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Ron Gant Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 98%

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Address success percentage: 57%    
Total number of submission on this address: 15
# of Success: 8  # of Failed: 6  # of Pending: 1
Added by:levi   Added on: 07-07-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Mr Goody 11-07-201911-16-2019Success 91/1Nice 
spahnandsain 07-29-2019 Failure -4/0Not deliverable as addressed. Unable to forward. 
Sdlynch 07-15-201908-06-2019Success 221/1Got my card back signed in blue marker. Thanks Mr. Gant 
MostMirror 05-28-201906-14-2019Failure 173/0Sent LOR, SASE, '89 Topps, '89 Bowman, '91 Topps. RTS. Not deliverable as addressed. Unable to forward. 
Camgraphs7 05-28-2019 Pending -4/0  
Craiggb 04-14-201904-26-2019Success 125/5  
ahuggins81 01-07-201901-16-2019Success 91/1Sent LOR, card and a SASE...recieved back signed 
TTMmatt1142 12-29-201801-12-2019Failure 142/0RTS 
Wjriii 12-26-201801-14-2019Failure 191/1RTS-UTF 
Raleigh5 10-19-201812-03-2018Success 453/3Sent SASE, 3 cards and letter 
chase7744 02-27-201803-16-2018Success 167/6sent 7 cards signed 6 and kept 1 
viper45 06-10-201506-18-2015Failure 82/0RTS - Unable to forward 
Goldenage 05-14-201505-30-2015Success 163/3Answerd both questions. Best part about playing in Philly? Cheesesteaks HaHa 
Bigrange 04-07-201505-06-2015Success 291/1Signed Sports Illustrated
levi 07-07-201011-26-2012Failure 8734/0write off 
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Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 1
Added by:smrbraves   Added on: 10-20-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
smrbraves 09-11-2010 Pending -1/0  
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Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 450
# of Success: 431  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 17
Added by:biggsy2323   Added on: 03-30-2013
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
benwalk1 8/16/1808-24-2018Success 83/3  
ronbaker31 3/23/18 Pending -1/0  
IAK683 01-18-2020 Pending -2/0Two cards 
espyonage 01-16-2020 Pending -2/01989 Topps, 1994 TSC 
FlyinWV 01-13-2020 Pending -4/0Send LOR, SASE, '89 Topps, '89 Score '89 Fleer and '92 Bowman 
aeich11 12-28-201901-06-2020Success 95/2asked for 2, offered 3 - Thanks Ronnie!
kandiclipper 12-27-201901-06-2020Success 106/6Ttm hall of Famer for sure! 
nccards 12-20-201901-09-2020Success 203/3  
Newbomb Turk 12-20-201901-09-2020Success 201/188 Score. Thank you, Mr. Gant. 
ecfan 12-09-201912-23-2019Success 145/5Signed 4 TC, 1 AC.
brooks13307 12-07-201912-23-2019Success 166/695, 96, 97 Topps, 97 Fleer Ultra, 92, 93 Donruss 
sosa0718 12-05-201912-16-2019Success 114/4Sent four cards with a letter and SASE; received all four signed! 
nccards 12-05-201912-16-2019Success 111/1  
dgrooms72 12-03-201912-14-2019Success 112/2Sent LOR, SASE, 88 Topps K-Mart Dream Team card, and 89 Score card.
MadTownCards 12-02-201912-16-2019Success 144/4  
bhays44 11-27-201912-16-2019Success 196/6LOR, SASE, signed all 6. Thanks!
zonino 11-27-201912-16-2019Success 198/6Sweet return. Kept 2 
jacker54 11-27-201912-07-2019Success 101/1'89 Topps 
Tracymike40 11-23-201912-07-2019Success 145/5All 5 cards signed thank you Mr. Gant 
white_rabbit 11-20-201912-09-2019Success 194/488s, 89t, 99f and a 89 Topps big card, thanks a lot Ron! 
dish142002 11-12-201911-23-2019Success 116/6Signed 6 cards! 
FlyingDutchmen 11-11-201911-23-2019Success 126/689 Topps, 89 Donruss, 89 Score, 89 Upper Deck, 90 Upper Deck, 91 Score
WhiteSoxFan13 11-04-201911-12-2019Success 82/2LOR, SASE, 1991 & 1992 Topps, both signed in blue. 
quickstraw 10-31-201911-12-2019Success 121/1Sent 8 x 10 ... Signed it. 
TangoDelta 10-30-201911-12-2019Success 131/1Sent SASE, LOR, and 1991 Topps
Snapper06 10-28-201911-04-2019Success 72/22 OF 2 FROM RON GANT! SIGNED IN BLUE SHARPIE
rich summa 10-28-201911-07-2019Success 104/491 Score 91 Topps 92 Stadium Club 93 Fleer 
bigbenjobu 10-25-201911-04-2019Success 103/3Signed all 3 and personalized the one requested
kandiclipper 10-22-201911-12-2019Success 216/6Signed all 6! Now have a signed card of him with every team he played for. 
JayFL 10-19-201910-28-2019Success 98/6Sent LOR, SASE, 88D, 88, 2/89UD, 90L, 90D/K, 91L and 91T--Signed all nicely, DK and 91T had "2X all star and silver slugger inscriptions respectively. Kept the 89 UD...Love the inscriptions! 
Moss84 10-18-201911-13-2019Success 265/5letter w/sase saying how nervous I was at the 1991 world series. WE WON 
Danmay55 10-18-201910-26-2019Success 87/6Signed 6 kept 1! 
LoneRanger1975 10-17-201910-29-2019Success 127/7Sent seven cards and a hand written letter.
BlueSkinnyFan 10-16-201910-25-2019Success 94/41989 Topps. 1990 Topps. 1991 Topps. 1993 Topps.
zonino 10-15-201910-25-2019Success 108/6Kept two, as offered. Great success 
ericsagara 10-14-201910-25-2019Success 114/488 Donruss, 91 UD, 92 UD & 93 Flair
FlyTheW 35 10-14-201910-25-2019Success 113/3sent 3 cards, LOR, SASE no $*UPDATE recieved all 3 cards back signed, one personalized thanks mr gant 
BraveStarr 10-09-201910-22-2019Success 135/5'89 Topps (2), '90 Topps, '91 Stadium Club, '93 Upper Deck - 
nccards 10-09-2019 Success -4/4  
NickBrischke 10-07-201910-18-2019Success 111/1Even personalized 2x all star 
NASKAT48 10-03-201910-11-2019Success 81/11989 Score. Thank you Mr Gant!
white_rabbit 10-02-201910-12-2019Success 103/390t, 99sc and a 90 topps big card, thanks a lot Ron! 
Gyro 09-27-201910-10-2019Success 133/3Signed all with clean signature in blue Sharpie....thanks Ron! 
Davidortiz29 09-19-201910-01-2019Success 122/2  
ericsagara 09-16-201909-26-2019Success 103/391 Studio, 94 Donurss, & 00 Fleer
pbtank67 09-09-201909-17-2019Success 84/489F, 89UD, 90L, & 90T. All nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
ajblack81 09-09-201909-16-2019Success 72/2Two beautiful cards signed and returned in blue Sharpie
spahnandsain 09-05-2019 Pending -4/0  
Tomahawks 09-02-201909-07-2019Success 51/1One of my favorites. Signed Topps card 
ericsagara 08-26-201909-06-2019Success 111/096 UD Collector's Choice
timmyc82 08-23-201908-31-2019Success 85/5Signed 5 cards in thin blue marker
gabe44baseball 08-22-201909-04-2019Success 1310/7signed 7, kept 3 Thanks Mr. Gant 
mrtrhl13 08-21-201908-31-2019Success 105/5**2nd Successful Return** LOR, SASE, 5 cards, no $. All 5 returned signed. Success.
ericsagara 08-13-201908-22-2019Success 93/3 
Mikecheckgw 08-12-201908-22-2019Success 101/1Sent 1 card. Received back signed
Poormans Stack 08-07-2019 Pending -5/0  
mrtrhl13 08-04-201908-10-2019Success 64/4LOR, SASE, 4 cards, no $. Returned 4/4. 88D, 90T, 92UD, 9DDK. Success!
kaw316 07-29-201908-06-2019Success 82/2Blue Ink 
fanschoice 07-27-201908-06-2019Success 101/01992 Topps All Star - Signed in blue ink! 
zonino 07-27-201908-06-2019Success 108/7  
jrod311 07-22-201908-03-2019Success 123/3  
TigersFan99 07-19-201907-27-2019Success 82/21989 Topps Bazooka starter card and 1995 Topps signed in blue sharpie 
kandiclipper 07-18-201907-27-2019Success 91/11988 fleer set 
Ryan2429 07-08-201907-22-2019Success 146/6  
SchmidtStache 07-06-201907-19-2019Success 132/22 custom cards in blue sharpie through the TV station.
Hello 07-06-201907-20-2019Success 142/22/2 thanks mr gant! 
walker066 07-02-201907-13-2019Success 111/1Signed Topps card! 
TheGunshow 06-30-201907-12-2019Success 123/3Thanks Mr. Gant 
brooks13307 06-30-201907-12-2019Success 126/692, 92 AS, 93, 94 Topps, 89 Score, 90 Donruss 
Superdiz26 06-25-201907-11-2019Success 163/3Signed 1Topps 1990, and 2 baseball shaped playing cards in blue 
spwhitta 06-17-201907-01-2019Success 142/2  
23Wolf22 06-10-2019 Pending -1/0  
Superdiz26 06-10-201906-21-2019Success 113/3Signed 1 O Pee Chee 1992, 1 Topps 1994 and 3 playing cards in blue 
Calebssportscards 06-08-201906-22-2019Success 144/4Signed all 4 cards
Piester 06-02-201906-13-2019Success 111/1  
Brooksfamily 05-31-201906-10-2019Success 103/3  
NYYJMM 05-28-201906-10-2019Success 133/33 cards signed in blue
3RoyalsFans 05-28-201906-17-2019Success 204/4  
Superdiz26 05-22-201906-01-2019Success 104/4Signed 1 Topps 1989. 1 O Pee Chee 1992. A baseball shaped playing card and a baseball themed beer coaster in blue 
cardsbaseball245 05-21-201906-21-2019Success 315/55/5 all signed in blue. Thank you Mr. Gant! 
zonino 05-20-201905-31-2019Success 116/6Ron “effffing” gant signee 6/6. Awesome return 
kandiclipper 05-20-201905-31-2019Success 113/3Signed all 3! 
Superdiz26 05-10-201905-16-2019Success 64/4Signed 1 Leaf 1991, 1 Fleer/Skybox 1998, Topps 1994, and 1 baseball shaped playing card in blue 
zooiiks 05-01-201905-17-2019Success 165/5Signed all 5 cards! Sent LOR, SASE and 5 cards
kandiclipper 04-29-201905-18-2019Success 192/2Signed both! 
Danmay55 04-26-201905-06-2019Success 106/6Signed all 6! 
Ocape 04-16-201904-29-2019Success 131/1  
SyxxSynse 04-16-201904-24-2019Success 84/4Signed my 89 Topps Rookies, 91 Upper Deck, 92 Upper Deck, and 94 Topps Stadium Club cards. Thanks, Mr. Gant! 
kandiclipper 04-13-201904-25-2019Success 123/3sent 3 cards. Signed all 3 in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr. Gant!
almanza805 04-09-201904-18-2019Success 91/1  
white_rabbit 04-04-201904-19-2019Success 153/3thanks a lot Ron 
Craiggb 03-29-201904-13-2019Success 156/6  
dgo71 03-25-201904-01-2019Success 76/6All signed in bold blue sharpie, great TTM signer!
Jawheels73 03-18-201903-30-2019Success 124/4Signed 4 cards
nmusicp 03-12-201903-21-2019Success 93/3  
mlbfan74 03-11-201903-22-2019Success 114/4  
kholmes 03-11-201903-21-2019Success 101/1sent 1 card and received back, signed, in a little over a week 
Snapper06 03-05-201903-15-2019Success 91/1 
JMac25 03-04-201903-23-2019Success 188/6Signed 6/8 nicely in blue. Kept my 89 Fleer and 91 Classic. 
Jamesalford23 02-28-201903-08-2019Success 82/2  
dgo71 02-27-201903-09-2019Success 106/6Awesome return! Thanks Mr. Gant!
splaice 02-26-201903-08-2019Success 102/2SASE, Letter, 90 UD, 88 Score - Signed Both, Thanks Mr. Gant! 
TnDodger 02-24-201903-02-2019Success 61/11992 Fleer, Thanks Mr Gant!
Patgrealish 02-21-201903-05-2019Success 125/5SASE. 89 & 91 Topps, along with 92 Topps All Star card, 89 & 90 Donruss 
evoniukus 02-13-201902-25-2019Success 121/1Sent 1 card, LOR, and SASE. Returned signed in blue ink.
Cardinals5528 02-13-201902-26-2019Success 133/3  
Ky1603 02-13-201902-25-2019Success 121/11992 Topps All Star 
RIFF RAFF 77 02-11-201902-21-2019Success 101/1  
Munson15 02-05-201902-16-2019Success 115/51989, 1999 and 2000 Topps...1991 Topps Stadium Club and 1990 Donruss Diamond Kings...quick return, thanks Ron! 
mpbast 01-30-201902-15-2019Success 162/291 Donruss, 92 Topps
Leeburtt 01-29-201902-09-2019Success 116/6  
bravesfanfromny 01-29-2019 Success -1/1billsttmautographs on facebook (No Fee) 
bravesfanfromny 01-29-2019 Success -1/1  
Sue 01-28-201902-07-2019Success 101/1Sent a 1989 Topps - received very quickly, signed in blue Sharpie! Thanks, Mr. Gant!
UFFiesta10 01-26-201902-02-2019Success 72/2  
Tyler27m 01-25-201902-02-2019Success 82/2  
gabsttms 01-06-201901-16-2019Success 103/3@gabsttms on instagram 
Logan Richmond 01-05-201901-14-2019Success 92/21989T and 1992TSC 
Jroy4848 12-27-2018 Pending -1/0  
Jamesalford23 12-21-201803-08-2019Success 772/2  
Provo986 12-12-201812-26-2018Success 142/2  
dgrooms72 12-05-201812-15-2018Success 101/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 91 Donruss card. Got card back signed in blue marker.
Anthony1 12-04-201812-18-2018Success 1412/12didn't put specs on card like asked but still signed. very happy. 
brooks13307 11-22-201812-04-2018Success 128/81988, 89, 90, 91 Topps, 88, 88R, 89 Donruss, 91 UD CC 
JMac25 11-21-201812-06-2018Success 156/6Signed 6/6 nicely in blue. 
delones24 11-19-201812-01-2018Success 121/190 UD
RobHarrington 11-15-201811-24-2018Success 96/6Signed six cards in blue Sharpie. 
mezmaster10 10-31-201811-14-2018Success 141/192 topps all star 
bootzilla 10-29-201811-10-2018Success 124/4signed 4/4 baseball cards 
BleedBlue15 10-23-201811-01-2018Success 93/3'89 Fleer, '92 Donruss, '92 Topps All-Star, Blue Sharpie. 
ChefCharley 10-16-201810-30-2018Success 145/55/5 signed and returned. Great success from a really great player and guy! 
mkopacko 10-09-201810-23-2018Success 144/4all 4 signed in blue sharpie. 
JMac25 09-12-201809-24-2018Success 126/6Signed 6/6 nicely in blue. 
pbtank67 08-29-201809-08-2018Success 102/288F & 89UD. Blue sharpie. 
Bigcab62 08-24-201808-30-2018Success 61/1Sent 91 topps;signed nicely in blue sharpie 
rstoewe 08-20-201808-27-2018Success 75/588S 90T 90UD 91T 92D with SASE and LOR; all received back in great shape... Thank you, Mr. Gant! 
Davidortiz29 08-20-201808-27-2018Success 73/3 
chazeroom 08-14-201808-22-2018Success 88/8  
Tex2005 08-08-201808-18-2018Success 101/1Sent 89 Topps 
jasonthebald 08-05-201808-11-2018Success 62/2  
eafick 08-02-2018 Pending -5/0I am sending out a 2013 hometown heroes, 1991 topps, 1991 donruss, 1990 fleer, 1991 fleer ultra. 
chcards9 07-28-201808-04-2018Success 74/4Signed All 
fwtincaps70 07-27-201808-06-2018Success 101/196 topps
RedskinRussell 07-23-201808-06-2018Success 144/4Signed 89 Topps, 96 Score, 96 Ultra and 00 Topps. 
Baldones 07-20-201808-04-2018Success 152/2Sending 2 * By 10 Photos Thanks Mr. Ron Gant. 
dish142002 07-17-2018 Success -6/0Signed 6 cards 
Goaftermath 07-16-201807-23-2018Success 73/389T 90T 90D signed in blue looks great! 
dodgers10 07-11-201807-20-2018Success 97/7  
Vick1jj 07-06-201807-19-2018Success 132/2Sent 92 Fleer, 93 Fleer Ultra, SASE, and LOR. He signed both cards in black ink. 
Tbird21 06-25-201807-20-2018Success 253/3sase 
brooks13307 06-24-201807-13-2018Success 197/67 CARDS 
jsorah10 06-19-201806-25-2018Success 63/33 cards, LOR, SASE, Signed in blue ink. Thanks Mr. Gant! 
GoStLCards 06-18-201807-10-2018Success 222/2  
stephstremp17 06-11-201806-21-2018Success 101/1Sent a 1988 Topps #39T and he signed it perfectly in blue! Thanks, Mr. Gant! Came back in 10 days! 
mpi 06-11-2018 Success -2/2  
tc123 06-05-201806-16-2018Success 112/2Sent 2 Cards SASE LOR both returned signed 
Tay1038 05-25-201806-07-2018Success 132/289T, 90D, SASE, LOR
Bostoncollector 05-22-201806-01-2018Success 102/2  
GoStLCards 05-12-201805-19-2018Success 71/1  
BigDaddySports 05-11-201805-19-2018Success 84/4Sent 4 cards, LOR & SASE - 4/4 sent back signed perfectly! Thanks Mr. Gant! 
WhiteSoxFan13 05-10-201805-19-2018Success 92/2LOR, SASE, 1989 Donruss and 1991 Donruss Diamond Kings, both signed in blue. 
AaronJudge 05-05-201805-14-2018Success 94/4Nice in blue 
jasonpriv 05-04-201805-10-2018Success 61/1  
xtra-innings 05-03-201805-16-2018Success 134/4x4 cards
smrbraves 04-23-201805-04-2018Success 112/2visit 
sreader3 04-18-201804-28-2018Success 104/488D, 89T, 89D (mine), 03T (my son's). Blue Sharpie. Very nice!
JustStartingOut 04-14-201804-27-2018Success 131/1LOR, SASE. 1999 UD MVP. Received signed nicely in blue sharpie. 
fishking 04-08-201804-13-2018Success 53/3signed 3 cards in blue sharpie! 
SyxxSynse 04-07-201804-13-2018Success 62/2Signed my ‘89 Score and ‘93 Topps cards. Thanks, Mr. Gant! 
AZWildcat007 04-06-201804-16-2018Success 103/3  
whitesox17 03-29-201804-13-2018Success 153/3Sent LOR, SASE, (3) custom 4x6. Signed all three, thank you Mr. Gant! 
cdogdrippen 03-21-201803-30-2018Success 91/1signed my baseball 
Asfan2017 03-21-201803-31-2018Success 104/4Signed all 4 cards, but didn't answer the questions. Thank you Mr Gant! 
NYYanks2018 03-16-201804-16-2018Success 313/3  
Oriolesrise 03-07-201803-17-2018Success 94/488 Score 91 OPC 93 Upper Deck 00 Topps 
Danmay55 03-01-201803-12-2018Success 105/5signed all 5 
JMac25 02-23-201803-05-2018Success 106/6Signed 6/6 in blue sharpie 
702tpr777 02-22-201803-02-2018Success 83/31989 Topps, 1990 Donruss, 1992 Upper Deck Home run heroes.... Thanks Mr. Gant! 
jupitersailfish 02-20-201803-01-2018Success 91/1Sending 1 card with SASE. Signed nicely, Thanks Ron Gant!!
jnettles15 02-09-201802-17-2018Success 83/3Sent 8x10's from his 2 HR game in the 1996 NLCS. Received all three back, with inscriptions. 
jacksonkdj 02-07-201802-20-2018Success 131/1Sent one card, 1990 Upper Deck
Roaddawg58 01-24-201802-01-2018Success 83/3'88 Fleer, '91 Topps Stadium Club, '93 Topps Stadium Club signed in blue sharpie 
BoLane 01-18-201801-29-2018Success 113/33 signatures look great! / 1 card damaged on return but still grateful! / Thanks Mr. Gant!
33tmiller 01-17-201801-30-2018Success 131/1photo 8x10 small autograph 
totalnv 01-13-201801-22-2018Success 92/2SASE, LOR, 2 trading cards - signed both cards in blue sharpie
eafick 01-08-2018 Pending -6/0I am sending out a 1992 topps, 1991 donruss diamond kings, 1990 donruss, 2000 upper deck, 1992 topps stadium club, and a 2001 fleer triple crown. 
dwilk17 01-03-201801-13-2018Success 102/2  
Foul Bunt 01-02-201801-11-2018Success 94/4Signed my 1989 & 1999 Topps, 1996 Gallery and 2014 Topps Stadium Club Firebrand 
brooks13307 01-02-201801-19-2018Success 178/81988 + 1990 Fleer, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 UD, 1993 Flair 
jman23 12-27-201701-10-2018Success 141/188 Fleer in Blue Sharpie 
Logan Richmond 12-26-201701-06-2018Success 114/41989 Donruss #50, 1989 Fleer #590, 1990 Donruss #475, and 1991 Donruss #507 
bigmo1979 12-23-201712-29-2017Success 61/190 Topps 
LSUFanatic 12-09-201712-18-2017Success 92/291 UD and 93 Topps in blue Sharpie 
blwinborn36 12-05-2017 Pending -10/0  
CRM302 12-01-201712-15-2017Success 142/2Signed 91 Leaf and 94 Topps in black sharpie. Thanks Mr. Gant! 
RobHarrington 11-26-201712-30-2017Success 344/4Signed 1990 Fleer, 1992 Stadium Club (x2) & 1994 Donruss in blue Sharpie. 
Smittzerland 11-21-201712-02-2017Success 111/11993 Topps 
Royals1982 11-15-201711-24-2017Success 93/4signed my 2 cards and custom IC and sent back 3 signed cards and the IC. 
39special 11-06-201711-20-2017Success 141/1'89 Topps Shining Star and answered my questions 
RedskinRussell 11-02-201711-13-2017Success 115/5Signed 88 KMart, 88 Topps, 90 Donruss, 92 Topps Gold, 93 Topps 
Baldones 10-30-201704-10-2019Failure 5271/0one OML Baseball 
Datboijohnny 10-26-201711-02-2017Success 73/3Sent 88 Fleer, score and donruss cards. Got back today signed in blue. Thank you! 
Appraiserjake 10-11-201710-23-2017Success 124/4  
JoeyDonuts 10-07-201710-20-2017Success 132/21996 Upper Deck & 2001 Topps. Very nice! Thank you Mr. Ron Gant 
Ryanmcgarry 10-01-201711-01-2017Success 317/73 or 4 weeks but he signed em all. I had doubles too . Free ! 
Fastball627 09-28-201710-10-2017Success 121/1  
Provo986 09-23-201710-09-2017Success 161/11 Donruss '87- Signed nicely in blue sharpie 
Roaddawg58 09-15-201709-25-2017Success 102/2'88 Score and '89 Topps signed in blue sharpie 
CardsAndPhils 09-01-201709-11-2017Success 105/5Sent 89F, 89T, 91T, 97UD, 15 Stadium Club, LOR, and SASE. ~~UPDATE~~ Got the cards back today, signed in blue Sharpie. Fast 10 day return!
shemer27 08-30-201709-20-2017Success 214/4Signed nicely in blue 
danb 08-28-201709-08-2017Success 113/3Didn't get asked inscription but signed well. 
twinsfan83 08-25-201709-05-2017Success 112/21989 Topps, 1996 Metal Universe 
NYYJMM 08-14-201708-26-2017Success 121/12001 Topps, sent with SASE. Signed with blue sharpie and also by his face.
Royals1982 08-12-201708-26-2017Success 144/4signed 4 of 4 cards. Great signer. 
xtra-innings 08-01-201708-12-2017Success 114/4x4 cards
DrewEd 07-31-201708-05-2017Success 52/2Signed 1990 leaf and 1989 topps cards in blue sharpie 
andrewgrafe 07-26-201708-07-2017Success 122/291 UD(reg & team card) for set 
Cardlover 07-23-201708-03-2017Success 112/2Sent 2 2001 bat cards got both signed in blue sharpie 
34BoJackson16 07-19-201707-29-2017Success 107/7(7) different team cards. Got all (7) back my collection is complete. Thank you Ron! 
devils1854 07-17-201708-05-2017Success 192/2sent 2 cards, LOR, SASE got back both cards signed and personalized 
sycro 07-10-201707-24-2017Success 144/41994 UD CC, 1993 Topps, 1992 Triple Play, 1993 Leaf
bigbenjobu 07-03-201707-10-2017Success 73/3Signed all 3 and added requested personalization
grapher0315 06-27-201707-08-2017Success 117/7Signed 7/7, thanks Mr. Gant!! 
tglg 06-20-201707-03-2017Success 134/4Got all 4 back signed nicely in blue sharpie....very pleased. 
SyxxSynse 06-15-201706-22-2017Success 72/2Signed my '90 Fleer and '94 Topps Team Stadium Club card. 7 days. Thanks, Mr. Gant! 
flutie13 06-08-201706-23-2017Success 151/1  
blwinborn36 06-01-201706-15-2017Success 1410/7  
spikeowen 05-15-201705-25-2017Success 104/488T traded, 88S, 89L, & 89UD - Signed all 4, great success! 
RobHarrington 05-08-201705-18-2017Success 103/31988 Topps, 1992 Topps Gold & 1992 Topps Gold All-Star signed in blue Sharpie. 
Gkinder75 05-08-201705-20-2017Success 123/3Received a 1990 donruss, 89 topps, and 90 topps 
briang0381 05-01-201705-20-2017Success 191/1Sent 1 card and received back signed. Thank you, Mr. Gant! 
SyxxSynse 05-01-201705-11-2017Success 105/5Signed my '88 Topps, '88 Donruss, '90 Topps, '90 Donruss, and '91 Topps. 10 days. Thanks, Mr. Gant! 
Thulk2000 04-24-201705-05-2017Success 113/3  
Thulk2000 04-24-201705-05-2017Success 113/3signed 3 of 3 in blue sharpie. Super Fast turnaround for one the 90s Braves greats! Thanks Mr. Gant! 
cthom13 04-14-201704-25-2017Success 112/2  
eafick 03-25-201704-05-2017Success 116/61989 donruss, 1993 topps, 1991 bowman, 1988 topps traded, 1991 score, 1990 upper deck. Received all cards back signed nicely in blue sharpie, which was a 11 day return. Thanks Mr. Gant. 
chazeroom 03-24-201704-15-2017Success 227/7  
asquareron 03-23-201704-15-2017Success 232/288 Score, 90 Donruss .... signed in blue 
j5isnotforsale 03-20-201703-31-2017Success 112/395 limited, 95 flair for the set. Thank you Mr. Gant.
SyxxSynse 03-11-201703-27-2017Success 151/1Signed my ROMLB ball! 16 days. Thanks, Mr. Gant! 
BoSoxFan4235 03-11-201703-20-2017Success 83/33 signed in blue 
xtra-innings 03-10-201703-23-2017Success 125/5x5 cards
21ccl 03-07-201703-21-2017Success 133/3  
jimmyf21 03-02-201703-09-2017Success 74/4mailed 4 cards and sase - received 4 cards signed in blue 
goodbyehalloween 03-01-201703-11-2017Success 104/4signed in blue sharpie 
jimmyf21 02-27-201703-11-2017Success 123/3mailed 3 cards and sase - received 3 cards signed in blue 
blwinborn36 02-16-201703-01-2017Success 1310/8  
alex0 02-10-201702-24-2017Success 143/3Success, send date approximate. 3/3 blue sharpie. 1990 Topps, 91 UD, 92 Ultra. Thanks Mr. Gant! 
lkfojtik 02-01-201702-13-2017Success 123/3Sent LOR, SASE + 3 cards. Signed & returned all three w bold blue sharpie sigs! 
antmazzuca8 01-30-201702-13-2017Success 145/5Sent 5 cards and received back 5 signed. Thanks Ron 
Sbgrace0856 01-22-201702-04-2017Success 131/1Sent 1992 Topps | took 14 days 
Redsoxsaholic3 12-31-201601-13-2017Success 132/22x Donruss 1992 asking for personal incription on one //// returned both cards signed no personal touch 
BleedBlue15 12-27-201601-07-2017Success 113/3'90 Fleer, '91 Upper Deck, '92 Upper Deck Homerun Heroes. Blue Sharpie, 11 days. 
Deweygator 12-12-201612-24-2016Success 126/6 
LeeLamberts 12-08-201612-18-2016Success 102/20Two for two. What could be better? Thanks, Ron.
DonnyB5 11-30-201612-10-2016Success 106/6Got all signed in blue sharpie. Awesome 
yankeesgiants2000 11-28-201612-09-2016Success 115/5quick 11 days 
sroane1224 11-27-201612-10-2016Success 132/2  
nysportsxtra 11-27-201612-10-2016Success 132/2  
JocsLFHecklers 11-19-201612-05-2016Success 167/7  
tglg 11-19-201612-06-2016Success 176/6Got all 6 back signed nicely in blue sharpie....very pleased. 
chazeroom 11-14-201611-25-2016Success 117/7  
gratiotknight 11-12-201611-25-2016Success 131/1'88 Fleer signed in blue Sharpie... 
mnbigfoot 11-03-201611-12-2016Success 92/21992 Topps and 1992 Topps AS. Thanks Mr. Gant!
LoyalRoya8515 10-31-201611-13-2016Success 133/03 Baseball Cards 
bravesfanfromny 10-29-201611-13-2016Success 151/1Check out all my daily success and please also click like. 
PnutSmith77 10-25-201611-07-2016Success 133/3Received all 3 cards back signed. Big Braves fan!!! 
padsdsu 10-25-201611-05-2016Success 114/4x4 signed in blue sharpie 
jrona7 10-19-201611-03-2016Success 153/3Sent date approximate and # of items sent is also approximate 
blwinborn36 10-07-201610-17-2016Success 1010/7  
xtra-innings 10-01-201610-31-2016Success 304/4x4 cards
Mitchell2314 09-28-201610-06-2016Success 88/8Sent 8 cards. (1990 Fleer, 1989 Score, 1989 Topps, 1992 Topps, 2 Donruss 1990, & 2 1991 Upperdeck) 
Mitchell2314 09-08-201609-16-2016Success 84/44 Cards. 1991 UpperDeck, 1991 Topps, 1992 Triple Play & 1989 Fleer 
Ezdno 09-08-201609-16-2016Success 82/289T, 01TT&R GU BAT TY Mr Gant
magic79 09-01-201609-12-2016Success 115/5Five cards signed in blue Sharpie - one of the best signers out there! 
67anbh 08-31-201609-17-2016Success 173/3success video: 
1956WS 08-20-201608-27-2016Success 73/31988, 1989 Topps and 2015 Topps Stadium Club Gold. Thank you, Mr. Gant!
JGuerra 08-17-201608-29-2016Success 121/1Great signature on '88 Topps rookie. 
alabamagator925 08-16-201608-27-2016Success 112/2Returned both cards signed in blue sharpie. Very quick return! 
STLCardinals66 08-13-201608-22-2016Success 93/31991Upper Deck,1992 Score, 1993 Score. All signed in blue. 
blwinborn36 07-27-201608-04-2016Success 810/6  
pawcardsfan 07-18-201608-01-2016Success 146/6Great success, Gant should have won multiple MVPs 
xtra-innings 07-15-201608-01-2016Success 174/4x4 cards
CamaroDMD 07-07-201607-23-2016Success 161/1Sent 1989 Fleer #590, LOR, SASE. Returned Signed.
sml8bp 07-05-201607-16-2016Success 116/6Sent 6 cards, all 6 back signed and personalized in blue sharpie, also answered questions...
NatHon995 07-05-201607-16-2016Success 113/3Signed all three with blue sharpie nice! 
PAYE2005 06-30-201607-12-2016Success 123/3great looking signature. ... one of my favorites 
bostonfan16 06-27-201607-05-2016Success 81/1'90 Upper Deck. Very quick return. Thank you Mr. Gant! 
tglg 06-23-201607-16-2016Success 234/4Got back all 4 signed in a nice blue sharpie. 
nascargaryts 06-13-201606-23-2016Success 101/1Sent one card, signed blue sharpie, quick return 
whawkins51 06-11-201606-20-2016Success 92/2Thanks so much Mr. Gant! IG: ttmautosbymail YT: whawkins3 
gojacks 06-04-201609-08-2016Success 965/5  
Ezdno 06-02-201606-18-2016Success 162/2Signed 90DR with Blue sharpie, and ins 30-30 TY Mr Gant 
xtra-innings 06-01-201606-22-2016Success 213/3x3 cards
Smittzerland 05-31-201606-17-2016Success 175/5  
Doer03 05-26-201606-08-2016Success 135/5  
mnbigfoot 05-10-201605-20-2016Success 102/21993 Leaf and 2000 Skybox. Thanks Mr. Gant!
blwinborn36 04-28-201605-06-2016Success 810/7  
kahunalt1 04-21-201604-30-2016Success 91/1  
OC22 04-18-201604-30-2016Success 121/1Returned card signed, did not add requested inscription
mnbigfoot 03-29-201604-11-2016Success 133/31991 Upper Deck, 1991 OPC, and 1991 Score. Thanks Mr. Gant!
jrheffy 03-28-201604-11-2016Success 144/4Signed 4 Cards,Thanks Ron 
Pedroia15TheBest 03-28-201604-11-2016Success 145/5  
Coolhandkip 03-16-201603-26-2016Success 101/11997 flair signed in blue sharpie 
thefridge 03-16-201604-04-2016Success 195/5Sent 5 cards. Signed all 5 in blue sharpie. 
Donald20n 03-14-201604-04-2016Success 211/1in blue 
Foul Bunt 03-07-201603-17-2016Success 97/7Signed my 89 Topps Rookies, 93 Flair, 94 Ultra RBI King, 95 Chrome, 96 Fleer Metal, 07 Bowman Chrome, 02 Topps 
Canadian-Grapher 02-23-201603-10-2016Success 165/5Fast return, 5 cards in blue sharpie.
autograph3746 02-06-201602-25-2016Success 195/5Signed all 5 1988 Donruss RC's! 
xtra-innings 02-01-201603-09-2016Success 373/3x3 cards
Calebssportscards 01-20-201602-06-2016Success 175/5Asked him to keep some, he signed all 5 
Sryankee99 01-07-201601-15-2016Success 86/4sent 6 cards told him to take any if he wanted- 4 cards back all in blue. 
abonham1 01-05-201602-04-2016Success 305/5Signed all 5 cards for me, even though I only asked for 3 and told him he could keep the extras. 
sapba66 01-05-201601-14-2016Success 92/21 APBA game card, 1 1992 Donruss 
blwinborn36 01-04-201601-14-2016Success 1010/7  
RED BARON TX 12-22-201501-06-2016Success 152/2LOR, SASE, 89 UD and 88 Fleer. Both came back signed in black sharpie. 
IPAutos22 12-07-201512-22-2015Success 156/6Signed all 6 Thanks Mr. Gant! 
IPAutos22 11-25-201512-04-2015Success 95/5Very nice return from Ron Gant 
chazeroom 11-20-201512-02-2015Success 126/6 
xtra-innings 11-15-201512-14-2015Success 294/4x4 cards
MVPCF2 11-11-201512-02-2015Success 211/1  
Pedroia15TheBest 11-09-201511-30-2015Success 216/6  
CelciusII 11-09-201511-30-2015Success 214/4  
xtra-innings 10-15-201511-05-2015Success 216/6x6 cards (offered some/signed all)
srjames71 10-13-201510-29-2015Success 162/22/2 1989 8x10 Photo Card & 1992 Upper Deck 
blwinborn36 10-12-201510-29-2015Success 1710/7  
jkosmicki18 10-01-201510-30-2015Success 292/2sent date is approximate 
MDASCards 09-19-201509-28-2015Success 93/3Signed nicely in blue, thanks Mr. Gant 
thegeneral13 09-17-201509-26-2015Success 93/3Sent 96 Fleer, 99 Topps Traded, and 00 Topps/Returned in 9 days thank you Mr. Gant! 
magic79 08-18-201509-04-2015Success 174/4Four cards signed in blue Sharpie. 
Ebys23 08-15-201508-27-2015Success 122/290 Donruss and 95 Upper Deck- signed in black 
mnbigfoot 08-08-201508-24-2015Success 165/51989 Topps, 1989 Donruss, 1989 Fleer, 1990 Topps, and 1991 Upper Deck. Thanks Mr. Gant!
ghawk98 08-05-201508-17-2015Success 125/5Signed all five cards. Super fast return. Thanks Mr. Gant! 
bigbenjobu 08-03-201508-14-2015Success 117/7Thank you Mr. Gant!
BSRice 08-03-201508-14-2015Success 111/1 
crbaughn62 08-03-201508-14-2015Success 115/5  
xtra-innings 08-01-201508-14-2015Success 133/3x3 cards
blwinborn36 07-08-201507-24-2015Success 1610/7  
Pedroia15TheBest 07-06-201507-27-2015Success 214/4  
dega2429 06-24-201507-10-2015Success 162/288S 94TSC signed in blue sharpie - Facebook group Baseball TTM Aitographs 
viper45 06-23-201507-08-2015Success 152/2signed both rookie cards I sent 
tigermiggy24 06-14-201507-01-2015Success 171/11990 fleer 
PAYE2005 06-12-201506-30-2015Success 182/2signed 2 cards in blue sharpie... one upperdeck and one 1995 N.L Comeback player of the year card 
AllstarCzar31 06-04-201506-26-2015Success 226/6One of my favorite STL Cardinals ever! 6 baseball cards, letter, SASE. 
seaduck27 06-03-201507-05-2015Success 322/2sent two got two back thanks Mr.Gant 
blwinborn36 05-08-201505-18-2015Success 1010/6  
ptmerr01 04-22-201505-11-2015Success 191/11996 UD Collectors Choice Award Winner, signed in blue 
marty77 04-21-201505-11-2015Success 205/5 
bravesfanfromny 04-13-201505-01-2015Success 182/2  
wdburke 04-07-201504-20-2015Success 131/190 Topps, signed in blue Sharpie. 13 day return. Thanks Mr. Gant!
treyw1 04-07-201504-21-2015Success 143/3Sent letter, 3 cards, and SASE. Signed & returned all 3. 
delones24 04-03-201504-24-2015Success 211/189 Topps
bkoon 03-30-201504-18-2015Success 193/3  
louiepalouie 03-28-201504-20-2015Success 2310/4Kept 6 of my cards 
lesboulez 03-27-201504-06-2015Success 103/31988 Topps, 1989 Topps and '88 ProCards for set
sullivant89 03-14-201503-31-2015Success 172/2  
Donald20n 03-14-2015 Pending -1/0  
tburton 03-12-201503-31-2015Success 192/2Card, Letter and SASE 
benlee66 03-10-201503-31-2015Success 210/44 TCs 
mas 03-02-201503-24-2015Success 217/4sent 7 cards, offered 4, he signed 4 cards and returned the others unsigned. Thanks! 
ptmerr01 03-02-201503-23-2015Success 202/288 Topps Big & 91 Score, signed both in blue 
biggsy2323 02-26-201503-23-2015Success 248/8  
frazier114 02-24-201503-23-2015Success 264/4sent 4 cards and got all 4 back signed super STOKED
haynmay 02-20-201503-07-2015Success 151/1topps laser 
lamarcourtney 02-13-201503-06-2015Success 212/289 Fleer & 89 Topps KMart signed in blue sharpie. 
padsdsu 02-09-201503-05-2015Success 244/4x4 signed in blue sharpie....3rd time success 
bickel84 01-31-201502-13-2015Success 131/1Sent 1990 Donruss 
Eddie_2 01-16-201502-05-2015Success 203/315 days. Signed three Phillies cards for the collection. 
nosyarg14 01-12-201502-06-2015Success 2520/10Also sent about 20 cards for him to keep. 
dareyl 01-01-201501-24-2015Success 236/6 
Smitty5 12-19-201401-05-2015Success 173/3Awesome signature 
KetchFox00 12-18-201401-05-2015Success 181/1autograph card
Raiderprty 12-18-201401-05-2015Success 184/4nice to return all four signed! 
bicemusic 12-15-201401-08-2015Success 243/3Sent 3 cards: 88 Topps Traded, 88 score & 92 Topps Stadium Club w/ LOR. Success! Signed all 3 cards. Thanks Ron!
magic79 12-13-201412-23-2014Success 104/4Four cards signed in blue Sharpie - great success 
mnbigfoot 12-12-201412-23-2014Success 114/41989 Topps, (2) 1989 Donruss and 1990 Donruss. Thanks Ron! 
levi 12-05-201401-02-2015Success 282/21992 Topps All-Star, 2000 Topps-for set
cls13smith 12-01-201412-17-2014Success 161/1  
cls13smith 12-01-201412-03-2014Success 21/1Personalized and signed 8x10 
39special 11-25-201412-12-2014Success 172/2'91 Fledged ultra and '92 Pinnacle 
rockinrobin 11-24-201412-11-2014Success 172/2Sent a 90 Fleer and a 89 Topps and received both signed in blue sharpie. Awesome return from one of my favorite past Braves outfielders. Thank you Mr. Gant! 
blwinborn36 11-22-201412-11-2014Success 194/4  
23jumpman 10-30-201411-15-2014Success 163/3signed 3 nicely in blue 
Pedroia15TheBest 10-27-201411-15-2014Success 196/5  
Bedrock Bedrosian 09-20-201410-06-2014Success 162/2Great Success, '88 Fleer and '00 Topps 
Eddie_2 08-20-201409-20-2014Success 313/330 days. Signed three cards all in blue sharpie. Signature looks great. Thanks Ron! 
LGM4 08-20-201409-19-2014Success 302/2  
blwinborn36 08-18-201409-18-2014Success 3110/104 signed 
Calebssportscards 08-11-201409-02-2014Success 221/1  
pittcardinals 07-31-201408-16-2014Success 161/1'99 UD CC signed in blue 
Hwood65 07-22-201408-11-2014Success 202/2Signed 2 cards with blue sharpie. Cool!! 
imcoop 07-16-201408-09-2014Success 241/1He signed my 1990 Fleer card 
xtra-innings 07-15-201408-11-2014Success 275/5x5 cards
Dean28 07-14-201408-09-2014Success 262/2'91 Fleer Ultra & '91 T. Stadium Club signed nicely in blue Sharpie 
Rob6251 06-20-2014 Pending -1/0Sent 1 card and 1 IC 
xtra-innings 06-15-201407-14-2014Success 294/4x4 cards
padsdsu 06-09-201407-12-2014Success 333/3X3 signed in blue sharpie 
mikedmatthews 06-09-201407-11-2014Success 323/3 
marty77 06-04-201407-14-2014Success 402/21992 Topps and 1992 Topps AS
ramathorn 05-19-201406-07-2014Success 191/1Signed card in black 
xtra-innings 04-15-201405-27-2014Success 424/4x4 cards
blwinborn36 04-06-201405-01-2014Success 2510/7  
biggsy2323 04-02-2014 Pending -4/097 Sky, 85 Score, 91 Don, 96 CC 
chr5399 03-24-201404-28-2014Success 353/3Signed 3 in black Sharpie: '00 Upper Deck, '91 Dunruss Diamond King, '95 Pinnacle Zenith... Kept cards I offered him. 
rickyluke 03-10-201403-24-2014Success 141/1Exactly two weeks! Signed in Blue 
tberryment 03-05-201403-14-2014Success 84/4signed 91, 92(2), & 96 topps. Thank you Mr. Gant
oucats02 03-03-201404-04-2014Success 314/4THANKS MR. GANT!!! (Date not exact, was out of town) 
levi 03-02-201405-29-2014Success 872/21992 Topps, 1992 Topps All-Star for set
Bravesfan14 02-28-201403-27-2014Pending 261/1Signed my rookie card 
sml8bp 02-21-201404-07-2014Success 447/7Sent 7 cards with SASE from Korea, signed all 7 in black sharpie...
blwinborn36 02-17-201403-13-2014Success 2310/7  
rickyluke 02-11-201403-14-2014Success 301/131 days Signed in Blue! 
YankeesFan23 02-04-201403-13-2014Success 362/2  
DownGoesFrazier 02-01-201403-24-2014Success 501/190 Donruss Diamond King signed..thanks, Ron!! 
acratertocoffin 01-29-201402-07-2014Success 92/2Sent SASE, LOC, and 1990 Upper Deck and 1990 Topps. Received both signed in blue. 
Jstafford4897 01-24-201402-06-2014Success 134/4Sent 1990 fleer, 1992 fleer ultra, 2000 topps and 1992 leaf as well as a letter and SASE / signed all 4 in black sharpie 
oucats02 01-21-201402-07-2014Success 175/594 SP, 95 Ultra, 95 UD, 2-2001 Topps. THANKS MR. GANT!!! 
white_rabbit 01-18-201402-07-2014Success 203/388D, 89F and an 88T big card. Thanks a lot Ron!
xtra-innings 01-15-201402-06-2014Success 224/4x4 cards
bickel84 01-10-201401-21-2014Success 113/3  
Eric Parsons 01-02-201401-20-2014Success 181/1  
Robextend 01-02-201401-21-2014Success 193/31990 Leaf, 1990, 1991 UD/Great success, thank you Mr. Gant. 
silojohnson 12-21-201301-15-2014Success 254/4thanks ron! 
bigsportsfan1 12-16-201301-14-2014Success 296/6Signed all 6 cards, thanks Ron! 
marty77 12-14-201301-13-2014Success 304/4Signed 1989 Topps, 1998 Topps 1988 Fleer and 1990 Donruss. Thanks Ron!
dravensdad10 12-14-201301-14-2014Success 311/1One month. 
jeff8372emt 12-05-201301-13-2014Success 395/5signed 4 customs and a 91 Topps. Thank you. 
Cmoney66 12-03-201301-13-2014Success 414/4all 4 signed in black sharpie, thanks Mr. Gant! 
dukemiller 11-30-2013 Pending -2/0  
redrocker98ta 11-27-201312-16-2013Success 194/4Signed 4 cards in black sharpie, thanks Ron 
druce26 11-16-201311-25-2013Success 91/1  
xtra-innings 11-15-201311-27-2013Success 124/4x4 cards
rcgdodge 11-13-201311-25-2013Success 123/3Sweet. Thanks Mr Gant!! 
QPCloudy 11-07-201311-25-2013Success 183/3'88 Score Rookie Prospect / '91 Donruss / '91 Donruss Diamond King
jeezy2220 10-21-201311-08-2013Success 184/492 studio 88 tops rookie set 88tops and 88 dream team, quick return 
mayne1984 10-07-201310-28-2013Success 211/1SIGNED 1 1990 UD!!!!THANKS!!!!video here 
autographs2010 09-23-201310-28-2013Success 356/635 Days 
collector41 08-30-201309-20-2013Success 214/4Sent 4 cards to be signed. Signed all 4 in blue sharpie 
mazefan72 08-29-201309-20-2013Success 224/5sent 4 cards, and he sent an extra. Thank You Mr. Gant!
collector41 08-27-201308-29-2013Failure 24/0sent 4 cards to be signed. RTS - returned for better address. I forgot to put the town state and zip code 
tigsfan 08-20-201309-20-2013Success 313/3  
marty77 08-14-201309-21-2013Success 381/1Signed 1988 Topps Traded rookie card.
tglg 08-07-201309-07-2013Success 312/2  
Rob6251 07-26-201308-08-2013Success 133/22 cards and 1 index card 
xtra-innings 06-15-201307-19-2013Success 344/4x4 cards
BigStew40 06-10-2013 Pending -2/0  
BillyOcean 04-09-201305-20-2013Success 411/1Thanks Mr. Gant 
biggsy2323 03-30-201304-08-2013Success 92/296 CC, 97 Pinnacle 
Rebits77 08-29-200909-16-2016Success 25752/22 8x10's Thank You Mr Gant 
Waffle11 01-17-200902-07-2014Success 18474/4Sent 1989, 1990, 1992 Topps base, plus 1992 Topps all-star card/Success! TY! 
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and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 88%    
Total number of submission on this address: 27
# of Success: 21  # of Failed: 3  # of Pending: 3
Added by:Jeremy_Falcons   Added on: 05-10-2013
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
padsdsu 10-29-201312-23-2013Success 553/3x3 signed in black sharpie 
Tru2thaduce 09-20-201306-13-2014Failure 2662/0  
sml8bp 09-03-201302-09-2016Failure 8895/0Sent 5 cards, write off 
silojohnson 08-26-2013 Pending -4/0'90 UD, '92 Donruss, '93 Score Select, '89 Topps 
gojacks 07-30-201307-13-2016Success 10790/0  
JustinCards 07-27-2013 Pending -1/0  
southsidegraphs24 07-24-2013 Pending -2/0  
xtra-innings 07-20-201308-07-2013Success 184/4x4 cards
CO Rockies Fan 07-20-201307-29-2013Success 93/3Sent 3 cards, LOR, and SASE. Got all 3 back signed. 
yankeesfan1324 07-15-201307-25-2013Success 104/4Sending 4 cards - All 4 signed in blue 
JustinCards 07-09-201307-19-2013Success 103/3  
Tuck Stainback 07-01-201307-13-2013Success 121/1Sent 89 Topps 
bigbrownsfan 06-17-201307-11-2013Success 241/1  
xtra-innings 06-15-201307-10-2013Success 254/4x4 cards
JoeWeb10 06-15-201301-22-2014Failure 2214/0Fair to write this off now. Been over 6 months and I think they got lost cause he has had other successes from this address. Big dissapointment. 
levi 06-08-201306-17-2013Success 93/31989 Donruss,1994 Score 'Gold Stars', 1996 Pinnacle 'The Naturals'
bboonie53 06-06-201306-17-2013Success 114/4'88 Topps Rookies, '89 Topps, '95 Fleer, '98 Fleer/Signed all 4, thanks Ron. 
BillyBuck 05-31-201306-17-2013Success 171/11989 Topps 
JustinCards 05-30-201306-17-2013Success 182/2  
arfmax 05-29-201306-17-2013Success 192/289 Topps/91 Fleer Ultra 
Tru2thaduce 05-25-201306-01-2013Success 74/4Signed 4 in blue. 
Riggs 05-24-201306-01-2013Success 82/2awesome return. glad to see this come back 
levi 05-23-201306-01-2013Success 93/31989 Donruss, 1992 Topps, 1994 UD Special Edition
dadandsoncards 05-22-201306-01-2013Success 102/2'89 UD and '91 Topps, no questions 
anderson198922 05-15-201305-21-2013Success 62/2Awesome Success Signed card and photo 
white_rabbit 05-11-201305-22-2013Success 111/188D. Tanks a lot Ron!
Jeremy_Falcons 04-29-201305-09-2013Success 101/1 


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