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Lynn Dickey Addresses Report   Sport: Football

Player overall success: 99%

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Address success percentage: 99%    
Total number of submission on this address: 146
# of Success: 144  # of Failed: 1  # of Pending: 1
Added by:indyreds   Added on: 04-07-2010
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
PolishMafia6969 04-14-202304-24-2023Success 102/2  
AxeMan78 03-18-202303-27-2023Success 92/2Signed both in blue sharpie, thanks Lynn!
hockeytown 02-20-202303-02-2023Success 104/4  
jasonnugent 02-18-202302-25-2023Success 73/3  
timblack 02-07-202302-21-2023Success 141/1Signed the 1982 Topps card I sent! Thank you, Mr. Dickey!
mastil 02-01-202302-06-2023Success 52/2  
Undraftedplayer 01-18-202302-10-2023Success 233/2He signed two of my cards. Many thanks Mr Lynn Dickey. All the Best. 
Sc77 01-17-202301-28-2023Success 111/1  
zachscollections 12-22-202212-31-2022Success 91/11982 Topps In Action
MEvans 12-03-202212-31-2022Success 281/1I sent a 1982 Topps and he signed! Thanks Mr. Dickey! 
ajblack81 11-23-202212-05-2022Success 123/31975, 1978, 1984 Topps signed 
dougp96 11-14-202211-25-2022Success 111/1Sent letter, SASE & 1 Card. 
mastil 11-05-202211-10-2022Success 54/4  
smpsr 10-10-202210-22-2022Success 121/1sent 1986 Topps w/sase, signed w/#
jalnh1 09-03-202209-13-2022Success 101/1  
capaap 08-11-202208-27-2022Success 161/1 
ttmbackin2021 06-24-202207-05-2022Success 112/2HWLOR - 1978 TOPPS - Riddell Pocket Size Mini Helmet 
AxeMan78 06-08-202206-21-2022Success 132/21981 Topps- 1996 UD leader of the pack
1962Mets 05-23-202206-02-2022Success 101/11974 Topps w/SASE Black Sharpie 
PPCLI1988 04-12-202205-17-2022Success 352/2Signed 2 8x10 photos already signed by Phil Villapiano. 
KevKin66 04-12-202204-21-2022Success 92/2Both cards returned signed TY!! 
heffyscards 03-30-202204-11-2022Success 122/2Sent 2 cards,Signed 2 Thank you Lynn 
rggedglory 03-23-202204-15-2022Success 232/22 cards 
jimyc93 03-22-202203-31-2022Success 93/3Three Beautifully signed cards !!
Sleve McDichael 03-09-202203-18-2022Success 82/0Both back and signed! 
TitanUp01 03-08-202203-18-2022Success 92/2LOR, SASE, (1) 1974 Topps, (1) 1975 Topps - Signed both cards - Thank you Mr. Dickey!
alabamagator925 02-21-202203-11-2022Success 184/4All 4 signed in black 
GashouseGorillas 02-03-202202-14-2022Success 113/3signed in black sharpie 
tilt122 01-16-202202-12-2022Success 271/186 T-beautiful 
rggedglory 12-10-202112-27-2021Success 171/11 card 
Mike McK 11-12-202111-23-2021Success 112/2 
JJPMI 11-03-202111-13-2021Success 101/186 Topps 
jdresbach 10-25-202111-05-2021Success 111/1  
Fortune500 10-22-202110-29-2021Success 72/2Sent one 8x10 photo and one football 
Graymichael00 10-05-202110-12-2021Success 73/3  
thorgy213 09-27-202110-18-2021Success 212/2sase-note-Returned both nicely signed!!!! 
rggedglory 09-09-202109-17-2021Success 82/22 cards 
Crosscheck 07-23-202107-30-2021Success 72/2  
sttbstsmt 07-21-202108-02-2021Success 121/1Quick reply. I sent his 1974 Topps rookie card to be signed. He signed it in blue sharpie! 
Shutdown 07-08-2021 Failure -1/0Got (part) of my envelope back. Completely shredded and with the card missing. Got it back inside a bag apologizing for post office machine failure which had ruined my letter. Unfortunate, will have to send again. 
jimmyf2122 07-02-202107-10-2021Success 82/2(2)-1982 Topps signed in blue sharpy 
chef 05-17-202106-01-2021Success 151/1  
rggedglory 05-07-202105-21-2021Success 142/22 cards 
Flamed 04-14-202104-24-2021Success 101/1Est. Sent date| Card signed in blue with hof 1992 as requested thanks! 
garybeats 04-14-202104-22-2021Success 82/2‘82 and ‘86 Topps 
amerks22 04-06-202104-16-2021Success 102/22 cards signed in blue sharpie 
Schmidty548 03-31-202104-08-2021Success 81/1Signed my 8x10 photo
jimyc93 03-29-202104-12-2021Success 143/3Three cards all Beautifully signed
RMJ 03-26-202104-03-2021Success 81/182T; Thank you Mr. Dickey!
rich summa 02-19-202103-15-2021Success 232/283 Topps 84 Topps 
Feldspar 02-06-202102-16-2021Success 102/2sent 82 Topps and 82 Topps In Action cards along with LOR and SASE. Received both back nicely signed in blue sharpie 
StarrsCards 01-31-202102-08-2021Success 81/11981 Topps. Added “#12” and “Packers HOF 1992” inscriptions (HOF inscription was requested)!
Will3119 01-28-202102-18-2021Success 211/1Signed in blue sharpie. 
rich summa 01-19-202102-03-2021Success 151/185 Topps 
Gwar5911 12-20-202001-13-2021Success 241/1  
ConnorMongan 12-11-202012-21-2020Success 103/3  
rich summa 12-03-202012-14-2020Success 111/186 Topps 
Benbabs 11-21-202012-05-2020Success 141/185 topps 
owenfischerr 11-10-202011-20-2020Success 104/44/4 no fee [email protected]_kingdom23 
RedskinRussell 10-29-202011-07-2020Success 93/3Signed 82 Topps IA, 84 Topps, 85 Topps and answered questions 
Goaftermath 10-15-202010-26-2020Success 112/275t 82t 
kevinbobson 10-01-202010-15-2020Success 141/1Signed IC with Packers inscription and number. 
crbaughn62 09-30-202010-13-2020Success 133/3With inscription 
spookyghost 09-21-202009-26-2020Success 52/2 
sportsview 09-08-202009-21-2020Success 135/5Kindly signed all 5 cards sent, including duplicates.
tommy519 08-28-202009-08-2020Success 111/1signed 1983 topps 
Bobcat 08-20-202008-28-2020Success 81/1Signed a 77 T thanks Mr Dickey 
wenricty22 08-17-202008-27-2020Success 101/1  
rich summa 08-08-202008-25-2020Success 171/184 Topps 
RH81 08-05-202008-15-2020Success 101/1Signed 1 and answered questions 
sydbarrett3177 07-31-202008-08-2020Success 81/11982 topps 
BrandonPyc 07-28-202008-07-2020Success 106/6Kept 2 doubles offered. God bless you, Mr. Dickey! Thank you!!!
TripleTTyler50 07-24-202008-08-2020Success 151/1Sent 1 card, a 1982 Topps, received card back signed in blue sharpie 
tonyt1957 07-19-202008-08-2020Success 201/177/topps singed in blue go pack 
autographs2010 07-18-202007-25-2020Success 73/3  
justindi 07-06-202007-18-2020Success 121/1Signed and personalized my custom card in blue, and added "Go Pack!" Thanks Mr. Dickey! 
adamd 07-06-202007-18-2020Success 121/1signed and personalized my custom in blue. thanks Mr Dickey 
autographs2010 06-30-202007-10-2020Success 104/3  
DawnOfTheFred 06-27-202007-07-2020Success 102/2Sent Topps '78 and '84, handwritten LOR. Returned both signed in black sharpie. 
Piester 06-26-202007-06-2020Success 101/1  
cwj31974 06-15-202006-26-2020Success 111/1 
Bisons87 05-18-202006-11-2020Success 242/2Great auto 
Joeroc28 05-17-202006-01-2020Success 152/22/2 cards. Great signature 
kandiclipper 05-01-202005-11-2020Success 102/2  
kellykruse23 04-21-202004-28-2020Success 71/11 card
tonyt1957 04-11-202004-20-2020Success 91/185/toppssinged in blue #12 
rich summa 04-02-202004-09-2020Success 72/277 Topps 78 Topps 
TideFanDan 03-28-202004-06-2020Success 92/291 QB Legends, 1978 Topps. Thank you Mr. Dickey. 
ctownslammers 02-25-202003-10-2020Success 132/2  
PolishMafia6969 01-29-202002-07-2020Success 92/2  
heffyscards 01-28-202002-04-2020Success 73/3Sent 3 Cards,Got 3 Back,Signed Thanks Lynn! 
Calebssportscards 01-22-202002-03-2020Success 121/1Card signed
pbtank67 01-13-202001-25-2020Success 122/274T & 82T. Both nicely signed in blue sharpie. 
tonyt1957 11-29-201912-09-2019Success 101/177/topps/ singed in blue to tony #10 
NASKAT48 11-20-201911-29-2019Success 91/11981 Topps. Thank you Mr Dickey!
chicagobullsjoe 09-16-201909-28-2019Success 121/1Sent 1 card and SASE
sydbarrett3177 08-09-201908-29-2019Success 203/31974 topps , 1978 topps, and 1981 topps 
Craiggb 08-05-201908-12-2019Success 75/5  
Panthermatt 07-28-201908-06-2019Success 91/1Sent a 1984 Topps football card. Received the card back signed and inscribed with his jersey number. Thanks Mr. Dickey! 
Craiggb 07-20-201907-29-2019Success 93/3  
MostMirror 07-01-201907-11-2019Success 101/1Sent LOR, SASE, '97 Upper Deck Legends of the Green & Gold 
kandiclipper 05-09-201905-17-2019Success 81/1Signed 1 for my dad. 
kandiclipper 04-17-201904-29-2019Success 124/4HUGE return! Thanks Mr. Dickey!
kandiclipper 04-02-201904-11-2019Success 91/1Sent 1 card. Returned signed in blue sharpie with #10 inscription. Thank you mr. Dickey! 
Jawheels73 03-01-201903-08-2019Success 73/3Signed 3 cards
alabamagator925 02-13-201903-01-2019Success 163/3Signed all 3 in blue with jersey number 
heffyscards 01-21-201902-04-2019Success 143/3Signed 3 cards,Thanks Lynn 
Royals1982 12-17-201812-29-2018Success 122/2signed 2 cards in blue. 
Patgrealish 11-27-201812-10-2018Success 131/1SASE 85 Topps, signed w ‘All Pro 83’ inscription 
Craiggb 11-26-201812-03-2018Success 72/2  
Smafigus 11-06-201811-19-2018Success 133/3Signed 1975 topps,and 2 1982 topps cards 
Danmay55 11-03-201811-17-2018Success 141/1Signed it! 
StarrsCards 10-20-201810-29-2018Success 91/1Sent a 1977 Topps and received it back signed in blue with “#10” inscription
RobHarrington 10-15-201810-27-2018Success 123/3Signed three cards in blue Sharpie. 
bronxbomber33 02-07-201802-15-2018Success 82/21982, 86 topps 
LARams 02-04-201803-01-2018Success 252/22/2 signed. To check out my other successes, see 
Calebssportscards 02-04-201802-10-2018Success 61/14 x 6 photo signed
PPCLI1988 01-22-201802-13-2018Success 223/3  
Restau21 09-23-201710-05-2017Success 121/178 Topps signed blue. Beautiful sig. Thank You Mr. Dickey. 
footballautos 07-30-201708-07-2017Success 81/1  
Morga2001 07-07-201707-17-2017Success 102/2Sent two 8 by 10 photo's asked for GBHOF inscription. Both signed and returned with inscription. 
Donhutson 05-30-201706-08-2017Success 91/3signed card and 2 ICs plus answered questions 
tburton 03-09-201703-15-2017Success 54/4  
jacobgallipeau 02-22-201703-02-2017Success 82/22 very good looking autos! 
CamaroDMD 06-29-201607-08-2016Success 91/1Sent 1974 Topps RC #252, LOR, SASE. Card Returned Signed
mikedmatthews 02-01-201602-26-2016Success 252/2  
edttmguy 06-18-201506-27-2015Success 92/2Signed both of my cards 
spikeowen 12-29-201401-06-2015Success 83/385topps and 85topps Packer team leaders and 86topps - all signed and super fast return!
Hwood65 10-16-201411-03-2014Success 181/1Thanks Mr. Dickey! 
Needmorestamps 09-05-201409-11-2014Success 62/2Blue sharpie 
ajcorleone 08-20-201408-28-2014Success 81/1Great success and a fast turn around 
Saint On Sundays 07-22-201408-04-2014Success 131/1  
Calebssportscards 06-10-201406-20-2014Success 101/1Nice, Thanks Mr. Dickey 
biggsy2323 03-17-201403-25-2014Success 81/11 - 83 Topps
biggsy2323 02-13-201402-22-2014Success 91/385 Topps, 2 ICs
nazzcar03 02-27-201303-07-2013Success 81/1signed TC I sent 
724iowahawks 01-30-201302-07-2013Success 83/3Sent 3 cards and he signed and personalized all cards to my son! Very nice of him. Plus he did it in about a week! 
JoFo1116 08-17-201208-29-2012Success 121/1signed my 1986 Topps 
phillies fan 08-13-201208-21-2012Success 81/1Sent photo. Received photo signed 
Huntman84 08-02-201208-09-2012Success 70/1Recieved signed card in 7 days! 
wolfman4christ 12-30-2011 Pending -1/0  
emc23 12-28-201101-06-2012Success 91/1Signed 8x10 
bronxbomber 07-28-201008-06-2010Success 91/1 
lambeauleap87 05-05-201005-20-2010Success 151/1Signed My 1983 Topps In Blue Sharpie...Nice Signature 
indyreds 03-10-200904-02-2009Success 233/3  
mrveggieman 01-16-200901-23-2009Success 71/1Lightning fast return. Thanks Mr. Dickey!! 
   Only registered members on SCF forum can view addresses
and use the TTMM application to track what they sent!

Address success percentage: 100%    
Total number of submission on this address: 1
# of Success: 1  # of Failed: 0  # of Pending: 0
Added by:rickpoole74   Added on: 12-23-2016
NameDate MailedDate ReceivedStatusDaysRatioCommentImage
rickpoole74 06-25-201607-07-2016Success 121/1Nice Signature, Looks like the ones above on the cards. 


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