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Herb Adderley Addresses Report   Sport: Football

Player overall success: 91%

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Address success percentage: 90%    
Total number of submission on this address: 62
# of Success: 53  # of Failed: 6  # of Pending: 3
Instruction:signs for $5 fee
Added by:Rocketman12   Added on: 08-04-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
TheCajunCollected 07-07-2020 Pending -1/0  
lambeauleap87 06-30-202007-09-2020Failure 91/0Returned my checked and card unsigned with a "CASH ONLY" note 
gfast12 06-19-202007-11-2020Failure 221/0Wants $30 cash only 
DawnOfTheFred 06-19-202006-29-2020Success 102/2Sent Upper Deck '99 &'05, handwritten LOR and $10. Returned both signed, one with HOF.
Achilles106 05-21-202006-01-2020Success 111/1Sent one card and a HWLOR. Got it signed and he added "HOF 80" without me asking. THANK YOU HERB!!! (no $$$)
devin1991 05-19-202006-10-2020Success 221/1Sent card and $10. Requested “HOF 80” inscription 
mazefan72 05-04-202005-14-2020Success 101/1Signed 1 card w/donation.TY. 
LoneRanger1975 05-02-202005-26-2020Success 241/1Sent a mini helmet with $25 and hand written letter. Received everything back on 5/14 requesting $50. Mailed back with $50. Received the item full of inscriptions on top of the ones I requested. Pricey but worth it.
RIFF RAFF 77 04-22-202005-07-2020Success 151/18x10 and $20. Included HOF inscription. Thanks Mr. Adderley! 
Buster28 03-07-202003-13-2020Success 51/1w/ fee 
bigd8690 02-12-202002-25-2020Success 131/1Trying this one again with my 8x10 and $20 donation. Received signed with HOF inscription 
tonyt1957 02-06-2020 Pending -1/090/reprint card 
Thump 02-03-202002-10-2020Success 71/1sent LOR, SASE, Super Bowl Supermen Card, $5; received back signed with HOF 80 and uniform number 
wdvorak807 01-27-202002-03-2020Success 71/1Signed nicely in blue with the hof 80 inscription! 5$ donation 
Panthermatt 01-22-202002-04-2020Success 131/1Sent a 1968 Topps football card along with $5. Received the card back signed and inscribed with “HOF 80”. He also answered my questions. Thanks Mr. Adderley! 
bigd8690 01-18-202002-06-2020Failure 191/1Sent an 8x10 and $5. Returned my photo. Wants $20 cash only 
kandiclipper 01-02-202001-11-2020Success 91/1$5 got the trick done. Nice packers addtion! 
1956WS 11-30-201912-10-2019Success 101/11 Topps card signed very nicely with inscriptions. $5. Thank you, Mr. Adderley!
Stebbins25 11-20-201912-02-2019Success 123/2(2) 4X6 Photos - (1) Blank Index Card (Sent $10) 
Piester 09-22-201910-01-2019Success 91/1  
chicagobullsjoe 07-08-201907-27-2019Success 192/2Sent 2 cards, SASE and $$
RIFF RAFF 77 06-05-201904-25-2020Success 3252/2  
TheGunshow 06-04-201906-14-2019Success 102/2A class act, thank you Mr. Adderley. 
RIFF RAFF 77 05-22-201906-03-2019Success 121/1  
Craiggb 02-09-201902-19-2019Success 102/2  
Craiggb 01-10-201902-11-2019Success 324/4$ 
Craiggb 01-02-201901-09-2019Failure 73/0Guess forgot donation so responding with donation $5 per card 
RIFF RAFF 77 11-17-201811-26-2018Success 92/2Signed I/C. 
Danmay55 10-08-201810-15-2018Success 71/1Signed it! 
Lapo0013 09-18-201810-06-2018Success 181/1Sent IC for project. Signed with about 4 inscriptions, awesome success! 
BDS 09-05-201809-25-2018Success 201/1Signed 2005 Upper Deck with HOF and 26 inscriptions in black....great! 
StarrsCards 09-02-201809-15-2018Success 131/1Sent a Super Bowl Supermen and received it back signed in Black with a Jersey number (26) inscription, a “HOF - 1980” inscription, and a date of signing “9-11-18” inscription. Thank you Mr. Adderley!!
twinsfan83 05-19-201806-02-2018Success 141/14x6 photo, $5 donation 
PPCLI1988 05-18-201806-06-2018Success 193/3Signed 3 4x6, beautiful signature with jersey # and HOF 1980 for $15.00 donation. 
heffyscards 12-13-201712-23-2017Success 101/1Signed 1 card Thanks Herb! 
mazefan72 10-16-201710-23-2017Success 71/1w/ $5 donation 
Cjohnson1221 07-12-201707-20-2017Success 81/1Great auto with $5 donation. 
Donhutson 07-05-2016 Pending -2/0Sent LOR, questions and 2 cards. 
49erbud 05-18-201505-26-2015Success 81/1Signed my 8x10 and put HOF 80" !!! Really happy out this return. 
PackerCollector 01-21-201502-23-2015Success 331/1Sent MSU mini, requested 1 inscription. $20 enclosed. Received signed with inscription. Personalized on spine like last time. HIS PO BOX WAS CROSSED OUT AND HOME ADDRESS LISTED. Must have canceled/changed PO Box.
Saint On Sundays 01-14-201504-18-2015Success 931/14X6 IN BLACK SHARPIE W/ HOF INSCRIPTION 
steelhead26 12-05-201401-05-2017Success 7621/1Sent LOR, SASE and 1 25th Anniversary Card, $5 Donation. Awesome Signed Card. 2 years Wait. Awesome! Thanks Mr. Adderly!!
johnedreiling 10-31-201412-06-2014Success 361/1Sent 1968 Topps & $5//Signature slightly smeared, but still a success. 
PackerCollector 10-22-201410-27-2014Success 51/0Sent a Jersey and $50. Wrote note back stating he does not sign jerseys and full size helmets TTM.
Calebssportscards 06-21-201407-01-2014Success 101/1with $5 check// Inscribed HOF 80, his number, and dated it when he signed it 
frazier114 06-20-201407-02-2014Success 123/3sent 1 super bowl 2 card and 2 4x6 pics and got all 3 back signed no fee sent
bickel84 04-16-201404-25-2014Success 91/1Sent 1968 Topps card and $5...Received card back signed with HOF 80 - 26 incribed. 
PackerCollector 03-05-201403-16-2014Success 101/0Sent Mini Helmet, with $5, and return postage. Got mini signed with 3 inscriptions, personalized on spine. 
PackerCollector 03-05-201403-16-2014Success 101/1Sent Mini Helmet, with $5, and return postage. Got mini signed with 3 inscriptions, personalized on spine.
Coltron57 11-14-201311-25-2013Success 111/1Sent one 1990 Pro Set card for SBII w/ $5. 
lizard-jd 10-21-2013 Failure -2/0Sent 2 CICs (1 for him) & $5, let's see. Guess Herb decided to keep the cards & the $5... 
bcommerce 05-28-201305-28-2013Failure 01/0Sent Packers Mini Helment!! Writing this one off!! 
tigerfan84 05-20-201309-07-2013Success 1103/3Sent 3 8x10s and $10. 2 were previously signed by Bart Starr and Willie Davis. Signed all 3. Was starting to get worried about this one. 
timpmurph 04-17-201310-07-2013Success 1731/1Sent Packers Mini Helmet and check for 20. Started getting a little worried, but it came back signed w/ HOF insc and personalization. Wonderful success from a great player and person. 
Colts15 12-08-201212-19-2012Success 112/2sent '69 and '72 Topps, $5, and a letter…got them both back in green with 26 added, awesome 
phillies fan 10-23-201211-05-2012Success 131/1Sent photo and $5.00 signing fee. Received photo signed and personalized 
wolfman4christ 09-22-201210-05-2012Success 131/1Signed a 1988 Swell. Thank you Mr. Adderley. 
Tibbs11 07-21-201207-31-2012Success 101/0  
MNsportznut 07-19-201009-07-2010Success 501/1'88 swell & 5 bucks 
Riggs 03-22-201009-07-2010Success 1691/1Took a bit, But WELL worth it $5.00 fee included 
Oxxon 03-02-201004-22-2010Success 501/1$5 fee 
Rocketman12 08-05-200901-25-2010Success 1731/1included $5 fee
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 93%    
Total number of submission on this address: 30
# of Success: 27  # of Failed: 2  # of Pending: 1
Added by:booger184   Added on: 11-12-2009
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
bdcool77 08-30-201909-09-2019Success 101/11969 Topps w/donation. Signed the front w/HOF inscription & signed the back as well 
Calebssportscards 08-12-201909-03-2019Success 222/22 4 x 6 photos signed with $10 cash
bootzilla 05-20-201906-03-2019Success 142/2signed 2/2 cards with $10 donation 
hinkema1 05-17-201806-02-2018Success 162/2  
Restau21 02-28-201803-08-2018Success 81/172 Topps signed in blue. Added donation. One of my all-time favorites! Thank You Mr. Adderley. 
RedskinRussell 01-22-201802-08-2018Success 172/2Signed 72 Topps, 73 Topps and answered questions. Included $10 cash donation. 
druce26 10-30-201712-05-2017Success 361/1  
jimmyf21 08-12-201708-21-2017Success 91/1mailed 1 card and sase with a $ 5.00 fee - received card signed and inscribed HOF 80 in black 
quickstraw 07-12-201707-19-2017Success 71/1Sent 8 x 10 & $10. ... Signed, added HOF (as requested), personalized and current date. 
NickE 07-09-201707-20-2017Success 112/2Signed our ICs and came out nice. 
skinsfan832 06-27-201707-06-2017Success 91/1Signed one 4x6 photo with date inscription as well as HOF inscription, thank you Mr. Adderley! 
Donhutson 05-24-201706-05-2017Success 123/2sent 3 cards and $6. finally got him 
Scaarps81 04-25-201705-05-2017Success 101/1Included $5 check with my request. He returned the check with my signed card. Thanks! 
zooiiks 01-30-201702-15-2017Success 162/2He replaced one of my pics (a bad one) w/ 1 of his own (a great one!) Sent LOR, SASE, 2 8x10s $5
Donhutson 12-17-2016 Pending -1/0Sent 1 card and questions 
kdrury 09-13-201609-19-2016Failure 61/1Sent vintage ball (and $20 check) already having several 1971 cowboys signatures on it... he sent it back unsigned, with note expressing strong feelings against the cowboys but that $100 cash will sweeten the deal... 
Calebssportscards 08-08-201608-19-2016Success 111/167 Philadelphia with $5 cash 
GunnarzDad67 04-25-201605-06-2016Success 111/1Sent LOR, SASE and 1 card - Signed card and included HOF inscription 
pktwsu99 05-28-201506-13-2015Failure 161/0sent mini helmet, sharpie, $10 LOR - returned all of it, with note "$50 CASH for any signature on helmet". thanks! 
DMackie 04-23-201505-11-2015Success 181/1Sent Cowboys throwback mini helmet with $20---Returned helmet signed and personalized on spine.Thanks,Mr. Adderley!
CubsPackersOilers 10-10-201411-10-2014Success 311/2signed 2 8x10s. 
Riggs 02-24-201403-08-2014Success 122/2signed 2 8x10's. included fee 
Huntman84 08-09-201309-07-2013Success 291/1signed in blue sharpie 
JayHo7284 04-09-201207-24-2012Success 1061/1 
emc23 01-12-201201-31-2012Success 191/2Signed mini helmet with HOF inscription. Included signed HOF postcard. Great success. 
REDANDGOLDPRIDE 12-16-201005-03-2011Success 1371/1Signed custom! Sent $5.
RockiesFan33 11-11-201005-06-2011Success 1751/1Signed my dual custom.
SLNoble13 09-08-201005-07-2011Success 2411/11/1, Pro Set Super Bowl Supermen, got lucky, didn't send fee and he signed. 
RockiesFan33 02-12-201002-23-2010Success 111/1Sent 8x10 + $5. Signed and inscribed it!
booger184 11-27-200901-21-2010Success 554/4I recieved 3 cards signed but he kept one and threw in a card for me with a great note on the back! Very generous guy! Usally a feee but did for free 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 0%    
Total number of submission on this address: 0
# of Success: 0  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:Panthermatt   Added on: 09-03-2018
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage


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