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Bob Cousy Addresses Report   Sport: Basketball

Player overall success: 96%

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Address success percentage: 96%    
Total number of submission on this address: 418
# of Success: 390  # of Failed: 18  # of Pending: 10
Added by:indyreds   Added on: 02-19-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
bronxbomber 05-01-202305-11-2023Failure 101/1Received card back unsigned, with note from daughter that Mr. Cousy is no longer signing ttm. 
kautrey29 04-17-202305-02-2023Success 151/1Incredible return from a HOF legend Mr. Bob Cousy! Signed beautifully in blue sharpie and personalized to me. 94 years young, thank you Mr. Cousy!! Returned in penny sleeve. Sent LOR, SASE, 2 index cards, with team bag and penny sleeve. No Fee
kanoyes 04-10-202304-26-2023Success 161/1thank you!, gorgeous return, SASE, 2 cards, LOR
dish142002 04-05-202304-14-2023Success 91/1  
AndrewTM Cards 04-03-202304-10-2023Success 71/1Sent ‘99 UD Retro. Received signed in blue ink, although it was creased in the mail. Thanks Mr. Cousy! 
rggedglory 04-01-2023 Pending -1/01 card 
Coltron57 03-31-202304-07-2023Success 71/11 card signed and personalized in blue. 
NovRains 03-30-202304-07-2023Success 81/1LOR, SASE, '95SB Celtics Logo. Put off sending this one too long ~ if you're going to write a legend ~ better get the wording right! Thanks Mr. Cousy! 
rggedglory 03-28-202304-13-2023Success 161/11 card 
Westfallmatt 03-26-202304-04-2023Success 91/1Very quick and awesome! Thank you Mr. Cousy!
lucander 03-25-202304-01-2023Success 71/1upper deck card, LOR, cash donation for the cool old guy. Wow, quick return! He personalized it and returned the cash too. 
bbcoach29 03-17-202303-23-2023Success 61/1HWLOR with S.A.S.E. along with a custom Celtis Basketball card, which he signed in blue sharpie! Thank you to a great HOF and Celtis great! 
Basketballer730 03-11-202303-20-2023Success 81/1Signed my custom-made card!
StarrsCards 03-11-202303-22-2023Success 101/12007/08 Topps Chrome. Added “To Ian - Peace” inscription!
nilodinho 03-06-202303-15-2023Success 81/11 TC, LOR, SASE. Thanks, Houdini of Harwood! 
Martin Chen 03-02-202303-28-2023Success 251/1Topps 1996 Stars. Bob signed my card with silver Sharpie, and his autograph looked excellent. It's personalized. What a great signer. Thank you. 
rggedglory 02-25-202303-16-2023Success 181/11 card 
Indexauto 02-24-202303-04-2023Success 81/1Sent HWLOR w/ 3x5 IC - signed and personalized! 
cal4477 02-15-202302-28-2023Success 131/1Signed my 2000-01 UD Legends card 
Comikaze 02-08-202302-20-2023Success 121/1  
Cowboysfan04 01-15-2023 Pending -4/0  
Cijohnson5589 01-15-202301-26-2023Success 111/12001 Upper Deck NBA Legends #50 
TMW289 01-09-202301-23-2023Success 141/1He signed my 2004 Upper Deck Legends card. It is so awesome. Thank You Mr. Cousy. 
eshelton13 01-04-202301-18-2023Success 141/1Sent 1 card, SASE, and LOR. Don't remember exact send date, but it was quick. Thank you Mr Cousy. 
folkscards 01-02-202301-25-2023Success 231/1IG: @folkscards - Mailday video: 
andyvizzle 12-29-202201-09-2023Success 111/1  
dougp96 12-20-202201-02-2023Success 131/1Sent letter, SASE, & 1 card. Card returned personalized. 
nilodinho 12-12-202212-23-2022Success 113/12 TC, 1 index card, LOR, SASE. Signed one card. His daughter wrote a note saying due age and health issues, he only will sign one card by customer. Thanks Mr. Cousy!! 
dish142002 12-06-202212-16-2022Success 101/1  
psc 10-28-202211-07-2022Success 101/1LOR, SASE - returned quickly, personalized and inscribed 
Klummp 10-26-202211-03-2022Success 81/11 card hwlor sase inscribed signed and peace 
slatts79 10-24-202211-01-2022Failure 81/1Card sent back. Charging $125, donation Big Brothers Big Sister 
Jaygatt 10-22-202211-01-2022Success 101/1Sent card back signed, personalized + "peace". Thanks Mr. Cousy!! 
Bud Stoney 10-18-202210-24-2022Success 61/1Sent one card with handwritten LOR and SASE. Mr. Cousy returned the card personalized and inscribed "PEACE"!!! Thank you Mr. Cousy!!! 
Maxheidkamp 10-12-202211-05-2022Success 241/1  
griesterer 10-12-202210-22-2022Success 101/1Sent 1 card; signed 1 
Bostoncollector 10-07-202210-14-2022Success 72/2Got one of my cards signed personalized thank Mr.Cousy
Cmoney66 09-28-202210-05-2022Success 71/1  
bigmel02 09-05-202209-23-2022Success 181/1  
CCBL1988 08-21-202209-08-2022Success 181/12009 Topps Murad, SASE, Handwritten LOR
aconnell 08-18-202208-23-2022Success 51/1I sent a drawing with a donation check for $125. I wrote out the check to his foundation as requested on his pricing and mailing form so that he would not personalize. The check came back with my drawing and it was personalized. Still a GREAT success! 
JestJokin 08-15-202209-09-2022Success 251/1UD Retro '99, LOR. Note the typo in the street name -- it's SALISBURY. Received personalized. 
dish142002 08-09-202209-08-2022Success 301/1  
rangersinthenight 07-29-202209-12-2022Success 451/1  
nilodinho 07-23-202209-30-2022Success 692/02 TC, LOR, SASE. Did not send back cards, but sent back signed protective cardboard. Is a success I gues… will try again! 
reachrulz 07-21-202209-12-2022Failure 531/0mini ball - no longer signing balls without a donation. 
hbhavsar6 07-16-202207-28-2022Success 121/1  
bkline 07-14-202207-23-2022Success 91/1  
Debone44 07-11-202207-18-2022Success 71/1LOR, SASE, signed my replica card in blue sharpie, personalized! 
Halliburton 07-06-202207-12-2022Success 62/1Mailed a letter, 2 index cards, SASE. Received 1 back signed and inscribed. 
Halliburton 07-05-202207-12-2022Success 72/0Mailed 2 index cards, letter, SASE and got one back signed and inscribed 
Vineyard 07-01-202207-15-2022Success 141/1black sharpie, personalized 
Maxheidkamp 06-21-202207-10-2022Success 191/1  
GbabySweetness 06-15-202206-28-2022Success 131/18x10 sweet! 
griesterer 06-14-202206-24-2022Success 101/1sent 1 card, receive back signed. Awesome!! 
ddisbrow29 05-31-202206-08-2022Success 81/1‘99-‘00 UD Century Legends; blue sharpie 
dish142002 05-23-202206-01-2022Success 91/1  
RMJ 05-20-202205-31-2022Success 111/1Panini
Garfieldlover 05-11-202205-16-2022Success 51/1Sent a 1961 Fleer In Action card in. Signed in Silver sharpie for me. 
Pkleps 05-04-202205-18-2022Success 141/1Mailed out 1951 Berk Ross RC and check. Fee for no personalization raised to $125. Package didn’t move from origin PO until 5/9. Super quick return. Thanks!. 
bkline 04-29-202205-10-2022Success 111/11st attempt never came back. Happy to get a success on my 2nd attempt! 
Maxheidkamp 04-25-202205-06-2022Success 111/1All time Great Success!!! 
Rogerc26 04-11-202205-02-2022Success 211/1Thank you Mr Cousy
Jbutch20 04-08-202204-16-2022Success 81/1  
  Edit your submission Guest 04-04-2022 Pending -2/02 custom cards 
dad 04-01-202204-12-2022Failure 113/0wants $125 for no personalization.
Will3119 03-31-202204-07-2022Success 71/1Signed in black, personalized. 
Jasfazad88 03-23-202204-01-2022Success 91/1  
Worrellj22 03-23-202203-29-2022Success 61/11 custom, SASE, LOR, and he signed it sent it back super fast!! Thank you to ALL TIME NBA Legend! 
bkline 03-19-2022 Pending -3/03 cards 
bkline 03-19-202209-06-2022Success 1711/1Longest return ever 
hobbsy 03-13-202204-05-2022Success 221/1Sent LOR, SASE and one bball card. Signed and personalized in black sharpie. 
pjurkovic 03-12-202203-24-2022Success 111/1Signed 8x10 beautifully in blue, quick return. Check out my success at my instragram @Clesportsgraphs 
Sc77 03-09-202203-18-2022Success 81/1  
octavio23 03-08-202203-21-2022Success 121/1Sent 1 card, SASE and typed letter (no $) - he returned the card signed! What a legend! 
AnotherEaglesFan 02-28-202203-07-2022Success 71/1Saw a cool picture of him online, so I figured I'd do it again. Sent LOR, SASE, and 8x10. Signed and personalized it perfectly in silver, and it looks phenomenal! Thank you again Mr. Cousy!
Whawke 02-15-202202-26-2022Success 111/12008-09 UD Legends. Personalized card. Thanks Mr. Cousy! 
Mago 02-08-202202-24-2022Success 161/0Letter. Card. SASE—personalized beautiful! 
Patgrealish 02-07-202202-16-2022Success 91/1Sase. Index card 
GatheringStorm88 02-05-202202-22-2022Success 171/18X10, LOR, SASE 
swagtinez 02-04-202202-14-2022Success 101/0Sent 1 card, SASE and LOR, recieved signed in blue. Thank you Mr. Cousy! 
cardboardboy 02-04-202202-22-2022Success 181/0Sent 1 card with $20 and received back quickly with personalization. Cheque was not cashed. Thanks Cooz! 
RZ3699 02-03-202202-09-2022Success 61/1Sent SASE, letter and card Donation 
sampio 02-01-202202-14-2022Success 131/1Personalized signed 8x10, LOR, SASE, great success! 
Jackttm4 01-23-202202-05-2022Success 131/1Got back a 2015 Donruss pass kings signed and personalized, thanks Mr.Cousy! 
gavinsantos35 01-21-202201-27-2022Success 62/1Sent an IC and Celtics playing card of him. Got back personalized playing card! Super quick, thanks mr Cousy!!! (Instagram @gavinscards) 
ecfan 01-18-202202-04-2022Success 171/1Personalized & Signed Book Cover " On the Celtic Mystic"
rggedglory 01-12-202201-25-2022Success 131/11 card 
tilt122 01-07-202201-21-2022Success 141/199 Topps Classic-signed and personalized. Looks great 
JLemon 12-31-202101-15-2022Success 151/1Signed photo. 
rggedglory 12-27-202101-10-2022Success 141/11 card 
Phillies 12-24-202101-03-2022Success 101/11982 “Superstar” card, personalized and signed in black sharpie 
Sean08 12-05-202112-11-2021Success 61/1HWLOR SASE. Returned index card signed and personalized! Thanks for the quick return!
argallucci 11-20-202111-29-2021Success 91/1HWLOR, SASE, 1 card. Quick return signed in black. Thanks Mr. Cousy! 
Txw07160 11-01-202111-04-2021Success 31/1 
Jenga 10-04-202110-31-2021Success 272/1Sent 2 card, 1 signed (personalized). Thanks Mr. Cousy!
Hodgeman19 09-22-202109-30-2021Success 81/1Sent a letter and a index card. Signed the index card and his daughter Ticia sent a stickey note with the autograph about why her dad could not answer my questions. Mr. Cousy must not be doing too well as he is 94 years old, get him quickly everyone! 
AceMcSchooly 09-15-202109-23-2021Success 81/1Signed 1 of 1 in Black Sharpie. 
bschneid14 09-08-202110-04-2021Success 262/1Sent Sase Lor 2 4x6s. Signed 1 returned other unsigned Instagram ttmschneid 
Will3119 09-03-202109-13-2021Success 101/1  
green15tt 09-03-202109-14-2021Success 111/1Sent (1) 98-99 Topps Classic Collection card.
WillyB26 08-28-202109-06-2021Success 91/1Thank you Mr. Cousy 
Nlunn21 08-18-202108-23-2021Success 51/1Signed and personalized, fast return 
BJackson1008 07-27-202108-05-2021Success 91/11 card w/ letter and SASE sent 
chef 07-26-202108-07-2021Success 121/1  
pokemonclub 07-26-2021 Pending -1/0  
nicw16 07-26-202108-03-2021Success 81/1Index card 
Kinglouie456 07-24-202108-04-2021Success 111/14x6 Photo 
Bballgrl1891 07-24-202107-29-2021Success 51/1  
tpgriffin8112 07-09-202107-17-2021Success 81/1  
Travish33 07-08-202107-15-2021Success 71/1IC. SASE. Signed and personalized!! 
AZcollector 06-29-202107-06-2021Success 71/1sent LOR and SASE, personalized and signed in blue, thanks Mr. Cousy! 
bigbrownsfan 06-29-202107-10-2021Success 111/1Sent 96 Topps Thank You Mr Cousy 
3shooter15 06-25-202107-06-2021Success 111/1Personalized 1/1 with "Peace" inscription
rowbradfo 06-22-202106-29-2021Success 71/1  
tlebon 06-22-202106-29-2021Success 71/1One 8x10 photo. No donation. Thanks Mr Cousy 
AnotherEaglesFan 06-15-202106-21-2021Success 61/1Sent LOR, SASE, and an 8x10. Signed and personalized with my partial last name, and inscribed HOF 71. Great autograph. Thanks Mr. Cousy!
AndrewTM Cards 06-15-202106-24-2021Success 92/1Sent a playing card and an 08-09 UD Legends, requested some inscriptions. Update: Sent 08-09 UD back signed in blue with personalization and HOF ‘71 inscription. His daughter sent a letter back saying he is only able to sign one per. Thanks Mr. Cousy!!! 
Balmybuffalo1 06-08-202106-15-2021Success 71/1Signed my card. Thanks Bob! 
Danmay55 06-06-202106-12-2021Success 61/1Signed it! 
Fortune500 06-04-202106-15-2021Success 111/1Sent one 8x10 photo 
Will3119 06-04-202106-14-2021Success 101/1Personalized in blue. Great return. 
recbball 06-02-202106-10-2021Success 81/1Sent LOR, SASE, 1 card. Received signed card.
dish142002 05-19-202105-28-2021Success 91/1  
Ckbrown81 05-17-202105-26-2021Success 91/0Sent 4x6 photo - he personalized it and inscription 
Martin Chen 05-17-202106-29-2021Success 433/2Panini 2014 Prizm, Panini 2019-20 Certified. Two cards are all personalized. 
martyp83 05-11-202105-21-2021Success 101/1Sent HWLOR along with 4x6 photo - signed and personalized - awesome return! 
Jacobdanielsyt 05-04-202105-10-2021Success 61/1  
Dodger Fan 03-26-202104-14-2021Success 191/18x10. Check out @ttmbeau for the photo 
Danmay55 03-26-202104-01-2021Success 61/1Signed it! 
Sc77 03-15-202103-24-2021Success 91/1  
denissea89 03-15-202103-22-2021Success 71/1Sent a player card, letter and SASE and received card back signed 
Cmoney66 03-10-202103-15-2021Success 41/1  
jdresbach 03-06-202103-16-2021Success 91/1Awesome return! 
Jlafond1991 02-25-202103-08-2021Success 112/1Sent 2 8x10s. Signed 1, personalized and inscribed 
StapleHalo032 02-12-202102-22-2021Success 101/1Personalized one photo 
reachrulz 02-08-202103-08-2021Success 282/1Signed 1 of 2 custom cards, returned other unsigned. Personalized to me. 
JM40 02-06-202102-24-2021Success 181/1Thanks Mr. Cousy! 
mrdavidjb 02-05-202102-16-2021Success 111/1Sent 01-02 Fleer GOTG
adamd 01-26-202102-04-2021Success 91/1Signed and personalized my custom card in black. thanks Mr. Cousy 
jalnh1 01-16-202101-23-2021Success 71/1  
RealMSavage 01-15-202101-22-2021Success 71/1LOR & 1 14-15 Prestige Card Returned Signed
andyvizzle 01-14-202101-23-2021Success 91/1  
thecgriffin 01-07-202101-25-2021Success 181/1Sent a jersey with $10 requesting 3 inscriptions. Made 2/3 inscriptions and returned the money. Looks amazing. HUGE thank you to Mr. Cousy!
justindi 01-04-202101-25-2021Success 211/1Signed and personalized my custom card in black, thanks Mr. Cousy! 
WillA775 12-28-202001-12-2021Success 151/1I sent a photo of him.
RealMSavage 12-26-202012-31-2020Success 51/1LOR & 1 1957 Reprint Card Signed in Black, Awesome Return
TimSaucier02857 12-18-202012-29-2020Success 111/1signed inscribed 3x5 card
cameronkirwan03 12-11-2020 Pending -1/0Sent a photo 
m4catky 12-08-202012-31-2020Success 231/1Awesome return, thank you Mr. Cousy. Very happy with this signed card!
Pearly39 12-07-202012-14-2020Success 71/11 Fenway Pic // Personalized and added Peace 
Schmidty548 12-05-202003-23-2021Success 1071/1Signed my 8x10 photo! Thought it was lost
KUZ12 12-01-202012-15-2020Success 141/1  
BigBill33 11-28-202012-04-2020Success 61/1Sent 1 8x10 photo and 1 letter with questions// Received photo signed- personalized in black sharpie, (Questions unanswered) 
mtool 11-28-202012-08-2020Success 101/1signed 1 card 
MadCityCards 11-25-202012-07-2020Success 122/1Signed 1 of 2 4x6 
Pearly39 11-24-202011-30-2020Success 62/12 IC // signed 1 IC personalized 6x NBA champ 
lescooter 11-21-202011-30-2020Success 91/1Signed 8x10 with inscription for my daughter, such a beautiful signature 
Treyballautograph 11-19-202011-27-2020Success 81/1signed and personalized card in black. 
Alexander08 11-18-202012-01-2020Success 131/1Sent Cousy a small sketch and he sent it back signed! Personalized and wrote "Peace" as well 
Dennisscan 11-18-202011-28-2020Success 101/1signed my card in black ink!! 
pjfish16 11-12-202011-20-2020Success 82/1Singed 1 of 2 5x7 pics 
dish142002 11-02-202011-10-2020Success 81/1  
GriffeyOverBonds 10-23-202011-02-2020Success 101/18x10 - sent a letter and replied with a beautiful inscription. Thank you!
Big Hubie 10-21-202010-28-2020Success 72/2Returned two (2) 8x10 photographs autographed with HOF and NBA Championship inscriptions. Great success from one of the all-time great Celtics .... Thank you Mr. Cousy ! 
ste513lee 10-21-202010-27-2020Success 61/1Thank you Mr. Cousy wrote 6x NBA CHAMP 
dabneyIC 10-19-202011-03-2020Success 151/1Sent Sports illustr w/handwritten personal letter + SASE.He personalized+signed.WHAT A GREAT TTM!!! Talk about a living legend. His daughter even attached sticky explaining y he could not answer questions my letter! (vol of mail) THANK YOU MR. COUSY!!!
Bdude 10-17-202011-25-2020Success 391/0  
SpartyBall 10-09-202010-19-2020Success 102/2LOR, SASE - Update: Personalized, Peace, and HOF 71 on the one for my son! 
BirdmanantCollect 10-06-202010-13-2020Success 71/12006 Topps Turkey Red/Signed and Personalized with Black Sharpie 
ecfan 10-05-202010-13-2020Success 81/1Signed & Personalized 1 TC.
mhh0006 10-02-202010-10-2020Success 81/1LOR, SASE, 2001 Fleer 
Altego2099 09-29-202010-08-2020Success 91/1SASE, LOR, 1 Card: Returned it signed!! Thank You Mr. Cousy!! 
schrums1 09-28-202010-03-2020Success 51/1Sent 1 card, note and SASE. Received a personalized signature back. 
PandaCardZ 09-16-202009-23-2020Success 71/1  
kevinbobson 09-16-202009-24-2020Success 81/1Very good! Thanks Mr. Cousy. 
whitemamba 09-09-202009-17-2020Success 81/1sending blank card filler with handwritten note. personalized it to me in pen!!! 
Zoofly23 09-08-202009-30-2020Success 221/1Sent 4x6, signed and personalized! Thank you Mr.Cousy 
dish142002 09-08-202009-22-2020Success 141/1  
frankm 09-06-202009-15-2020Success 92/1Sent letter, SASE, 1957 rookie reprint card & 2000-01 upper deck NBA legends card. He signed the 1957 reprint card, very nice with personal inscription in black ink. 
coreysullivan33 09-02-202009-08-2020Success 61/1Letter sent with 8x10 and $20 donation, Returned signed 8x10, also returned the cash donation. Thank you Mr. Cousy 
gbly22 08-29-202009-04-2020Success 62/1Sent letter, 07/08 Topps Chrome, 14/15 Panini Prizm, signed topps, Thanks Mr Cousy!
tpgriffin8112 08-27-202009-05-2020Success 91/1  
Ryan Kordziel 08-27-202009-02-2020Success 62/2Signed (2) 4x6 photos 
arfmax 08-24-202009-01-2020Success 81/12010-11 Panini R&S Moments in Time sent, received signed and personalized 
Carney 08-21-202008-31-2020Success 101/1  
TheCajunCollected 08-19-202009-02-2020Success 141/13rd) one 2008 chrome 
monktonpops 08-18-202008-29-2020Success 112/2one 8x10 and one card. Signed both and personalized. Thanks very much, Mr. Cousy. 
BayAreaJavy 08-14-202008-22-2020Success 82/1  
iJust Cards 08-12-202009-12-2020Success 311/1Check out my Youtube Video on this card! iJust Cards Youtube 
jimrice1978 08-07-202008-15-2020Success 81/191 Hoops 
TribeFan83 08-05-202008-19-2020Success 141/11 card returned signed in black. Thanks Mr. Cousy!!! 
Jbutch20 08-05-202008-14-2020Success 91/1Index card 
Gman05 08-05-202008-14-2020Success 91/1signed 4x6 with personalized with thanks for your interests 
sportsview 07-29-202008-03-2020Success 52/2A fan-friendly gem. He kindly signed two 8x10 to two different families, remarkably fast return. 
Yburack 07-28-202008-03-2020Success 62/2Signed 1 of 2 
FlyOrDieGuy1992 07-27-202008-06-2020Failure 101/1Sent 1 5x7 received unsigned with an index card stating he wants $155 at the minimum for any signed photos 
RH81 07-27-202008-03-2020Success 71/1Signed small photo. 
TheCajunCollected 07-24-202008-08-2020Success 152/12nd) 1/2 IC's 
yankeesgiants2000 07-23-202008-01-2020Success 91/0Signed my index card which he personalized and inscribed "Thanks for your interest" and "6x NBA Champ" Amazing success!! 
Zsnyder1985 07-21-202007-28-2020Success 72/12 8x10s
norse4 07-11-202007-21-2020Success 101/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 1 card/ received card back signed 
ccalkins 07-11-202007-27-2020Success 161/1signed 8x10 photo sent 
prestonv20 07-09-202007-17-2020Success 81/1LOR, SASE, 1957 Topps 
Andrew262937738 07-08-202007-13-2020Success 51/1Signed my picture really nice in sliver, with SASE. wrote to andrew. no fee. thanks Mr. Cousy 
Davegoodman 07-06-202007-20-2020Success 141/1Beautifully signed 8 by 10 with inscription! Thank you so much Mr cousy!!! 
King Klong 07-02-202007-11-2020Pending 91/01 Bowman card. LOR. SASE. Received in blue sharpie personalized and "Peace". Thank you! 
Keithdfields 06-29-202007-06-2020Success 71/1Sent card left out from previous writing to him, signed/personalized 
lambeauleap87 06-27-202007-09-2020Success 121/1Signed & personalized my Sports Illustrated in silver 
Keithdfields 06-24-202007-02-2020Success 81/1Sent blank card, signed and personalized 
Keithdfields 06-24-202007-02-2020Success 81/1Sent blank card, signed and personalized 
Piester 06-23-202007-02-2020Success 91/1  
joshcockerham 06-15-202006-22-2020Success 71/1Personalized one card for my son. Beautiful signature. 
dish142002 06-11-202006-19-2020Success 81/1Signed 1 card! 
dnahar 06-03-202006-13-2020Success 101/1Cousy personalized my 8 X 10. Thank you sir!
TheCajunCollected 06-01-202006-12-2020Success 112/3Signed business card sent two playing cards back unsigned 
lambeauleap87 05-27-202006-05-2020Success 91/1Signed & Personalized 1/1 
PhilZee93 05-26-202006-18-2020Success 231/11 8x10 (Celts) - handwritten note, SASE - signed and personalized
white_rabbit 05-26-202006-05-2020Success 101/157t, thanks a lot Bob!
Tombrady123 05-25-202006-01-2020Success 72/2signed two index cards 
Treyballautograph 05-23-202006-02-2020Success 101/1sent a 4x6 photo and got it back signed and made out to me 
bombers3shooter 05-22-202006-03-2020Success 121/1Sent 8x10. Recieved personalized signature 
gfast12 05-20-202005-29-2020Success 91/1Signed 8x10 in blue sharpie. Added HOF inscription. Thanks Mr. Cousy 
StarrsCards 05-20-202006-01-2020Success 121/11994-95 Hoops Celtics. Added “To Ian- Peace” inscription
CDod8 05-19-202005-29-2020Success 102/2Sent two cards, he signed and personalized them both 
JayFL 05-16-202005-26-2020Success 101/1Sent LOR, SASE and reprint of his rookie card, also asked for a signed business card. He sent a personalized signed business card but didnt sign the rookie reprint. Psyched about the business card! 
Braveheart30 05-15-202005-26-2020Success 112/2  
cardcollector05 05-13-202005-18-2020Success 51/1Signed index card and inscribed "To Joseph - Thanks for your letters and your artistry" (drew picture of his jersey). Didn't request any inscription, so very happy with this return 
BEastlake 05-02-202005-15-2020Success 131/1He signed my 8x10 and even personalized it. Awesome! 
aeich11 04-23-202005-14-2020Success 211/1Grateful to add this NBA legend to my collection, thank you Bob!
PRozay24 04-20-202005-12-2020Success 221/11970 Sports Illustrated
thecgriffin 04-20-202005-12-2020Success 222/1Sent two 8x10's, returned both with one signed and personalized in blue ink. Made "6x Champ, 71 HOF" inscription as requested. Absolutely amazing, probably my favorite success ever. Thank you so much Mr. Cousy!
Sjuschmitty 04-19-202005-11-2020Success 221/1Personalized 
Justin TTM 04-16-202005-11-2020Success 251/1  
freezeover98 04-07-202005-11-2020Success 341/14x6 photo - Signed and personalized. Looks great. 
Piester 04-06-202005-11-2020Success 351/1  
rich summa 04-02-202005-09-2020Success 372/2ICs 
zooiiks 03-07-202003-21-2020Success 131/1Signed my 8x10
Leeburtt 02-20-202003-13-2020Success 211/1  
BroadStreetBullie 02-18-202003-02-2020Success 132/1SASE and (2) 8x10s, Received back 1 of 2 personalized 
viper45 02-17-202003-19-2020Success 301/0Signed and personalized a custom card 
Christian L 02-14-202003-09-2020Success 231/18x10, LOR, SASE, tracking says item was forwarded to a different address. Got it back signed and personalized
PokeyTheBrave 02-10-202002-29-2020Success 191/1Sent playing card - card returned back signed
white_rabbit 02-03-2020 Pending -1/057t, 
Sportsjunkie24 01-30-202002-18-2020Success 192/2sent photo and index card (I added the inscriptions)
ecfan 01-28-202002-22-2020Success 254/1Signed 1 of 2 TC, DNS 2 AC.
kaw316 01-18-202002-10-2020Success 231/1  
CarlosSchwindt 01-16-202002-01-2020Success 161/1Sent a 8x10, LOR, SASE. 
Achilles106 01-14-202001-25-2020Success 111/1Sent 1 card. Got it back personalized. Thank you Mr. Cousy! :)
nobzilla34 01-02-202007-27-2020Success 2061/1  
dish142002 12-17-201901-09-2020Success 231/1Signed 1 card 
BurkerKing 11-26-201912-16-2019Success 201/1Signed a card w/ him & Rondo. Thx again Mr. Cousy! 91 years young!
BurkerKing 10-29-201911-08-2019Success 101/1Signed a ‘91/92 Skybox Celtics team card! 91 years young! Thx again Mr. Cousy!
Jgtdec29 10-24-201911-01-2019Success 81/1Sent a 8x10 got it back about two weeks later. Sent a 4x6 he didn't sign and got that a week later. 
Piester 10-20-201910-29-2019Success 91/1  
cincybigred 10-15-201910-25-2019Success 101/1rookie card reprint 
bigd8690 10-15-201910-26-2019Success 111/1Sent an 8x10. Received signed and personalized 
midnightoyl 10-02-201910-16-2019Success 142/1Mr Cousy signed one but unfortenately it got smeared. 
ecfan 10-01-201910-15-2019Success 141/1Signed & Personalized 1 TC.
Thump 10-01-201910-08-2019Success 71/1sent LOR, SASE, 09 Panini Prestige; received back signed, personalized, and "Peace" 
zonino 09-11-201909-20-2019Success 91/1  
kandiclipper 09-09-201909-19-2019Success 101/1Personalized in black sharpie. 
KJ7 08-31-201909-24-2019Success 241/1Signed both pictures. Thank you Mr. Cousy 
yxt04b 08-20-201909-05-2019Success 161/1Thank you Mr. Cousy! Sent '01 Fleer Greats of the Game. Personalized and "Peace" inscription. Love it! 
ecfan 08-15-201908-24-2019Success 91/19 Days, Signed & Personalized (1) TC
Ben42719 08-14-201908-28-2019Success 142/1signed one with personalized "To Ben" and "Peace", returned other unsigned
BurkerKing 08-10-201908-22-2019Success 122/1Signed 1 (returned tc unsigned) beautifully at 91 years young! Thanks Mr. Cousy!!
TheSportsFanCards 08-08-201908-17-2019Success 91/1Signed a 3x5 index card. Personalized for my newborn daughter: “Thanks for your “future” interest”. Awesome! 
Dodgers3222 08-05-201908-12-2019Success 71/1Personalized and signed my card with black sharpie. No fee but he only does personalized autographs ttm. Thanks Mr. Cousy! 
MarcusJohnson 07-29-201908-08-2019Success 102/1  
TideFanDan 07-22-201907-31-2019Success 91/1Thank you Mr. Cousy. 
Myerhead 07-22-2019 Pending -1/0Sent 1960 Sport Magazine, LOR, SASE 
JayFL 07-06-201907-13-2019Success 71/1Sent LOR, SASE and a reprint of his rookie card-Signed and personalized, "To Jay, Peace Bob Cousy" 
GoStLCards 07-03-201907-12-2019Success 91/1  
MarcusJohnson 06-20-201907-01-2019Success 111/1signed 1/1 to Marcus 
StarrsCards 06-15-201906-24-2019Success 91/1Index card. Added “To Ian - Thanks for your interest”, and “Peace” inscriptions. Also got note back from his daughter stating that he is no longer able to answer questions.
Gyro 05-30-201906-05-2019Success 62/2Signed two items, both personalized, in great looking black ink Sharpie. Thanks Mr. Cousy! 
mazefan72 05-24-201906-03-2019Success 101/1Signed 1 card..TY! 
zbullsmoke 05-21-201905-31-2019Success 102/1signed my custom, kept the custom i offered him 
kandiclipper 05-20-201905-31-2019Success 112/1Signed 1. Thanks Mr. Cousy! 
ecfan 05-20-201906-15-2019Success 261/126 Days, Personalized signed Boston Red Sox BB
Moxieh 05-18-201905-23-2019Success 52/2Inscribed two cards. One for my daughter and one for me. WONDERFUL! Thank you Mr. Cousy. An all time legend on and off the court. 
RIFF RAFF 77 05-15-201905-23-2019Success 81/1  
cangle64 05-10-201905-17-2019Success 71/1NBA Hoops Night to Remember. Black sharpie. Personalized. Thank you! 
TheGunshow 05-09-201905-18-2019Success 92/1He gave me the extra card back and signed one. Thanks Mr. Cousy 
kandiclipper 05-03-201905-11-2019Success 83/1Signed and personalized 1 of 3 cards.
Craiggb 05-01-201905-08-2019Success 71/1  
Craiggb 04-23-201905-01-2019Success 81/1For my sons 
pdmitchell2001 04-19-201905-02-2019Success 132/2  
rmbenjamin 04-05-201904-22-2019Success 171/1  
B-RAD 04-03-201904-16-2019Success 131/1Sent IC, received IC back personalized and signed. Thanks Mr. Cousy! 
jmfkustomz 04-03-201904-12-2019Success 91/1received jersey back signed, personalized w/2 inscriptions 
pdmitchell2001 03-30-201904-12-2019Failure 132/0RTS - Unable to forward (going to resend) *update worked second time 
21kholley 03-14-201904-20-2019Success 371/1Signed 5x7 in black 
noshi0085 03-01-201903-21-2019Success 191/1Returned 1 of 2 personalized, signed in black sharpie 
frazier114 02-11-201902-25-2019Success 144/1Sweet auto from the Celtics Hall of Fame guard signed and personalized one photo to me and sent other 3 back unsigned 
chicagobullsjoe 01-24-201902-12-2019Success 191/1Sent 1 Card and SASE
jmarince 01-17-201902-05-2019Success 192/2Personalized to my sons (2) 4X6s 
Craiggb 01-08-201902-02-2019Success 251/1  
mrdavidjb 01-02-201901-25-2019Success 231/1Sent 1 HOF Autograph Card; Received back with postmark from West Palm Beach, FL
Baldones 12-28-2018 Pending -2/0Sending 2 Photos 
rkozyra12 12-24-201801-11-2019Success 181/1  
Leeburtt 12-18-201801-10-2019Success 231/100-01 ud legends. Thanks Mr. Cousy! 
RIFF RAFF 77 10-18-201810-27-2018Success 91/1Sent I/C, signature looks great. 
jasonthebald 10-12-201810-22-2018Success 101/1Beautiful, personalized 8x10
33tmiller 10-03-201810-13-2018Success 101/1quick turnaround 8x10 great signature personalize 
Zrianna08 09-15-201809-20-2018Success 51/1  
zrianna11 09-15-201809-21-2018Success 61/1  
Piester 09-09-201809-18-2018Success 91/1  
diback34 09-06-201809-15-2018Success 91/1sending a 12-13 heroes of the hall insert 
pbtank67 08-31-201809-10-2018Success 101/199UD. Black sharpie and personalized. Love it! 
pokemonclub 08-13-201808-18-2018Success 51/1Signed my custom Sports Illustrated Cover 
Vick1jj 08-08-201808-18-2018Success 101/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 2014 Panini Elite, received back in black sharpie and personalized 
Tombrady123 07-14-201807-28-2018Success 141/1  
mazefan72 07-13-201807-23-2018Success 101/1Signed a card.. TY 
TigersFan99 07-13-201807-20-2018Success 71/1Sent blank index card, came back personalized in black with HOF inscription 
Danmay55 06-15-201806-21-2018Success 61/1Custom pic signed it! 
aqscards 06-06-201806-13-2018Success 71/1  
Riggs 05-14-201806-04-2018Success 211/11 8x10 
Wolverine 05-07-201805-14-2018Success 71/1Returned my 99-00 UD NBA Legends card personalized and signed in blue. 
Cmoney66 05-04-201801-01-2020Success 6071/0  
theflash 03-12-201803-23-2018Success 111/108-09 Topps Murad 
crbaughn62 03-03-201803-17-2018Success 131/1With inscription and personalized 
Casey24 03-02-201803-19-2018Success 161/1SASE, LOR, 1 card/// card was black so he signed I silver with inscription ‘to casey’ and another’s word I can’t read 
Miller54 02-13-201802-28-2018Success 152/1Sent picture and questions on index card, signed picture with no questions 
Jtthatsme55 02-04-201802-20-2018Success 161/1sase 1 card lor 
Danmay55 02-01-201802-20-2018Success 191/1signed index card i sent 
cutchamin 02-01-201802-27-2018Success 262/2  
haynmay 01-22-201802-12-2018Success 211/1  
NiMo15 01-17-201802-05-2018Success 191/14x6 personalized 
jman23 01-02-201801-22-2018Success 201/1  
cardsttm 01-01-201801-20-2018Success 191/1not sent and received on these days but it took about 20 days, wrote out to my name then put a word under it i cant decipher. 
bdmorr 12-23-201701-06-2018Success 142/2  
Mike McK 12-22-201701-09-2018Success 181/1 
aqscards 12-16-201701-03-2018Success 183/11/3 personalized 
diback34 12-07-201712-22-2017Success 151/1  
walker066 11-22-201712-02-2017Success 101/1Sent 8x10. Signed and personalized. One of the greats! 
Hankvuckovich 11-18-201712-02-2017Success 141/0Sent 1 8x10 team photo. He personalized it. Package was rerouted and delivered in West Palm Beach Florida. I sent no money. 
ashlar 10-19-201710-28-2017Success 91/1  
mrkiz 10-19-201710-27-2017Success 81/1sent index asked for card sent back upper deck signed personalized 
flutie13 09-16-201709-25-2017Success 92/2Personalized one for me and one for a friend 
bigcountry 09-06-201709-14-2017Success 81/1Personalized 
diback34 08-15-201708-24-2017Success 91/1Signed and personalized...came back smudged though , must not prepped enough 
Donhutson 07-31-201708-10-2017Failure 101/0  
quickstraw 07-14-201707-22-2017Success 81/1Sent 8x10 ... Signed and personalized. Great return from a legend!!! 
wvu_class_of_2001 06-27-201707-06-2017Success 91/1  
Restau21 06-20-201706-28-2017Success 81/1Speechless! Thank You Mr. Cousy 
Atlantaman 04-30-201705-08-2017Success 81/1signed floorboard 
RobHarrington 04-26-201705-06-2017Success 101/12013 Panini Heroes of the Hall signed & personalized in black Sharpie. 
Thulk2000 04-11-201705-11-2017Success 302/1Signed 1 of 2 cards in black personalized, returned other unsigned. Thanks Mr. Cousy for the auto! 
edgaragustin 04-07-201704-26-2017Success 191/1Sent 1 card w/LOR --> Received my card w/ my name inscribed on it 
BoSoxFan4235 04-03-201704-18-2017Success 151/1Signed and personalized 1 photo in black 
PPCLI1988 04-03-201705-01-2017Success 283/1  
ctownslammers 03-15-201703-30-2017Success 151/1AWESOME RETURN 
acemaker 03-01-201703-20-2017Success 181/1Postmarked West Palm Beach FLA. Signed a '96 Finest insert Reprints Stars card in Black Sharpie 
jg0516 01-20-201702-11-2017Success 221/01 Jersey 
23jumpman 12-10-201601-09-2017Success 301/1Signed 1 card nicely in black 
totalnv 12-05-201612-17-2016Success 121/1LOR, SASE, 5x7 photo - personalized and signed photo in blue sharpie
Donhutson 11-26-201612-10-2016Success 141/1Sent lor, sase, and 1 card. signed card 
mpay9779 11-25-201601-04-2017Success 402/11 of 2 cards signed. 
pokemonclub 11-19-201612-05-2016Success 161/1'12 Panini 'A Night To Remember'.. Autograph was authenticated by Sportscard Guarentee 
RaginCajunBO 11-08-201611-23-2016Success 151/1Sent 8X10 and LOR. Signed 8X10 Personalized. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you Mr. Cousy 
mykoinage 10-19-201610-31-2016Success 121/1Signed bob cousy night giveaway 8.5x11. Personalized with "Thanks for your interest. Peace." Came back super quick 
zooiiks 09-23-201609-30-2016Success 71/1Damn! 1 week! Thank you Mr. Cousy! Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10
wvu_class_of_2001 09-20-201609-29-2016Success 91/1  
mpay9779 08-31-201610-28-2016Failure 581/0RTS 
PhantomApache 08-29-201609-06-2016Success 81/11 card - Personalized. Thank you Mr. Cousy
Donhutson 08-08-201608-15-2016Success 72/1Sent LOR, SASE, questions and 2 cards. Signed 1 card. other sent back unsigned. got note back, from his wife i assume, that said he cant answer questions 
mpay9779 07-27-201608-12-2016Success 162/22 of 2 signed cards and personalized! 
goldenballer 07-22-201608-05-2016Success 143/1personalized and only signed 1 card but returned other two unsigned. Ty Mr. Cousy! 
Drawball 07-10-201607-17-2016Success 71/1Sending a magnet!! /// Got it back super fast and it looks awesome! 
digricolic204 06-30-201607-08-2016Success 81/1  
tbeau 06-09-201606-13-2016Success 41/1Not sure how this came back so quick! Signed my 11x14 SI Cover with provided silver sharpie. 
elite-alexander 06-03-201606-10-2016Success 71/1Thanks Bob! 
arfmax 05-13-201605-20-2016Success 71/12008-09 Topps T51 Murad #140 sent, signed and personalized 
graphing310 05-07-201605-13-2016Success 61/1Awesome return in 6 days! 
Op12 04-29-201605-07-2016Success 81/1Crazy fast, first TTM attempt, signed SI 
Ebys23 03-12-201604-28-2016Success 461/108 Upper Deck- signed in black 
nics 03-07-201604-15-2016Success 381/1Great success
CelciusII 03-02-201603-19-2016Success 161/1Personalized to me, and inscribed "Peace" 
PorterMan20 02-21-201603-11-2016Success 191/1WOW! Came back signed, with "Peace" on it. Really cool. 
bickel84 02-17-201603-05-2016Success 171/12012 Panini...Received card and personalized. 
WVSU71 02-12-201602-29-2016Success 171/1Signed a Jersey and Personalized for Son!!!! Awesome Success!!!!! 
kar256 02-05-201602-12-2016Success 71/1Signed a blank pack filler personalized, great success! 
Deweygator 01-17-201602-04-2016Success 182/12cards sent with handwritten letter and sase. One card back personalized to me and Peace. Second card came back unsigned. Very happy to get one from the Celtics legend.
tboculosis 12-28-201501-15-2016Success 181/1Received my trading card back personalized and signed in black Sharpie. 
K5bulldog 12-24-201501-16-2016Success 231/1Thank you Mr. Cousy. Only issue was I sent a card with a lot of UV Coating on it and it smeared a bit in the return. 
pokemonclub 11-23-201512-09-2015Success 161/1Sent a nice celtics hat. Signed and personalized!!!! 
1956WS 11-20-201512-11-2015Success 211/1Signed 4x6 inscribed with 'peace' and personalized. Nice. Thank you Mr. Cousy!
mazefan72 10-27-201511-07-2015Success 111/1Wow, signed a 8.5 x11 in 10 days..TY Mr.Cousy!!! 
Davito 10-22-201511-03-2015Success 121/1Awesome quick success personalized 
pokemonclub 10-14-201510-24-2015Success 101/1Quick success from the legend!! Personalized too!!
Lapo0013 10-08-201510-17-2015Success 91/1Signed index card for my hof project! 
TalleyHog34 10-02-201510-09-2015Success 71/1Sent LOR with SASE and card. Success from the THE most successful point man of all time! Thank you Mr. Cousy! 
BSRice 09-28-201510-08-2015Success 101/1 
23jumpman 09-26-201510-10-2015Success 141/1Signed 1 card nicely in black 
lizard-jd 09-15-201509-26-2015Success 112/1Personalized 1 CIC as requested & kept his - TY! One of the best of all-time. 
NotreDame 09-10-201509-28-2015Success 181/1Sent 8x10, personalized, and added HOF. Thanks Mr. Cousy! 
Nlach 08-26-201509-10-2015Success 152/11 card anbd a blank 
chefsanders 08-10-201508-22-2015Success 121/1Personalized 4x6 to my son. Awesome. Thanks 
Calebssportscards 06-08-201506-18-2015Success 101/1Sent $10, sent back my check, but still signed my card! Check out the video 
Bryan81 06-19-201306-27-2013Failure 81/0Sent 4x6 pic, didn't sign 
gsimon1976 12-01-201212-20-2012Success 191/1Signed index card, Thanks Mr. Cousy! (no fee)
CavFanatic31 07-29-201208-09-2012Failure 111/0Price List - Was nice enough to bend my photo and use my SASE. Thanks! 
Filamurai Reborn 12-30-201101-06-2012Failure 71/0I also got the $99 reply. 
Riggs 12-19-201102-14-2012Failure 571/0last & final failure. got the price list 
JMelz 11-26-201112-09-2011Failure 131/0Got the same $99 request. 
SLNoble13 11-18-201112-09-2011Failure 211/0Same letter asking for $99. Guess I missed the Cousy train! 
MSUspartans 11-17-201112-05-2011Failure 181/0failure again 
Csarge8 11-07-201111-14-2011Success 71/1Thanks cooz! No fee 
scoot51015 11-05-201111-15-2011Success 102/2  
MSUspartans 11-03-201111-12-2011Failure 91/0Got the letter asking for 99 dollars. So he'll send autographs to adults who have the ability to pay the fee, but not to teenagers? Come on man.... 
lizard-jd 10-28-201111-05-2011Success 82/1Well, I tried again & was extremely surprised when I received my personalized CIC from Mr. Cousy (no fee).
RockiesFan33 10-18-201110-26-2011Success 82/1Sent a nice long letter and offered a custom for him to keep. No fee sent!
lizard-jd 10-08-201110-14-2011Failure 61/0 
gysot 09-28-201110-07-2011Success 91/1Personalized and signed my 5X7 for free...Thanks Mr. Cousy! 
RedsFanatic21 05-17-201105-26-2011Failure 91/0Wants $99 to sign a flat item, no thanks 
tlebon 12-3-202012-14-2020Success 2772/1One 8x10 photo. No donation. Personalized. Thanks Mr. Cousy 


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