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Jim McMahon Addresses Report   Sport: Football

Player overall success: 81%

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Address success percentage: 88%    
Total number of submission on this address: 26
# of Success: 23  # of Failed: 3  # of Pending: 0
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on: 05-25-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
bcommerce 10-18-201211-05-2012Failure 184/0RTS 
basketballgirl98 10-14-201211-20-2012Failure 371/0RTS 
REDANDGOLDPRIDE 06-16-201206-22-2012Success 62/2 
CamaroDMD 03-30-201104-10-2011Failure 112/0Sent 8x10 Photo and 1983 Topps RC, RTS - No Forwarding Address 
coltsfan 03-01-201103-17-2011Success 151/1sent 94 Bowman card and he signed it in blue sharpie,personalized and post marked from Arizona 
MNsportznut 01-21-201102-14-2011Success 242/2  
grizzly2971 11-22-201012-16-2010Success 241/1Personalized an 8 x 10 for my FIL 
lambeauleap87 11-02-201011-20-2010Success 181/1Signed And Personalized My Card In Black Sharpie. 
dawgbizkit83 10-18-201010-29-2010Success 111/14x6 custom photo 
Liverpools#9 10-04-201010-18-2010Success 143/3Signed and personolized all 3. 
jmf42397 08-17-201008-30-2010Success 133/2Sent picture, index, and 90 Super Bowl XX card. Signed card and picture. Didn't sign index. Personalized the card and picture. Very Happy. 
BigRedMachine 08-17-201008-30-2010Success 131/11990 Topps - Personalized
Brewcrew246 08-17-201008-28-2010Success 112/3Signed and personalized 2 cards and index card 
theRaineman 06-25-201007-12-2010Success 171/189 Pro Set SB XX Commemorative card! personalized jim mamahon 9! sweet success 
Welker83 06-11-201006-25-2010Success 141/1  
skinsfan0521 06-02-201006-21-2010Success 192/2Sent LOR, SASE & (2) 5x7 -- Received both photos signed in my SASE 
kobe4mvp34 02-20-201003-04-2010Success 122/2sent-8x10 and ud 1/1 printing plate-got back 8x10 signed 'to chris' and one of his own cards signed'to chris' and a note saying that the card i sent was not in the envolope.that it was torn when he got it.he did sign the the letter to. 
lizard-jd 11-15-200911-24-2009Success 92/22/2 customs personlized & signed - didn't sign where I wanted but he was very kind to sign. Postmarked from Ft. Laud.
PONCHO 11-04-200911-07-2009Success 33/3signed all 3. I offered him 2 cards to keep but he returned all 3 signed 
Brian_Cook_Phan 10-19-200911-16-2009Success 282/2Nice guy
globalvoodoo 09-26-200910-08-2009Success 123/3Personalized 3 of 3 
JVazz29 09-22-200910-09-2009Success 172/24x6 Cutom PhotoCard, Personalized 
GoHawks 09-17-200910-08-2009Success 211/1signed my 8x10!! 
Miss Inertia 07-28-200908-04-2009Success 71/1Fast return! Great signer! 
wmhc28413 05-15-200905-27-2009Success 123/3 
dabears67 03-21-200903-30-2009Success 91/1 
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Address success percentage: 50%    
Total number of submission on this address: 2
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 0
Added by:CamaroDMD   Added on: 04-12-2011
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
crazylax30 05-28-201106-09-2011Failure 121/0RTS 
CamaroDMD 04-12-201105-02-2011Success 202/2Sent 8x10 Photo and 1983 Topps RC, Received both signed and inscribed. 
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Address success percentage: 80%    
Total number of submission on this address: 88
# of Success: 65  # of Failed: 16  # of Pending: 7
Added by:Riggs   Added on: 08-16-2011
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
BurkerKing 05-13-201905-20-2019Failure 74/0Sent back cards in extra envelope unsigned. 
Phinsman 05-10-201905-24-2019Failure 142/2Returned both cards unsigned 
TripleTTyler50 03-15-201803-24-2018Failure 91/0  
Figman75 03-09-201803-19-2018Failure 91/0Card returned unsigned. 
Miller54 02-24-201803-05-2018Success 92/1Sent card and index card with question. Signed card, but no index card. 
Donhutson 12-27-201701-09-2018Failure 131/0sent back unsigned 
Baldones 11-09-201711-27-2017Success 182/2Sent Two 8 by 10 photos signed both 
chicagobullsjoe 09-16-201710-23-2017Success 372/2His son e-mailed me back and forth and followed up to make sure I got the cards. Nice guy.
zooiiks 02-23-201703-04-2017Failure 91/0Sent photo back unsigned. No explanation. Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10 
nflfootballnut 07-29-201607-29-2016Failure 01/0Card was returned with no signature. No worries :) 
marty77 06-27-201607-09-2016Failure 122/0  
Toupal 03-24-201604-28-2016Failure 351/1Returned with no signature... worth a shot! 
dez305 03-07-201603-19-2016Success 112/2Sent Lor, Sase and 2 - 8x10s. Personalized and signed both. 12 days Return. Awesome. 
spikeowen 07-25-201508-17-2015Success 236/283t rc, 85t, 86t XX, 86t, 89ps, and 89ps chargers - included $20 - signed and personalized 2 cards (83 topps rc and 89 proset) a success, thanks Mr. McMahon! 
bcommerce 04-01-201504-17-2015Failure 161/0Sent Monsters 85 Bears Book ! Returned with Promo card and wanting $20 flat fee now! 
tburton 04-01-201504-11-2015Failure 102/2Card, Letter and SASE - Returned unsigned cards and a postcard listing fees 
lamarcourtney 03-03-201504-06-2015Failure 333/0Kept my cards & SASE and sent a postcard requesting fee. 
EKritzell 02-26-201504-06-2015Failure 381/0Didn't return my card, and never saw my SASE. instead I got a postcard (with his own stamp? confused by this) saying thatat it was $20 for a signature. he won't be seeing a cent from me. 
smokinsteve 02-19-201503-02-2015Success 112/22 cards personalized
marty77 02-18-201503-06-2015Success 162/21986 Topps and 1986 Topps Super Bowl XX Card
Ebys23 02-14-201502-21-2015Failure 72/02 index cards- wants 20$ 
joeyw 02-09-201502-21-2015Success 122/1  
lautnerfied 02-02-201502-23-2015Pending 212/2Personalized Cards 2 of 2 
Saint On Sundays 01-21-201510-19-2015Success 2703/0Accidental Duplicate success 
NotreDame 01-12-201501-23-2015Success 111/1Sent custom 8x10, personalized. Thanks! 
Saint On Sundays 12-20-201401-15-2015Success 262/22 4x6s in black sharpie 
RealBrianD 11-30-201412-18-2014Success 181/1personalized, inscribed and signed an 8x10. THANK YOU MR MCMAHON!! 
RealBrianD 11-30-2014 Pending -1/0  
lautnerfied 11-06-201411-17-2014Failure 112/0Sent 2 Cards, None Signed, envelope not opened. FAIL. 
23jumpman 11-05-201411-14-2014Success 93/2signed 2 and sent 1 back unsigned 
padsdsu 11-03-201411-12-2014Success 93/2Personalized 2 cards to my son and returned one unsigned. 3rd time success Great signer 
Raiderprty 08-24-201409-06-2014Success 133/2returned all, signed 2. personalized to me along w/ #9. sweet success! 
dareyl 08-05-201408-18-2014Success 132/2Signed both.
hollidaydoc2 08-04-201408-18-2014Success 141/1  
Hwood65 07-10-201407-31-2014Success 212/2Send a Bears card and Vikings card. He signed one to me and one to my boys. Awesome!! 
gacards0508 07-02-201407-15-2014Success 131/1Great return. Signed my '88 Topps. 
RyPB 06-30-201407-12-2014Success 122/2signed and personalized 
padsdsu 06-02-201407-03-2014Success 313/3x3 signed in blue sharpie and personalized....great signer 
27gridiron 06-01-201407-05-2014Success 341/1Jim signed my mini helmet with a Super Bowl inscription! pretty cool 
RealBrianD 03-17-201404-03-2014Success 171/1signed front of cover in blue sharpie. Personalized "To Brian D" and added his number (9) THANK U MR McMAHON!!///Send LOR and cover of his book, 'McMahon!'. Also sent questionnaire..Will update 
bryanATX 03-03-201404-05-2014Success 321/1Sent a Bears mini!!!....received back after a LENGTHY back and forth to the wrong P.O's...personalized, added #9 & sbXX! SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS ONE! Thank you Jimmy Mac!!! 
Mogilny89 02-04-201402-19-2014Success 151/2Signed my card and the cardboard insert I sent to protect it. Nice! 
Gibber99 01-13-201401-24-2014Success 112/2Sent 88 Topps & 91 Score / Signed both in black sharpie and personalized 
bcommerce 01-07-201401-16-2014Success 93/3Sent 3 Cards! Returned all 3 Signed and Personalized!! Third times the Charm! 
jeff8372emt 01-07-201401-17-2014Success 102/2signed and personalized to custom photos. 
Riggs 12-31-201301-09-2014Success 92/2signed 2 8x10's. 
Coltron57 12-23-201301-06-2014Success 143/3Sent 3 cards. All signed in black with personalization and #9 inscription. 
Tampasportsfan53 12-21-2013 Pending -2/0  
bickel84 12-16-201301-03-2014Success 181/1  
padsdsu 12-05-201312-13-2013Success 83/2Signed and personalized two 89 Pro Set. Returned other card unsigned. Success!!! 
DownGoesFrazier 12-02-201312-14-2013Success 121/1Signed 89 Topps...Thanks, Jim! 
packers1287 11-22-201312-06-2013Pending 141/1  
marty77 10-28-201311-18-2013Success 212/2 
pwmullen3 10-01-201310-21-2013Success 201/1Received my card back signed and personalized in black.
redrocker98ta 09-30-201310-23-2013Success 231/1  
mazefan72 09-30-201310-19-2013Success 191/1Signed a copy of his autobiography, and personalized it. TY 
BearsTTM 09-27-201310-28-2013Success 311/1got my card signed!!!! YES! 
mikedmatthews 09-16-201309-30-2013Success 144/4very cool! 4/4 all personalized, and signed one to a buddy of mine on request.
juicygoose 07-17-201309-12-2013Pending 572/2Sent 2 and got them both back. Thanks Jimmy Mac!!! 
MmadDog1981 05-04-201305-14-2013Success 102/2Signed and personalized 2 90 ProSets 
cheezy924 04-22-2013 Pending -1/0  
tigerfan84 04-09-201304-20-2013Success 111/1Sent SI 
724iowahawks 01-26-201302-08-2013Success 133/3Sent 3 1984 Topps. He personalized all 3, 1 to me, 1 to my son, and one to me and my son! 
ironmancal867 01-12-201301-18-2013Success 61/1Quick return in blue. 
TheCardBandit 12-01-201212-11-2012Success 103/3Signed and personalized all 3 cards I sent, also signed IC. 
bcommerce 11-05-201210-09-2013Failure 3373/0Sent 4 Cards! 1 for him to keep Writing this one off ! 
bigsportsfan1 11-05-201211-26-2012Success 212/2Signed and personalized both pictures. 
cosanostra78 10-20-201210-30-2012Success 101/1Received signed 2012 UD Goodwin card. 
r0yals2012 10-03-201210-15-2012Success 121/14x6 photo in blue sharpie! 12 Days! Personalized it 
druce26 09-15-201209-27-2012Success 121/1  
djauwerda 09-10-201209-24-2012Success 144/3Returned 3/4 Customs. K1AO. 
garpike 09-06-201209-22-2012Success 161/2signed 2 Goodwin cards for me!
JoFo1116 08-17-201209-08-2012Success 221/1signed my 2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes 
bronxbomber 07-20-201207-27-2012Success 71/1One of my favorites growing up.
ab451 07-06-2012 Pending -2/0Sent 2 4x6 photos 
walker066 07-03-201207-10-2012Success 71/1Send 8x10 and returned it in 7days!! Signed it SB XX. 
jrthurmer 05-31-201207-05-2012Success 351/1Sent SASE and Note couldn't remember exact dates but took around 3 weeks
bigmoneyrich 04-22-201204-26-2012Success 41/1fast return personalized to me in blue sharpie 
milwaukeeinohnine 04-03-201204-24-2012Success 211/1personalized and signed with #9. 
RedSox0518 03-05-201203-15-2012Success 91/1Signed and Personalized my 90 Fleer card, one of my favorite QBs to play, thanks a ton Jim! 
RichSlyFox14 02-15-201202-25-2012Success 101/1awesome card! signed & personalized in blue! love it 
jplcom 01-29-201202-09-2012Success 112/1Sent a SASE and asked him to keep one of the custom cards. He personalized it which was very kind.
TPotts 12-05-201112-16-2011Success 111/1Signed his '83 Topps RC. 
Csarge8 11-07-201111-28-2011Success 212/2  
bounty331 10-31-201111-12-2011Success 121/1nice sig. 
wolfman4christ 09-17-201110-11-2011Success 242/2Two personalized and autographed! 
stach1202 08-20-201109-03-2011Success 143/3  
Riggs 08-02-201108-16-2011Success 141/1Great signer, FAST turnaround.. 
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Address success percentage: 50%    
Total number of submission on this address: 4
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 2
Instruction:Should be N Violetta Dr
Added by:Greenfuzz   Added on: 06-21-2018
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
Craiggb 10-08-2019 Pending -3/0  
bigd8690 10-08-2019 Pending -1/0Sent an 8x10 and $10 donation 
TripleTTyler50 09-20-201910-03-2019Failure 131/0  
Mike McK 08-30-201909-19-2019Success 203/3 


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