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Mackey Sasser Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 88%

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Address success percentage: 91%    
Total number of submission on this address: 39
# of Success: 21  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 16
Added by:mmalpedo01   Added on: 07-18-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Doer03 03-11-2023 Pending -3/0  
Gableinn12 03-11-2023 Pending -1/089 Topps 
macheskyjeff 03-10-2023 Pending -3/01988 Topps Traded, 1989 Donruss, 1990 Fleer 
Schmidty548 03-10-2023 Pending -3/0  
MPhillips78 03-07-2023 Pending -1/01988 Donruss 
Metsfan1121 03-03-2023 Pending -1/0SAE, LOR and 1 Card 
MCflying 02-21-202303-09-2023Success 162/291 Topps & 91 Fleer 
hockeytown 02-18-202303-09-2023Success 194/4  
sandrwowitzb 02-17-202303-08-2023Success 191/1  
Jabroni-Mets-Fan 02-08-202303-10-2023Success 303/31989 Topps, 1990 Fleer, 1991 Score 
NovRains 02-06-202303-13-2023Success 343/3LOR, SASE, '90F, '90UD, '91D. Signed all three. Thanks Mr. Sasser! 
Debone44 02-01-202303-16-2023Success 421/1LOR, SASE, signed my 92T in black sharie 
RobSpires 01-31-202303-11-2023Success 392/2LOR/SASE, 92 Topps, 89 Topps 
Victor1965 12-06-202201-30-2023Success 553/3  
tylerchilds22 11-30-2022 Pending -2/0Letter, SASE, 2 cards 
Frankthetank 11-08-202201-30-2023Success 834/43 cards 1 4×6 picture Ty Mr Sasser 
Falzone829 10-31-202201-30-2023Success 913/3Thank you Mackey !!!
mikeC3 10-25-202202-04-2023Success 1023/3Upper Deck 1990, Topps 1992 & 1993. Thanks Mackey
Tomahawks 10-20-202201-30-2023Success 1022/22 Baseball cards 
CrazyBreaks37 10-15-2022 Pending -4/0  
CubsSoxFan 10-13-202201-31-2023Success 1103/390 fleer, score upper deck 
Frankthetank 09-23-202210-12-2022Success 194/44 cards Ty Mr Sasser 
WalterBison 10-27-2021 Pending -2/0  
IAK683 02-13-2021 Pending -1/01991T He coaches here - Wallace Community College 
Trextill 01-26-202103-01-2021Failure 344/0Now doing monthly signings with the Trove Sports Den 
papabear2 01-15-2021 Pending -2/02 TC 
ddisbrow29 10-21-2020 Pending -2/0‘89 Fleer & ‘89 Topps 
Benbabs 10-08-202009-01-2021Success 3281/1  
jimrice1978 09-25-202001-07-2021Success 1042/2(2) 89 Score 
Mikesrade 09-10-2020 Pending -2/0  
PeterML12 08-29-202009-25-2020Success 272/21990 Topps and 1992 Ultra both signed 
Mike McK 04-24-202008-29-2020Success 1273/3 
Aaron174386 01-19-2019 Pending -1/0  
levi 06-25-201506-30-2016Failure 3712/01988 Donruss, 1992 Topps-for set-write off 
smrbraves 11-19-201204-26-2013Success 1571/1See a list of non-responders at 
juflo331 01-11-2012 Pending -4/01989 topps, 1988 score, 1988 donruss, 1992 topps. Told him to keep some cards. 
prezby97 12-01-201110-23-2012Success 3262/2Great success-Thanks Mr. Sasser!
xtra-innings 08-09-201112-13-2011Success 1264/4 
mmalpedo01 07-18-2010 Pending -4/0  
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Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 1
Added by:bigsportsfan1   Added on: 11-20-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
bigsportsfan1 11-21-2012 Pending -5/0  
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 86%    
Total number of submission on this address: 72
# of Success: 57  # of Failed: 9  # of Pending: 6
Added by:delones24   Added on: 03-24-2014
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Jamman1978 5-16-201804-23-2020Success 183753/5Sent 2 extra signed cards. 
Sunday1014 09-23-2022 Pending -4/04 cards 
RedsFan75 06-28-202201-30-2023Success 2161/1LOR, SASE, 2 '88 Donruss RC's, '88S RC, '88F RC. Mr. Sasser signed all 4 cards is nice blue sharpie. Thank you very much Mr. Sasser! 
monktonpops 04-07-202105-11-2022Failure 3991/0  
russevans 02-08-202103-01-2021Failure 211/0Sent card back unsigned. No note asking for money though, which is odd. 
nccards 01-30-202103-06-2021Failure 353/0Returned in SASE unsigned with a note about future signings 
jparker44 01-23-202102-27-2021Failure 351/1Left some note saying to check out trove sports den. Wants $8 per autograph but his autos go for like $4-5. Lame. Wouldn't send to this addy anymore.Wasted my time and stamp money 
autographs2010 01-15-202103-02-2021Failure 466/0Sent back note saying he doesnt sign 
russevans 12-21-202001-08-2021Success 182/289 Donruss, 91 Leaf 
QuentinX1999 12-01-202001-08-2021Success 383/3Sent LOR, 3 trading cards & SASE, received all 3 signed in blue sharpie 
Kinglouie456 11-27-202001-09-2021Success 431/11 card~~~ Signed it! 
Mr Goody 11-21-202002-27-2021Failure 982/2Returned unsigned with now saying go through the trove sports den could have signed and sent back with a note for next time I send 
FlyinWV 11-02-202001-14-2021Success 733/3LOR/SASE 88 Donruss RR, 89 Topps and 92 Ultra - Signed all three in blue
Stebbins25 10-27-202001-07-2021Success 726/5(5) Baseball Cards - (1) Blank Index Card 
BuccoEthan 10-24-202001-11-2021Success 793/31988 Score Rookie Prospect, 1990 Donruss, 1990 Leaf 
Meatballer23 10-07-202001-08-2021Success 933/3Signed 1988D, 1989T, 1990D. Thanks Mr. Sasser! 
Keithbio11 10-07-202001-07-2021Success 923/388 Topps Traded, 91, 92 Topps, LOR and SASE; each perfectly signed in blue marker 
BrandonPyc 10-02-202001-09-2021Success 997/7God bless you, Mr. Sasser! Thank you!!!
zonino 09-30-202001-07-2021Success 996/6  
thegonz 09-29-202001-07-2021Success 1004/488D, 90D, 90S, 91T 
Newbomb Turk 09-26-202001-07-2021Success 1031/188 Donruss Rookies. Thank you, Mr. Sasser. 
Wildpitch86 09-24-202001-15-2021Success 1133/3Sent 1988 Topps traded, 1989 & 1993 Topps, received all 3 cards back signed, thank you Mr. Sasser. They took a while, but well worth the success.
Goaftermath 09-23-202001-08-2021Success 1072/288S 89T 
Tan-da-Man 09-16-202009-22-2020Success 61/1Nice quick turnaround. Probably because I also live in Alabama. He signed my 1992 Topps Traded card. Thanks, Mr. Sasser! Follow more of my TTM successes on Instagram @tantastic_collectibles.
jschmidt22 09-10-202009-21-2020Success 112/2@jacks_ttm instagram 
Jbutch20 09-08-202009-24-2020Success 164/3  
Thump 09-05-202009-24-2020Success 194/4sent LOR, SASE, 88Sc, 88D, 89UD, 89F; received all back signed 
crbaughn62 08-27-202009-25-2020Success 293/3No inscription 
thorgy213 06-25-202009-01-2020Success 685/5sase-note-2 to sign 3 to keep - returned all 5 signed 
Leeburtt 05-27-2020 Pending -4/0  
jdresbach 05-19-202008-28-2020Success 1012/2  
Danmay55 05-15-202008-31-2020Success 1083/3Signed all 3! 
dodgerbum 05-08-202008-27-2020Success 1111/1  
zooiiks 05-03-202008-27-2020Success 1162/2Signed 2 cards
dgo71 04-24-202009-02-2020Success 1313/390 Leaf, 90T, 91F; all smudged unfortunately
Dean28 04-23-202008-27-2020Success 1263/392D, 91F, & 91F Ultra in black Sharpie
SpiderFlash 04-03-202004-23-2020Success 201/1  
BraveStarr 02-04-202004-23-2020Success 786/6'89 Topps, '90 Donruss, '90 Upper Deck, '91 Score, '92 Topps, '94 Topps Stadium Club - 
IAK683 12-21-2019 Pending -2/0Two cards 
GoStLCards 10-25-201904-23-2020Success 1813/3  
Craiggb 03-27-201904-23-2020Success 3935/5  
Patgrealish 03-23-2019 Pending -1/0SASE. 90 Topps 
pbtank67 03-19-2019 Failure -2/089F & 89UD. Been a year, write off. 
bdmorr 02-09-201904-23-2020Success 4382/2  
Geno03 02-06-201904-23-2020Success 4413/3Sent ‘90 classics, ‘90f & ‘88 score. Received signed in black sharpie. Check’em out @tc_cards on Instagram 
crbaughn62 02-04-201904-23-2020Success 4434/4  
delones24 01-14-201904-30-2020Success 4711/190 UD
Raleigh5 01-03-201901-11-2019Success 83/3Sent SASE, 3 cards and letter 
Tombrady123 01-02-201901-09-2019Success 71/1  
sreader3 09-01-201801-12-2019Success 1332/288D, 88S. Blue Sharpie autos. Minor smudging. Still a nice success.
jonnyk 07-13-2018 Pending -1/0  
ebelote81 03-09-2018 Pending -1/01991 UD, LOR, SASE 
xyzjy88 01-22-201802-14-2018Success 231/190's Score Baseball and SASE Thank you so much! 
andrewgrafe 01-12-201802-15-2018Success 341/191 UD for complete set. Looks like it might've got a bit wet, but so it goes. 
Logan Richmond 01-02-201802-20-2018Success 493/31989 Fleer #48 x2 and 1990 Topps #656 
levi 11-08-201702-28-2018Success 1124/41989 Donruss, 1992 Topps, 1994 Score, 1994 Score Gold Rush
gratiotknight 09-17-201710-13-2017Success 261/1'88 Fleer signed in thin black Sharpie... 
Smittzerland 08-25-201710-13-2017Success 493/31991 Topps x3 
DrewEd 08-18-201710-14-2017Success 572/2  
bigbenjobu 07-03-201710-13-2017Success 1024/3Signed both 91T and 1 92T, returned the other unsigned
MLBGEEK02 06-30-201710-13-2017Success 1052/21989 Topps, 1989 Fleer 
spikeowen 06-29-201710-14-2017Success 1078/888D, 88S, 88S traded, 88T traded, 89UD, 93SC, 94SC, & 94Ultra - offered to keep as many as he wanted - signed all, kept none, thanks Mr. Sasser! 
Foul Bunt 05-10-201706-26-2017Success 477/7Signed my 1989 Score Rising Star, 1990 Score, 1988 Topps Traded, 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992 Topps 
xtra-innings 04-27-201707-01-2017Success 655/5x5 cards
Smittzerland 10-24-201602-02-2017Success 1014/41989 Topps, 1990 Score, 1991 Upper Deck, 1992 Stadium Club 
magic79 11-12-201510-20-2016Success 3424/3Three cards signed in blue Sharpie, kept one 
Pedroia15TheBest 11-07-201510-21-2016Success 3485/5  
delones24 05-20-201511-05-2015Success 1691/189 Topps
levi 03-26-201404-25-2015Failure 3953/0write off 
delones24 03-25-201404-22-2015Failure 3931/0Write Off 
monktonpops 04-01-2101-30-2023Success 69492/2Originally a write-off, received 2/2 signed. Thanks, Mr. Sasser 
monktonpops 04-01-2101-30-2023Success 69492/2Originally a write-off, received 2/2 signed. Thanks, Mr. Sasser 


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