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Bob Pettit Addresses Report   Sport: Basketball

Player overall success: 91%

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Address success percentage: 90%    
Total number of submission on this address: 104
# of Success: 75  # of Failed: 8  # of Pending: 21
Added by:indyreds   Added on: 05-18-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
rsbarrett00 06-22-2022 Pending -1/0Sent a handwritten LOR, photo and SASE 
tpgriffin8112 06-14-2022 Pending -1/0  
swagtinez 06-08-2022 Pending -1/0Sent SASE, LOR and 1 card 
recbball 06-03-2022 Pending -1/0Sent LOR, SASE, 1 card 
Patgrealish 06-01-2022 Pending -1/0Sase. Index card 
Maxheidkamp 05-31-2022 Pending -1/0  
RedsFan324 05-12-202206-04-2022Success 231/1Sent 17-18 Prestige All Time Greats, SASE. Signed the back, but still a nice signature from one of the NBA's greatest. 
Garfieldlover 05-11-202205-28-2022Success 171/1Sent off a 1961 Fleer Card
cardboardboy 05-03-2022 Pending -1/0Sent 1 card and $30. Fear it might be gone forever... 
Maxheidkamp 05-03-202205-28-2022Success 251/1Sent a chrome card and came back super smeared. My fault! Gonna send an index card. 
Worrellj22 04-25-202205-25-2022Success 302/1HWLOR, SASE, 2 custom cards with option to keep 1....kept 1 and signed/returned 1! Thank you to an ALL TIME NBA legend!!! 
bkline 04-22-202205-06-2022Success 141/1  
Jbutch20 04-02-2022 Pending -1/0  
tilt122 03-28-2022 Failure -1/090 Collegiate Collection 
sampio 02-25-202203-19-2022Success 211/1LOR, SASE and 4x6, returned signed with no inscription. Psyched about this one. 
hockeytown 11-08-202112-18-2021Success 401/1  
tpgriffin8112 06-29-202104-29-2022Failure 3041/0  
chef 05-03-202105-27-2021Success 241/1  
sportsview 01-26-202102-16-2021Success 211/1Kindly signed a 4x6 photo.
JM40 01-11-2021 Pending -1/0$1 and Personal Letter 
BrooklynNetsfan 12-22-202001-16-2021Success 251/1  
BigBill33 11-30-202012-11-2020Success 111/1Sent 1 8x10 photo and 1 letter with questions// Received photo signed in silver sharpie, (Questions unanswered) 
JeffFMcCormack 10-30-2020 Pending -1/0I sent a 1990 Collegiate Collection card, LOR, and SASE. 
schrums1 09-28-2020 Pending -1/0Sent 1 card, note and SASE. Pending. 
Piester 06-26-2020 Pending -1/0  
Stebbins25 06-23-2020 Pending -1/0(1) Basketball Card 
thecgriffin 05-14-202006-02-2020Success 193/2Sent three 8x10's. Kept one and signed the other two. One was signed by Cliff Hagan in blue, and Pettit signed in black but unfortunately was smudged but was still just happy with the success. Thanks Bob!
BEastlake 05-02-202005-18-2020Success 162/2He signed 1 of 2 8x10s. 
Piester 04-06-202004-24-2020Success 181/1  
aeich11 03-21-202004-02-2020Success 122/1signed 1, kept the SN'd/999 one unfortunately. : (
Leeburtt 01-28-202002-13-2020Success 161/1  
BrooklynNetsfan 01-23-202001-31-2020Pending 81/1  
Gatorfan526 11-19-2019 Pending -1/0Card, LOR and SASE 
BurkerKing 08-15-201909-21-2019Success 374/2Signed 2 St. Louis Hawks retro cards! Returned 2 unsigned. Thanks Mr. Pettit!
Gyro 07-17-2019 Pending -2/0LOR / SASE / 2 cards 
GoStLCards 07-03-2019 Failure -1/0  
Zrianna08 06-06-2019 Pending -1/0  
kandiclipper 06-01-201904-19-2020Failure 3231/0  
Moxieh 05-31-2019 Pending -1/0  
alabamagator925 04-23-201905-04-2019Success 111/1Fast return from first ever NBA MVP! 
pokemonclub 04-18-201905-02-2019Success 141/1  
21kholley 02-07-201902-22-2019Success 151/1Signed IC 
Carney 01-25-201902-07-2019Success 131/1  
jmarince 12-31-201801-31-2019Success 311/1Really nice signature! 
tilt122 12-22-201801-29-2019Success 381/190 Skybox Atlanta Hawks signed in blue sharpie. Amazing! 
Leeburtt 12-18-201801-29-2019Success 421/100-01 UD leg 
pmc14 12-13-201802-01-2019Success 501/1Signed 1/1 
bickel84 11-20-201812-07-2018Success 171/100-01 Upper Deck 
jberg 10-22-201811-13-2018Success 221/1  
RIFF RAFF 77 10-20-201812-20-2018Success 611/1Signed I/C. 
dcnowlan 10-08-201812-22-2018Success 751/1Sent a LOR, card, and SASE and received the card back signed. 
Vick1jj 10-02-201812-20-2018Success 791/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 17-18 Panini Prestige, received back in black sharpie 
Danmay55 09-21-201810-05-2018Success 141/1Signed it! 
Piester 09-09-201810-05-2018Success 261/1  
Lapo0013 08-31-201809-15-2018Success 151/1Sent an IC for project/ Signed with HOF inscription 
bdmorr 07-28-201808-30-2018Success 331/1  
KDCardsBoston 03-29-201804-10-2018Success 121/1Signed a 2017-18 Prestigue card in blue. Great success 
GoStLCards 03-07-2018 Failure -1/0  
Danmay55 02-28-2018 Pending -1/0sent custom pic 
jasongerman9 08-07-201708-24-2017Success 171/1 
quickstraw 07-03-201709-02-2017Success 611/1Sent 8 x 10 ... Nice sig from an NBA legend. 
Restau21 06-20-2017 Failure -1/0Write off 
Donhutson 04-14-201706-05-2017Success 521/1  
nics 03-14-201706-21-2017Success 991/1Sweet Success. Another addition to my greats of the game TTM Collection
23jumpman 01-16-2017 Pending -1/0  
zooiiks 01-03-201706-06-2017Success 1532/1Signed 1 of 2 8x10s! Sent LOR, SASE and 2 8x10s
ashlar 12-12-201612-27-2016Success 151/1  
totalnv 12-02-201612-10-2016Success 81/1Signed card in blue sharpie
mykoinage 11-07-201611-30-2016Success 231/18x10 signed in slightly fading blue. Every letter signature. 
1956WS 09-03-201611-28-2016Success 861/1Panini card. Signed in blue sharpie. Thank you, Mr. Pettit!
Tombrady123 08-11-201611-28-2016Success 1091/1  
Tombrady123 08-11-201611-28-2016Success 1091/1duplicated sorry 
Donhutson 08-08-201612-10-2016Success 1243/1Sent LOR, SASE, questions and 3 cards. signed 1 and sent 1 back unsigned. no questions answered 
mpay9779 07-27-201612-12-2016Success 1382/11 of 2 cards signed, he keeps one. Thanks. 
goldenballer 07-22-201608-10-2016Success 192/1one card signed. Ty Mr. Pettit! 
Pauls1976 06-23-201507-02-2015Success 91/1Sent LOR & SASE. Sent 1 LSU card, rcvd back signed in silver sharpie. Very cool return! 
NotreDame 02-17-201502-29-2016Success 3771/1Took a little while, but I received my 8x10 back signed. Thanks Mr. Pettit! 
soxmatt 11-19-201412-08-2014Success 191/1Signed a 5x7 in black! 
23jumpman 10-30-201411-15-2014Success 161/1Signed 1 card nicely in blue 
lautnerfied 10-27-201411-05-2014Success 91/1Very Quick success. Signed Bowman flashback card. 
Hwood65 10-06-201410-18-2014Success 121/1Great success! Thanks so much Mr. Pettit. 
mazefan72 09-02-201402-25-2016Success 5411/1Signed an 8x10 photo. Never give up on TTMs..TY Mr.Pettit!! 
Calebssportscards 05-20-201412-16-2014Success 2101/1Wow I had thought it was lost 
dsolzman 01-08-201401-16-2014Success 81/1sending a 8x10 // signed and inscribed with HOF year, also personalized 
wrhymes512 10-11-201210-25-2012Success 142/2  
pokemonclub 09-18-201210-30-2012Success 421/1Signed my Mini St Louis Hawks Logo 
arfmax 09-17-201201-10-2013Success 1151/12009-10 Bowman '48 (requested HOF-1970), received signed with no inscription 
nasserthenzi 09-07-201209-07-2012Success 01/1month long return.. signed a 4x6... got a LITTLE CUT on the photo from when they scanned it.. nice auto in blue:) 
antoine38 08-31-201201-10-2013Success 1321/1Signed IC, Very Nice 
softballa04 08-12-201208-30-2012Success 181/1Great first TTM and fast. I will throw scan up later. 
gladdyontherise 07-27-201209-07-2012Success 421/1 
Tibbs11 06-15-2012 Pending -1/0  
louiepalouie 04-09-201204-14-2012Success 51/1A fast return with a great signature! 
Maddog11 02-17-201209-07-2012Success 2021/1Very nice sig. on a Bowman 48' card from 2009. I am very happy to get this one back. I have wanted his auto. for a long time. Thanks Mr. Pettit! 
scoot51015 11-05-201112-27-2011Success 521/1  
lizard-jd 09-06-201109-22-2011Success 161/1Personalized custom pic.
indyreds 07-15-201107-25-2011Success 101/1Nice signature and fast from this legend! 
Cavscards23 06-04-201106-18-2011Success 141/1Personalized and signed my index card in pen. Very quick! 
theRaineman 06-07-201008-10-2011Failure 4291/0over a year 
indyreds 01-28-201002-11-2010Success 142/1Thrilled with this quick return! 
tboculosis 12-14-200912-26-2009Success 121/1Received trading card back signed in black sharpie. 
RockiesFan33 11-12-200911-27-2009Success 151/1Signed my custom. 
Brian_Cook_Phan 10-05-200911-12-2009Success 381/1Nice auto in blue sharpie
nasserthenzi 01-01-1974 Failure -2/0FAIL! DONT KNOW WHY. 
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and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 2
# of Success: 2  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:BurkerKing   Added on: 10-19-2019
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Christian L 03-02-202003-16-2020Success 131/18x10, LOR, SASE
BurkerKing 09-11-201910-19-2019Success 383/3Sent this to Hall before getting other return back from diff addy. Signed all 3! Thanks Mr. Pettit!


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