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Jeff Huson Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 98%

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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 101
# of Success: 95  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 6
Added by:xtra-innings   Added on: 05-03-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
mtool 07-27-2021 Pending -4/0  
Stebbins25 07-19-2021 Pending -6/0(5) Baseball Cards - (1) Blank Index Card 
mtool 07-07-202107-22-2021Success 154/4signed 4 cards 
dkcheese915 07-07-2021 Pending -2/0  
TheoB 06-24-202107-06-2021Success 125/5  
JoeandZo 06-03-202106-21-2021Success 181/1  
bernst90 05-27-202106-10-2021Success 141/1Signed 1990 Upper Deck 
Bballgrl1891 05-12-202105-24-2021Success 122/2  
autographs2010 05-12-202105-25-2021Success 136/4  
xtra-innings 05-11-202106-19-2021Success 394/4x4 cards
Altego2099 05-10-202105-22-2021Success 124/2Sent 2 and 2 gift, returned 2 signed!! Thank You Mr. Huson!! 
ddisbrow29 05-09-202105-22-2021Success 131/1‘91 Donruss; signed in black sharpie 
gabsttms 05-03-202105-22-2021Success 191/1@gabsttms on instagram 
Spinners11 04-24-202105-11-2021Success 174/4All signed in black Sharpie, thank you very much Mr. Huson! 
thegonz 04-21-202105-12-2021Success 214/490T, 90F, 91Ultra, 92S 
mtool 04-06-202104-22-2021Success 165/45 cards update signed 4 of 5 
RH81 04-02-202104-19-2021Success 171/1  
dcurtoys 03-17-202104-19-2021Success 333/3  
SG7586 03-02-202104-19-2021Success 472/290 Score and 91 Topps 
Eagles07 02-27-202104-19-2021Success 502/21990 Score & 1991 Score. Thanks 
bigbenjobu 02-25-202104-19-2021Success 524/4Signed all four
CRM302 01-05-202102-26-2021Success 521/1Sent 1992 UD. Signed in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Huson! 
Kennestang 01-04-202102-26-2021Success 534/4  
Wildpitch86 12-28-202002-25-2021Success 592/290 Fleer and 92 Topps gold winner, received both cards back signed, TY Mr. Huson 
BraveStarr 12-26-202002-25-2021Success 615/5'90 Score, '91 Ultra, '91 Upper Deck, '92 Ultra, '93 Upper Deck - 
FlyinWV 12-04-202002-25-2021Success 834/4LOR/SASE 90 Topps, 90 UD w/ Expos, 90 UD w/ Rangers, 92 Ultra - Signed all four in black. Thanks Mr Huson
russevans 11-23-2020 Pending -2/090 UD, 90 Score 
FlyingDutchmen 11-20-202003-01-2021Success 1015/390 Leaf, 90 Score Rising Star, 92 Topps, Didn't sign 90 Score or 92 Upper Deck
StetsonMan 09-22-202011-17-2020Success 566/6sent 6 different cards all for sets building. He signed and returned all 6 in blue sharpie 
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 09-22-202011-17-2020Success 564/41990 Topps, 1991 Topps, 1992 Topps, 1990 Score 
Kinglouie456 09-21-202011-16-2020Success 566/6Wow. Great return. Signed 3 cards 2 stickers and a Index card. He even inscribed the ic "Go Wenatchee Wild" which is a local hockey team. Class act, going above and beyond 
sandrwowitzb 09-21-202011-16-2020Success 561/1  
jimrice1978 09-19-202011-23-2020Success 651/190 Fleer 
zooiiks 09-17-202011-16-2020Success 603/3Signed 3 cards
Danmay55 09-09-202009-19-2020Success 103/3Signed all 3! 
nyyankee213 09-08-202009-17-2020Success 95/5  
Goaftermath 09-08-202009-17-2020Success 92/290S 90SDT 
pedersom 09-05-202009-19-2020Success 142/2  
Chrisblan12 08-31-202009-16-2020Success 164/4  
Jbutch20 08-22-202009-05-2020Success 142/2  
sosa0718 08-18-202009-04-2020Success 173/3Sent three cards with a letter and SASE; signed all three in black sharpie. thanks! 
StetsonMan 07-28-202008-08-2020Success 115/5Sent 5 cards and was surprised at how lightning fast he signed and sent back being the season has started now and he is busy. Thank You Mr. Huson! The Rockies have started out great! Best of Luck th rest of 2020 Sir!
Jamesalford23 04-10-202007-27-2020Success 1082/2Thank you sir!!! 
ttmhog15 02-24-2020 Pending -1/0Sent 1 card, HWLOR, SASE 
Tstuck 12-09-201912-21-2019Success 121/1  
rich summa 10-07-201912-20-2019Success 743/391 Score 91 IS 92 Fleer 
dodgers10 09-18-201912-20-2019Success 935/5  
ericsagara 09-14-201909-04-2020Success 3562/2 
rich summa 09-13-201910-01-2019Success 183/390 Score Traded 92 Stadium Club 93 Fleer 
rich summa 06-24-201909-13-2019Success 813/390 Topps 90 Topps Traded 91 Topps 
chazeroom 06-20-201907-02-2019Success 124/4  
zonino 05-30-201906-18-2019Success 194/4  
Patgrealish 05-18-201905-31-2019Success 131/11990 Topps. SASE. 
BraveStarr 05-16-201906-01-2019Success 165/4'90 Fleer, '90 Topps, '91 Score, '93 Upper Deck - 
Craiggb 05-13-201906-01-2019Success 193/3  
dgrooms72 04-29-201905-11-2019Success 121/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 93 Fleer card.
Craiggb 04-19-201905-11-2019Success 225/4  
MostMirror 04-15-201905-15-2019Success 301/1Sent LOR, SASE, '90 Topps 
GoStLCards 04-04-201904-15-2019Success 116/3  
tglg 03-26-201904-16-2019Success 214/4Got back all 4 cards signed in black sharpie 
Jamman1978 02-26-201904-15-2019Success 473/3  
jrbeasley 11-27-201812-24-2018Success 274/490 Donruss Best of the AL, 90 Donruss The Rookies, 90 Fleer Update, 93 Keebler 
tglg 10-05-201811-23-2018Success 495/5Got back all 5 signed in a nice black sharpie. 
chazeroom 07-31-201808-10-2018Success 105/5  
Ky1603 07-30-201808-11-2018Success 122/21990 Topps & 1993 Topps Gold 
xtra-innings 06-21-201807-03-2018Success 125/3x3 cards
STLCardinals66 06-07-201806-23-2018Success 165/5x5 cards 
RobHarrington 05-21-201806-02-2018Success 124/4Signed four cards in black Sharpie. 
Smittzerland 05-14-201806-01-2018Success 184/41990 Fleer, 1991 Topps, 1991 UD, 1993 Fleer Ultra 
702tpr777 04-30-201805-14-2018Success 143/31991 Fleer, 1992 Donruss,1993 Leaf.. Thanks Mr. Huson! 
haynmay 04-23-201805-15-2018Success 223/3olympic stadium postcard, 1990 upper deck, 1990 topps 
calschmidt 04-17-2018 Pending -1/0(1) 1990 Topps 
tglg 09-05-201710-02-2017Success 274/4Got all 4 back signed nicely in black sharpie....very pleased. 
Kylebahnick 08-24-201710-13-2017Success 501/1  
andrewgrafe 06-15-201707-07-2017Success 221/191 UD for my complete set 
Foul Bunt 05-30-201706-12-2017Success 135/5Signed my MLB Showdown 2000, 1992 Topps Gold Winners, 1990 Score, 1990 Topps and 1991 Topps. 
jrheffy 09-02-201609-21-2016Success 193/3Signed 3 Cards, Thanks Jeff 
marty77 09-02-201609-23-2016Success 212/21990 & 1992 Topps 
xtra-innings 08-01-201608-08-2016Success 74/4x4 cards
PJsDad 07-20-201608-08-2016Success 191/1Sent LOR, SASE, 1 card. Nice signature in blue sharpie!
magic79 07-16-201607-27-2016Success 113/3Three cards signed in black Sharpie 
Smittzerland 06-25-201607-22-2016Success 274/41991 Fleer Ultra, 2x 1991 Topps, 1992 Stadium Club 
cbtvideos 05-27-201606-13-2016Success 171/1Sent one 1990 Upper Deck trading card, letter, and SASE. Got back trading card I sent, signed with a black Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent.
thefridge 04-05-201605-03-2016Success 284/4Sent '90, 91, 93 UD, 91 fleer. Signed all 4 in black sharpie. 
guodrenniks 09-01-201509-24-2015Success 232/2  
mnbigfoot 08-24-201509-08-2015Success 153/31990 Topps Traded and (2) 1993 Upper Deck. Thanks Mr. Huson!
Cashmoney23 07-16-201507-30-2015Success 141/1Amazing success signing 1/1! 
RELWOB 05-26-201506-06-2015Success 111/1Card 
haynmay 05-10-201505-21-2015Success 113/3mothers cookies 
magic79 04-06-201504-16-2015Success 103/3Three cards signed in black Sharpie 
39special 03-21-201504-16-2015Success 261/1'90 Upper Deck 
imcoop 03-11-201504-03-2015Success 231/1He signed my 1990 Fleer card 
cbtvideos 02-13-201503-10-2015Success 241/1Sent one 1990 Topps Traded trading card, letter, and SASE. Got back trading card I sent, signed with a blue Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent.
Baseball Guru 44 08-20-201309-19-2013Success 302/3Sent 2 cards, received 3 signed 
darrenadams007 06-17-201307-02-2013Success 152/1Sent a playing card along with a letter and SASE, recieved my card back today signed great success! 
smrbraves 05-13-201305-20-2013Success 71/1Working on new TTM blog 
nolan34ryan 11-05-201212-02-2012Success 273/3Signed all 3 of my Rangers cards. Jeff was one of my Favs growing up class act. 
tonyt1957 03-24-201108-14-2011Success 1431/189/proset/singed in black 
xtra-innings 06-07-201006-25-2010Success 184/4 
wmhc28413 05-11-201005-20-2010Success 93/3 
xtra-innings 04-24-201005-03-2010Success 94/4 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
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Address success percentage: 67%    
Total number of submission on this address: 9
# of Success: 4  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 3
Added by:levi   Added on: 12-27-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
delones24 04-25-2018 Pending -1/090 UD 
mas 03-12-201510-12-2015Failure 2147/0sent 7 cards offered 4--write off 
platemys 07-09-2014 Pending -1/0  
baseball19 03-04-201306-22-2013Success 1093/2  
BigStew40 02-16-2013 Pending -1/0  
tglg 12-07-201212-14-2012Success 74/4  
bigsportsfan1 12-03-201212-14-2012Success 114/3Signed 3 cards in blue sharpie and returned other card unsigned. Still good, thanks Jeff! 
levi 12-28-201001-14-2011Success 173/31990 Topps/Fleer, 1991 Topps 
tonyt1957 12-14-20108-2-19Failure -10290/091T topps Land fill 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 0
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:haynmay   Added on: 01-19-2018
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage


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