 01-06-201201-23-2012Success 173/3  
redrocker98ta 12-29-201103-22-2012Success 835/5  
Spiegel83 12-12-201103-21-2012Success 992/2Boom! 
bcommerce 12-11-201103-29-2012Success 1084/4Sent 4 cards and 2 IC's returned all cards signed in blue sharpie! 
ddgrboy 12-05-201112-14-2011Success 91/1signature kinda crappy, but overall, happy. Thanks! 
bigsportsfan1 11-15-201112-17-2011Success 325/5Signed all 5 of my cards in black sharpie. Thank you Charlie. 
Eddie_2 11-07-201112-08-2011Success 312/2Mr. Hough signed 2/2 on 93' Upper Deck. Awesome sig and new sharpie too. TY Mr. Hough! 
devin 09-29-201112-15-2011Success 772/2signed both in black 
39special 08-02-201108-29-2011Success 271/1Signed my '84 Topps 
JaguarsFan28 07-11-201108-30-2011Success 502/2  
Marshall658 07-02-201109-01-2011Success 611/1Signed 91 Fleer 
bounty331 06-07-201106-20-2011Success 134/4Thank you Sir 
juflo331 05-27-201106-20-2011Success 244/41976 Topps, 1981 Topps, 1983 Topps, 1977 Topps Reprint. nice sig. ty. 
kelvinml 03-03-2011 Pending -3/0  
mrveggieman 02-17-201102-28-2011Success 111/1He signed 1/1. Thanks, Mr. Hough you are the best. 
Cowboysfan2010 02-10-201102-22-2011Success 121/1signed my index card 
moneymatt 01-23-201102-09-2011Success 175/588 topps, 2 89 topps, 89 upper deck & 93 topps 
levi 12-26-201001-06-2011Success 115/5'81, '82, '84, '97 Topps, '90 Fleer 
mmalpedo01 11-15-201001-08-2011Success 542/2Signed 82 Fleer, 82 Donruss 
TigersFan6884 11-12-201001-08-2011Success 571/1Sent 1986 Topps. Received card signed in blue Sharpie. 
Brewcrew246 09-25-201010-23-2010Success 283/5Signed my 3 cards and 2 index cards in blue sharpie! 
theRaineman 05-24-201006-18-2010Success 252/2great return from a 200+ game winner 
BigRedMachine 04-14-201004-26-2010Success 121/11989 Donruss - Signed
lizard-jd 02-16-201003-08-2010Success 203/3Signed my customs.
levi 01-08-201001-25-2010Success 172/2signed '74 and '85 Topps, great signer 
wmhc28413 12-31-200901-25-2010Success 253/3 
jj21388 12-14-200912-28-2009Success 141/1Mr. Hough signed my 1972 Topps RC for FREE, even wrote a little note back. AWESOME guy, GREAT signer! 
Cardsfan4ever 11-07-200911-23-2009Success 162/2great signer! 
gcrl 11-03-200912-08-2009Success 353/3nice sig in blue sharpie 
baseball123 08-13-200910-20-2009Success 683/3Great Success 
gcrl 04-14-200905-26-2009Success 421/1nice sig in blue sharpie 
tonyt1957 02-11-200910-17-2009Success 2471/189/TOPPS 
docgallie 01-26-200902-09-2010Success 3796/6  
nick98292 08-14-200808-25-2008Success 112/2'91 Upper Deck & '92 Upper Deck
jerseyman1992 06-29-200807-24-2008Success 252/4He also signed 2 IC's
nick98292 06-18-200808-06-2008Success 492/2'92 Donruss & '86 Topps
nick98292 02-19-200805-09-2008Success 791/1'85 Donruss
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Added by:smrbraves   Added on: 03-15-2014
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
smrbraves 09-23-201303-15-2014Success 1731/1my blog 


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