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Vince Carter Addresses Report   Sport: Basketball

Player overall success: 77%

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Address success percentage: 74%    
Total number of submission on this address: 109
# of Success: 69  # of Failed: 24  # of Pending: 16
Added by:REDANDGOLDPRIDE   Added on: 08-30-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
thecgriffin 05-24-202106-07-2021Failure 141/1Sent a jersey with $. RTS refused. Super disappointing. 
Mike121 05-14-2021 Pending -1/0  
JPSD16 05-07-2021 Pending -1/02010 Panini Donruss 
Phillies 04-06-202104-19-2021Failure 131/1No $, RTS - “unable to forward” 
Alpha&Omega 03-13-2021 Pending -2/0Sent 1 Jersey & 1 Card. 
Kevin4511 02-08-202102-26-2021Success 181/1So one comment says that he’s done signing cards, while another says he’s no longer at this address. Does anyone know which one is true? Because that’ll really help us all out in trying to get an autograph from Vince Carter, thanks. 
JPSD16 01-20-202102-16-2021Failure 271/01 card, LOR, SASE/ RTS, says NO LONGER AT ADDRESS, UNABLE TO FORWARD. 
Piester 01-14-202102-16-2021Failure 331/1  
binnixon3 01-06-202105-06-2021Success 1192/1Sent 2 cards with personalized note. 1 came back signed in awesome silver sharpie. Thanks Mr. Carter!
Will3119 01-04-202105-07-2021Success 1221/1Signed in silver marker. Amazing return. 
andyvizzle 01-04-2021 Pending -1/0  
ddisbrow29 12-30-202005-06-2021Success 1261/1‘06 Turkey Red, donation; signed in black sharpie 
Schmidty548 12-26-202005-12-2021Success 1361/1Signed my 8x10 photo w/ $10 donation
TribeFan83 12-19-202005-07-2021Success 1381/11 signed in black WOW!!! Thanks Mr. Carter! 
Vick1jj 12-15-202002-19-2021Failure 662/2Tried four times. Didnt get a signature once. He insists I received a signed card and am in their database? Never did though. Also the slip said he is done signing cards. 
BirdmanantCollect 12-10-202005-06-2021Success 1461/1Signed 1 4x6 Photo w/ Black Sharpie - Team USA Pictured - Thank you Vinsanity! 
twal1390 12-02-2020 Pending -2/0  
dmushet1 11-30-202005-06-2021Success 1561/0Sent one Skybox Autographics Base Card at the end of Nov recieved it 5/6/21 signed!!!
Jakew88 11-28-2020 Pending -1/02017-2018 Panini Status with $5 
ericsagara 11-20-202005-07-2021Success 1671/1 
cardsandcoins14 11-18-202005-06-2021Success 1681/1Wow! Thanks so much! Didn't expect to see this back. 
Braveheart30 11-18-202005-10-2021Success 1721/1Excited to get this back from Mr. Carter after almost 6 months! 
Kinglouie456 11-06-202012-08-2020Success 321/11 8x10. Worth a try~~~ signed it! Tysm Mr. Carter! 
GriffeyOverBonds 10-30-202012-08-2020Success 391/18x10 with letter and donation - Came out looking great Thanks! 
jdresbach 10-19-202003-11-2021Success 1431/12019 NBA Hoops AWESOME! Signed in black. 
lescooter 10-13-202003-15-2021Success 1531/1Unbelievable, thanks Vince! Signed a Topps Finest Rookie Card beautifully! 
jeremymcdev 09-25-202012-09-2020Success 751/1Sent 8x10, SASE, letter, and $25 donation.
SSBC McFly 09-16-202003-09-2021Success 1741/1Sent jersey with letter. Also showed donation. Included SASE 
Zoofly23 09-08-202001-14-2021Success 1281/1Sent 1 8x10 with donation. Received back signed! 
schrums1 08-25-202003-11-2021Success 1981/1Sent 1 card, note, donation and SASE. Received a thank you letter for the donation on 11/17/20. Received the signed card back on 3/11/2021! 
JM40 07-27-202010-24-2020Success 891/0Vince Carter is a beast 
FlyOrDieGuy1992 07-25-202010-10-2020Success 771/1  
Davegoodman 07-06-202010-10-2020Pending 961/1No money. Signed beautifully!!! 
kandiclipper 06-08-202007-05-2020Failure 271/0  
ebrennan9 06-01-202010-09-2020Success 1301/01 card with SASE - Thank you Mr. Carter!! 
denissea89 05-28-2020 Pending -1/0  
denissea89 05-27-202003-12-2021Success 2891/1Sent a player card, letter and SASE and received card back signed 
Braveheart30 05-27-202009-03-2020Success 991/1Signed my Sports Illustrated. Thanks Mr. Carter 
avonbarksdale 05-26-202009-02-2020Success 991/1Sent a letter with an 8x10. SASE included. Awesome return on one that I was not sure was going to come back. Big Bold Silver Signature! Thanks Mr. Carter 
csieg 05-20-2020 Pending -1/0krw 
Stebbins25 05-19-202003-11-2021Success 2961/1See My Returns On YouTube 
Altego2099 05-12-202003-11-2021Success 3032/1SASE, LOR, 1 Card Return, 1 Gift Card: Sent 1 back Signed!! Thank You Mr. Carter!! 
thorgy213 04-23-202004-12-2021Success 3541/1sase-lor-donation-18 excalibur / Received a nice letter from his charity on 5/4--RECEIVED SIGNED CARD ON 4/12/21!!!! 
Bradshaw 04-08-202007-08-2020Success 911/1Sent jersey, 10$ donation, Letter & SASE. Received letter from his charity after about a month thanking me for donations, Received singed jersey today. 
PhilZee93 04-03-202009-11-2020Success 1611/11 8x10 from the Slam Dunk contest, handwritten note, SASE - signed in silver with player #. Vinsanity even paid for first-class postage himself!
james e 03-21-2020 Pending -1/0sent piece of paper hope he sends back 
  Edit your submission Guest 03-17-2020 Pending -2/0  
PandaCardZ 03-14-202010-11-2020Success 2111/1  
Piester 03-01-202003-26-2020Failure 241/0he is only one per 
BroadStreetBullie 02-28-2020 Failure -1/0SASE and an 8x10 - Opened and returned unsigned 
dish142002 02-28-202010-09-2020Success 2231/1  
gabsttms 02-20-202003-11-2021Success 3851/1wasn't expecting to see this again! thank you vince!! @gabsttms on instagram 
quyeneethepooh 02-08-2020 Pending -1/0sent topps rookie card 
gfast12 01-27-202002-20-2020Success 241/1Signed Jersey with Black Sharpie. Thanks Mr. Carter. 
CarlosSchwindt 01-21-2020 Pending -1/0Sent 8x10 
Vick1jj 01-17-202010-06-2020Success 2621/1Actually got this return at an old address and didn't know it until recently. 
ericsagara 01-10-202002-21-2020Success 421/1 
kandiclipper 01-02-202002-25-2020Success 541/1Signed in black. 
StarrsCards 12-30-201902-21-2020Success 533/1Sent a 1999-00 Ultra Heir to the Throne, 2012-13 Hoops, and 2016-17 Hoops. Only signed the Ultra. Added “15” inscription
yxt04b 12-20-201902-21-2020Success 631/1Awesome return from Vinsanity! Loving the high-angle picture, then I saw Kobe. It's a special card for me (still processing the loss)
GbabySweetness 12-04-201902-20-2020Success 781/1Signed my jersey! So nice! 
mrtrhl13 12-01-201902-21-2020Success 821/1HWLOR, SASE, 1 card, no $. Returned card signed.
kandiclipper 11-15-201912-05-2019Failure 201/0Got the old rejection letter today. Only 1 per household. 
RIFF RAFF 77 11-15-201909-01-2020Success 2901/1Sent magazine, returned signed in silver. 
bigjsouth 10-12-201911-15-2019Success 341/1Black Sharpie - 1 of 1
BurkerKing 10-03-201911-16-2019Success 441/1Signed this sweet Raptors card for my brother. Early xmas gift for him from me. Thx again Mr. Carter!
zjlwolves3 10-01-201910-17-2019Success 161/1  
kandiclipper 09-09-201911-12-2019Success 641/1Huge return! Signed in black sharpie! Thanks vinsanity! 
bdmorr 09-03-201911-12-2019Success 701/1  
aeich11 08-22-201911-14-2019Success 841/1Nice return from Vince Carter!
jackrose91 08-22-201911-12-2019Success 822/1sent 2 8x10s with LOR and SASE received 1/2 signed still great return 
locly 08-14-201911-08-2019Success 861/1  
BurkerKing 08-10-201909-23-2019Failure 441/1Sent UNC card. Sent back in sase with note for no additional autos. 
BurkerKing 08-10-201911-12-2019Success 941/1Sent tall boy Raptors card. Signed this one for my other son. Got lucky here w/ other returned unsigned on 2nd try.
Altego2099 07-08-201907-30-2019Success 222/1SASE, LOR, 1 Card Return, 1 Card Gift: Thank you Mr. Carter!!
BurkerKing 07-08-201907-30-2019Success 222/1Sent 2 Upper Deck Raptors cards. Signed 1, sent the other back unsigned. Thanks Vinsanity!
autograph collect 06-11-201911-12-2019Success 1541/1Was so happy to get back, unfortunately it smeared 
Ky1603 03-27-201907-29-2019Success 1241/12009 Panini Threads Jersey Insert 
evoniukus 02-22-201903-26-2019Success 311/1Sent 1 card, LOR, and SASE. Returned signed in black sharpie.
moneygold1264 08-16-201802-01-2019Success 1691/1  
Burcham2003 07-27-201809-07-2018Success 421/0  
johnlaysonjr 09-20-201703-22-2018Success 1833/1Signed 1 of 3 cards i sent.. i hope i can send my jersey. Real big fan here 
BLawson87 01-07-2015 Pending -1/0Sent 1 photo 
rcgdodge 11-23-201312-06-2013Failure 131/0Failure. Too busy to sign. 
mazefan72 08-15-201309-16-2013Success 323/11 signed card out of 3, no complaints here. Thanks Vince! 
kdawgcollecter 07-16-201309-09-2013Failure 551/0sent 1 card, recieved card unsigned due to overwhelming requests 
phillyboi90 07-06-201308-05-2013Success 301/1 
BayAreaJavy 08-28-201209-29-2012Success 323/1Sent email for autograph request, got confirmation. will be mailing out jersey and 2 cards./ Didn't sign the cards but that's ok. Got back my Throwback Nets Jersey signed! My very first jersey ttm auto! Thanks VC!
dlang3 08-15-201209-01-2012Success 171/1First ever TTM & its a singed jersey!
3shooter15 07-31-201208-11-2012Failure 112/0Return 2 cards unsigned will try restaurant addy 
#1BRONCSFAN 07-05-201207-30-2012Failure 250/0Sent cards back unsigned with a letter saying hes to busy. What a joke. 
nasserthenzi 06-26-201207-27-2012Failure 310/1what the crap did my letter reminding him of how i paid $5 and how freakin nice my letter was not convince him to sign? when he signed the first time it came out like CRAP it was so faded. 
therealAMH23 06-16-201207-01-2012Failure 152/0letter saying too busy to sign, got my cards back 
bjanuszewski 06-14-201206-28-2012Failure 143/0sent money back with my cards unsigned. dont understand why they wouldnt accept my money when its a foundation but ok... 
Jmoskid44 06-08-201207-25-2012Success 471/1ONE OF MY BEST SUCCESES EVER! SIGNED MY RAPTORS JERSEY BEAUTIFULLY! And sent a decoy back saying thanks for the extra base card i sent him! awesome just awesome!
Mattsecre 02-29-2012 Pending -1/0Sent LOR, SASE, and card. 
pokemonclub 01-16-201203-31-2012Failure 741/0got a typed letter saying he was too busy to sign. at least he sent my card back even though it wasnt signed. 
at350zguyy 11-29-201101-13-2012Failure 452/0Everything was returned unsigned with a letter saying he is too busy to sign. 
whatsamatta 08-05-201108-14-2011Failure 94/0Dates are estimated... he sent a form letter saying he appreciates the fans, but he is too busy to sign right now. He was nice enough to send my items back, though. 
Csarge8 08-02-201108-16-2011Failure 142/0Form letter.. Nothing signed.. Sad, always loved Vince.. 
topher_20 08-01-201108-13-2011Success 122/1sent 2 cards ... signed one and other was creased badly ! but awsome to get a signature 
Riggs 07-30-201108-08-2011Failure 92/0Letter saying he's to busy to sign. 
Rudickulous 07-19-201108-08-2011Failure 201/1Save your stamps, sent a typed letter thanking and saying e cannot sign. Plus card is ripped! 
the3great1 07-15-201107-29-2011Success 142/2First ever TTM, from my current favorite player. Signed my SI magazine and fleer game used floor card! 
the3great1 07-15-201107-29-2011Pending 140/0First ever TTM, from my current favorite player. Signed my SI magazine and fleer game used floor card! 
arfmax 06-29-201107-18-2011Success 191/110-11 Panini Rookies & Stars with $10 donation to his charity, returned signed in black 
lizard-jd 06-24-201107-14-2011Success 201/1Wow, very quick. Signed my custom 8x10 - I should have sent him a silver sharpie to use (signed with black sharpie).
joe67 04-14-201106-17-2011Success 641/1signed 09-10 panani 
arfmax 05-24-201006-12-2010Failure 191/006-07 Topps Turkey Red sent, returned card unsigned with postcard 
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Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 2
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 0
Added by:Mattsecre   Added on: 03-26-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
delones24 10-25-201212-07-2012Failure 433/0Form letter. To busy to sign. 
Mattsecre 03-26-201206-18-2013Failure 4491/0Sent LOR, SASE, and card. 
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Address success percentage: 43%    
Total number of submission on this address: 10
# of Success: 3  # of Failed: 4  # of Pending: 3
Instruction:send email and wait for a week or two
Added by:luscious96   Added on: 06-05-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
BurkerKing 07-27-2019 Pending -1/0Email request 
primetime27 01-14-201302-26-2014Failure 4080/001/15/14 Sent another request. 02/26/14 Received a personalized color 8.5 x 11 picture with a pre-printed signature. 
cava11aro 09-20-201210-01-2012Failure 110/0received the same pre print letter as people before me 
biggsy2323 08-01-201208-14-2012Failure 130/0Only Recieved a letter thanking me for being a fan 
zjlwolves3 06-16-201208-08-2012Success 531/1Sent an email - received approval email - sent card - recieved it signed - 
bebecerveza 06-13-201207-05-2012Success 220/1Got a PP fan letter on 6-28-2012, then got a 8x10 today. Very nice! 
Csarge8 06-06-2012 Pending -0/0  
mattthebat44 06-06-2012 Pending -0/0  
gladdyontherise 06-06-201206-11-2012Failure 50/0Only Recieved a letter thanking me for being a fan 
luscious96 05-28-201206-05-2012Success 80/1received a personalized 8x10 from Vince Carter 
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Address success percentage: 67%    
Total number of submission on this address: 6
# of Success: 2  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 3
Instruction:wrong address with the, sorry
Added by:luscious96   Added on: 06-12-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
primetime27 01-26-2019 Pending -0/0  
locly 01-24-2019 Pending -0/0  
ChiefFan 07-30-201808-01-2018Failure 20/0Sent email request. Response back denying it. 
TripleTTyler50 06-21-201807-20-2018Success 290/1Sent email requesting Autographed photo, received 8x10 photo of Vince on the Magic signed in silver sharpie and a letter from his mom thanking me for being a fan 
WVSU71 06-09-201412-24-2014Success 1981/1Sent e mail in June requesting autograph for my Sons 3rd b day. Received signed photo and a letter from his mom. It's not a auto copy but the real thing. 
luscious96 12-18-201106-12-2012Pending 1760/0this is to prove it is real, here is the picture, not sure about the wait time. go to his website and check through contact us for email addresses. 
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Address success percentage: 33%    
Total number of submission on this address: 3
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 0
Instruction:His restaurant. This is wear I got my email auto
Added by:3shooter15   Added on: 08-11-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
bjanuszewski 07-18-201308-18-2013Success 313/1VINSANITY!!! one of my favorites. super excited to get this one back signed
delones24 09-17-201210-24-2012Failure 373/0RTS 
3shooter15 08-20-201209-06-2012Failure 172/0RTS UTF 
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Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 0
Added by:delones24   Added on: 08-21-2012
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
delones24 08-22-201209-16-2012Failure 253/0RTS - Refused 
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and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 1
Added by:3shooter15   Added on: 11-10-2013
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
SplasherZ 09-02-201409-07-2014Pending 52/0  
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 90%    
Total number of submission on this address: 82
# of Success: 62  # of Failed: 7  # of Pending: 13
Instruction:Embassy of Hope is Vince Carter's Foundation
Added by:WVSU71   Added on: 12-18-2014
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
mrdavidjb 02-23-202103-19-2021Failure 231/0Sent 01 Fleer GOTG; RTS Refused 
Alpha&Omega 02-08-202103-01-2021Failure 212/2Package came back unopened. "REFUSED, RETURN TO SENDER" Label & "REFUSED" Stamped. :(
mtool 11-28-202005-08-2021Success 1602/12 cards update signed 1 of 2 
LoneRanger1975 09-22-202003-10-2021Success 1691/1Sent a black Raptors jersey, $25 donation, and a hand written letter. Received jersey back signed in silver. Just pops and looks gorgeous! Super pumped!
Thehawk777 09-14-202001-13-2021Success 1211/1Sent Topps Chrome rookie with donation. Psyched for the return. They didn’t use my prepaid shipping and was hoping for silver ink so it’d be more visible. Still excited though. 
jfallon 05-27-2020 Pending -2/0Sent 2 cards 
Christian L 03-03-202009-02-2020Success 1821/18x10, LOR, SASE, $5 donation cashed on 3.27.2020
BroadStreetBullie 01-07-2020 Pending -1/08x10 with SASE 
FlyTheW 35 11-14-201912-21-2019Success 371/1Sent LOR, SASE and 4 x 4 photo no $*UPDATE got my picture back signed in gold sharpie no smugges super clean and nice auto 
pokemonclub 10-21-201901-03-2020Success 741/1  
Tombrady123 10-14-201912-02-2019Success 491/1with 5$ donation 
qbdan14 09-16-201912-23-2019Success 981/1Sent topps RC card, received it back signed in gold, very nice!
Yburack 08-26-201911-12-2019Success 781/1  
kholmes 08-26-201911-12-2019Success 782/1  
Moxieh 08-19-2019 Pending -1/0  
Mikecheckgw 08-06-201912-21-2019Success 1371/1  
ecfan 07-30-201911-09-2019Success 1027/1Return addy on envelope is P.O. Box 9596 Daytona Beach, FL 32120
PorkCards67 07-30-201911-12-2019Success 1051/1  
Wolverine 06-10-201907-26-2019Success 461/1Sent LOR, SASE and one 8x10. Returned beautifully signed in silver!
Aaron174386 06-08-2019 Pending -1/0  
LoneRanger1975 05-11-201907-26-2019Success 761/1Sent a Raptors jersey, $25 donation, and letter thanking him for his signature. I included a Blue Sharpie Extreme. Item came back signed by my Sharpie and looks awesome! My check was returned uncashed.
jmfkustomz 05-02-201907-25-2019Success 841/1received sign jersey
andyvizzle 04-23-2019 Pending -1/0  
cshen94 04-03-201908-14-2019Success 1331/1sent with SASE, a letter and a card 
Danmay55 03-18-201905-28-2019Failure 711/1Got note saying they only sign one item per person 
dish142002 03-18-201907-31-2019Success 1351/1Signed 1 card 
21kholley 03-12-201907-30-2019Success 1401/1Signed 1 '12-13 Prestige in black 
pokemonclub 02-02-201903-14-2019Success 391/11 Jersey. 2/15 recieved my $15 donation back, with a letter saying there's no charge, and the jersey will be sent back signed. 
Leeburtt 01-04-201903-12-2019Success 661/098B & $5 check donation 
bickel84 12-18-201803-12-2019Success 831/101-02 SPX and $5...1/15/19 Update: Received back a note and my money. Said they cannot accept donations with autograph requests. However, they said that my card would be signed and mailed back. Received signed and inscribed with 15. 
insideproline 10-30-201803-26-2019Success 1471/1beautifully sgned...mailman bent it a bit. Still awesome to have 
LiaoCJ 09-21-201803-22-2019Success 1821/0Sent 1 card , LOR and SASE.Received card signed. 
chicagobullsjoe 09-20-201803-16-2019Success 1771/1Sent 1 Card and SASE
StarburyMatrix3 09-15-201801-15-2020Success 4871/1Sent (1) 00-01 UD Slam Acetate card. 
pmc14 09-14-201803-13-2019Success 1801/1Signed 1/1 in silver 
mpay9779 08-01-2018 Pending -1/0SEND 1 CARD. 
mestacio31 07-26-201809-07-2018Success 431/1Sent 8x10, LOR, SASE, Small Donation Returned 
RobHarrington 07-12-201809-07-2018Success 571/1Signed one card in black Sharpie. 
Vick1jj 07-06-201807-19-2018Failure 131/0Sent 1 card plus $10, LOR, and SASE - received it back with paper saying 1 item per person & I was "already in their database"? I sent to the Kings last August and got no reply, so I tried this address instead, major bummer, Vince is one of my favorites 
chicagobullsjoe 06-28-201809-07-2018Success 711/1Sent 1 Card, SASE, and small donation. Donation returned.
quickstraw 06-26-201809-08-2018Success 741/1Sent 8 x 10 ... Signed 
tc123 06-21-201809-03-2018Success 741/1Sent Card SASE LOR 
Piester 06-05-201809-06-2018Success 931/1  
Donhutson 05-21-2018 Pending -1/0  
Tbird21 05-15-201806-20-2018Success 361/1Returned the money and kept the card because they don’t have a set auto price? sase with $5..... no way!!!!!!!!!!!! it came back and i am so blessed. after calling it a failure, major success mojo 
skiumah 04-17-201806-22-2018Success 661/18x10, LOR, SAE $5 donation, sent money back & week later photo signed, thank 
Danmay55 04-02-201806-19-2018Success 781/1Sent custom pic and $5 check signed it and returned check! 
cgfl 03-13-2018 Pending -1/0  
biggsy2323 02-28-201804-09-2018Success 390/1Emailed embassy1@bell; send 8x10 sent from his mother. 
BoLane 01-08-201803-01-2018Success 522/1Added donation // Signed 1, returned 1 // Looks fantastic! Thanks Mr. Carter!
bigcountry 01-06-201803-01-2018Success 541/1With $5 donation. 
Donhutson 10-25-201703-09-2018Success 1352/1added small donation 
Wyattket88 10-11-201703-01-2018Success 1411/1$5 donation He signed 1 card in black 
HouseOfCards 10-02-201703-01-2018Success 1501/1Raptors jersey in black Sharpie w/donation.
Calebssportscards 08-07-201703-01-2018Success 2061/14 x 6 photo signed with $15 check to Embassy Of Hope// Freaking awesome! 
diback34 07-29-201703-01-2018Success 2151/1Sent one card with donation 
Atlantaman 07-25-201709-23-2017Success 601/1signed 8x10 with $5 donation 
Johncooke4 07-15-201707-24-2017Success 91/1Donated 20 dollars and received my raptors jersey back signed 
andypscards 07-12-201707-25-2017Success 131/1  
zooiiks 07-11-201707-24-2017Success 131/1Signed my 8x10! Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10 and $5 check
redsox44 07-06-2017 Pending -1/0  
Cjohnson1221 05-22-201706-30-2017Success 391/1Love how he did it in sharpie over the silver. 
nysportsxtra 11-26-2016 Pending -2/0  
totalnv 11-21-201604-20-2017Success 1492/1SASE, LOR, $10 donation to foundation (check), 2 trading cards - on 12/17, received thank you letter for donation. Still waiting on cards.......UPDATE 4/20/17 - received one card signed in silver sharpie and the other was returned unsigned.
pokemonclub 11-21-201604-20-2017Success 1493/1Sent $15 and asked him to sign a '00 UD Ovation, '99 UD Dynamics, & '99 Topps Stadium Club, got a letter after a few months, and the cards back a few months after that. Signed the '00 Ovation 
Ebys23 08-12-201611-12-2016Success 921/115 Complete- signed in silver 
mpay9779 03-04-201606-07-2016Success 943/33 of 3 signed cards, with donation $15 
graphing310 02-27-201604-02-2016Success 341/1Sent $15 to foundation 
CelciusII 12-31-201504-04-2016Success 941/1Sent a card and a small donation:::: 1/15/16 Received letter from his mother thanking me for my donation; not calling it a failure yet because they didn't return card or SASE. 
BSRice 12-26-201504-04-2016Success 991/1Included $20 donation
Philly4Life 09-02-201511-16-2015Success 751/1Sent NJ Nets jersey, LOR, SASE, and $15 donation to foundation. Got it back signed! 
Soxfan99 07-08-201512-21-2015Failure 1661/0received note back with cards saying he can't sign 
Boinks 05-13-201507-07-2015Success 551/1inc. $10 donation; 5/26/15 received letter thanking me for donation, haven't seen card back yet, fingers crossed - 7/7/15 RETURNED SIGNED!
jmintz 03-16-201505-09-2015Failure 541/0Returned card with form letter; too busy to sign right now. 
benlee66 03-10-201504-08-2015Failure 291/000/01 GoG too busy letter 
brrice96 02-20-2015 Pending -1/0  
Philly4Life 02-18-201505-01-2015Success 711/1Sent high school jersey. Really hope this one comes back! Also sent $10 donation to his foundation. Got it back and it looks awesome. I sent a SASE, but they sent it back Fedex 2 day 
Brettharv5 02-09-2015 Pending -1/0Sent one card 
nbccollector 02-02-201502-03-2015Pending 13/0Sent Black Diamond, NBA hoops, and Panini 
frazier114 12-29-201401-31-2015Success 331/1sent 1 card and got it back signed killer auto from the Man
WVSU71 10-07-201412-17-2014Success 711/1Signed A Jersey!!!! Thanks Vinsanity!!!!! 
midnightoyl 08/01/1911-14-2019Success 1052/1  
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# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:delones24   Added on: 12-11-2017
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
delones24 12-12-201703-01-2018Success 791/117 Donruss - Shocked I got this one back
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Added by:scodd84   Added on: 07-26-2018
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
brycehansen 12-30-2019 Pending -1/0  
csieg 09-17-201902-07-2020Success 1433/1  
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Instruction:home address. House bought for $6.687 million on August 2020.
Added by:Tombrady123   Added on: 04-21-2021
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
recbball 06-22-2021 Pending -1/0Sent LOR, SASE, 1 card, $10 
JPSD16 05-07-2021 Pending -1/02009 Panini Threads 
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Instruction:Email found on
Added by:Tombrady123   Added on: 05-06-2021
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