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Jim Kern Addresses Report   Sport: Baseball

Player overall success: 88%

   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 88%    
Total number of submission on this address: 45
# of Success: 37  # of Failed: 5  # of Pending: 3
Added by:tonyt1957   Added on: 08-19-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Jamesalford23 07-05-201907-20-2019Failure 151/1RTS 
dish142002 06-18-201907-10-2019Failure 221/1RTS 
rich summa 06-17-2019 Failure -4/079 Topps 80 Topps 81 Fleer 81 Topps THE Sending to Granbury RD address below 
cangle64 05-23-2019 Pending -1/082 Donruss 
Patgrealish 05-13-201906-17-2019Success 351/1SASE 82 Topps 
rich summa 04-30-201906-18-2019Success 491/182 Topps 
rich summa 04-30-2019 Failure -1/082 Topps duplicate posting 
Oriolesrise 04-20-201906-17-2019Success 584/475 SSPC 81 Topps 81 Fleer 81 Topps 82 Donruss 
pbtank67 01-23-201906-17-2019Success 1452/275T & 83T. Both nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
sreader3 01-17-201906-17-2019Success 1512/279T, 83T. Blue Sharpie autos look great. Worth the wait.
GoStLCards 10-29-201801-17-2019Success 802/2  
haynmay 10-05-201801-17-2019Success 1042/21978 and 1979 topps 
BraveStarr 07-20-201801-18-2019Success 1824/3'78 Topps, '81 Fleer, '83 Topps (did not return '83 Topps duplicate) - http://bravestarrcards.com 
Roaddawg58 06-07-201801-18-2019Success 2252/2'79 Topps Buyback & '82 OPC signed in blue pen 
ebelote81 05-29-2018 Pending -1/01978 Topps, LOR, SASE 
jdresbach 01-05-201803-26-2018Success 801/1Nice signature on 1981 Fleer 
xtra-innings 12-06-201712-23-2017Success 174/4x4 cards
Roaddawg58 10-20-201711-20-2017Success 312/2'78 Topps & '79 Topps Buyback signed in blue sharpie 
Akweldadam 08-14-201710-04-2017Failure 511/0ROMLB, SASE, asked for 2x AS nscription// RTS RTS RTS UAF UAF UAF 
xtra-innings 04-29-201705-18-2017Success 194/4x4 cards
tglg 03-22-201705-18-2017Success 575/4Got back 4 of 5 signed in a nice blue sharpie!!! Kept the duplicate. 
Foul Bunt 02-21-201705-19-2017Success 875/5Signed my 1979, 1980, 1982 and 1983 Topps and a 1983 Donruss. 
xtra-innings 11-20-201601-18-2017Success 594/4x4 cards
xtra-innings 10-20-201611-05-2016Success 165/5x5 cards 
mike carlton 02-23-201603-07-2016Success 132/2sent '79 Topps and '82 Fleer. Received both back signed 
Pedroia15TheBest 02-23-201603-19-2016Success 253/3Return date unexact 
PatsFan9 02-02-201602-13-2016Success 115/5nice sig 
levi 01-22-201602-04-2016Success 132/21982-1983 Topps
xtra-innings 11-15-201501-15-2016Success 615/5x5 cards
Doer03 10-19-201510-31-2015Success 125/33, 83D; 79t, 81t He kept 2 of the Donruss cards. Happy to have what he signed1 
mnbigfoot 09-28-201510-31-2015Success 332/21981 Donruss and 1983 Topps. Thanks Mr. Kern!
xtra-innings 09-15-201510-13-2015Success 284/4x4 cards
Calebssportscards 05-11-2015 Pending -3/0  
39special 03-09-201504-20-2015Success 421/1'82 Donruss 
haynmay 02-11-201504-20-2015Success 683/383 donruss, 83 topps, 83 fleer 
haynmay 11-10-201412-18-2014Success 381/11976 sspc 
Robextend 04-05-201404-29-2014Success 243/31981 Topps, 1982 Donruss, 1982 Fleer/Great success, thank you Mr. Kern. 
delones24 02-06-201403-13-2014Success 351/178 Topps
dukemiller 10-07-201312-13-2013Success 671/1Thanks Mr. Kern! 
TideFanDan 07-05-201309-23-2013Success 801/11979 Topps. Thanks Mr. Kern. 
levi 12-20-201201-11-2013Success 223/21981, 1982 Topps 
39special 08-30-201209-13-2012Success 141/1Signed my '78 Topps 
Riggs 07-27-201208-20-2012Success 243/3awesome return. glad to see this come back 
mmalpedo01 08-01-201108-15-2011Success 143/3Signed 82 Donruss, Fleer, and 81 Donruss 
tonyt1957 08-18-201009-07-2010Success 201/179/TOPPS SINGED IN BLACK SHARPEE 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 2
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 2
Added by:dish142002   Added on: 07-10-2019
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
rich summa 07-12-2019 Pending -4/079 Topps 80 Topps 81 Fleer 81 Topps 
dish142002 07-10-2019 Pending -2/0